ISHQBAAZ : Shivaay – Ishana – Omkara : Part 2


Oberoi office,

Shivaay and Ishana were working together, Ishana was working on her laptop, she was busy doing her work, and Shivaay was lost looking at her.

Ishana was still looking at her laptop, “Shivaay, I think we should pay visit to these sites once, before we finalize anything. What do you say?”

Shivaay, who was lost in his own world, didn’t listen to her and didn’t say anything.

On not getting a reply from him, Ishana looked up and saw him lost somewhere, she snapped her fingers in front of him, this brought Shivaay out of his trance, Ishana looked at him and he looked at her, “Ishana, did you say something?”  he asked.

Ishana replied, “What happened Shivaay? You were lost somewhere, is everything fine?” She said placing a hand her hand over his, Shivaay looked at her, he was surprised by her gesture, he said looking at her, “Nothing Ishana, I was just thinking something”

She said, “You can tell me Shivaay”

Shivaay looked at her, he took his hand away and got up, he turned towards the window, Ishana was looking at his actions, she didn’t understand, what was happening to him, Shivaay took a deep breath, and said, “Ishana, actually….it is that…. I don’t know what to say…. Ishana…. I am in love with someone” he took another deep breath.

Ishana was shocked hearing this, she didn’t know how to react, “Shivaay” she said and walked to him, she stood beside him and looked out from the window, she took a breather and said, “Shivaay, does she know?”

He looked at her, “No. I haven’t told her yet.” He said. Ishana continued, “Shivaay, if you really love her, tell her. And I am sure she will say yes. You are a great person, and she is a lucky girl”

Shivaay was surprised by her reply, he looked at her, she was still looking out, “And what if I tell you that lucky girl is you”

Ishana looked at him shocked, she didn’t know what to say, she had known him for months, but she never thought that he would say something like this, she was quiet, Shivaay was growing anxious, but he remained calm, he wanted her to take time and reply, minutes passed, Shivaay looked at her, waiting for her to say something, but she didn’t say anything, she turned back and started packing her things, Shivaay looked at her surprised, she was about to go but Shivaay held her hand, “Ishana” before he could say anything, she said, “Shivaay, I need time” they looked at each other, Shivaay freed her hand and she left. He stood there looking at her retreating figure.

Ishana’s house,

Ishana was sitting near the window, she was thinking about Shivaay, and what he had said, she didn’t know what was she supposed to say, she had known him for a long time now, he was a good person and he would keep her happy always, he had everything a girl could ask for, he was caring, loved his family, smart in business, and moreover he loved her a lot, she had seen it in his eyes, he really loved her a lot.

She was thinking, “Shivaay, he is a good guy, I know him well. What should I tell him? Do I love him?” she was finding answers to her questions.

Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was sitting near the pool, he was thinking about what had happened in his office, he was thinking, “What will she say? Did I do right by telling her? Does she also love me?” he wanted answers to his questions and only Ishana had those answers.

Om saw Shivaay sitting alone and went and sat beside him, Shivaay looked at Om and saw happiness on his face.

Shivaay asked him, “What happened Om? You look really happy”

Om looked at him surprised, “Nothing Shivaay, nothing great” he tried his best to convince Shivaay, “Om, you know that you cannot lie. Tell me, what is it”

Om knew there was no point hiding things from Shivaay, so he said after taking a breath, “Shivaay, I love someone”

Shivaay was surprised, he asked Om, “Om, who is she? Did you tell her? When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Om, “Relax Shivaay, how many questions you will ask? First of all, I realized it a few days back. And I have not told her anything”

Shivaay, “But who is she?”

Om smiled a little, Shivaay was happy seeing Om smile like that, Om looked at the moon, “Ishana”

As soon as the name reached Shivaay’s ear, the happiness vanished from his face, he was shocked.

Om continued speaking, “I don’t know when and how but I fell in love with her. She has something in her that you feel bound by her. I have known her for months now and I know I really love her. She is a good person. I think I should tell her soon”

Shivaay didn’t have any words, what was he going to say to Om, that he also loved the girl, his brother had fallen in love with. How could destiny play such a game with them? He knew how heart-broken Om would be if Ishana said yes to him and not Om, he was worried, he smiled at Om and left from there.

Om sat there lost in his thoughts, just then his phone rang, he was happy seeing the caller id, it was Ishana.

Om, “Ishana, you, is everything okay?”

Ishana, “Om, I need to talk to you about something. Can we meet?”

Om was happy hearing this, he thought it was a great chance when he could tell her about his feelings, “Yes sure. Whenever and wherever you say”

Ishana smiled, “Tomorrow, Red House Café, 10 am”

Om agreed and they disconnected the calls.

Om was looking forward to meeting her.

Next day,

Red House Café,

Om was waiting for Ishana, he was nervous, Ishana came there and sat in front of him, they exchanged smiles.

Ishana, “Om, there is something I need to talk to you about”, Om was eager to hear her, “Even I have something to talk to you about”

Ishana was surprised, “What is it Om?”

Om, “No, first you say”, he looked at her and smiled, Ishana replied, “No Om, you tell me first”

Om thought something and said, “I don’t know when, where and how did all this happen. But when I realized it, I felt happy” he took a pause, Ishana looked at him waiting for him to say further, “Ishana, I love you”

Ishana’s facial expressions changed, she was shocked, what was happening to her, she knew how much Shivaay and Om loved each other and now, they both told her that they loved her, how could life play such a game with them.

Om was waiting for her to say something, “Ishana, say something”

Ishana, “Om, I don’t know what to say”

Om said placing his hand over hers, “It is okay Ishana, I understand if you need time to think” she looked at him, “Anyways what was it that you wanted to talk about” he changed the topic.

Ishana thought, “What do I say Om? How should I tell you that Shivaay confessed his love for me and that I need your advice about it? How can I tell you that your brother loves me? Why is life so cruel? I cannot tell you this”

Om, “What happened Ishana? Tell me, what is it?”

Ishana hurriedly got up from her place, “Om, I need to go now” before Om could say anything, she left from there, he looked at her going away, he couldn’t understand her behaviour.

Om, “I think it is because of my confession. I should give her sometime”

Shivaay, who had followed Om, had witnessed everything. He knew Om was going to meet Ishana and so he wanted to know everything, he didn’t want things to change in a way that hurt his brother, he was worried as Ishana didn’t say anything clearly to him, nor to Om.

Did she love Shivaay or did she love Om? Did she love someone else? What was she thinking? What will happen when Om will know that Shivaay too loves Ishana?

So many questions, without answers.

  1. ItsmePrabha

    Oh oh!! Complicated situation for ishu.. Will be eagerly waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

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  2. It’s awesome yaar I just love these 2 parts. It reminds me a telugu film
    BTW alfazoon mathlab kya hain di?

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      Thanks for the appreciation.
      Alfazoon means words ??

    2. Jasminerahul

      which Telugu film?

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    Let’s see how Ishu handles the situation.. Thanks for commenting ?☺️

  4. Jasminerahul

    omg shivay n om confessed their love to ishana.she can’t disclose it to them as it can cause cracks in their brotherhood.poor shivay realized that om loves ishana.why did ishana leave suddenly? eager to know ishana’s decision

    1. Prajkta

      Well you won’t have to wait for long… Will try and post ASAP

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    Now I m feeling like Ishu should reject both proposals. ??

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