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hello guys this is me annie back with another update…

episode 16

episode starts

tej is unconciouss everyone is shocked and carries him to his room
and calls doctor doctor comes and checks

doctor what happened to my dad is he ok?…asks om with concern and tears in his eyes

nothing to worry mistar omkara he is perfectly fine … replies doctor

but what happened doctor why bade papa fainted? asks shivaay

sir he fainted due to lot of stress nothing else he will be concious in sometime i’ll leave now …says doctor

after sometime tej is concious everyone is happy seeing him fine

everyone asks if he is fine and he complies…

beta u rest we will leave now and jhanvi beta take care of him and urself too says dadi and leaves to her room…

eveyone else too leaves the room…

in basement

why the hell you are after me and my family..? shivaay asks in very loud and angry tone ….

she is quite (sweathlana)

in mansion

anika bhabi where is bhaiya? asks rudy

he went to basement idk what will happen replies anika with worry

nothing will happen anika we will go there and check says om

and they all too went to basement ..

on the entrance there is khanna standing closing the door

khanna:: sir app yaha par kya kar rahy hai anything seriouss? ( sir what are u doing here anything serious?)

om:: no we want to meet shivaay open the door

khanna:: sir im sorry but i cant let u go inside shivaay sir will fire me if i’ll let u go inside

om :: but …

b4 he could say something

dammit tell me loud voice of angry shivaay came there
they all are shocked hearing him shouting and that too with angry tone
khanna turns his face towards the door hearing voice

and then suddenly (((((thaaaa))))) voice came

khanna is unconciouss and lying on floor
rudr holding a wood rod
om:: rudra fhat the wuck? man why u hitted him?

rudy:: o nothing he will be conciuos in some time lets go inside he was not letting us go so thats why i hitted him

and does logic wala sign

everyone controls their laughs

somu:: rudra sometime ur brain works good job

rudy:: yeah …and thinks.. wait what?? what u just said ?

somu:: rudra lets go then we will fight

they all moves in

shivaay turns hearing some voice of someone walking
and sees them there

shivaay (in his bagad billa avtar):: fhat the wuck? what u all are doing here??

anika:: nothing billu ji !!!! we just wanted to join u in interogation so we came

shivaay shouts:: khannnnnaaaaa khnnnnaaaaa where the hell he is why he let u people in??? khannnnaaaaaaaaaa

rudy:: array bhaiyaaaa kya khanna khanna chila rhy wh apki girlfriend nhi hai jo usko idr bula rhy wh nahi ayega (bhaiya why u r shouting khanna khanna he isnt ur girlfriend that u r calling him he will not come)

shivaay:: why ? he will not come??

rudy:: kyunke bhaiya wh so raha hai!! ( cox he is sleeping)

shivaay:: what??? and shouts khanna u r fired!!!

om stops him

om:: shivaay tu is pagal ki baato me ku arha woh so nahi raha rudra pagal ne usse behosh kar dia hai ( shivaay why u are bileveing this mental he isnt sleeping this mental rudra made him unconcious )

shivaay:: what the hell rudra why u did this?

rudy :: bhaiya he was’nt letting us in thats why and bhaiya leave this lets question this lady…

shivaay is angry but anika calms him down

and he agrees to question her with all of them …

om:: so miss sweathlana why u are after my family?

no response…

om repeats the question

still no response

ishu pats on om’s shoulder and signs him something …

ishu moves towards sweathlana

and grabs her hand twists it
she screams (lightly ahh)
ishu:: reply to om’s questions otherwise i’ll twist it more

sweathlana:: I dont have any personal enemity with ur family..

rudy:: then why u was after my papa

sweathlana:: i just wanted to became his wife and owner of oberoi empire

shivaay:: like seriously ? than why u kiddnaped anika?

sweathlana:: it was an order …

om:: u was the one who helped gaytri entreing mansion even after steict security?

