Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 2)

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Hi guys .
Thanks for supporting.and by the way prologue is part 1 .so this is part 2.coming to the story-
Episode starts with Anika and sowmya packing there luggage and there father comes and give there college admission and says that he is not coming to the airport as he have some important meeting but the actual thing is he dont want them to see going but he dont say it.and as usual the girls think that there dad dont like them and become sad .while leaving to airport anika gets daksh call and she informs him about leaving to london and he then rushes to airport .he scolds anika for not informing him and says not to go .but she says she has to and hugs him and go.Daksh feels bad as he hears the flight take off.

Scene shifts to oberoi mansion where tia comes and starts her lecture about universe and pravachanas to pinky and pinky is so happy to get a daughter in law like her .she then goes to shivaay baby and irritates him about the same.shivaay escapes from there saying he has a important meeting then tia stops him and says that she is going to some ashram for seva of a guruji for one month and she also reminds him about there marriage that is 3months from today.he says he know that and goes.Dadi stops him and give her blessings and say about new guests coming to there home but shivaay says he have a meeting and goes.

Here omkara is discussing on how to stop disputes between mom and dad to Rudra but rudra says he is not intrested in tom and jerry fight and goes.just then shivaay says him to have patience and every thing will be fine and goes.Then rudra comes to prinku and asks her if she is not going to clg.prinku says some new girls are coming and dad asked her to stay.Rudra asks if girls are beautiful or not.prinku says she dont know and goes.
Scene shifts to airport where both anika and sowmya step and are very much exited and just then oberois car comes and stops and they both sit in it.
Here omkara pass through janvis room and heres first time tej talking to Jahnavi so sweetly about anika and sowmya coming to oberoi house.Omkara thinks it as the magic he is waiting for and thanks god.
Just then Annika and Sowmya car comes and omkara sees them and thinks who the girls are?
Annika and sowmya enter the oberoi mansion and just then dadi comes and they take dadis blessings.

Precap:Anika is in shivaays arms
So guys did you like the episode.and i was wondering if om to fall for anika or treat her like give me your opinion.

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  1. M.Harshitha

    Guys 2 part is ready .check it out

  2. Nithu

    Om shd treat her as his sissy….

  3. If om will treat her like sister….it’s better
    Bcoz it’s suit them

  4. Madhuri

    Nice. Nope , let om feel Anika as sis only. Update soon

  5. Anshikaa

    Ya om should treat ani as his best friend or siso
    But it was nice pls longer update next time

  6. Hi harshita! Well i must say that it as a fantabulously amazingly awesome episode! The story is really interesting and new. Could you please make om fall for anika? I always imagined a Shivaay Om Anika love triangle could you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase fulfil this wish of mine?

    Thankyou if you do so!
    Loads of Love

    O btw… write a bigger episode next time please!


  7. Now I can’t wait for next episode

  8. I also think om should fall for anika. We see him treating as sissy on IB now time for lovely.

  9. Hi im a silent reader! Nice epi! Make om fall for ani!

  10. Amazing. Good one. Waiting for next. Make om and anika its new what say? But make Ani and Shivaay in the end together. Like make shivaay fall for ani than want to sacrifice love for om but om sacrifices and unites shivika! How about that Awestruck?

  11. Tumheapnabananekajunoon

    Great 🙂 I also want om to fall for anika 🙂

  12. Nice episode….

  13. M.Harshitha

    I am sorry guys i already uploaded the 3 rd episode saying that om treats anika as sis but no problem as you guys are requesting i will make om fall for anika in the 4 th episode but it is also that daksh is also there for three members to love single girl is also some what conjusted .let me try my best.

  14. ?? so many options Anika has !!
    Daksh …Shivaay. .aur ab Om bhi !!??
    Om k lie to Ishana booked hai na .. to Fir kyu Omika ??

  15. crazy princess

    nyc and im should treat ani as sister waiting for nxt fast

  16. hi.. harshita who’ll be om’s love interest anika or koyi aur.i’m guessing that ur from AP plz.. give reply yaar

    1. M.Harshitha

      Well yes devi I am from AP.I am thinking it as ishana .

  17. Make om fall for anika

  18. Nooo!!!! plz don’t make om fall for anika…. I want them as friend or like a sissy…. Nd btw the episode was superbb…… Waiting for the nxt…?

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome episode Harshitha….. And yes please make Om fall in love with Anika………..
    Please post next part soon and make it bit longer…….

  20. Awesome ep.

  21. om and ani sis Plzzzz nyc episode upload nxt soon

  22. Diyaa


  23. Lisaaa


  24. It’s interesting. Om should treat Anika as her sister not lover.

  25. It was amazing dear love it. . . . . . . . . . . . And as other ishqies said that make om fall for ani I also want that☺☺☺??????????????but I want a love triangle b/w shivikara ??????????????????????????????

  26. Shivika

    Fab….awesome…..loved it

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