Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 21

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Episode 21

Incidents are one year aged. According to their plan, the couples went to watch the movie. Each of them had their respective plans. Ankita wanted to prove the differences between Ahaani in front of Karthik. Shivika wanted to prove the bond between Vivaanika in front of Adi and others. Vaani wanted Shivaay and Anika to spend some quality time together. Shivaani desired for Ahaan’s attention. Therefore she got ready in a breath taking avatar. A pink and white knee length attire. But not Ahaan Shravan suffered from the arrow of her beauty. Coincidentally Shravan’s movie was running there.

“Chiku di you can sit here. Bhaiyya you also please.”

Ankita showed them the corner seat. Ahaan denied and sat alone at the another corner. Shivaani felt really bad for his acts. She was about to leave the theatre. But stopped by Shravan.

“Please don’t go. I want you.”

Shivaani doubtfully gazed at him.

“I mean I want your opinion about my movie.”

Shi: I’m not a film critic.

Shra: But your opinions means alot to me.

Shi: Means!!

Shra: I don’t know but you are something special.

Shi: I am not interested in watching the movie.

Shra: At least you can sit here.

Shi: But…

Shravan forcefully made her sit.

Shivika tried her best to convey Adi about Vivaanika’s bond. Their whistles, laughs noises… Sometimes Adi also started feeling the same. They are made for each other.

“Vivaan I think now the Hero escape with her.”

Vivi: Yeah I’m also feeling the same.

Vaani: Their bonding is nice na.

Vivi: Haan just like us.

Vaani Showed him Shivaay and Anika who are sitting nearby like strangers.

Vivi snapped like he will handle the situation.

He showered popcorn over Shivaay and Anika. And pretended to be unknowingly.

“So so sorry Mama.”

Shivaay: It’s k

He brushed aside the popcorns and started watching the movie again…

Atmost 6 or 7 minutes later he noticed Anika. A saddened Anika. The popcorns had gone inside of her blouse. I mean in the back portion. Anika is in a fix and Shivaay doesn’t came for rescue!!! Impossible.

He slowly opened the hooks ? and collected the villains no deities of his old age romance. Hehe…

Ankita pinched Karthik and showed his parents’s old age romance. Karthik’s blood began to boil.

“This SSO is ill treating my Maa. Lemme talk ??.”

Ank: Hey they are romancing each other. We should not interfere midst of them. They are regaining those 24 years.

Kar: But he harmed her.

Ank: Maaf karo na galati ho gayi unse. We can’t change the past.

Kar: Exactly we can’t change the past.

Ankita was about to say something. But she spotted something weird about Ahaan. He was kissing a hand… At the moment a girl moved out of theatre, he followed her exited out. Ankita doesn’t showed anything to Karthik as doesn’t had any solid proof and she doesn’t wished to create a havoc between Karthik and Ahaan.

Then days passed Ahaan returned to Philadelphia. He hated to talk with Shivaani. Ahaani were separating forever, Shrashi and Vivaanika were coming closer day by day. Shivika and Adi fertilized Vivaanika’s relationship. Adi also wanted Vivaan to settled down soon. Everything was going normal till the day when Vivaan proposed to Vaani.

Vivaan was damn happy in his life. Slowly Shivika started sowing the seeds of love in him. He easily fell into the pit. As he was desperately wishing for someone who is only belongs to him. Vivi confessed his feelings for her. And Vaani became super shocked. Haan she also likes him and this massive hurdle!! She has to overcome her illness to become her soulmate’s mate. Which is impossible. So she easily fragmented his heart, brutally. She slapped Shivika in anger. She released the great account of anger over Shivika. And it created havoc in their sisterly bond. Slowly slowly they began to separate. Amid of these circumstances, Vivi left to Silicon Valley. Vaanika started feeling his absence…

Then Shivika’s death drama and something something blahh blahh. But onething, none is aware of it.

Let it be… Now come to the present. Here Shivaay Anika’s fight is going on.

Once both were gathering at the pool side and busy with their silly fights.

“You are the root. You separated me from my daughters.”

“But you separated yourself from me Anika.”, his mind muttered.

“Aur aapne jo khudko khoya uska kya??”, She replied.

They both looked at each others eyes. Someone coughed and their gazes disordered. It was Ankita.

“Bua, do you know the solid reason of most of the divorce cases.”

Ani: No.

Ank: It’s cz they are unable to hear.

Shiv: Excuse me!!!

Ank: They are unable to hear their eyes. Just look at each other’s eyes. They will show you the hatred or concerns for each other. You could have solved every problems.

Anika pinched on her ears.

“Chota muh badi baat.”

“Hmm maybe Bua. But don’t you think you can clear all these knots. Pardon him Bua please and Uncle you also. Please forgive yourself.”

Shiv: You are Saahil’s shadow my dear.

Ank: Yea off course. He is my father you know. Ok I have came here to give you both my scrapbook.

Anika: Your scrapbook!! Omg is it raining or not.

Ank: Stop teasing Bua. It is only made for you both. Pad lena

She left the scrapbook over the table and moved out of the room.

To be continued…….

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