Island Amorgos : The Mysterious Island (Part-1)

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Hi! Here is the second chapter.  Please pardon me for any kind of mistake.

Eric’s P.O.V

“Woah! This is really big! “ I said jumping out from the boat and then taking  my bag. I knew this Island was big but never hoped it to be this much big , so I was kind of both excited and a little bit tensed. but at least  we reached Island Amorgos, “Finally,” I thought. It was a long journey. I am scared as hell thinking about what will happen next but I am excited to.

“From where are we going to start exploring?” asked Aiden, one of our members. “Will we ever be able to explore this island properly?” said my best friend Leo, “I mean will we be able to explore the whole island and know about it’s dangerous creatures without dying.”  “Will we be able to do so?” I thought, “No,” my mind answered. I let out a sigh.

“You’re such a coward Leo,” I heard Aaron saying, “We haven’t yet started the  journey and you are scared.” “I’m not scared Aaron,” Leo said and Aaron smirked. “Is it so?” he asked. “Yes, it is,” I angrily replied, “besides I think you are the one who is scared.” “What made you think so?” he asked angrily. “Who was saying that ‘let’s cancel the plan’, ‘I think it’s better not to go there’?Wasn’t it you?” I said.

It’s not my fault that I got angry, it’s his cause he made me angry.  How dare he make fun of my friend! I’m not much friendly person, I’m an introvert and so I don’t have many friends. I just have only two good friends….oops sorry, I said it wrong…. I have only two best friends.  Me, Leo and Eden are childhood best-friends, we are more like brothers. And those two are my life. And as Aaron made fun of Leo so I got angry on him.

“Guys, let’s not fight,” said Eden. But it wasn’t of any use. Both of us were looking at each other angrily. Aaron was really angry at me for talking to him like that and especially for hurting his ego. He is a self-centered person with big ego  and that’s why we never had a friendly relation not even after studying together for past few years.

Aaron was coming towards me angrily. He looked as if he is going to punch me and I bet he will but before he could do so Adam came  in between us. “Guys don’t fight, please,” Adam said, “We  are here on a mysterious Island full of mysterious creatures. We can’t risk to divide, we have to stay and work unitedly.” “And for that it is necessary that you two don’t fight,” said George.

They were right. We have to stay together. We can’t divide or stay alone. And for that it is necessary that we all remain friendly and especially me and Aaron. And Aaron isn’t going to help in that, so  I have to try to be friendly with him.

“Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. So don’t fight,” said my best friend Eden and I smiled. “I will not,” I said smiling. “Good. What about you Aaron?” asked Luke and I’m sure he was doing it intentionally for irritating Aaron. It means that no one is in a good term with Aaron, I don’t blame them though. It’s hard to be friend with Aaron. He is annoying and really has a big ego. “Neither will I,” Aaron replied clamly  Luke smirked.

“That’s good,” Leo said and smiled at both of us. How can he still smile at Aaron even after he insulted him!? He really needs to stop to be soo good to everyone and especially Aaron. “So what are we going to do now?” asked Adam. “Let’s take rest today and start exploring from tomorrow, “ suggested Eden. He is right, we all are tired. But we neeed to find a place to spend the night before it gets dark. They warned us that the island is far more dangerous at night. So we can’t risk to roam here and there in the dark. We need to find a place before it gets dark. I guess there isn’t much time left before it gets dark.So the conclusion is we can’t take rest now. “Nope, we are not going to take rest today , we are going to start exploring  from now it self,” I declared, “Let’s go now.” And then I started to move, although they are following me but I can say that they are pissed of at my decision.

End of the 2nd chapter. Hope you liked it. Please hit the star button if you liked it and also comment your thoughts about the story; constructive comments, suggestions, views etc. accepted.

Bye :).

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