Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. EPILOGUE

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Chapter 23
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Swara was continuously staring at her mehendi with a smile on her face.
“I will keep the same mehendi design even for our marriage!”
She smiled remembering the promise she made to him before few years, maybe each and every design was not same, but her mehendi definitely had ‘SS’. She joined her back on the bed post and closed her eyes. Life had changed so much, time has passed so much with all their lovely moments and now, they were going to marry. Tomorrow is her marriage. Her lips curved more thinking about that. Her finger having the same engagement ring which he selected before years. The happiness she felt seeing the ring for the first time in her home was doubled when he made her wear that before a weak on their engagement day! She opened her eyes and saw her sister uttara entering her room. Uttara fell on the bed with a thud and closed her eyes tiredly. Swara chuckled seeing her, “tired after dancing a lot?” her little sister nodded to her making her laugh more. “didi! This is not fair! I danced for your mehendi function and you are laughing at me!” uttara sat on the bed pouting. “I didn’t ask you do so many performances! You kept on dancing and that’s not my fault!” uttara frowned hearing swara, she was just so excited for her sister’s marriage! Swara laughed more making her irritated. “don’t you dare didi! You have mehendi in your hand, I will tickle you like anything if you don’t stop this!” swara stopped laughing but was still smiling seeing her, her sister looked so cute with her tired and angry face. “what is going on?” a sweet voice came from the door and swara stiffened and immediately turned her face to a serious one. Ragini smiled seeing her shona’s anger and went inside the room. “my sister is still angry with me?” she asked sitting on the bed but swara turned her face. “come on shona! It’s been so many days now!” swara looked at her and saw her pouting. She stood up from the bed and walked out angrily. “don’t worry didi! she will talk to you!” swara stopped outside the room hearing her uttara. Ragini smiled looking at swara stopping and said, “she is not at all angry! I know her, she is just showing ego!”… swara turned to her angrily. Ragini went to her still smiling and hugged her lightly so as to not spoil her mehendi, “how many times should I ask sorry?” she asked sadly. “I told all my secrets to you! But you never told!” swara said angrily but her voice telling her sadness. Ragini frowned and broke the hug, and swara immediately went from there. Ragini stood there sad when laksh came near, “she is still angry?” he asked, ragini looked at him and smiled. “don’t worry about that! She will talk with me soon!” he smiled and patted her cheeks. “jiju!” laksh looked inside the room and saw uttara calling him as she stood from the bed and came near them. “jiju! Shona didi is angry that ragini didi never told her love story to her. Then think about me, I can be angry on both of them na? both my sisters never told me themselves that they love someone!” she pouted. Laksh smiled seeing her, while ragini said, “please chote! Stop this, you were too young that time!” saying this ragini went from there making uttara pout again. Laksh smiled more and pinched her cheeks lovingly. She was more than a sister to him now!…
“I fulfilled my promise!” sanskar smiled hearing swara as she showed her hands to him, he went behind her and hugged her from back admiring her beautiful mehendi. She promised him years ago that she will keep the same mehendi even for their marriage. “you still didn’t speak with ragini?” sanskar asked, her smile faded away. “swara! I really don’t understand why are you getting this much angry!” swara moved away and turned to face him. “sanskar! my didi knew everything about me! Everything! I always told everything to her, but she is also loving laksh jiju for so many years and she never told that to me!” she went and sat on the bed and continued, “mom planned about her marriage and only then she told that she loves someone! Sanskar, we both were so much close and I am feeling very bad that she didn’t tell about this to me!” sanskar sighed and went and knelt in front of her. “ok! So, when are you planning to talk to her?” swara bowed her head down and said, “I don’t know!” she has always been so much proud of their relation, more than uttara they both were very close. Her heart has always been an open book to her sister but her sister had all her secrets inside herself. Doesn’t she deserves to know that her loving didi loved someone? “think soon swara! You are also very sad not talking to her!” swara looked at him teary eyes as he cupped her face. “you know na? I love your smile so much! You do smile, but that will be complete if you patch up with your sister. You promised