Pehredaar Piya Ki 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya throws the keys away when its put on her waist as it was too hot. Choti Thakrayan says she understands that Diya might not be ready to take this responsibility. She still has time. After 12 days, she will do grah pravesh (enter) in her in-laws house and she will wait for it. Choti Thakrayan keeps the keys in front of Padma’s photo and leaves.

Later, Diya is standing alone. Her mum comes to her and Diya cries hugging her. She asks why she threw the keys. Diya says sorry to her and then shows wound on her waist. Her mum and sister are shocked to find out that keys were hot. Her mum hugs her and tells Diya’s sister to bring haldi. Diya’s mum tells her that she warned her not to marry by getting emotional. If they are doing all this in front of her family, then what they will do when she will be at her in-laws house. Diya asks where Ratan is. Her mum says he got fever. Diya rushes to him. She tells him that she won’t let anything happen to him. Ratan keeps saying Kaki Masa. Diya says medicine doctor gave has magic in it, he will be fine soon. Diya and other ladies put wet clothes on Ratan’s head, applies something on his feet, etc.. but he keeps saying Kaki Masa.

Maan’s family is leaving. One family member asks how they can leave when Ratan is so sick. Maan’s brother says Sajjan and his family are there.. they will take care of him.

Diya asks Ratan what he wants.. how she can help, but he keeps calling for Kaki Masa. Diya recalls Ratan telling her that he loves Kaki Masa the most in his family.

Choti Thakrayan hears Ratan calling for her and she goes to see him. Meanwhile, Diya tells him stories. Choti Thakrayan recalls flashback Ratan asking her for a princess like wife and Choti Thakrayan telling him when wife comes, then a son forgets his mother. Ratan tells her that he will never forget her. Ratan asks her to promise him as well that she won’t forget him. Both hug. Flashback ends.

Ratan keeps saying Kaki Masa. Diya is not sure what to do. She sees Choti Thakrayan leaving and runs to her and falls in her feet. Choti Thakrayan recalls Diya had picked up call when Maan was in hospital. Choti Thakrayan asks why she stopped her. Diya says Ratan is very sick and taking her name and asks her to see him. Choti Thakrayan tells Diya that she is there, so what’s need for her? Diya means all to Ratan now. Diya says but Ratan needs her, she will never be able to take place of his Kaki Masa. Diya requests by folding her hands. Choti Thakrayan finally goes to Ratan and puts her hand on his head. Ratan feels her touch. The maid says it seems he is not able to sleep, maybe Choti Thakrayan should tell him a story. Choti Thakrayan tells a story to Ratan and he falls asleep. The story was about princess doesn’t exist in reality. Diya says thank you to Choti Thakrayan saying her all ways failed. Choti Thakrayan says Ratan doesn’t know that princesses are in stories only. She picks up a fairytale book and continues that a princess is just an illusion, in reality there are none. She tears the book. Greets Diya as Thakrani and then leaves. Diya looks at the torn book and is stunned. Her mum comes there and Diya hugs her.

Maan’s family leaves Sajjan House. In car, Ratan’s aunt asks Choti Thakrayan after what she’s done, will Diya have courage to come to her sasural? She’s 18 years old. How she will manage the house and Ratan. Choti Thakrayan says she talked to a priest and after 12 days is the time for her grah pravesh. As Maan wished, there should be nothing missing in welcoming their daughter-in-law. Ratan’s aunt says all arrangements will be done, but will Diya even come? And Ratan won’t be able to live there either as he is not used to live without his Kaki Masa. She says let’s see what Sajjan does now.

Diya is sleeping besides her mum. Sajjan comes and asks her to wake Diya up. She says Diya just slept. Her mum says she is just 18 years old and look what she’s going through. She asks him to think again. What they will do in that house when they did all this in front of Diya’s family. She will never send her in that hell where even Ratan is not protected. He did what he wanted to do by getting her married, now she won’t listen to him. Sajjan says what she thinks that he doesn’t have a heart? He doesn’t see what’s going on? But there are some riti riwaz. She says to hell with all that. She doesn’t care. She refuses to send Diya to her sasural.

