Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 4

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Episode 4

He closed eyes in front of the idol. Suddenly Adi started feeling something special. It seems like someone is near him who is close to his heart. Adi widely opened his eyes and looked beside. She smiled at him unknowingly and he reciprocated.


They forgot about the venue. He wrapped through her belly. He forgot everything for a while.

“Are you following me ??.”, she gave him a sweet cute blush for his question.

“I knew that I knew that; that you will be back. You are afraid of your Mama right.”

Shivi: I want to talk to you.

She held his hand and moved.

Suddenly Panditji called her.

“Beta, Prasad toh lekar jao. Bachpan ki tarah ajj bhi prasad bhool gayi.”

Adi: Bachpan means!! Aren’t you belongs to Bikaner??

Pan: No Beta, she was born and brought up here. She is grown up in front of my eyes. Bahut achchi bachchi hai.

Adi passed her a death glare. She leaned her head.

“Shivika beta who is he.”

Panditji’s next blast. Adi furiously left her hand and walked.

“Adi stay there. Adi please listen to me.”

But Adi was not in his senses.

“Adi, I am confessing that I did mistakes. I was lying. But I love you. My love is pure and honest.”

Adi: Ohh really!! Then tell me who are you?? My Saanjh or Shivika.

Adi suppressed and shook her shoulders.

“Tell me damn it.”

Shi: Shivika ??.

He pulled her backward.

Adi: It is my fault that I am talking to you. Jhooti ho tum.

Shi: Haan toh ?? I want you.

Adi: I hate you.

Shi: If you will leave me, I will slay you.

Adi began to walk with ignoring her words.

“Adi Mama fixed my marriage. We should break this alliance.”

“Haan haan tod dho aur waise bhi shaadi thodna tumhaari aadat hai.”

Adi yelled while walking. Irked Shivika sighed angryly at him.


OmRu closed the door of outhouse safely…

“Uncle you don’t worry. She will stay with us here. Anyway who is She Om Uncle?? Ur ex ??.”

Om: Shut up ??. She is our Bhabhi.

Vaan: Aww ??Means Shivaay Uncle’s wife.

Rudy: Haan. He is loving her truly but there is some misunderstandings which isn’t clarified till now and he is furious on her.

Vaan: Then show him na.

Om: No, first of all we don’t know how he will react and we can’t present him a paralyzed Anika Bhabhi. We have to dig her past and find her brother Sahil. We want to know what actually happened to her.

Vaan: K now she needs treatment.

“What’s going on here”

VaniOmRu: ?? Vivi.

Vivi: Something is fishy.

Rudy: Na na nothing.

Vivi: Who is inside??

Vaan: Shiva.

Vivi: But I met her recently.

Vaan: Recently, not now na.

Vivi: I wanna meet her.

Vaan: She is changing dress.

Vivi: K then y you all are awaiting outside??

Rudy: Check up. We wants check up.

Om: Haan he is aging na. Cardiac arrest, kidney stones, piles ?? everything is settled in this body.

Rudy: You old man shut up ???

Vivi: Kk continue. Something is fishyyy.

Vivi whispered and left.


Vivi rushed to the kitchen.

“Gauri Aunty, aunty there is a woman. There is a woman.”

Gau: Where??

Vivi: In the outhouse.

Gau: Haan not one 2 Chirraiyyas are there. Sivaani and Vaanika.

Vivi: Not 2, a third lady.

Gau: Haan Bhavya went to meet them.

Vivi: Urff 4th lady. Ohh Yeh Chirauta na. I am coming from there.

Vivi: Aunty an outsider lady. My lier Mamas are hiding her inside. I’m an eye witness.

Gau: ?? what. ?? I will show them who is Gauri.

Gauri explored to her destination like Jhansi Rani.


Adi opened the door and goggle eyed by seeing Shivika in that hot dark orange saree with sleeveless blouse. She clutched his collar.

“Saanjh why… Here.”

He was trembling.

“Don’t you know. An alone guy and a lonely girl in a lonely hotel room. What will happen ??.”

Adi: Wh what??

