Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 18)

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Its morning,both Anika and Shivaay think not to see each other and come out of their room.Anika and Shivaay see each other from far and immediatly go into thier room.They breathe hevily and thinks to whether go out or not.They get courage and go but doesnot talk to eachother while passing by.Om comes and say her that car is ready and came from servicing. and Anika thinks to go by herself.Om asks her about Shivaay .Anika says she dont know about him and goes from there.Om thinks y is she behaving wierd.He then sees Shivaay and ask what happend?Shivaay asks what?Om says did u again fight with Anika?Shivaay says no.Om asks then why did she behave wierd when I asked her about you?Shivaay says I dont know and goes.

Anika comes into clg and is thinking of shivaay and dashes Daksh.Daksh asks her what happend? Anika says nothing and diverts the topic both go to the class.
In the evening Daksh asks Anika will she come out with him tonight.Anika says she will come and goes.
On the other hand both Om and Ishana are having coffee and Om says to Ishaana that Anika is behaving wierd.Ishaana says she also noticed it and says that when ever Shivaay topic comes she is behaving strange.Om says even Shivaay is behaving in the same way. Ishaana says something might have happend between them but they are hiding it.

Om says even I feel the same.Ishanna says most of our thoughts are matching and both smile.
On the other hand Anika is getting ready to go out and Daksh comes to pick her.Shivaay sees Daksh and invites him inside.He then introduces him to Omru.Daksh say them that he came here to take Anika out  with him.Shivaay gets jealous and is angry.He then sees Anika and is mesmerised by her beauty and from back Daksh say she is beautiful. Shivaay gets more jealous ,Omru observe that and understand that Shivaay is in love but is not realising it.

Anika comes down and Daksh compliments her and asks Shivaay is she not beautiful.Shivaay says yes.
Anika looks at  Shivaay.Daksh then asks Anika shall we go.Anika says yes. Daksh extends his hand ,Anika hesitatingly holds . Shivaay is hurt and also jealous and gives them a death glare.
They leave.

Precap:Omru talk to Shivaay and makes him realise his feelings for Anika.

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