Precap: Diya’s dolly comes to Ratan’s house.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Richa19

    Hey my lovely peoples!!!!! How’s u all!!?? I’m glad to hear that ppl are liking my reviews.. I never wanted to write long reviews but chalo…. Thank u all ‘!!!???

    Now coming fast to the episode…..

    In the beginning when diya cried hugging her mum ???? I felt so bad… N like a true mom her mom also understood her… Very emotional mom daughter scene ‘!!!!?????

    Then Diya’s concern for ratan ‘!!!??like a true friend she tried to cure him… The concert for him in her eyes!!! ????

    N that CT!!! ??? hv u guys looked at the neck piece she was wearing…. God… It was looking like a small plate ??? but is a beautiful piece!!!! n don’t know why I hv a feeling that ct is not doing it on her own… May be someone is blackmailing her or smthng like that…… In fb it felt she really loved ratan… That forehead kiss….. The main villain could be that ” short cut ” lady…. The way she was talking in car……. Don’t know just an assumption ?????

    I want to see ABHAYY ‘!!! Don’t know what he’s going through…. ????

    The way diya was holding her mom’s pallu…. That showed how much she needed her mom at that time….. Mom is sooo much worried for her daughter… N thats y they say moms get instincts earlier only abt their child n they r never wrong…….

    N the precap!!!! Suspicious ???? is Diya inside the doli or not??? Allah knows… But it’ll be really interesting to watch!!!! I’m so excited…..

    PS — PEOPLE WHO FELT BAD WITH ANYONE’S ( MINE, SHRI DI’S, ETC ) COMMENT.. Please forgive us and end the enmity or any dispute here only…. Start afresh!!!!!! jo hona tha voh ho gaya hai… U cannot change it……. N if u guys want us to talk with RESPECT to u then u also hv to do the SAME ……



    Now enjoy some fresh drinks and ur favourite snacks!!!! And keep smiling always!!!! ????????????

    1. Astra

      yes yar… it’s a small plate.. even i felt it strange haha… i can’t wait till 8.30.. very eager what happens next..

    2. Shrilatha

      Richy thanks yaar and yes even I that lady with short cut is the villian

    3. IQRA222

      hey richu di!! so happy to have a review from you
      agree with all the points of yours as usual
      yes didu precap is too suspicious!!!! just cant wait for the episodes

    4. Sargam

      hi ri,i am toh totally fine,how are you doing?
      i loved diya’s mom today,their scenes were superb,glad to see diya has a mother like this.
      diya cares for ratan so much and why not ,now toh she is his pehredaar…..
      my mom also said that CT was wearing a small plate in her neck….how?maybe someone’s blackmailing her bt who knows…
      i wish these snacks could turn true but lets leave it ,let them be visual treat only….
      take care dear and keep smiling….

    5. Richa19

      hii saru! ! im fine n glad to know that u r too doing well! !!! ???

      take care and keep rocking! !!❤❤

  2. Tania-the fairy

    Now they will fight for Ratan.kaki will use him against diya .but really hope diya to stand for Ratan.Now have to wait for bold Diya.
    When she will know the reality of kaki.then she can protect him.
    But a question Will Ratan leave Diya by hearing kaki masa as she is giving wrong massage to him? hope Ratan will be alright.

    1. Astra

      hmm, even i’m thinking same..

    2. IQRA222

      yes even i am thinking that only!!

  3. IQRA222

    Hello my PPK family. All fine?? So today’s question what is your fav food. Mine is all thw junk foods mostly panipuri?? do tell me yours??
    The episode was wonderful?
    i am soso loving diya ‘s character , her behavior, her intelligence and her humbleness. Teju is just rocking the role???
    She is such a good wife already
    She fell in the feet of that witchy woman for ratan. I really hated that scene
    Anyways i am pretty much excited for the next episode. Jsut cant wait till tommorow.
    Take care
    Keep smiling and commenting
    Love you all?

