Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 10

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Episode 10

Shivika dragged her out of Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay and others are shocked to see her again.

“Shanaya look this is my life and my decisions.”

Shivaay and senior Oberois were fuming in anger. Their fury reflected in their eyes. Meanwhile Anika’s inner mind was sparkling in great joy due to seeing her daughter again. Shivika attempted to go.

“Stay there Shivika this child is not only yours. It belongs to Adi also.”

Shanaya yelled at Shivika.

Shivaay and the others who don’t have a lil bit of idea that it was a well planned melodrama were shocked to hear the lie.

“This is my life. I wanna move on and this child is a barrier amid of me and my dreams. None can stop me from doing this.”

Meanwhile in Shivaani’s room.

Shivaani wiped her face while coming out of washroom. Suddenly she yelled startled. Somebody wrapped through her waist.

“Offo my Chipkali is scared.”

Shi: Ahaan leave me and don’t call me Chipkali. Don’t you dare ??.

Ahaan: Never ever. This is your name. My Chipku.

He kissed on her cheek. She angrily stared at her.

“Yaar this is injustice. You only gave me 832 kisses and I have gifted you 1727?.”

Shiva: No no 1002 from my side.

Aha: 170 were lip locks. So it is common.

Shi: Anyway why are you here?? You are my fiance and aise chori chori chupke chupke milna. It’s not fair na Ahaan. So please go from here.

Aha:Aise kaise jaun. Arrey damad hoon main Oberoi mansion ka. Mere Sasural wale kya sochenge. Never ever…


“How dare you to slap me ??.”

Shivika argued with Shivaay. Anika and others are stunned once again.

“Are you a mother?? Are you a girl. How could you do this to that lil life. Doesn’t you thought about Adi. He also has the right on your baby?.”

Adi: Saanjh are you pregnant??

Shivika: ??no

Om: Shivaay she is lying, look.

Gau: Haan Badebhaiyya. I think we should accommodate her here. With us. Then she will not be able to take any such drastic step.

Tej: But Shivaay she is our enemy’s niece. And after all Adi is not your own son. We don’t have any blood relation with this foetus. Then why are you…

Om: Shut up Mr Oberoi. Time will give you the answer. Her children will grow up here.

Shivaay: OK cool cool. It’s fixed. She will live here till her delivery.


Dadi’s room

Anika’s eyes vainly rolled through a 2 months old magazine. Further she threw it restlessly. Her eyes searched for Shivika.

Dadi: What happened Anika.

She nodded nothing.

“That’s why she’s awaiting for me.”

Shivika peeped inside and shouted. Anika furiously moved her head aside. Shivika stood obediently stood forth to Anika.

“Mumma look at me. I am perfectly fit and fine.”

Dadi: Mumma!!??

“Haan Dadi Mumma.”

Rikara entered with the comments followed by Adi. Om kneeled in front of Dadi.

“Dadi, here is your great dream. Your Shivaay’s successor. Shivaay and Anika Bhabhi’s daughter. Shivika Singh Oberoi.”

Dadi unbelievably gazed at Shivika. The showers of happiness slowly began to fall in her mind.

“Billu’s daughter, my Billu’s…”

Dadi called Shivika near her. Shivika kneeled and kissed her. Then side hugged

“Hello my cutie Dadi.”

Dadi patted on her head.

“Anika, is this true?? I can’t believe this. My Billu has a daughter.”

Anika happily nodded yes. She lovingly called her daughter near her.

“What Mumma ??.”

She stood on her knees.


Anika slapped her and the remaining shocked completely.

“Mumma what I did?? Why did you slapped me ??. I gain two slaps today from both of my parents.”

Adi giggled loudly. He showed Shivika’s wrist to Anika.

“This is the reason right Maa. She deserves this.”

Dadi: What is this scar Shivika Puttar??

Om: Haan Shivika what is this.

Shivika crouched her head.

“Chachu,Dadi, I will tell you. Do you remember she left me at the Mandap. Actually this stupid thought that I am her step brother and she tried to commit suicide.

Gau: Shivika, r u mad. How could you do this.

Om: Don’t repeat such stupidities. ?

Dadi: Putar aisa koi karta hai kya.

Shivika hugged Adi and rested her head on his chest.

“Sorry Mumma, Dadi, Chacha Chachi. But I love this idiot so so much. I can’t live without him.

