Chandra Nandni 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durdhara sees helina talk to ma and is angry and tries to figure out what’s going on,helina says okay ma I can’t stay hungry ,I do love Chandra but no fasting and I will keep eating in my room,ma says yes good and it should look like you are fasting and leaves,helina eats a apple and rests, durdhara says oh god, this lady, she wants to eat only hearts, I want to fast but can’t and this lady but Nandini she should and I know will fast and sees dasi and says who is this milk for ,dasi says maharani helina, durdhara says oh she has cough let me add this medicine and give her the milk now she will feel better.

Helina has her glass of milk,durdhara says dear baby look how your badi ma is having bhang and now till tomorrow afternoon she will be asleep and this way fasting for Chandra will happen against her wish. Dasi asks Chandra and Nandini to come for teej Pooja, Chandra asks dasi to live and wakes Nandini,Nandini says what I was doing so close to you, you should have woken me up,Chandra says you looked so funny what to do,Nandini says yes I’m just a fun for you now,Chandra says yes this is all a act,dadi is waiting let’s go,Nandini thinks I know this is all just for dadi but I wish to fast for you and I will.

Dadi says Nandini sit beside Chandra,maliektu stares at Nandini,dadi asks where is helina,durdhara says dadi helina is unwell and so resting,dadi says ok,Nandini please recite the shiv Parvati prayer which married women sing,Nandini says okay and sings the prayer and looks at Chandra. Helina sleeping in her room, everybody feels very divine listening nandinis prayers,Nandini has the moment when Chandra was injured and she was very worried for him going around in her mind.

Dadi says Chandra feed Nandini sweets,Chandra does so,dadi says Nandini now you do too cmon,maliektu not liking what’s going on,dadi says Chandra give Nandini some water too,Nandini now you to give Chandra water,and now till moon is out Nandini you can’t have anything, once you worship moon tomorrow your fasting will end when Chandra will feed you food and water.

Helina wakes up and says it’s afternoon and i was sleeping so late,and calls dasi and asks where is everyone,dasi says on terrace for teej Pooja and about to end now,helina says when I’m here who is at Pooja, dasi says maharani Nandini and maharaj Chandragupta. Panditji says now maharaj and maharani please sculpt shivling, Chandra says I have to take a leave I have important work,Panditji says this is important too maharaj, Chandra looks at dadi and she signs to participate in Pooja.

Chandra and Nandini start sculpting shivling together,Nandini tries to scratch her cheek and gets some soil on her face, Chandra helps her with it,and says okay right,both are very engrossed in each other,maliektu jealous and unhappy,durdhara sees Helina and rushes to her and says sister you are so late,I was trying to wake you since early morning, are you unwell,I wished to fast and so did you but Nandini got the opportunity,no worries we will fast next time,helina gets angry and leaves. Panditji says maharaj and maharani have sculpted shivling and will get blessings of shiv Parvati.

Dadi says durdhara get Pooja thali,Chandra and Nandini perform the Pooja,Chandras mother notices love in his eyes for Nandini and remembers him denying emotions as love when he was kid. Dadi says Nandini now wear the jewellery and clothes gifted by Chandra and take his blessing,Nandini leaves,ma says Chandra when you were a kid you never valued emotions,and today I could see emotion of love in your eyes,Chandra says ma your mistaken,ma says I’m your mother I have seen love for Nandini and I’m happy and hope you two stay together and happy and leaves.

Pre cap : Nandini takes Chandras blessings and says dadi asked me to do so, dressed in clothes and jewellery you gifted,Chandra throws her Arti thali,Nandini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. It’s good puja time. Seems Chandra has seen Roopa and Malayketu together so he is angry in precap.

    1. Jayani

      Mayb s

    2. Plz forward episodes i want to see chandra n nandini love to each other plz stop these type of episodes .its boring change the story and come to point story line is not gud this time

  2. Today’s episode was nice.Loved it.

  3. Gud n8 nabanita di,jayani di,aparna di and all.

    1. Jayani

      Yasmin di, which grade r u in??? M in 7th so of u r in a higher grade den I have 2 call u di rather dan u referring as di

      1. AparnaPrasad

        I thnk yasmin s in 10th grade nd nabanitha s doing her honors frst year degree…

      2. Jayani

        Idk abt naba di’s age but all I know is dat she is older dan me but don’t her age

    2. AparnaPrasad

      Gud nyt swt heart… rathr dan ds discussion im hapy m havng so many sweet sisss ?