    1. Richa19

      hey iqu dear. … fav food ??? i love everything made by my mom except green veggies n pulses ?? then i like every dairy product, junk food, street food. .. EVERYTHING !!!!! No one can compete with me in sleeping and eating! !!??????

      dont think me as mad ppl n also dont misjugde me ???

    2. IQRA222

      hey richu di!! woah didu we are soo soo similar in terms of food. i love to eat all the things you named here. except green vegetables and pulses

    3. Angelk1

      So even i agree, i didnt like that she fell an beg choto either. Now choti knows their weakness. But for ratan sakke she did it, that was cure.

    4. IQRA222

      yup really it was just too cruel

    5. Vivian20

      Hey iqra…..your writing style strongly resembles my younger sis…she somewhat just of your age…reading you is like reading her??btw fav food!! For me it’s a dominos pizza I’m always craving for that!!!???……hope you don’t mind me calling you my lil sis:)

    6. IQRA222

      hello bhaiyaa. so happy that you consider me your lil sis and i am too happy to be one of your sis..
      bhaiyaa even i like pizza yummy !!!!!!!

    7. Astra

      sameeee pinch, even i love all fast foods mainly panipuri.. and manchuria… then, basundi sweet… my list won’t stop.. i’m a foodie..!!

    8. IQRA222

      didu hi-fi even i am a big foodie and my list resembles yours too!!

    9. Shrilatha

      Iqu….thanks for supporting me..even I hate that scene bit I think kaki MA Is good from heart.let’s see.
      Well my birth date is 3 Nov.
      My fav food is everyone knows pani puri,and all chat items

    10. IQRA222

      didu how can you thank me?? i am your sister and you dont need to thank me. it was my duty to support you..
      wow didu you were born in November so good!!!
      hi -fi didu same food choices

    11. Fenil

      All marwadi food.
      in junk food..Pani poori lover i m , Pizzaa , burger , french fries , rolls, wrap..many more

    12. IQRA222

      wow bhai superb choices.. i also have the same choices as yours.

    13. Sargam

      hi iqu… fav. food…..well i have to think coz i am a big foodie….i love evrything…..from mom’s ghar ka khaana tostall’s apnipuri,aloo chat,burger,chhole bhathure……evrything…….mere toh mooh mein pani aa gaya ye sab likh ke.i guess aaj shaam ko apni bookh shaant karni padegi…..
      diya’s character jst keeps increasing day by day,i am toh totally in love with her………yes teju is doing full justice to the role……..
      diya has took up all the duties of a wife and can do anything and that’s y for ratan she fell ni CT’s feet…..really it irked me…….
      me too,too much excited…….
      love you too dear

    14. IQRA222

      didu!! you are soo soo like me in choices for food!! my list resembles yours too

  4. Aage kya hoga yaar…serial jaldi khtam hp jata hai jaisa lagta….ratan aur doya ko saath dekhna chahne se bhi…..abhi time hai….

    1. Astra

      i’m also tensed to know what happens next.. hmm, waiting..

    2. IQRA222

      yes really tinker di agree with you!!

  5. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Today episode was Realistic.

    Good that Diya throws Keys.worth watching moment when Diya hugs her Mummy and cries.Mummy nailed it whole episode.How she is so concerned and worried about her Diya.Mother always feels any bad thing which came towards her children.

    Loved Kakisa and Ratan’s moment and how Ratan taking her name in half sleep how he selpt after feeling Kakisa.:*:*@):[email protected]):-

    @Richa,Iqu,,-Nice views.

    1. Vivian20

      Hi,Fenil bro…. ur correct today’s episode was certainly realistic!!!p

    2. Fenil

      Dear Vivian, Glad to hear u.
      U toh just joined site right.
      Welcome on TU and PPK Parivaar.
      Would like if u gave us mini intr0:P:P:P:D

    3. Vivian20

      Of course….I m Vivian shah. Am 20 years old and am from Gujarat…100% gujju…am an amateur pilot as I love flying…..but as of now I am studying to be a product designer…..I am an avid fan of hindi serials.

    4. Fenil

      Good morning.
      Same pinch Gujju bhai.but i m marwadi but living in gujarat.Ahmedabad.

