MERE DIL KI DUNIYA – part 8 and 9

The episode starts with aakash and Raman reached Delhi airport. There is still time for them to board their flight… So were talking.

Aakash: Raman… Heard that u will b meeting ishu in NY.
Raman: yeah… Shagun insisted so.. Going to meet her. U know maa and shagun ve packed these three bags for ishu… To give her and this small bag which ve only few suits is mine.
Aakash laughs: that’s what I’m thinking whether u would be shifting there.
Raman: akhi… Don’t laugh… Yaar r u my best frnd… Laughing at me..?
Aakash: what else could I do. (Raman looks serious) OK fyn… I’ll stop.
Raman: that’s better.

Aakash: vaise even I ve one thing for ishu…plz give it to her.(he took out his bag and searches for something)
Raman: yaar… m I a postman for everyone…???
Aakash took out a gold locket with a thin chain.
Aakash: Raman.. This is ishu’s mom’s chain… She gifted to ishu at her fifth b’ day. This is her mom’s last memory. But after her death my mom snatched this from ishu…. And now I took it from my mom and want this to give it back to my ishu. Will u give this to her… Will u make her mom b with her..?
Raman took the chain and keeps it in his pocket.
Raman: u don’t wry akhi… I promise u that I’ll give this to ishu… She’s my responsibility.
Aakash: what…??!!! Who’s ur responsibility. ??
Raman tensed: Sry… It’s I mean this chain.
Aakash: ohh. OK then I’ll give u her NY wali address… I took it frm the postal that day.
He searched in his mobile.
Raman: I ve it yaar.

Aakash: u ve…??? Shagun gave u..??
Raman: yeah. OK I think I’m getting late… Announcement has been given.
Aakash: bye yaar…. All the best.
Raman: all the best to u too yaar.
They both hug. And Raman left for his flight. And within another few mins… Aakash too left for his flight. There shagun in her room recalling the kiss moment and smiles.
Shagun: oh god… That was so sweet one… I wish it could be for more time. U r really pagal shagun… Pushed Na cha….!!!!! But its something so new….don’t know y it is like that…. I feel like I’m in the air… Flying high in the sky….!!!
She shouts this by jumping on the bed…. while jumping she fell down..
Shagun: aaaaa….hhhhhhhaaaaawwwwaaaa..!!!!! Oh god its so paining.
Toshi came running hearing her voice.
Toshi: shagun… What happened…???
Shagun: aahhhh!!!! Kuch nahi maa… Neendh mein gir gayi. (Nothing maa I just fell down in sleep.)
Toshi: fittey mooh Teri… Teek se nahi so sakte hai kya…???? (Can’t u sleep properly…??) U always do such stupid things. Chal… Atleast now sleep properly.
Shagun: ha maa. U go.

Toshi goes closing door. Shagun went to the drawer and took move and applied to her back.
Shagun: yeh akhi bhi Na…. Remembering itself hi made me fall for him… Aaahhh!!!! Its so paining. But I miss him.
Raman in the flight…was seated. Air hostess came to him.
AH: sir… R u comfortable…??
Raman:yeah….(looks at her) hey…. Kavya…???!!!
Kavya: Raman…???!!! (She sat beside him… Which is empty) how r u man…!!!!
She hugs him.
Raman: yeah I’m fyn. How r u…??
Kavya: very gud… See I became air hostess… For international flights.
Raman: hmmm… nyc.
Kavya: what abt u…?? Where r u going?
Raman: I’m going to NY.
Kavya: oh.. For what.. Anything interesting?
Raman: just a business trip.
Kavya: really… I don’t think so…. U look so blushing when I came here…. Y y say me.
Raman: nothing… I’m business trip… U know that ve have a brach there.
Kavya: yeah… But u can’t fool me okay… Say me who’s she..?
Raman: how did u know…?
Kavya: Raman … I’m ur cousin yaar… I know everything abt u. Come on tell me who’s she.
Raman: kavya…

Kavya: Raman…say me or else u know Na what will I do.
Raman: OK OK… But don’t say to anyone even to shagun OK.
Kavya: what even shagun didn’t know abt it…?
Raman: yeah… Anyone don’t know abt it except me and ishu.
Kavya: ishu …???
Raman: ishita iyyer naam hai uski… Mera best frnd aakash Ki Behan and shagun Ki best frnd. (Her name is ishita iyyer… My best frnd’s sister and my sister’s best frnd)
Kavya: wow… Nice name… !!! But how long were u guys in love ?
Raman: hmm.. I think it has been 5yrs.
Kavya: what 5yrs…??? That’s so difficult Na from hiding this from everyone.
Raman: yeah… But from the past 3rys she was in NY… And I’m going to meet her now… After 3yrs.
Kavya: what… But y ?
Raman: leave it kavya.. Its a big story.
Kavya: say me Na.

Raman: arey kavya… U r on duty.
Kavya: is that a reason.. OK wait. Lisa… Come here. (Lisa her colleague, came there) see I’m with my bro so I’ll come later until then plz manage everything.
Lisa: its OK kavya.. U be with him… I’ll manage. But ha next time its ur turn.
Kavya: OK baba … But u go now and manage my work too.
Lisa: OK fyn… U enjoy. (She goes)
Kavya: hmm… Now I’m free… Come start ur luv story…when did u meet her… How did u fell in love with her and y did u guys staying away and how cum u meeting her now after 3 yrs…???
Raman: yaar… Breath for a sec.

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    Shagun shagun flying in the air n then falls down ..Did she think herself a ?????? awesome update Priya …..Akash is really a loving brother ??the chain part was nice ….Oh!!!!So..Kavya in this part too???n the same cousin …Nice…
    Waiting for the fb..

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