Shi: Immoral traffic.

She placed his hand on her tummy.

“mm do something na? pleeeeeease.”

Meanwhile he stood like a frozen eyes idol.

“Maybe I have to do something mm. Tumse kuch nahi hone wala. Hum tum ek kamre mei band ho…….”

She pulled him towards the bed and started unbutton the shirt. Sometimes gave him kissed on cheeks.

“Saanjh yeh sab after marriage.”, said Adi.

She jumped from him,

“??means you will marry me.”

Adi got up with replacing the buttons.

“Off course. Tell me the truth.”

Shi: What truth??

Adi: About you, your Mama, your enmity with us. Why did you left me in the mandap.

Shi: Not with you. With that Oberois ??.

Adi: It is my family.

She hugged him.

“No you’re mine. Only mine. I will ruin that Oberois.”

Adi: My backbone isn’t made up of rubber. I don’t want you anymore. My family is my priority ever. Don’t showcase me such melodrama anymore.

Shi: You know what I hate that Oberois. Then or now they are the only reason of my sorrows.

She moved out of the room teary eyed.


Gauri locked the room safely. She wiped her tears post witnessing her sister.

(Guyz like in the serial, Shivaay found out Anika Gouri’s sisterly connection. Gauri knows it but Anika is unaware.)

OmRu and Vaani rushed to the spot. Vivi laughed loudly.

“Yeeyeehaha. Mamas ab aap donon ka khel khatam.”

Gauri tightly held Om’s hand and winked. She whispered in her ears.

“I know the trouble. How to present her in front of Bade Bhaiyya right.”

Om nodded smilingly.

“Don’t cry Aunty. I’m with you. I will find a new groom for you.”

Gauri slapped Vivaan a little tightly.


Vaani: Bechara Vivi. He is hallucinated Aunty.

Abruptly Bhavya came and Vivi complainted to her.

“Aunty, Mamas are hiding a lady inside.”

Vaani: Aunty he is hallucinated.

Vivi: No no Aunty. It is true.

Vaani: Aunty he is.

Bhavya showed her arm and alerted her to silent.

“lemme check.”

Sometimes later.

Bhavya also came outside with weeping.

“I’m aware of your intentions.”

Bhavya muttered to Rudra.

Vivi: Aunty can I register ur name in

Beautiful and Sanskari IPS officer. Caption is correct na.

Next slap by Bhavya ??.

Pinky entered suddenly.

Vaani: Vivi you are hallucinated.

“Pinky Nani Mamas are hiding a lady in the outhouse.”

10 minutes later.

Then slap by Pinky.

Slap by Tej.

Slap by Shakti.

And slap by Jhanvi.

Then the watchman remained finally.

Shivaay’s great entry to the venue.

“Shiv Mama. These remaining Mamas are hiding a lady inside.?”

Others stunned to witness Shivaay there.

Pinky: Shivaay he is lying. None is there.

Rudy gulped saliva in tension.

“Bade bhaiyya none is there. This Chirauta is lying.”

Bhavya: Exactly Badebhaiyya.

Vaani: Uncle he is hallucinated.

Vivi: No uncle ??. I’m not.

Shivaay pissed off by his actions and opened the door to check. He was feeling the presence of Anika.

“Anika”, he muttered. Anika started showcasing some movements on her lips.


“I’m not your priority na. Go go. Go and enjoy with Oberois.”

Shivika walked through a bare secluded road. She was whimpering and blabbering something something.

Two or three men came forth to her.

“2000 for one hour. Are you okay with it.”

Shi: What??

Man 2: Okay 5000.

Shi: Are you crazy??

One of them scanned her from top to bottom.

“Okay 10000. Your value is more than a billion. But what to do we are poor.”

A man shrugged her hand and led her to their car.

“Hey what are you doing. Leave me.”

To be continued…….

Guyzz please forgive me there are a lots of grammar errors. I used to write SwaSan ffs and ceased sometimes before. I’m not a blessed author and Shivika is new to me. The time lapse also affected my writing style. I hope understand and pardon me.

Thank you .

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