    5. Vivian20

      M from Ahmedabad but I need to migrate throughout india for internships and projects…right now I am in Kolkata!! Btw where in Ahmedabad??

    6. Fenil

      I’m also here for study.
      Em toh bardoli no chu hun.

    7. Vivian20

      Su vaat che…amdavadi connection…hi amdavad ma j born and brought up chu…..after a long time I’m talking to someone in Gujarati…thanks bro…

    8. Astra

      hmm, yes bhai.. you are right..

    9. Shrilatha

      So sorry fenil bhaiyya for earlier comments.

    10. Fenil

      No Sorry Sissy

    11. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!!
      yes bhai that mummy daughter scene was totally lovely and awesome.
      yes that scene was nice too but i would have loved it more if kakisa was not so evil towards diya
      thanks for the appreciation bhai!!

  6. Heart wrenching episode ☹ ,Diya is facing pain after pain.?☹ ..and it seems main villains is ratan Aunt and Maan brother(maid is helping to both) both don’t had any concern on ratan,&choti maharani cares ratan but stopping her worry for some reason and behaves rude wit all.&i can’t see Diya pain more,i hope DiRa lives somewhere,that’s why she is not inside dolly?.let’s see waiting for next episode ?
    Loves Diya ?

    1. Typo error it’s *choti takarani*

    2. Astra

      but i’m still confused about main villain. i think choti takurani may be good..

    3. Ha dear,its confusing,but For me in maans family first two brothers, ratans aunt and maid are villains,&choti takarani,maans younger brother somehow good& cares ratan.let’s see

    4. Shrilatha

      Whatever KS but they have to come back and face all this.hope diya gets courage to face everything..and o hope DiRa stay together in all tjis

    5. IQRA222

      yes didu it was an heart wrenching one. totally agree with you
      and yes eagerly waiting for the next part.
      love diya!!!!

  7. Vivian20

    Omg…diya was in tears seeing ratans suffering….so cute??anyways I’m confused about Choti thakuranisaa’s intentions….(considering she saw flashbacks happily) this is proving to be a good entertainment after all!!!!

    1. Astra

      yeah, ratan is so cute.. 🙂 😀

    2. Vivian20

      Yeah indeed he’s cute…??

    3. Shrilatha

      Welcome vivian bhai….join the Ppk family

    4. Vivian20

      Thanks Shri….??

    5. IQRA222

      bhaiyaa welcome to TU and our lovely family.. so happy to have you here. and also i have got a new brother..
      and yes DiRa scene was a cute one!!

    6. Vivian20

      Thank you ? sista:):)

    1. IQRA222

      yes it wad an emotional one!!

  8. Angelk1

    I understand sajjan worries. But she cant stop di ya now, whats done is done. Diya is tied to ratan she cant stop ver daughter. And choti ma is soo mean. I hope ratan sees her true face.

    1. Astra

      yes.. let’s hope. but i feel kakisa might be good..

    2. Shrilatha

      I don’t think that choti MA is mean but let’s see and yes dear saajan can’t back off now

    3. IQRA222

      yes didu!!! but i feel that she is not that bad and is not the real villain after all. lets see

  9. Astra

    i thought choti takurani sa is very bad.. but my thought was wrong. she loves ratan. and i think she was testing diya and making her strong. so this lady was his kaki sa whom he was dreaming. as usually teju rocked in her charecter. teju is looking completely different from ragini.. i think other lady is the villian.. hey.. anyone have observed the huge locket on kaki sa.. i amazed and loved it? what will happen next..?

    1. Vivian20

      Hi Astra…I also think someone else is the villain….not sure though after my experience for dheerbai in Maharana pratap.??

    2. Astra

      omg, even i used to watch maharana pratap.. i love that show..

    3. Vivian20

      That show was good….loved it??

    4. Shrilatha

      Astra akka even I feel same about CT.I don’t think she is bad but may be like vivian bhai said it can turn out to be anything. And u know what about that locket amma choti takrani ni chusi eme jaari kinda padite aa locket weight ki gunde aagi poyi chanipotundemo anndi….I was laughing like hell..