sweathlana:: yes but that too was an order….

shivaay:: why gaytri was after my family and me and who killed her?

sweathlana:: gaytri tought u ppl killed her husband and she was after u(shivaay) just to kill u because if u die than oberoie’s will break down

om:: who killed her?

sweathlana:: our boss….!!!

anika:: who told gaytri that we are behind his husband’s death?

sweathlana:: our boss…!!!

somya:: but why ashok burned himself in maha arti?

sweathlana:: our boss told him that he just have to act like burning himself and gave him a lighter saying it will not work but that worked and he died that was a trap to use him against u ppl but he never knew he will actually died… and then she used gaytri against u and that worked well …..

prianku:: but why ur boss wanted to harm us ?

sweathlana:: personal enemity….!!!!!

ranveer:: fine just now explain each attack with detail (just to cinfirm if she is saying truth)

sweathlana:: no i’ll not

ishu twists her hand

sweathlana :: ok i’ll tell leave my hand
first i tried to harm u ppl by that video of tej
but that reporter cheated me and sell that chip to shivaaayyy
then one day our boss
attacked shivaay outside policestation where he went to meet anika…
our boss gave poison to him but unfortunately he was saved then
boss used gaytri and sends her to inject shivaay in hospital but then again saved

and …

cuts by shivaay …
shivaay:: we know about attacks well just tell me who is ur boss…?

sweathlana:: no i cant tell u because if i’ll tell u then she will kill me too….

ishu now grabs her by her hair and pulls her towards her ..

ishu:: tell us otherwise we will kill u…

sweathlana:: ur bua (Roop ) she is our boss she wanted whole property on her name thats why she used ashok and than gaytri and me but gaytri comes to know about her plans and she leaves her and calls u to inform u about this all but ur bua killed her too… leave me please

ishu leaves her hair

and sweathlana starts laughing evilly

anika:: why u are laughing now?

rudy:: aryy bhabi pagal ho gayi ha sadme se ( bhabi she gone crazy with shock)

sweathlana:: i told u everything but u still have no proofs? against me or roop?

they all gets tensed except anika and shivaay

now anika starts laughing and they all watches her with tensed faces

rudy:: bhabi now why u are laughing ?

anika goes to sweathlna and slaps her hard

everyone is shocked

anika:: tum kya samjhti ho akal sirf tum logo me hai ? mere billu ji chant _O_ mind hai ..( what u think that only u people are smart? my billu ji is more smart than u)

rudy:: bhabi mean?

anika:: rudra this place is made by?

rudy :: workers

anika:: duffer shivaay made this place .. and he have installed camera’s here

they all are happy and now sweathlana crying

they all leaves from there


om:: rudra u said he will be concious in minutes and now half hour passed?

rudra:: o wait a min… he goes and brings jug of water and throws on khanna ..

khanna wakes up and stand up sirr wohhh

shivaay:: khanna go and get bua

he complies and they all leaves….

now they all went to their respetive rooms


shivaay and anika in shivaay’s room

shivaay goes to washroom
anika stands infront of window watching moon…

shivaay hugs her from back

anika turns and hugs him

after a minute they broke their hug

shivaay holds her by her waist and pulls her closer to him
there is no gap inbetween them they can clearly listen eachother’s raising heartbeats…
they both looks into eachothers eyes..
shivaays moves his face towards her and kiss her on forehead anika closes her eyes…
then he kisses on her left cheek thhan right cheek than he moves forward her lips and 🙈 kissed her lips
she is shocked by his sudden gesture but she wanted the same

she too reciprocate
Anika starts sucking his upper lip.. While he’s sucking her lower lip and pulled her more closer by holding her by waist there’s no gap in between them
now they both are totally loss in their passionate kiss…. Anika starts caressing his hair….
he bit her lower lip with utmost care and she parts her lips and his tongue enters in her mouth and starts exploring every corner of her mouth(her mouth was tasting like a cherry to him)

after 2 -3 minutes they both are out of breath and unwillingly they have to broke their kiss

after kiss they both are blushing hard she became a Tomato…
and he became cherry And smiles at her