me that you will keep smiling, be happy swara! Talk with her na?” swara smiled with tears remembering the promise she made to him in the railway station of Patna.. that she will keep smiling if he is always with her! “even you promised to be with me forever!” sanskar smiled wiping her tears. “I will always be with you!” straightening himself from the floor, he reached to her level and kissed her forehead. “do something soon! Because I don’t want you to be sad!” she smiled hearing him and nodded to him. she stood up from the bed and started going outside when sanskar suddenly called her, “swara!” she turned to him and raised her eyebrows. “no need to wake me up tomorrow at 4.00! I don’t think I will be able to even sleep! I am so excited!” she smiled hearing him. he continued in a loving whisper, “I can’t wait for tomorrow!” her smile grew wider as she said, “arey! Sleep fast, then only you can wake up early!” she laughed as he smiled back seeing her laughing. “good night!” she said. “good night!” he said and she walked out of the room still smiling happily!..
Ragini knocked the door. Swara who was setting her hair saw her didi through the mirror. Ragini got inside and kept the tea on the table moving near her. “show your mehendi!” swara kept her hands at the back. “no, I will not show!” she said angrily. Ragini frowned and said, “shona! Stop this na! arey! This is not done!” she pouted. “accha, ok! I will count till 3, if you don’t behave normal with me na, then I would…” swara smiled that was unnoticed by ragini. “haa! I would also not talk with you!” swara folded her hands near her chest and looked at her confidently. “1,2..” ragini got nervous as she was still not talking with her. “2..” swara chuckled and said, “it’s not 2 after 2!” and before ragini could say anything, swara immediately hugged her tightly making her startled. Ragini got tears of happiness as she hugged her back smiling. “sorry!” swara said. “for what?” ragini asked hugging her more tightly. She missed her sister! “I was just angry that you didn’t tell that! I am so sorry!” and when she heard her shona’s voice going a bare whisper, she knew that she was going to cry! She immediately broke the hug and held her face in her palms, “shona! Don’t cry!” swara controlled her tears and said, “see! You know everything about me! But I don’t know about you!” she said pouting making ragini laugh. “don’t cry like this on your marriage! You should be happy!” swara smiled and hugged her. “I am really very much happy didi!” ragini smiled. It was she who had known about the love of her sister from the starting, her chote shona who used to be happy when sanskar takes her out, when sanskar gave compliment to her and slowly when sanskar also fell in love with her sister, her joy was uncontrollable. Ragini broke the hug and kissed her forehead lovingly before saying, “I am also very happy for you!” swara again her sister and said, “I missed you didi!” ragini smiled caressing her hair. “I also missed you! Accha! Now, I have so many work after all your marriage. I will go and see them! You drink your tea!” she said breaking the hug, she was about to go when swara caught her hand, “come back soon! I have so much to tell you!” ragini smiled. Indeed, so much was remaining to talk between the sisters. She nodded to her and walked out. Swara took her tea and drank it fast as she had to meet her love, sanskar!..
Swara pushed the door with bang as she got inside the room so much excited but frowned on seeing sanskar sleeping. “I don’t think I will be able to even sleep!” she imitated his words like him and stormed near the bed as she jumped on it. “sanskar!” she shook him. he opened his eyes lazily and whispered, “I can’t believe it became 4.00 so soon!” swara rolled her eyes at his words. For god sake! It is going to be 7.00 soon! “sanskar! it’s not 4.00 now and you told you will not sleep!” she said with a pout. Sanskar rubbed his eyes and said yawning, “I was really not getting sleep! I slept so late!” swara again shook him, “haa! I believe you, now wake up!” she said shouting, he finally opened his eyes fully and asked whining, “what swara?” she pulled his hands so that he can sit on the bed and listen to her. She made him sit forcefully and said, “you wanted me to be happy na? I am very happy now sanskar!” sanskar was still now rubbing his eyes and when he understood her, he immediately looked at her. “everything is fine?” she nodded to him. “you talked to her?” she again nodded to him making him smile widely as he hugged her. “see, how happy you are! Why were you showing ego?” she broke the hug and said with her innocent voice, “now everything is solved na? why are you digging them again?” he chuckled hearing her and then fell on the bed pulling swara on him. “come on sleep now!” he closed his eyes saying this and hugged her tightly while swara widened her eyes, “sanskar? do you even know what is the time? All are awake! Get up now, sanskar today is our marriage and you are lazy even today?” she broke the hug and dragged him from the bed pushing him to washroom still scolding him while he walked lazily. She pushed him inside the washroom and closed the door asking him to get ready, she was about to go out of the room when she heard his voice from inside that made her blush, “your wish, my command! Soon to be Mrs. Sanskar maheshwari!” ….
