ISHQBAAZ OS – Shivaay – Ishana – Omkara – Part 3 (Last Part)

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Oberoi Office,

Shivaay was waiting for Ishana, she was never late, he was growing impatient, he picked up his phone and dialled her number, the call didn’t connect, he tried again but got no response, he tried several times but no answer, he got worried, “Why is she not answering my calls? I know what she must be thinking. I have to talk to her”, he picked up his car keys and left.

Art Gallery,

Om was busy working on a painting, he felt someone’s presence and turned back, their eyes met and Om was happy to see Ishana.

Om got up, “Ishana, you could have called me. I would have come to meet you”

Ishana had made up her mind, she had to clear out things before they became more complicated, “Om, I need to talk to you”

Om was eager to hear her, “Ishana, please sit, we can talk then”

Ishana, “No Om, please first let me say what I have to tell you”, she thought for some time, Om was waiting for her to say it, “Om”, she continued, “Om, I don’t love you”, tears collected in her eyes, as she saw how the smile vanished from Om’s face, he was shocked, he didn’t know what to say, “Om, I am sorry but I don’t love you and I had to tell you this as soon as I could”

Om didn’t move, the brush in his hand fell, a tear escaped from his eyes. He never thought that this could happen, the time he had spent with her flashed in front of him, he never thought that she didn’t love him.

“Om…” Ishana placed her hand on his shoulder, she didn’t know how to tell him that she loved someone else, that she loved his brother, “Om, I love someone else”, he looked at her shocked, she loved someone else, “Om, I love Shivaay”, now this was the biggest shock he had faced today, he understood that Ishana loved someone else, but that she loved Shivaay, his brother, this was something completely unexpected.

He didn’t know how to react, “Ishana, please leave”, he said turning the other side, “Please leave me alone”
Ishana understood that he needed some time alone, she wanted to talk to him but she left from there.

Ishana’s house,

Ishana was walking thinking about Om, she didn’t know what to tell him, she stood there, when she saw Shivaay walking around the corridor outside her door, Shivaay looked up and saw her, he knew what she must be thinking.

“Ishana” before he could say anything, Ishana hugged him tightly and started crying, he was taken aback, he didn’t understand what to say, he hugged her back and caressed her hair, Ishana was crying continuously, he calmed her down, “Ishana, please, stop crying, please”, he took the keys from her, opened the door and took her inside. He made her sit on the sofa and brought water for her. He made her drink water and calmed her down.

Ishana relaxed a bit, “Shivaay”, she looked at him, “Ishana”, Shivaay wanted to say something but she stopped him from saying anything, he remained quiet, finally Ishana spoke, “Shivaay, I told Om that I don’t love him. I told him that I love someone else”

Shivaay looked at her shocked, he knew what must be happening with Om, how heart-broken he must be, he wanted to be with Om but he could not leave Ishana alone, but wait, he thought, “Ishana loves someone else. That means she doesn’t love Om, but that also means she doesn’t love me” he felt something in him breaking, however he composed himself, “Ishana, it is okay. I understand it. You did the right thing by telling him before itself. Please don’t cry and relax” he made her relax.

“Ishana, I think I should leave now. It is getting late” he got up to leave, but turned back, “Also Ishana, I respect your decision. You love someone else and I understand it. And don’t worry, it will not affect our professional life” as he finished speaking Ishana realized that Shivaay didn’t understand that she loved him, she didn’t tell him that she too loved him, Shivaay was about to go but stopped when he felt Ishana holding his hand, “Shivaay, I love you”, Shivaay was shocked, he turned towards her, he was a smart businessman, but he didn’t get this simple equation of life, Ishana had tears in her eyes, they flowed down her cheeks, Shivaay instantly sat beside her and wiped her tears, “Don’t cry Ishana, please” she hugged him and he hugged her back.

Oberoi Mansion,

Om was sitting in his room, he was sad and heart-broken, he loved Ishana a lot but she loved Shivaay, he didn’t know if he was to be sad for himself or be happy that his brother had got his happiness, he wiped his tears, he could not be selfish, if Ishana loved Shivaay and if Shivaay too loved her, he would get them to be together, he would get Shivaay-Ishana their happiness.

Ishana’s house,

Shivaay and Ishana were sitting quietly, they had talked to each other so many times, but today, they didn’t have any words, there was a comforting silence between them.

