Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 25th July 2017 Written Update: Advay executes his plan

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandni asking where is Advay. Indrani says he went to get PT. Chandni thinks what would he be doing. Advay gets bored and watches PT getting ready. He jokes on PT. He asks him to try his belt, its worth 3 lakhs. PT likes it and jokes. He asks him if there is any problem about Chandni. Advay tells him numbers and asks him to find out. Chandni says Advay would have done something, I m worried for PT. Meghna and Shikha joke.

Advay comes home. Chandni stops seeing him and recalls his proposal. She sees PT and his mum. PT greets Indrani and Chandni. Rajit asks them to sit. Indrani says I m thinking to keep PT and Chandni’s roka today. PT agrees and asks Chandni. She says whatever Maa says. PT says I like her shyness. Advay asks Murli to get breakfast. Murli serves food to PT.

Chandni thinks Advay added something in food. She sends Meghna. Meghna gives snacks to PT and says Chandni made it. He says I can have anything from Chandni’s hands. Kajal calls Chandni lucky. Murli gets juice. Chandni sends Meghna. Meghna gets another juice and says this is Chandni’s fav juice. PT drinks the juice and asks for more. Murli gets the samosas and says Advay made this himself. PT asks Advay did he make this. Advay says yes. PT says I will have even poison from your hand. Advay says then have it. Chandni thinks there is something in the food. She takes the samosa from PT’s hand and eats it. Advay smiles. Indrani asks what’s this misbehavior. Chandni says I did not had anything since morning, I was getting dizzy. Advay say it happens. Advay asks PT to see Chandni. He tells Chandni that she underestimated her, he did not do anything to food, but he did something. He goes to kitchen.

She comes after him and argues. He thinks to stop her and asks her to make tea and sugar as well. She asks him not to act clever, you said you made samosas, you know spoiling things. Shilpa takes her slippers. Chandni asks him not to scare her as villain. He holds her close. Shilpa changes the slipper soles. Chandni says anyone will come and see. Advay says let anyone come and see, let anything happen. Murli keeps a mat under the carpet. She sees the tea and says you got the tea burnt. She sees Advay gone.

Indrani says every mum gets emotional about girl’s bidaai. PT say even I m marrying, but my mum is not crying. Chandni comes with tea. Advay presses the remote. Chandni’s slipper gets stuck to the magnetic mat under the carpet. She gets shocked
Veer argues with inspector for arresting his mum without any warrant. Inspector asks him not to give gyaan. Veer meets his mum and hugs. He sees the bruises on her hand and gets angry. She stops him and asks him to take her home. Veer asks who did this complaint. His dad says she went to jail because of you. Veer sees Shikha’s name and recalls her.

Chandni fails to move. PT asks her to come. Advay presses the button again. The tea cups goes away and falls on PT and his mum. Everyone gets shocked. Advay looks on.

Advay says I will feel bad if you take PT’s name. She asks what will you do. He says whoever comes in between us, I will ignite him. She asks how. He throws a lighter towards PT. PT shouts for help. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. IPKKND 3 is getting better with non-stop sequence of ASR pulling Chandini into his trap daily! Love the comical overtones to the sizzle underneath … However, hope the creative team will do the following:
    1. Tone down the garish makeup on the supporting cast … it really is creepy more than anything else.
    2. Some characters like Veer are not working out .. Hope he is not the long lost brother of ASR .. we need someone who will be at least half as charming as Barun Sobti .. Dont find the prank team funny at all – those segments are irritating .. i skip as I watch on DVR!
    Also, Indrani sisters are mildly annoying .. pl get rid of them or give them some real roles.

    3. Pl show some other locations too .. the kitchen, impossibly huge lighted living room are looking so terribly like bad sets, which they are!

    Right now, Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar interactions fascinates me .. However, they cannot hold up a huge show daily without great story line, supporting cast, presentation style .. Definitely need good new music tracks, not warmed up leftover from IPKKND 1! Pl don;t prolong the adoloscent tricks of sticking sandal to magnetic field, $50 light for moon & stars show etc .. Does not suit a 30 year old rowdy professor wooing a mature art/literature loving woman! Come on! Think differently …

    Pl wipe off the eye makeup on the Vasisht sisters, at a minimum and no heavy headgear .. no one wears those stupid things every day!

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  9. There’s a good news for ipkknd 3 fan as it’s going to air in Pakistan soon so the comments will increase more as there is a huge fan following of Barun sobti and ipkknd.

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  10. Hey hey hey yaaron maine episode bhi dekha aur promo bhi hotstar pe emotional atayachar hey bhagwan kitna pyar a hai promo…. n episode tho pucho mat… asr is mesmerising yaaron….. hey astha heheh lovely u r

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    Hey friends look here he also agrees with us Manu-Sunanda-Radhika-Sangita Di and Pinku, Fenu bhaiyyo and all… I read it in india forum and pasted here for you all… Barun is thinking like us about ipkknd-3. He is like us..may be its our telepathy with ASR.

    They asked Barun Sobti aka Advay about the kind of feedback he’s been getting, he said, “We’ve been getting a mixed feedback, but most of what we have heard, includes that it is getting better. And I guess, that’s how it should be. Not everything should be revealed all at once.”Talking about the rather low TRPs, he said, “It’s okay ya. I think we opened on a good TRP. It definitely wasn’t what we expected, but we opened at good numbers. Usually, of what I’ve seen with Gul’s shows, they get better with time.””Because the characters have so many layers, it takes time for the unlayering otherwise you cannot justify if everything is shown within a day. So, I’m sure it is going to get better,” he added.

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      With time show will get trp.

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      Yah i just saw this spoiler now…Barun is true…Bcoz of some stupidnaya fans they r destroying the show’s trp..Like this the show will end…??…finally the show will end…Lol if they think like this…???…they need to join nursery again !

  12. Hey guys..dats really great news..Pakistan pe show on air hone wala hai..yah astha it is a solid hug toh banta hai ..????..Astha thanks for sharing d news abt barun statement..each and every point said by him is correct..we hav mixed reviews bt soon it gonna change..trp will increase gradually as stry progress and ha gul mam shows hote hi aise..slowly sab ke dilon mein raj karte wil also get gd trp and appreciation..hoping to happen soon..# love ASR # love nivay..

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