Swara came out of the home beautifully dressed in a bridal dress, with both of her sisters holding her hands, the attention of all the guests turned towards her. The lawn was shimmering with the lights and beautiful decorations.. lawn! They selected this place for their marriage years ago! She saw sanskar sitting on the elegantly decorated mandap following the instructions the priest was giving to them and was also stealing glances at her. She walked to the mandap with her sisters. She closed her eyes feeling his touch and fragrance of the flowers when he adored her with the garland. She also made him wear the garland. When the priest instructed them to take the seven promises, the seven rounds that is going to bind them in a pure relation, sanskar caught her palm interwining their fingers. He walked forward taking her with him. her memories going back to the time when she dreamt of getting married to him, it feels more magical when dream comes true, her heart jumping with joy. She felt tears brimming in her eyes, she holded his hand more tight as they took rounds around the fire praying for a happy and a love filled life ahead. All the people present there showered them a lots of flowers, she gets overwhelmed when they completed the rounds and sat down. He had the ‘mangalsutra’ in his hand. this was it! They were going to be married.. and that is going to happen in a fraction of second and suddenly the time he took to bring the holy chain near her chain suddenly seemed like an eternity! His hands at the back of her neck making her wear it, she closed her eyes as tears flowed from her eyes, she smiled in happiness as sanskar filled her hairline with vermillon. He wiped her tears and smiled at her, “we are married swara!” she pressed her lips in a thin line so much overwhelmed, she nodded to him continuing to cry and smile while he continued to wipe her tears of happiness…
Swara was standing in the balcony watching the sky. She closed her eyes and smiled feeling sanskar hugging her from back. “do you know how much you loved the moon when you were young?” swara held his hands that was on her waist and moved back closer to him to feel him more. She nodded a no still closing his eyes. He looked at the full bright moon and said smiling, “you used to smile cutely whenever you see a full moon and you will not eat food whenever it is a new moon day!” she opened her eyes and asked, “really?” sanskar hummed in response and then said, “I always used to convince you saying that you are itself a moon!” she gasped with surprise, sanskar never told her these things. She freed herself from his grip and turned to him as he cupped her face, “I used to say that you are my bright moon!” he joined his forehead with her holding her hands. “when I first time met you, when I caught your tiny delicate hands for the first time, I never thought I will have to hold your hand for lifetime!” she smiled hearing him and took her face away from him to see him and cupped his face, “but our love story was planned a long ago!” she whispered choking with happiness. Sanskar lifted her as he took her inside, she caressed his cheeks lovingly when he said, “when I lifted you in my hands for the first time, that time also you were touching my face like this!” her smile grew wide hearing him. whenever she looked in his eyes, she saw his love and that made her shiver with happiness to again and again realize that he loved her like anything. He was her friend, her love, her life, her husband! And she was his love, his angel, his devil, his wife! She was lost in his eyes until she felt the soft bed beneath her that was filled with roses. She closed her eyes welcoming the new beginning of her life feeling him kissing her gently. ‘The boring party of his mom’s friend’- that was his thought when he first time entered the gadodia mansion at the age of six, but that changed his life so much! He kissed her lovingly and first time he cried with happiness! Effect of his love swara! She was with him now! Their painful and lovable journey that was filled with emotions reaching its destination as they both smiled at each other feeling their love.. the feeling that made them feel the heaven in the earth! Her breathe going unsteady feeling him more and more close to her, her heart flowing with happiness as they became one that night!…