Anika did some actions pointing at her tummy and Shivika replied.

“No Mumma I am not pregnant. But we will try our best.”

Anika slapped her slightly then.

Gau: Badebhaiyya is over ambitious about this child.

Dadi: Billu ko bataya sab kuch.

Om: Haan but Shivika is not willing.

Shi: Don’t you dare. First of all I want to study him. He is an attitude Raja Mumma attitude Raja. Kitna dikhata hai.

Anika surprisingly looked at her. The same word used by Karthik. Anika laughed open hearted.

Om: Okay Meri Maa ??. Haan Gauri we should give her some nick name. After all she is our one and only daughter.

Gau: Annapoorneswari.

Om: Shut up. Aise koi nick name hota hai kya.

Om: Bubbly. Bhabhi do you remember we used to call our Pari as Bubbly.

Dadi: Pari is nice.

Adi: Whatever Saanjh is only belongs to me.

Shi: Stop it guyzz. What’s going on. Look I don’t want too many names. You can call me Kitto. It is nice na. Everybody is calling me like that.

Om: Haan this is nice.

Gau: Me too liked it.

Om: K Bhabhi we have some work. See you soon.

Rikara exited and Shivaani and Vaanika entered. They joyfully hugged Shivika.

Shi: Mumma who are these girls. Do you know them?? ??

Shiva: Achcha you don’t know us.

Vaani: Chiku catch that you too Brutusi.

The three girls ran everywhere in the room. Dadi widely opened her mouth. They started throwing pillows on each other.

“Chiku,Bitto sorry sorry. Is this the way to welcome your sister ??.”

Dadi: Anika do you have 3 daughters??

Shi: 3 ni Dadi 4. We are quadruplets.

Dadi: Quadruplets means??

Adi: Dadi, 4 children in a single delivery.

Dadi: ? OMG ? ? where is the fourth one.

Vaani: He is also here Dadi.

Dadi: Where??

Dadi turned around.

Shiva: Not here and there Dadi. Look at the TV. Look at our Batman. Sorry sorry that batsman.

Dadi: Arrey that is our Karthik. Karthik Singh ??? Karthik Singh Oberoi. Billu ka beta.

Anika held Daadi’s hand tightly and winked. Dadi’s eyes got teary

“Thank you Anika. Thanks for this unexpected happiness. I was always worried about my Billu’s future. But now I’m tension free. We had everything except daughters. The place for them were always vacant. You know I was always saddened about my family’s future. Billu is our basement. But after after him whom?? My family will break like glass pieces. Now I don’t have complaint to God. You gave me three great granddaughters and a great grandson who is more courageous than my grandson. Hmm And I want to see that stupid. Last time Om ke tarah Shaayari bolke gaya hai kota ??.



And sometimes interesting gonna happen…

To be continued…….

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome???loved it waiting for next part update soon

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dr

  2. Abortion is something that should be accepted by everyone and abusing a pregnant woman and forcing her to keep the child is wrong as it should be solely her decision at the end (whether to keep the fetus or not). There could be some stronger women in this story rather than someone like anika who goes back to shivay even after what he did…

    1. Manjula20

      Maybe you are right but dr don’t you think it is a sin. A foetus is a mother’s responsibility until it comes out. That life is unaware of this outer world. Here it is a melodrama and it’s father willing to accept the baby. Then what is the problem. And yes abortion is a better option in such cases when it is illegitimate, transgender or else mother’s life is prior.

      Then about Anika, I accept she is not a strong character here. I will do something to make her character strong. Thank you dr for your valuable comment.

      1. No, I don’t think it is a sin because the fetus is just a bundle of cells in the early stages and I think abortion should be accepted as long as it is carried out before the fetus has consciousness or can feel pain… Furthermore, people shouldn’t abort children if the sole reason for it is because the child is illegitimate or transgender (you can’t find that out during pregnancy) because that is a sin… Getting an abortion because you don’t want a child is acceptable in my opinion… Thanks for not getting offended and to try to change Anika’s character…

    2. Manjula20

      Maybe you are right in your point of view. I said it is a better option not the best. I don’t know medical science can identify it or not. But I thought technology is widening might be it is possible. Sorry dr I doesn’t thought much aborting an illegitimate is a sin.

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Loved this Chappy Like anything……. Will be eagerly waiting for the next…

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dr

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear…

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dr please keep reading

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