Love between souls… KRIYAM… Part 8

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Saiyyam and Krishna reaches college.There they see the boys who had misbehaved with Krishna.

Krishna:- Saiyyam why they are here.I am feeling scared

Saiyyam:- Don’t worry Krishna. I am with you

The boys circle them.The leader of the gang was Minister’s son Raghu

Raghu:- oh…So this is the angry young man.
And the sweet girl.

Saiyyam:- watch your words

Raghu:- Hey just shut up.U don’t know what i can do.I will not leave you.How dare you to touch my friends.Who is this girl to you.She is not your wife na? Then why did you got hyper

Saiyyam:- Look i am not scared of you.Your friends were misbehaving with Krishna

Raghu:- (goes to Krishna and touches her waist) hai baby

Saiyyam comes and twist his hand and breaks it

Raghu’s friends hit Saiyyam with rod.He losses his balance.But he protects Krishna.Raghu’s gang warns them and goes.Krishna cries heavily.Saiyyam holds her face and head and tells her that nothing happened to him

She takes him to hospital. Doctor checks him.They bandage his wounds.

They come to hostel.Ath hostel Akshada sees Krishna’s hairline filled.

Akshada:- Krishna what is this.look

Krishna:- krishna remembers Saiyyam’s blood filling her hairline.

She clears it.she calls Saiyyam

Krishna:- Saiyyam how are you now

Saiyyam:- I am ok Krishna.Dont worry about me.

They chat for sometimes.After one week there is the convocation ceremony of Krishna and Saiyyam’s batch

Krishna looks so gorgeous and Saiyyam look handsome.After the convocation there is a party.

Raghu’s gang spikes Krishna and Saiyyam’s drink and take them.Morning Krishna and Saiyyam wakes up.They see themselves in same bed in college premise and students were looking at them.

Krishna cries and Saiyyam looks shocked.There were bad posters about them.

The matter reaches Principal room and no one is trying to hear what krishna and Saiyyam has to tell.All are worried about college reputation.

Krishna’s family come there.Saiyyam feels hurt seeing Krishna crying.He goes to Krishna’s family.

Saiyyam:- I want to marry Krishna

Krishna look shocked.All her family members looks shocked.

Krishna:- What are you saying Saiyyam and why

Saiyyam:- I don’t know but I think it is right decision for now

Krishna’s parents take her.Saiyyam also go with them.He fixes his marriage with Krishna.

Krishna sit sad.Saumya comes there.

Saumya:- Krishna beta please eat something

Krishna:- no can you all fix my marriage

Saumya:- there is no other option.What will we do

Krishna:- But there is no such relation between me and Saiyyam

Saumya:- Love can happen with a blink.Saiyyam is good at heart.

Krishna gets thinking

Precap:- Saiyyam and Krishna’s marriage

Sry guys i know it is small but i am not well nowadays.sry

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  1. Aww this is cute

  2. Aarti32

    Thrillinggggggg episode.. Interesting twist

  3. When will the confession take place.before or after the marriage.anyway I dont mind.i love the story.caring sayyam and innocent loving krishna.eagerly waiting for the next one.upload soon.

  4. Syedul

    Nice but I wish u explain the drink being spiked thing slowly

  5. Shaani

    Soo nice.loved it…keep writing..

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