Swara smiled in her sleep feeling a loving hold around her, she opened her eyes lightly and saw sanskar hugging her, she hugged him more tightly and then her gaze fell on the clock, ‘4.30 am’ “how come my alarm didn’t ring?” she whispered to herself and looked around the room to find her phone. “it was me who switched off the alarm!” she looked towards sanskar hearing him, he said that still closing his eyes. “but why?” she asked, sanskar opened his eyes and rolled taking her beneath him. “happy birthday devil!” he said excitedly making her frown. “what?” he asked confused. “happy birthday devil!’ will anyone wish like this?” she asked imitating him. “but you love it when I call you devil! right? My innocent devil?” he said rubbing their noses. He hugged her tightly nuzzling his face in her neck, she closed her eyes and smiled hugging him. “swara! You have turned 23! You are growing old!” she frowned hearing him and broke the hug, “sanskar! you are also 29 now! Did I tell anything?” he chuckled seeing her anger and said pinching her nose, “accha, ok! Get ready now!” swara widened her eyes and asked, “now? Sanskar! the time is just 4.30!” sanskar sat on the bed and said, “arey, I want to take you somewhere! Go now!” she sighed getting up and went to get ready!..
She was dressed in a simple salwar and walked with him outside lazily. She went near the car when sanskar called her, “swara!” she turned to him. “where are you going?” she looked at him confused hearing him, he smiled and said, “we are not going by car!” he said and dragged her to the back side of their home. she smiled seeing her cycle that was clean and perfect to ride now! Sanskar went and sat on the cycle and came near her, he gestured her to sit and she sat in front as sanskar rode the cycle. She shook her legs and wrapped her hands around his neck kissing his cheeks. She laughed as the fresh cold air of the morning touched her skin and made her hairs fly. She smiled remembering the time when sanskar took her in cycle like this last time, but that time they were just friends, at least according to him! but today, they were lovers, they were husband and wife! She dug her face in his chest hugging him tightly feeling warm. “swara! Is it too cold? Shall I go slow!” she smiled feeling his concern and said, “go more fast! I am fine!” she hugged him more tight, “pakka?” he asked. “pakka!” she said and he rode the cycle just too fast making her laugh with excitement and she hugged him more tightly. She closed her eyes feeling blissful in his embrace, she really didn’t wanted this journey to end! She opened her eyes after a long time when she no more felt the cycle moving, ‘GADODIA MANSION!’ she was surprised that sanskar brought her to her old home. he got from the cycle and took her inside, she was confused, what was he going to surprise her? Sanskar brought her near the same tree where she crafted ‘SS’ before years. The bark still had that, but in a branch that was not so height, it was crafted, ‘happy birthday devil!’ she smiled seeing it. She looked down and saw her hands as she felt his touch, sanskar was sliding a diamond bangle in both her hands. She gasped seeing that. “happy birthday!” he whispered near her ears making her more happy. She turned to him and immediately hugged him tightly murmuring a ‘thank you!’ he smiled breaking the hug as he took her inside, they both went to the temple of the home getting blessings from the god and then moved to shekhar’s photo. Swara caressed the photo and closed her eyes as if feeling his blessings, she wiped her lone tears and smiled walking with sanskar. they both came out of the home, he went to the cycle again when swara caught his hand, he looked at her confused, “sanskar! propose me na, please!” he gets surprised hearing her. “swara?” she locked his one hand between her hands, “please! Propose me exactly like you proposed me for the first time! Please! Please!” she said making him smile. He hugged her and whispered, “I will always tell you what you should talk! I will give you reasons to smile! I will always hug you!” she smiled hearing his words and closed her eyes remembering the day he proposed her. “you will always wake up in my embrace! Will you give me your hand, swara?” he too smiled saying them remembering that day. “yes!” she said excitedly and broke the hug, “now let’s go!” she said holding his hand. “but why did you suddenly ask?” he asked curiously, she smiled and said, “it made me feel that there are still so many years to be spent with you!” she whispered softly staring in his eyes. He smiled and said, “swara! You took my words so serious when I said that you are becoming old!” she smiled back softly and hugged him. “there are still so many years swara! You are going to be with me forever!” she smiled more as she broke the hug. She nodded agreeing to him. they both went to the cycle and again continued their fun and blissful ride..
Should this even be said that they lived happily ever after with each other always by their side, with their whole family, with a lot of teasings and fun, with their heavenly hugs and passionate kisses….

