Life Diaries (chp 12)- A Night Out

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I woke up the next morning and rubbed my eyes pushing the bed sheet off myself and blinked several times to make my vision clear and climbed down the upper bed but suddenly slipped and closed my eyes due to fear and suddenly I felt being held by someone and opened my eyes only to find Abeer holding me. His hands wrapped around my waist and my one hand on his back and one on his shoulder.

“Aajao meri tamanna, baahon mein aao, ke ho na paaein juda hum, aisay mujh mein samao,” Abeer sung pulling me closer. “What are you saying? We are not a couple, you are a doctor and I m your patient,” I said still holding him. “But firstly we’re friends”, he said,” oh and be careful with this ladder, I can’t come every time to save you.” He sounded too naughty, I laughed and straightened myself but he pulled me again and we had an eye lock which seemed like heaven.

“Leave me, don’t you want to go hospital?”, I asked. “I will go late today”, he said. “But why?”, I asked. “If Akshat comes then?”, he asked and my eyes flooded with tears and I took off my hands his shoulders and tried my best not to cry. “Okay let’s not talk about this, when I will come back from hospital, then we will go to watch movie, what say?”, he asked trying to enlighten my mood. “Okay”, I said.

I was going but then again he pulled me holding my stomach, my back touched his front. “I want to say something”, he said, I looked back at him. “So what is it?”, I asked.

“Uh nothing, I will tell you later”, he said still holding me. “Leave me, why are you holding me like this?”, I asked trying to get away. “Oh sorry”, he said leaving me and went. I watched him and although I asked him not to hold me like that, somewhere I felt safe. I went to freshen up and the moment I came back, my phone was ringing. I knew what’s coming next and I prepared myself for it. I saw it was mumma’s call, why should I receive every time and spoil my mood? I disconnected the call.

I was going out of the room but again it started ringing, I picked it without seeing it. “Please stop calling me, I don’t want to talk to you, its enough”, I said and was about to cut the call. “Why? What did I do? Its me”, the person said and it was Abeer. “Sorry, actually…”, I said and he cut me in between. “I know, leave that matter, I am coming early today, I will pick you at 9, bye, I will see you by then”, he said and disconnected the call.

Why is he doing so much for me? What relation he has with me? He is with me as if he’s my blood relative but he’s just a friend, this all should be done by my family but he’s doing all this. If he’s being so lenient to me then I should also behave myself. I looked for clothes in my suitcase and finally found them.

Later I got ready in a blue floral waist cutout dress which reached my thighs and it was sleeveless. I did natural makeup and wore small earrings and blue pumps.

I sat on the bed waiting for Abeer. First time I didn’t felt nervous around a man. Finally after waiting for sometime, Abeer came and gave me a message to come out. I went out of the room and out of the house, there he was in his car. I went and sat beside him on front seat.

He checked me out from head to toe. “You are looking beautiful”, he said. “Thanks but why didn’t you change?”, I asked as he was wearing doctor’s clothes. “Am I looking bad?”, he asked and I nodded in negative. “Ok”, he said and drove off from there. I slid down the window and felt a cool breeze on my face, my hair blew and it felt so good. I felt Abeer’s gaze on me and I looked at him. “Eyes on the road”, I said and he looked away as I caught his gaze.

He played music and I enjoyed. It continued the whole journey and finally we reached the theatre, we both gave tickets and watched the movie eating popcorn. Everything was fine until I felt my heart skip a beat, I felt someone familiar beside me and got the same old fear again.

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