After some time Ishana spoke, “Shivaay, what about Om? I am feeling sad for him”

Shivaay placed his hand on hers and said, “Don’t worry about him, I’ll talk to him. He will understand, he just needs his time”
Ishana smiled and Shivaay smiled back.

Next day, Oberoi Mansion,

The entire Oberoi family was waiting in the living room as Om had told them he had something important to say.

Pinky was growing impatient, “Where is Om? He called all of us here and now he is missing”
Dadi, “Have some patience Pinky, he must be coming”
Jhanvi, “But mummyji, Om is not seen since morning, I wonder where he is”

Shivaay was standing lost, a thousand things were running in his mind, on one hand he had to talk to Om about Ishana and on the other hand, Om made this sudden announcement, “What is Om going to say?” he was thinking.

Rudra looked at the door and saw Om entering, “See O came, now all our questions will be answered”

Everyone turned towards the door, Om was walking while holding Ishana’s hand. All of them were looking at them with surprise while Shivaay was shocked, Shivaay was looking at Ishana, who was also shocked seeing the entire family.

Shivaay, “Om…”, but before Shivaay could say anything Om interrupted, “Not now Shivaay”, Shivaay was taken aback, he was shocked.

Jhanvi, “Om, where were you? And Ishana, beta, you here”

Ishana looked at Shivaay and replied, “Aunty, actually Om called me here”

Pinky, “Om, we have been waiting for a long time, now quickly tell us, what you want to say”

Omkara, “Choti maa, I don’t have to say anything”, he smiled and all of them looked at him, “I want you all to meet your daughter-in-law”, all of them looked at him confused while Shivaay-Ishana were shocked, Om continued, “Ishana, is your would-be daughter-in-law”, everyone was happy hearing this but Shivaay-Ishana were shocked.

Shivaay, “Om…”, but words didn’t come out of his mouth, and Ishana had tears in her eyes, she was about to say something but Shivaay stopped her, she looked at him surprised while he pleaded her to keep quiet.

Dadi, “Om, you didn’t tell us such a big thing”

Omkara, “Dadi, how could I tell you, I also got to know yesterday only”, all looked at him confused, “What do you mean O?” Rudra asked, “I mean, Shivaay didn’t tell us anything and Ishana told me yesterday only”, Shivaay and Ishana looked at Om shocked.

“Hain, what do you mean Om? Shivaay didn’t tell us and Ishana told you, I am getting confused” Pinky asked.
Om went to Pinky, “Choti maa, ask your heera beta only, that why didn’t he tell us that he loves Ishana and she loves him too. Acha hua, that Ishana told me and I brought her here, otherwise Shivaay wouldn’t have told us anything”

Jhanvi, “Shivaay, what is all this?”

Shivaay was still in shock, “Badi Maa, actually…”, “Mom, please don’t scare him, already he is nervous by all that has happened” Om stood near Shivaay, Om whispered in Shivaay’s ears, “What did you think? I am not a selfish brother Shivaay, I would never come in between your happiness”, Shivaay looked at Om with tears and Om smiled back.

Ishana saw Om and Shivaay together, she was happy that the bond between the brothers had not changed because of her, she prayed to God, “God, please keep them like this, happy always”

Om held Ishana’s hand and placed it in Shivaay’s hand, “This relation will always stay like this”

The entire family smiled.

Author’s note: I hope you all like the last part. We have always read so many stories about Ishkara, so I wished to try something new, I thought that what would be more different than having a Ishvaay story. I hope you all will give this story the same love and appreciation as you have given to all other stories.

Keep reading and smiling!!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Ishana telling om that she doesn’t love him n om’s heart breaking was so painful.felt sad 4 om.ishvaay hug was so emotional.shivay consoling ishana was nice.when shivay was about to go ishana holding his hand n confessing her love was so touchy.such a simple n lovely bringing ishana home n joining her hands with shivay’s was ishana I also feel happy that love didn’t change the brotherly relationship.b4 reading this story i never thought that i wud love ishvaay pair

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you and I am happy that you liked the story and our Ishvaay pair ❤??

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Finally ishu took a decision… And it’s billuji.. A bit sad for omkie.. But loved this ishvaay milan… Amazing episode..

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much ❤❤??

  3. Fenil

    Lovely IshVaay !! Omkara ne bhi dil jeet liya !! Enjoyed this story !! Love yaa dost !!

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you dost ❤❤???❤

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