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Hello peeps..???? You all are so sweet really… And thank you so much for all of your support..

Part 12

Shivay is rushing to upstairs but his phone ring sawing caller Rudra so he stopped and receive call a speak

Shivay: Now what Anika??????

Rudra: Bhaiya, Anika bhabhi nai hai thodi bat kabhi hum se bhi kar lo kabhi…??

Shivay: Just shut up Rudra, Speak up what do you have to say now?????

Rudra: Wo Bhaiya I didn’t told you before but we’ve plan lunch date for you and Anika bhabhi so enjoy it…???

Shivay: Rudra…??? Are you serious you call me to told this??????

Rudra sensing his anger he speak

Rudra: Bye Bhaiya enjoy your Lunch date…???

As soon as Rudra disconnect call Shivay’s lips curve into beautiful smile imaging his first lunch date… And he started taking two stairs at a time to reach early and same time he check for the box that he kept in his pocket this morning and smile I’d not leaving his lips…

The same time here Anika is struggling to get free from that forcefully tight grip of Robin and she tried all her stamina to push him away but he is to heavy for him so she is not able to push him away and sensing her fight Robin tighten his grip on her hand and her mouth and same time Tia switch on light of room and signal Robin something and seeing that Robin leave Anika’s hand and along with Tia he stuff few clothes in Anika’s mouth and dumbfold her so she can not shout and Anika is struggling to shout Shivay’s name so he can come to save her but she is not able to do do and she cried on her luck and seeing her in such situation both Robin and Tia smiled devilish and Robin speak coming near to Anika

Robin: My baby sister I miss seeing this scared and helpless emotion of yours… And you know I am enjoying this after so many years let me count… Arghh leave it… let me remind that hard hitting I think you forget that and he take serving spoon from food trolley and about to hit Anika with it but same time room’s door opened with bang and Shivay enter seeking all attention of all three person in room along with him Tia and Robin too are shocked seeing him there and Shivay is shocked seeing Anika in such situation and he rush to Anika and shout on RobIa loudly and he try to free Anika and RobIa is stunned yet because not in their wildest dream they have thought of such turn of situation but soon Robin come to his sense and he take out knife from his pocket and try to attack Shivay but seeing him Anika loudly scream Shivay’s name and same time Rudra who rush to room along with Shekhawat and Oberois hearing Shivay’s scream stop Robin’s attack and give a tight punchbon Robin’s face and now all Oberois an Shekhawat are stunned seeing this all and they run to their respective child and start checking them.

After checking Anika Jayshree stand up and coe in front of Tia and slapped her on her xheeck leaving her handprint there and before she can slap Robin angry Shivay grab Robin’s shirt and punch him on his nose and speak

Shivay: How dare you touch my Anika??? Who are you??? Just wait and watch how much I’ll punish to make Anika cry and he keep punching on his face vigorously and Rudra and Ishana stop him and Rudra speak

Rudra: Bhai I already have called cop they will be here any time and catch this rascals… And make a disgusting face seeing Tia and Robin… Hearing cop’s name for a second both fear a lil and they sense problem coming in their lives and now they decide to destroy Anika’s life too along with them so Tia who is silent Spector till the moment speak loudly

Tia: Before you lock us behind bar don’t you wanted to know truth of fraud Shekhawat doing with you all??? And real identity if your so called Anika???

Shivay’s anger went to another level and he speak

Shivay: Do not you dare take her name from your flithy mouth…

Tia: Just listen me once and then decide by your self who is flight and who not…

Shekhawat’s face now cover with worry and they want to stop Tia but now situation is not under their control so they choose to keep mum. And seeing their silent Tia’s courage goes to another level and she speak

Tia: Anika is not child of Shekhawat. She is an illegal child of Mr.Kapoor my father she is child of a woman who is having unnamed relationship with my married father for his money an she is result if that and on step of her mother at age if 2 this b*t*h Anika charm our father and my father named all his property on her name and give responsibility of her to us… And then she turned to Anika and speak

You don’t know how much I wanted to kill you when you step in our house but conditions of will stopped me from doing so we tolerating you at that time but your this so called mom come into picture and she turn in Jayshree’s side and speak You are our masi then to you choose her over us and you protected her and adopted her but now I won’t let her live and in rage she run in Anika’s direction and about to hit her head on table but Shivay who is alert rush and stop her from doing that and push her and Tia land on earth and Shivay take Anika in his arms and Anika who is crying all this time hugged him tightly and keep her head on Shivay’s muscular chest and keep crying….

