Ishqbaaz – Love after Marriage episode 11

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Haii guys really thanks a lot for ur comments.

Here goes the next episode

In Oberoi Mansion
In Shivika’s room
Anika comes there crying. She then gets a call.
Anika : hello.
Person : hello Miss Anika, I’m Shivaay’s lawyer.
Anika : (thinking) oooooo, this is the fellow who is trying to separate us. I ll kill him.
Anika : ya tell me.
Lawyer : U both have taken a good decision, I think this is the best decision.
Anika : (thinking) oo my mata, such a cheap man, he want to separate us and take money from us.
Lawyer : Marriage is a important part of our life we should not end it with divorce. I was sad that u both decided for divorce but now I’m happy as u both decided to live together happily. So u have to finish some formalities to cancel divorce. Anika was shocked.
Anika : wat?
Lawyer : Shivaay, said me to call u and inform this. Before two days he said to cancel the divorce papers but I was bit busy so u both shud come tomorrow to cancel it.
Anika : ok, thank u. She cuts the call. She hits her head with her hand.
Anika : I’m a mad, I shouted at Shivaay for no reason. He was telling to cancel divorce petition but I thought that he is going divorce me. I’m a fool. Shivaay may be sad now. She calls Om and comes to know that Shivaay came to Oberoi Mansion. She then checks his cupboard and doesn’t find the black suit which she gave.
Anika : (thinking) where did the suit go. She then searches whole house but doesn’t find Shivaay. She then goes to pool area.

Pool area
Anika comes there and finds Shivaay sitting there in the black suit which she gifted him. She smiles and goes to him. She goes near him and was shocked to see him in tears. She tries to touch him but Shivaay moves away.
Anika : Shivaay…..
Shivaay : not a word more, u hate me right, so go away from me.
Anika : I’m sorry, I thought that u want divorce, now lawyer called me and said everything.
Shivaay : I didn’t wear this suit becoz I want u to see this first but u ll never listen to me.
Anika : I said sorry. But u made me tensed. Shivaay smiles.
Shivaay : do u love me so much?
Anika : do u have any doubt? Shivaay nods no.
Anika : my life is in u. I can’t leave u. Ok, leave it, I forget to say something, u r looking good in this dress. I loved it. She smiles and tries to go but Shivaay pulls her back holding her wrist. He then kneels down. Anika was confused by his gesture.
Shivaay : I LOVE YOU ANIKA…….. Anika was suprised, she always wanted to hear this words from his mouth, she always expected it but she heard it now at the most in expected time.
Anika : I LOVE YOU SHIVAAY…… They hug each other. Music……… Plays………… Shivaay kisses her forehead. He moves towards her cheeks but she runs away. He smiles.

In hall
Shivika comes there and Anika tells everything to Omrupri.
Rudy : oo bhaiya, u became very smart being with.
Om : duffer.
Dadi : now we want grandchildren.
Pinky : yes Mummy ji, u r saying right.
Jhanvi : ya Mummy ji, we r waiting for that. Shivaay smirks and Anika blushes.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika sitting there. He goes to her.
Shivaay : did u hear wat Dadi said, shall we give them wat they want. He moves towards her. Anika gets tensed. Shivaay sees this and moves back.
Shivaay : if u r not comfortable then I won’t force u.
Anika : Shivaay, who said I’m not comfortable, I’m waiting to become a mother but I’m a bit nervous. He smiles and moves closer to her. He kisses on her lips. Music……….. Plays………… They come out of the moment and hugs her. They lie down on the bed. Shivaay removes her jewellers. He moves closer to her and covers with bedsheet. They explore each other and at last consummate their marriage. (Privacy☺)

Shivaay wakes up and feels very tired. He sees Anika beside him. He tucks her hair and kisses her forehead. He gets up and sees love bites near his neck and hands. He smiles.
Shivaay : she was a cute tigress yesterday. He goes to freshen up. Later Anika wakes up and doesn’t find Shivaay. She goes to washroom. At the same time Shivaay comes out of the washroom and collides with Anika. She was about to fall but Shivaay holds her by waist and pulls her closer.
Shivaay : how was yesterday night? Anika blushes.
Shivaay : see how u made my hands. She blushes.
Shivaay : enough of blushing.
Anika : I’m sorry.
Shivaay : y, it happens. By the way where is ur love bite. She smiles and shows her neck. He smirks and move towards her but she pushes him and goes inside washroom. Later she comes outside and tries to wear mangalsutra but Shivaay stops her. She looks on confused. He takes it from her and dorns it over her neck. He takes sindhoor and applies it in her maang. O..Jaana…………..Plays…………….She smiles and looks at the mirror.
Shivaay : its my duty to make u wear mangalsutra and apply sindhoor to ur maang. So I ll do it regularly. She smiles and kisses his cheeks. But Shivaay was not still satisfied.
Shivaay : I want one more. She blushes and they have a liplock. Music………. Plays……….. They hug each other.

After few days
Marriage day
Grooms and brides comes to the mantap. Om takes pheras with Gauri, Rudra with Soumya, Ranveer with Prinku. Grooms takes the mangalsutra and dorns it over the neck of their partners. Then they apply sindhoor to their bride’s maang. Maangalyam……….. Plays…………. Pandit says that the marriage is completed. Everyone smiles. The Grooms and Brides are welcomed with all the rituals. They does all the post marriage rituals.

Precap :
Romance………….After few months………..

Author’s note :
Guys just one more episode to end this ff. If I ll get some idea then I ll start a new ff. If u guys want me to start a new ff then plz suggest a idea too. And really sorry for mistakes and thanks a lot for ur previous comments. Hope u all ll like this episode. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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