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Here goes the forth part hope you enjoy

Anika and Shivaay reach Oberoi mansion and Rudra greet them giggling.
A: Rudra why are you smiling what happened?
R: kuch nahi bhabhi. Dadi is waiting for you people in your room.
Rudra leave and Shivika head to their room and find Dadi waiting for them with an envelope in her hand.
D: Anika…I know the situation in which you people got married was really strange and I know you might be angry with billu but still as I have accepted you infront of everyone. So as a part of our family’s post wedding ritual, you people have to go for your honeymoon (guys Dadi said that to convinced Anika) Your Goa tickets are here you must pack your things you are going for the morning flight tomorrow.
A: but Dadi…
S: of course Dadi we will be ad by morning don’t worry.
Dadi left from there while Anika was fuming with anger.
A: why did you agree to what Dadi said I am not going anywhere hope you understand that.
S:Dadi said that it is our family’s tradition and I can’t break my family’s tradition
A: you can’t break your family’s tradition but can break a girls trust and heart right.
Shivaay gets quite and leave from there.

At night Anika went to the kitchen and take a bottle of water from the fridge… and add sleeping pills in the bottle of water.
A: am sorry Dadi but I can’t go any where with Shivaay
She took the bottle with her to their room and change shivaay’s bottle of water with the one with sleeping pills.

Shivaay got up at night to drink water and he unknowingly drank the water Anika left there.

In the morning-Oberoi mansion
Shivaay was still sleeping and Anika pretend to sleep on the bed while Shivaay on the other side of the with several pillows between them.
D: why are they still not awake they will miss the flight.
R: Dadi don’t worry a romantic drive in a car is better than going by flight.
D: haa Rudra you right
Rudra did his logic step to priase himself.

After a long sleep Shivaay finally gets up and see Anika already up.

Shivika came downstairs after sometime and Dadi told them that they have to go by car as they have missed their flight Anika got shocked with the statement but chose to hide her reaction not wanting to let Dadi know.
Pin: mummy ji why are you sending thems on honeymoon Shivaay married her with the contract that they will get divorced today but you don’t accept that and now you are sending them on honeymoons.
A: haa Dadi pinky aunty is right and the contract state that there will be no relationship of a husband and wife between us.
D: this papers didn’t mean anything to me you are going, so go and get and leave before 12o’clock.

Anika unwillingly has to give in and go with Shivaay while he is happy that he is going with Anika and he can apologised to her as well.

Finally Shivika are on their way to Goa for their honeymoon. After a long silence I the car Anika break it and start speaking.
A: so Shivaay why did you agree to come with have you forgotten that I am Anika only Anika I don’t have neither a surname nor a family status like you wanted I can do anything for money am also a gold digger right. Shivaay felt sad after hearing Anika’s and remember of his words to Anika. And them Daksh and Tia’s word he realised that Tia was trying to instigate him against Anika and Daksh did that to make Shivaay lost trust in Anika.
Shivaay is lost in his own thoughts when suddenly they were about to hit a car Anika shouts “billu ji……watch out” Shivaay controlled the car in time but the car instead hit a tree and Anika took a deep breathe and she thanked God that they are saved.
A: And you where were you lost?
S: I was thinking about your question and I also realised that most like the way I misunderstood you similarly you are misunderstanding me. Whatever I said to Om that day that you are a gold digger they weren’t my words Anika I just said what Tia said about you. Our marriage day also I said that to you in anger because of Daksh he provoke. Shivaay told Anika everything but she refused to believe him.

Shivaay try to start the car but it doesn’t get started they get down to asked some people about a mechanic but the road was deserted so no one was there.
A:what will we do now?
S: go and sit down in the car I will call Omru to send car here.
A: are you out of your mind? How many hours will it take for them to reach here? Let’s do one thing……
S: what should we do?
A: if you don’t let me finished my sentence how will you know what I want to say.
S: okay “sorry”(omg! sso said sorry)
A: did you just said sorry? (Shivaay ignored her) okay I was just saying that we should work ahead maybe we will get on the main road.

Shivika were walking for about 45minutes when Anika suddenly saw a hut that was like a farmhouse she saw it to Shivaay.
A: find it.
S: what did you find here?
A: a room where we can spend the night.
S:will we spend the night that prison? No way let’s continue walking we will find some good place to stay. He turned and saw Anika talking to a guy near the house he went towards them.
The waiter ( I would call him): ma’am the place is full there is only one room left.
S: and are we ten? We are going for our honeymoon and got stuck here.
W: sorry sir I don’t know you people are couple but please come in you will enjoy here a lot.
Anika stare at Shivaay did what he just said but Shivaay again ignored her and they went inside the room that was decorated with candles and red and white heart shape balloons just like a honeymoon suit.
The man bring in their luggage.
S: you can go now. ( to the waiter)

Anika went to take shower and and came out wearing a nice beautiful red suite that mesmerised Shivaay and he is unable to take off his eyes fro his love. A sudden knock is heard on their door which disturb shivaay’s thoughts.
W: sir here is a milk for you please enjoy your night am sure after spending the night here today you will forget your honeymoon journey.
A: sorry bhaiya we don’t need the milk.
S: haa we don’t need it.
W: okay but please have the water.
The waiter leave from there.
Anika took a bottle of water and finish drinking it.
A: billu ji this water tastes different( actually the water is mixed with alcohol)
S: that is because it us not hygienic.
A: oh ho…… first you also try and drink it and then judge it.
Anika forces him to drink the alcohol water and now they are both intoxicated.
A: Billu did you love me?
S: yess a lot
A: then why did you not proposed like they do I the films.
S:I don’t watch so I have no idea of how to proposed a girl.
They continue their nonsense until……

S: Anika why are you not like other girls?
A: because am Anika not other girls. Why do you asked?
S: you said that you always watch films, so tell me what happen when a boy and a girl are alone.
A: what will happen? With an innocent face.
S: some girls are hot and s*xy and they can attract boys when they are alone.
A: tho.…you mean that an not hot and s*xy.
(She keeps s puppy yet a cute face)
S: no I like you the way you but did you forget that were are on our honeymoon?
A: so should I kiss you?
She starts singing
Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main (Anika)
Arre Na Re Na Re Na (Shivaay)
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main ( Anika)
Arre Na Re Na Re Na (Shivaay)
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main (Anika)
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na (Shivaay)
Main Chali
Banke Hawa ( Anika)
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha ( Shivaay)

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Mausam Ye Be-Imaan
Masti Ka Ye Saman
Roko O Logon Zameen Pe
Girne Laga Aasmaan
Thumak Thumak Ke Jhuloongi
Main Udke Gagan Ko Chhuloongi
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

Thandi Thandi Pavan
Jalta Hai Ye Badan
Jee Chahta Hai Bana Loon
Tujhko Apna Sajan
Hua Nahin Ye Pehle Kabhi
Meri Jaan Badal Gayi Abhi Abhi
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

Jaati Hai Tu Kahan
Jaaneman Jaanejaan
Ladki Hai Tu Khoobsurat
Ladka Main Naujawaan
Tujhe Gale Laga Loon Aa
Palkhon Mein Bitha Loon Aa
Ho Gaya
Mujhe Nasha
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Ho Gaya
Mujhe Nasha
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha.

After their singing tragedy they both sleep together cuddled in each other.

Actually this song is my favourite from DDLJ so I thought of including it in my OS hope you guys will enjoy this one as well.

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