A/N- i am at loss of words to express what i feel right now! First of all friends, i have always written short stories like one shots, three shots, five shots, ten shots.. this is my first ever longest story, so i really feel as if i have achieved something! there are many talented author who write long long stories, but this is the first time for me! Thank you so so so so so so so so so so much for supporting me! you all mean a lot to me!!!
if there are any people who have still not commented in any of the chapters.. i will be very glad if i get to know their reviews today!
If there was particularly any favourite scene for you people in this ff, do mention them!
stay blessed and happy. take care and NOT TO FORGET, i love you all so much!! see you soon lovely people!…

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  1. Sumayyah

    oh man you are seriously just fantastic
    I just love each and every scene of it especially that 4. a.m waking up Sanskar holi scene Garden scene in which $$ was crafted by Swara
    sisters bond is amazing
    I also love Ragini’s character here she was with her in every situation
    Swara a little bit emotional but cute by
    Sanskar k to kya kehny ….
    no more bak bak just love it
    (weeping) will miss it
    surely come up with next warna you have to bear consequences
    congratulations for first ever long ff
    ba bye and
    take care
    love you (wiping tears)

    1. Sumayyah

      yay I’m the first I’m the first wohoooo

      1. Raina

        yep!! you are the first!!

    2. Raina

      crying? i am so sorry for making you cry!!!
      aww!! yours words made me very happy!
      i am glad that you loved ragini’s character!!
      your threaten of writing a new ff is actually so cute summayah!! lol…
      you too take care and i love you so much!!
      you have been a great supporter sumayyah!!
      thank you so much dear!!


    Raina… my sweet chote Raina…
    what to say…
    Awesome would be so underestimating this wonderful piece of pure lovely swsanious story… i was weeping like an english mom on her child’s wedding during the whole marriage scene *and you know what, i was just imagining you as Swara :p*
    i love the fact that they kept as mad and childish even after marriage… Sanskar remaining her how their story started, talking about memories she never knew because she was too young…
    In the story… i loved…
    Swara’s heart touching unconditional love to Sanskar…
    Sanskar’s confused feelings… fighting insidely between love and friendship and not knowing where it will lead him… a man!
    i loved the shock that the cuty Sanskar was a cop engrossed in a vendetta against her father’s killer…
    i loved the holi scene… the way he confessed his unknown from even himself feelings…
    i loved the 4.00 AM waking up madness!
    I loved the the shamelesseness of this 2 lovers :p :p
    I hate the endings… any ending… i feel deeply sad at any ending story… but it’s ok, i’m sure you’ll be back with another beatiful story :p
    And ha… mubarek ho mere chote… first long story then… many many others i hope for you and us because it’s lovely and you should be proud of yourself to be able to write such beautiful stories at you so young age * bear di’s hug and kiss you cheek*

    1. Raina

      imagining me? *widening my eyes*
      i can never be swara!!!!
      aww!!!! who said only english mom? all mothers cry during the wedding of their children!! but still sorry for making you cry didi!! *holding ears*
      i am very very very happy that you loved the all of them!!
      sorry for making you sad by it’s ending and thanks for your hope that i will come back!!
      aww!! *blushing to your last lines*
      didi!! each and every comment of yours in this story have made me so happy and feel motivated!!
      thanks a lot!!!
      love you!! *hugging you too*

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      thanks a lot swathi!! thank you so much!!

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    Pls come with a new story soon

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      will try to come back soon!!
      i am very happy that you loved everything!!!!
      your words mean a lot dear!!
      thank you vanisha!

  5. Simin

    Awwww i will miss this n uuuuuu

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      thank you so much didi!!!
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    If possible I request u to plz give us the link of all ur is n stories till date….
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    1. Swasan*

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      thank you so so much aliya!!! your words overwhelmed me dear!!
      thank you so much!!
      love you too!!
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      love you much more prashu!!!
      will come with a story soon!!! ek second!! you typed these things turning your face? *giggling*
      anyways, no worries! i will pacify my chote!!

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    Omg so beautiful story dear
    Sanky is too awesome and amazing, a perfect person
    Swara really a cry baby but too emotional really she loved sanky selflessly
    Ragini an awesome sister, i really like her character a lot, if both are shown like this then it would be commending dear
    overall too emotinal but brilliant ff
    waiting for yor next work

    1. Raina

      thank you so much for your support Sus!!!
      your words meant so so so sooooo much to me!!!
      thanks a lot, will try to come with next story soon!!

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