Ishqbaaz- My Analysis

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This is just my opinion on present track of ishqbaaz.

1.Cvs introduced ishqbaaz as a family show.They introduced a brilliant cast of very talented and enthusiastic actors.

2.Ishqbaaz has completed 250 episodes but after 250 episodes,cvs have totally destroyed the essence of the show.I mean there are absolutely no obro moments,no family moments.

3.They introduced 4 love stories.They couldnot handle Ishaana’s character,so there was no girl opposite Omkara.They introduced a spin-off of the show.Dil bole Oberoi was supposed to concentrate on Omkara and Rudra story but was entirely run by Shwetlana.They filled it with all illogical stuff.I mean how can an alive person stay inside a switched on refrigerator??When does a person who gets plastic surgery need blood?Shwetlana cut her face infront of the father?The biggest question of the decade how did a doctor not understand the difference between girl’s body and boy’s body?Anyways now I suppose Shwetlana track will end because the the girl under Shwetlana’s mask was Kali Thakur’s ex-gf so I suppose we will get interesting track ahead.

4.Getting back to ishqbaaz,suddenly we heard that Lee and Subha were quitting,Lee stayed back.Even Subha had completed her notice period but was asked to stay back for 45 days.The guy opposite Subha,Ayush Anand character was suddenly destroyed to a characterless villain.They were about to get married,but couldnot due to Shivika.

5.This track brought good trps.But what about the basic storyline?I mean just to show Shivika as larger than life couple,Y were other couples story destroyed?I mean Cvs introduced ACP Ranveer(Ayush Anand) as a brave and honest police officer?Y was his character destroyed?Priveer fans are heartbroken now.They are making Nakul Mehta play double role.They give negative characters more importance on the show.Priveer holds good potential but was literally wasted because of the trps.Now they are making Pinky negative.I mean Y cvs??

6.Cvs are making Nakul play double role.Annika is given most importance.Even I love Shivika.But ishqbaaz was known for its good cast??Y are they not making use of the other actors? Y is Shivika only being focused on?Ishqbaaz is one of the top rated shows on internet and TV?Y can they not give some importance to Rumya and Priveer??

7.Everytime new villains are introduced and audiences go mad over the negativity of the show.Everytime new plots are introduced and ended abruptly.Instead of so much of negativity,they can give some importance to Rumya and Priveer.All villains target Shivika,But not Rumya and Priveer.

8.21 minutes of ishqbaaz gave us everything.Now Pinky-MIL will act as villain in Shivika story.Y cvs??There are lot of rumya and Priveer fans.If there story is started,Trps will only go high and not fluctuate so much.

9.Coming to Rumya story,Suddenly there track is given a break,God knows Y?I mean how many times will we see Anika and Shivaay in the wedding costumes?They could show Rudra-Annika scenes but no Rumya Y cvs?Annika is on the line of becoming Jagathmata.(No offence to Shivika).Shivaay is fab.

10.Subha-Ayush are fab actors,Lee-Neha have awesome chemistry but Cvs are too focused on making Shivika great,rather Annika great so much ,so much melodrama.I mean Annika getting shot again Y??? On priveer sangeet,Annika danced in the entire episode.Ayush was just made to stand like a statue.Rudra was same.Y no Couple dances shown??

11.If Cvs are just concerned about Trps,so they are showing more of Shivika and destroying other stories,then sorry to say that u will eventually lose the Trps.Give some power to Rumya and Priveer.Use other existing actors as well for positive and powerful roles instead of introducing new actors as villains everytime and Shivika as there target.

12.MORAL:We fans desperately want Priveer and Rumya.Give them some power.Ishqbaaz is known for its awesome cast.Please use them well.Y so much partiality?Rumya and Priveer will get the same love like Shivika.Give them some importance.

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  1. I agree to all your facts in fact I too misses aniru and rumya scene

    the show too much of Anika scene alone or with shivay.

    story time by time getting into Anika more than shivika or any other couples.

    there are too many secrets to be revealed but they are not focusing on that.

    after watching Friday’s epi I got some hope that Anika past will be revealed.

    I had question show shows that shivay is businessman than why he never go to office???
    can anyone reply?? m waiting.

  2. I am also agree with you dear….

  3. exatly dr they should use the tat talented castes in a proper way then trp would automatically increase

  4. Even m also equally confused.. If Mahi is Shivaay ‘s bro , then it’ll b quite difficult 4 Naakul 2 do 2 characters same time..
    And yeah , the show is not concentrating on priveer and rumya track…. Soo saad….
    I hope viewers ‘ll get some intense romantic scenes between Shivika , as Shiva Will get 2 know that Annika is an orphan and was raised by an orphanage..
    God knows what’ll happen next….
    but whatever happens Ishqbaaaz will always remain as my favorite serial….

  5. I really like your analysis and though I love shivika, the CVs shud give equal importance to all jodi, and if the can’t , they shud never have intruded them and we fans wud never have fallen for Rumya and price er.
    But anyways, spot on analysis dear.

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