    5. Astra

      hahah, lol.. maa amma kuda aa locket gurinchi comment chesindi.. ee locket ki emina name pettalsinde..

    6. IQRA222

      yes di. you are right even i agree with you. and yes our princess is rocking it.. me eager too!!

  10. Berdilla

    Superb episode i think kakimasa is not villian and maan’s brother only villian

    1. Astra

      yes buddy, even i think same..

    2. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much berdilla.for supporting me in every situation

    3. IQRA222

      yes berdi di it was a superb episode and even i think soo

  11. and so I was right that choti thakurain wasn’t bad whatever she is doing it has strong reason and she is like coconut hard from outside but soft from inner side she love ratan and so behaving rude to dia and her family just to test her patience and whether she is right choice as pehredar or not poor kid ratan he is suffering a lot diya and her mOM scene was so emotional reflecting the true relation b/w mother and daughter . And looking forward for diya entry and so how she face all the problems and the cute promo of diya entry and kalash fill with corns not rice was too cute love it . Dira forever

    1. Astra

      yes anu.. even i think kakisa is good..

    2. Shrilatha

      Even I think the same about Choti thakrani anu..may be ..and I am very eager to see anokha gruha pravesj

    3. IQRA222

      yes anu di agree with you!!

  12. I luv my teju a lot
    she is such a prolific actress

    1. Astra

      me too.. 🙂 😀

    2. Shrilatha

      Polly I am so sorry I read ur ff but could not comment .I was ill yaar.but that was too good the way you showed our heavenly couple….loved it

    3. Di it was an os
      I guess u r just pretending so as to not hurt me

    4. IQRA222

      mee too nayuu didu

    5. u read my ff???????? it was ragsan dear

    6. IQRA222

      di sorry i did not understand?? which one are you talking about!!

    7. my os on which u commented the link for teju

  13. Siniha

    Wt is d role of suyash roy aftr this??

    1. IQRA222

      he is the second hero or can even be a villain. we are not sure about his role

  14. Tania-the fairy

    today s kaki masa looked love ratan so much but dont know if anything hiding behind this in naagin s1 yamini looked love rithik so much but in the end she reaval the main villain who showed fake love to rithik for some reason.

  15. Shrilatha

    Thank u so much guys for loving me and supporting me.and yes asra sorry I won’t leave.sorry to all my sissies and gentle bhaiyya ur right I will fight and this time I will follow you…

    So today’s epi was so so heart wrenching.yaar that burnt mark but guys I think I was right Kaki ma is not evil .she is just the hard core she is like dp may be she is upset that ratan got married at a small age and that too without her and that too with a girl who is elder .so may be she is being a bit hard. But I think she will mould this scared and weak diya into a strong one.and I think ratan’s other aunt is the culprit.

    And the way diya held her mother’s pallu her mother was right diya is a 18 year old child.she is facing the world now .everyone will sympathise with ratan but here diya is also suffering .I hope kaki ma supports her ..
    And diya mom is not wrong but now diya can step back .I think diyas will go in the doli.

    Did u notice when diya was looking after ratan she didn’t seem like wife.I could see a mother in her.may be this was the reason behind maan’s decision.that diya will take every role on ratan’s life…

    PS:- Jayu di, richu,adi,astra akka,lahari akka,asra,saru,folly,varshu,iqu,fenil bhaiyya sorry everyone.for running away .u guys know me I don’t give a damn if it was anyone but it was a teja fan of my family that made me weak…but now I am not going to run

    And neha’s not you sweetheart who has hurt me and yes we cleared everything.

    1. Happy,you came back, nice decision, don’t give up,do what you loves, ??&Yes dear, I was also felt same diya taken care Ratan as a mother ?…&i want ratan to give importance to Diya, that’s why I want to see DiRa lives somewhere to increase both bond.i can’t see ratan gave importance to choti takarani than diya,it’s hurting me ☹ .let’s see

    2. Fenil

      thats the spirit Sissy.
      Welcome back to PPK Parivaar

    3. Richa19

      I’m soo happy !! u took a rgt decision like always !!!! we r really happy to hv u bavk. … bass aise hi rock karte raho! !! n take care of urself. .. we love u so much! !!!❤❤❤❤❤

    4. IQRA222

      didu no need to thank us. much more than you we are happy about your decisions. i just to happy that you decided to stay back.