      1. Jayani

        Me 2?

  4. Can somebody tell me durdara had miscarriage right then how come she is still pregnant?

    1. Jayani

      Dd didn’t face a miscarriage at all! It was just a drama which was put up Chandra 2 get d real culprit 2 l8

  5. Jayani

    ? knows dat he luves nandini nd he also confessed it 2 her but unfortunately, nandini bcums unconscious (Hw sad?) after dat he also says dat he’s proud 2 hav her as his wife nd stuff but after it cums back 2 d same story… Nadini lyks him but ? doesn’t… But cudn’t he say in a calm way rather dan throwing d thali on d floor… Uff… Can’t both of dem confess their luv at d same tym… Nd in d scene on monday was super cute (Nandini imagines dat ? was there wid her???) Waiting for sum gud scenes btween dem… Nd thank gudness there wasn’t any scene of roopa… But as arun bhaiyya said, ? must hav seen roopa in malay’s arms nd mistakes it as nandini… Probably dat is d reason of his anger… I guess dis cgm (not d real cgm) must b having sum mood swing ka prob… Mayb dat’s d reason he always does d opposite thing lyk d scene b4 d war, wen he was talking 2 nand dat tym he screams nand nd den he starts LAUGHING… He’s completely mad nd I’m sure dis was ekta’s idea of potraying d wrong emotion in d wrong scene???… D same way he pronounces all the words in d wrong pronounciation for xample, he says डण्ड (dand) instead of दण्ड (dhand) nd d list goes on nd on… Waiting for new moves of ?nandini pair nd roopa’s entry… Nd mainly find d reason y he threw d thali…

    Jay Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      Nd m EXTREMELY SRY for d long nd boring comment

    2. AparnaPrasad

      Bcz f ds anger chandra wnt feed nandini nyt food nd nxt day she wl bcm sick…ds s so cheap dan teenage luv stry… common its a luv stry of two epic personalities.. pls dnt do ds …

      1. Jayani

        So dus it mean dat ? wud hav added sumthing lyk poison or sumthing lyk dat in her fud nd fed it 2 her so dat she falls sick??? ???… I can’t c dis??????… Is he mad or wat???

  6. Nice episode today …. C & N part so lovely? Dhurdhara so cute. ? …. but precap??again understanding bw C & N ….

  7. Bakwas chandras character ..hate u rajat thokas.,..,chanakya to kidhar gayab hai pata nahi,,,iss week me to mukh bhi dikhaya nahi usne…hahaha,,pure saas bahu drama under the name of histroy,,,,

    1. Jayani

      Ikr!!! Hahaha

    2. AparnaPrasad

      Seriously …. i wsh ekta nd hr team atleast anyone watch all des comments nd reviews… dnt do ds guys… d viewers are nt stupid nd ds s nt d frst luv stry de r seeing… i hvnt seen ds jodha akbar whch i keep seeing in commentss… bt ekta madammm kuch tho khud karona… rather dan copying…. i ws a die hard fan of twilight series nd hated it watchng pyar ki ye ek kahani… bt in ds case u r shwng a lov stry of d grt king chandra gupta maurys nd a fictional charactr nandini.. its gud to try varieties wd history bt pls keep up d wrk.. dnt ruin d actors fame atleast

    3. U busty public, get out from here and watch documentary films not this show…..????????????????

  8. Nice to see happy Nandini, she was looking gorgeous.

  9. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hi guys I’ll watch it on hotstar tomorrow.
    Scenes were very cute. Specially that when chandra was confused and nandini was in his arms. Arre yesterday’s episode. That was really very cute.??
    And jayani I’m in 12th grade. And ur comment was not at all boring.??

    1. Jayani

      Thank u soooo much di

  10. When will they expose duplicate Nandini and malaiketu Chanakya must be knowing what is happening inside the palace! His spies must be everywhere. They are supposed to protect the King. How are they Going to end malaiketu and Helen’s wrongdoings? and do justice to Nandini.

  11. Oh dear jayani.You read in 7.I thought that u r senior to me.So I referred u as di.And ur commwnt was nt boring at all.

    1. Jayani

      It’s k di… Nd thank u soo much di

  12. Whois roopa and sunanda?

  13. New promo,,,,roopa will be exposed soon..,,but only nandini knows the truth of roopa..,

    1. Jayani

      Wow di… Dat’s a great news

      1. Jayani

        But no 1 wud believe her especialy ?

  14. Thanks Tanaya di for the update….???????

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