Shivay softly break hug and cupped Anika’s face in his hand and kiss her on her forehead and each eyes one by one and speak

Shivay: Shhh don’t cry. I am with you. I told you na that I can’t see you crying plz don’t cry…

Anika look into hi pleading eyes and unknowingly her eyes stop shedding tears and slowly her sobs to started subsiding and meanwhile Cop come and all family member informed everything to cop and they arrested RobIa and Shivay informed them to charge strict section on them and keep eye on them and punish them hardly…

After every thing completed only family member are there in room and Shekhawat about to speak something but Pinky stop them and speak

Pinky: Ifs you peoples wants to appelgise for anything then don’t we don’t wants any of such words and such things can’t change our decision and we love our Anika beta so much. And she kiss Anika’s forehead…

Shakti: We know you don’t tell us just because you don’t want to spoil image of your daughter and we are not bother with your such decision and Anika beta don’t cry now you have two fathers and mothers and he too blessed Anika and kiss her head…

Hearing this all Anika feel blessed and Shekhawat are happy beyond limit. But one person is silent after hearing what Tia told and Anika is looking into his eyes for some soothing words but they as devoid of an expressions…

So that’s it for today’s update… Phew so long… Hope you all like it and I am eagerly waiting for all of your feedback… So plz leave your feedback whether its positive or negative or whatever it is… And plz my dear silent readers plz drop your comments too…

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  1. Priyali

    Awww. So sweet . Episode was epic. Pri, u are making me addicted to your ff.

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  2. Jayashree

    Wow awesome… waiting for next part

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for your comment….

  3. Sanaya_malik

    Once again… An amazing episode pri…. Loved it to the core…. I was waiting for the episode since so long yr…. U r going so well pri… Eagerly waiting for next??

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for your comment Sanu baby…. :$

  4. Nansshivika

    Arey chocopie kya violence dala tumne robtia toh creeps hai omg but our Shivay awwwwwww he kissed her cared her fight for her with immense love ?????????????
    Rudi toh ek dam prankster hai at starting
    Pinky shakti so sweet.
    Waiting for next part eagerly and shivika romance more
    Love you chocopie

    1. Pri_24

      Love you Nandupie… Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  5. Tulasi

    Suprrbbbbbb………???????????????????shivika hug omgggg meeta meeta pyaara pyaara…………

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much Tsunami for your comment…. :$

  6. Ruksy

    Amazing ?

  7. Mukta

    Awesome update!!!!! Excited for next part!!!!!!

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dear…

    1. Pri_24


  8. Shivika


    1. Pri_24

      Thank you..

  9. so nice dr

  10. Lisaaa


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  11. Sanchi

    Such a cliffhanger!! Not fair.. anyways loved it.. Tia is gone finally!! I am dancing here

    1. Pri_24

      I can understand your feelings and Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  12. Ananya7044

    Whats shivaay’s reaction gonna be?? Nice update yaar

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Ananya…

  13. Pinkyyy

    Nice update dear☺☺☺

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Prinku…

  14. Nainaa

    Nice on ChocoPIe… I just loved it??? … family’s support to Anika ??and Shivaay’s concern towards Anika??? is all in the place and truly amazing…. post next one soon???
    And please post Dark love story also I am whole gaga over it…??

    1. Pri_24

      May be today I’ll update it cutie… Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  15. Ishqkum

    Wow super Dr

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Kavi…

  16. Fama

    Oh my mata! Reading the previous update I was thinking that maybe the Oberoi’s will not accept Anika after her truth came out but you surprised.
    Wonderful update??

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  17. Nice episode…. Waiting for next episode…. Update new episode ASAP……

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dear…

  18. Puvi

    It’s awesome pri21 I am new to ishqbaaz family so frnds let’s enjoy this journey with all of u love all pls post asap waiting to now shivaay decision eagerly

    1. Pri_24

      Welcome to IB family dear… And Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  19. Awesome lovely family I loved it waiting for next part

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Niriha…

  20. Aaye haye koi to rok lo..☺☺☺☺ Pri I am totally in love with this side Shivay and the way she protect her and sooth her…????

    I am waiting for their hot shot romance but here You make me go all gaga by that kiss on forehead and eyes…??? Its just perfect wow…. And cute and sweet too….

    I love the way you make RobIa out from our ShivIka’s life….

    And family support is so good and Rudra is such a heroish here I liked him… And I missed Ishana lil… (I know I am greedy…????)

    And now cliffhanger…????? Shivay’s reaction eagerly waiting for next part plz update soon….??☺☺☺☺

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for your comment dear and next time I’ll try to compensate if possible…

  21. PRI its an amazing and full paisa vasool type of dhamaka episode… Update next part soon dear…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Aish…

  22. Amazing update….

    1. Pri_24


  23. Perfectly written… I just love it… You’ve capacity of keeping people hooked to your story dear…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for your kind words dear…

  24. Amazing and nice update dear….

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dear..

  25. Pri yaar kya kha ke tum updates type karti ho… Matlab every time dhamaka update.. Whatever story it is you just give a dhamaka and Khidkitod update… I loved it alot … plz post next part soon….☺☺☺☺

    1. Pri_24

      Hihi Thank you so much for your comment…. :$ And me kuch special nai khati hu…

  26. Priyanka_22

    shivaay is a knight in shining armour for Ani 😀
    loved it

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for your comment Priyanka…. :$

  27. hai ! I am new here. My name is piya. anyway it is really a nice a superb episode.i just loved it….

    1. Pri_24

      Hi Piya welcome to IB family and happy to know that you loved it…

  28. Alekhika20

    Amazing updt

    1. Pri_24


  29. MariaRebecca

    O teri…shivaay ka kks kya hoga??..kya woh raita phelaygi???
    good work dear!!!

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment and next part is already submitted so soon you can know ki Shivya ka kya hoga????

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