    5. Sargam

      shri dear…… happy to see you……my sisy is too strong and i knew it…
      your views about kaki maa sa jst gave a new driection to her character and i pray it turns out like you said…..
      diya is also suffering a lot ,we could see it…….our teju is jst portraying it so well that i cant imagine any1 else as diya…
      diya really looked as a mother caring for her child,she will take up evry role when it will come to ratan saa .maan was an intelligent man,he had set evrything to ensure the safety of ratan.
      family mein no sorry and no thank u,aakhir hum hai kis liye….
      love you shri dear

    6. Thank you shrilatha. I am happy that you are back with your family.

  16. Heyy Everybody!

    Let me tell you. I was one of the few who hated Teju in Swaragini and was a Helly fan! I always felt that she needed skills and she was nothing in front of Helly. I still love Helly, she is beautiful. I decided to see this serial as there were so many controversies going on and I must tell you I have been loving Diya character. I can never think of anybody else playing this role other than Teju! There is that 18 yr old innocence, the responsibilities at young age that she portrays so well. Kudos to her. I really have started liking her. I guess since Swaragini was more concentrated on Swara rather than Ragini, she didnt have that space to show her talents. I must admit I was wrong in not liking Teju!

    The show is beautiful. It is a fictional story so let it be like it. As long as the TV production do not add romantic scenes to increase TRP I have no problem with the show at all! I like Ratan, he is cute 🙂

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks dippy and welcome sweetheart to Ppk…..yes ur right even I can’t imagine anyone else in this role….however ..glad u liked the show

    2. Thank you Shri 🙂

    3. Tania-the fairy

      Nice Dippy u r loving teju aka diya. A heartful Welcome.

  17. hi everyone
    episode was quite emotional but very heart touching
    diya crying hugging mom her concern towards ratan diya sleeping by holding her mother’s saaree her request to choti thakurain
    now i m getting little suspicious towards maid and the choti thakurain seems villian but she is soft inside her love towards ratan has changed my mind
    the villain wont be reaveald so soon the cvs are trying their best to make suspense about it and everyday they are showing tht this is villain and not that one confusing

    1. IQRA222

      hey anu di!! totally agree with you…

  18. Sargam

    why they had to show that painful moment again…….her tears…….jst cant tolerate them…….
    mom daughter terrrace scene was so heart warming……teju rocked with her evry expression…i also wanted a mom for ragu bt i guess diya’s momo is giving all wat i wanted ragu’s momo to do…..her warmth and support are the only solace diya has now…..and i am sure her mom will protect her daughter and give her the needed strength and lessons of life………
    loved how diya got worried for ratan forgetting her pain……how much she cares for him………#DIRA
    ratan loves his kaki maa a lotttttt but i hope CT has same feelings for him……not jealousy or hatred……
    the way diya took care of ratan…….she is fulfilling evry responsibility and will continue to do so……hated when diya went on her knees in front of CT but she had to……for ratan……this dedication……hats off to diya..
    kaki maa is as i have said a mystery to me and i hope to unravel it soon…….her fb with ratan was too cute……it seems she love ratan a lot……
    when diya held her maa’s pallu even in sleep ……it was symbolic she is also a child still….how much she has to go through now……i hope she keeps herself together……..
    her momo is jst too much she cares for her daughter…….cute mom……but yes ratan cant stay more there,he has to leave……..
    the car convo….whats happening yaar……CT is what?what is she trying to do?and that other lady…..she seems to odd……
    the precap…….i think diya wont be in the doli……but if she isnt in doli then where?bt if maan’s family does diya’s grahpravesh then what about the promo……..still thinknig
    waiting eagerly for nxt epi…
    teju rocks,love her and #ppk rocks
    love you family……….

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