ISHQBAAZ- A Forced Marriage (Episode 11)

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Yo ishqies I am back with my super fast update? Love you all?


Episode 11?

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All had lunch and went to respective rooms to take rest.Dadi said Ishana to take care of herself and gives her blessing and leaves to her room. Omkara and Ishana left hand in hand.

#IshKara room#

Omkara opens the door and puts Ishana in bed and pulls the comforter. He caresses her hair and she looks him emotionally.

Omkara “now you need something?” She nods in negative.

Omkara “ok then take rest I have some work I will come soon till then you sleep” she nods and he pecks her forehead and leaves from Oberoi mansion.

Ishana PoV:

Why Omkara you care about me so much? Why? Once you behave like a stranger and then sometimes you become such caring husband or friend how can one person have many shades? Strange I am not able to understand you om. Anyway, I am thinking too much but wait I have to call annika and inform this to her she is my best buddy from childhood till now I didn’t hide anything from her so I have to call her right now. She picked up her phone and called her.

Ishana “annika”

Annika “Ishana huhhhh now you remember madam this many days passed and now you are calling me go I will not talk to you katti”

Ishana “oyee dramebaaz not fair one day back only we met and you are scolding me how rude? Anyway you know what happened to me?

Annika “what happened?”

Ishana informs her everything about incident.

Annika “this much happened and now you are telling me how can you be so careless one time also you didn’t think about your friend you wait I am coming now only give me your address”

Ishana”aww! This much happened with me and now scolding me not fair anyway, I am telling you yeh address” she informs the address to annika and hangs up the call.

#At annika side#

Annika was driving the scooter on the way to Oberoi mansion from other side shivaay was coming on his car. Annika scooter was about to dash his car when he applies sudden break and same happens with annika. Annika takes her helmet and shivaay comes down from his car.

Annika “hey mr can’t you see and drive if you don’t know then sit at home only”

Shivaay “ohhh this dialogue should be applied to you ms and do you know who I am shivaay Singh Oberoi”

Annika “shivaay Singh Oberoi or something else I don’t care? You are not shah rukh khan so shut your mouth”

Shivaay “hey I think you don’t have eyes for your kind information all girls die for me”

Annika “they must have ran away from mental asylum hahaha lol?”

Shivaay “shut up ok I don’t have time to talk with nonsense girl like you”

Annika” as if I have bagad billa hope I never see your face again”

Shivaay “what? Rubbing language bagad billa ms paanika as if I am dying to see you go to hell”

Shivika angrily leaves in opposite directions.


Omkara reaches to Oberoi mansion and straight away goes to his room.

Ishana “where you have gone om?”

Om”to art gallery I had some work there anyway, you didn’t sleep?”

Ishana “nope my friend Annika is coming to meet me”

Om”ok but you never told me about her?”

Ishana”actually, I forgot to anyway she is on the way and will reach her at any moment then I will introduce you to her” she said with a smile he nods in positive. They talk for sometime. Annika enters the Oberoi mansion after parking her Scooter. Ishana saw her and rushes to hug her. They both hug each other tightly. Om came there and saw them.

Ishana “annika this is my husband Om” she points towards Om who was beside her.

Annika”hi jiju Ishana you are lucky you have got such handsome husband” she winks at Ishana.

Om”thank you annika anyway come inside and spend sometime with Ishana” annika nods positively. The both spend sometime with each other chit chatting.

Precap: Shivika second meeting?

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    Superbbut i think shivika is not so important here. Give some ishkara scenes plzz

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