Not every love story is a fairy tale!!!!! – Chapter 2

I reached home and the first thing I did was to meet my Maa. While I was meeting my Maa, biji called me and I ran to her. She opened her arms and I huggged her tightly.
“Bada accha laga raha hai iss get up mein” She complimented me.
“Biji, aapke chakkar mein mujhe kya kya karna padta hai” I said while hugging her.
“Accha chal tujhe kisi se milwana h”
“Biji iss halat mein”
“Kya kharabi h iss get up”
“Atleast let me change”
“Oye!! chal mere saath, zyada behas na kar” she dragged me with her.

Biji then introduced me to “her” and her family. Well, her family also gave me the same look which I had recieved at the airport. But she was lost in her own chain of thoughts. Time to reveal her name ‘”Ragini Kapoor” (sorry to change the surname), melodious name same as her eyes. I looked at her and was mesmerized by her beauty. Her beautiful green eyes were intoxicating. Literally, I was flat seeing her. Sanskar Maheshwari was smitten by someone, its a very big deal. But her eyes had some strange kinfd of deep pain. At that moment I decided that I want to share that pain. I was head over heels in love with her at the very first sight but she wasn’t even impressed by me, all thanks to my getup and Biji. It was really a tuff time for me to impress her. Little at that time knew that with whom I am falling in love is 12 yrs elder to me, is a divorcee and has 3 child from previous marriage.

SHOCKING!!!!!! It was for me also. But what to do fate had written this in my life. So what could I do. Ah!! dont worry I am telling you how I made this wonderful discovery.

To know further stay tuned friends.
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