(I’m sorry I’m not good enough in writing romantic scene or describing kissing so just just handle it please)

they both side each other and sit on bed
and do some chatting after a while shivaayyy falls asleep
Anika’s POV
His lips touched mine. They were soft and it felt good. I knew that sometime we would have to stop, but I didn’t want it to. And neither did him. BUT We finally stopped and he smiled at me. LLater TODAY’S night, Icouldn’t stop thinking of him and his sweet lips that touched mine.”

Scene to iskara room

Om is making a sculpture ishana stand by his side and bent down lil towards his shoulder and places her face on his shoulder and circles her hands around his waist and lightly hug him…

om:: kheriat hai janab aj bara pyaar arha hai? (everything ok? U r showing too much love)
ishana leaves him
and makes a cute angry face and tries to be angry with him…

ishu:: huh!

om stands and moves towards her holds her by her shoulder…
and pulls towards him

om:: madam got angry i was just kidding baba!!!
And makes Cuteeeeeee face
ishu:: ok ok don’t try to be cute and smile Slightly…

om:: hawwww what do u mean by trying to be cute? U think I’m not cute?

ishu cups his mouth with her hands

ishu:: ally my baby u are cute and smiles

ishu hugs him he too reciprocate the hug

while hugging

ishu:: om what will happen tomorrow? Bhaiya will bring bua here and dadi will get shocked hearing her reality… Bua is her only daughter she can’t handle this bitter reality…

om:: don’t worry ishu she is OBROS dadi she’s so strong and we will tell her before so no Shock…

they break their hug
ishu encircling her arms around his waist and om encircling his arms around her neck and on shoulderS

ishu:: i hope so..!!

om:: nothing will happen just chill my darling
and kisses on her forehead
They both smiles

and lost in each other’s eyes

ishu kisses him on his cheeks

now om kisses on her lips..

she closes her eyes and reciprocates The kiss om too closes his eyes and pulls her more closer no gap in between
Ishu starts caressing his hair…
Om pulled her more closer and with sudden jerk her lips parted and his tounge enters in her mouth exploring every corner of her mouth to him she was just like mint after a minute her tounge enterz his mouth and starts exploring every corner of his mouth to her his mouth tasting like a sugarcane
After 5-6 minutes of their passionate kiss they went out of breath and breaks their kiss and blushed hard and became red just like red rose… (actually their kiss lasts longer than others because they do yoga. Na so they can handle their breaths )

Om turns and again starts sculpture
ishu after a minute too goes to him and again stands by his side and they start chatting

Rumaya are wwatching Beast and beauty

films ends

soumaya :: rudra agar tm beast hote me tab bhi tmse pyaar karti

rudra :: or agar tm beauty hoti me tab pyaar karta

s:: what???? What do u mean by agar beauty? I’m beauty mistar Huh!!

Rudra IS going to say something but suddenly remembers something

r:: by the way somu why today everyone was talking about india/pak friendship? I didn’t hear anything like that?
in news

and scratches his head with confusion

somu:: duffer india /pak mean u and me that saw us sleeping together

r:: hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
and drops his jaw

somu shuts his mouth with her hand

s:: rudy stop it you’ll loose ur jaw

r:: bari fikar hai meri ( u care too much about me)

s:: nothing like that just concerned that if u loose Ur jaw than what I’ll say to others that my boyfriend lost his jaw or I’ll say india lost his jaw

r:: srsly somu darling u don’t care about me?

s:: yeah i don’t

he Moves towards his rooms window and acts like he’ll jump

r:: ok then u won’t mind if i jumped from here?

somu sees him and gives Tensed look And runs towards him and Pulls him Towards her and hugs him tightly

s:: tears in her eyes duffer i was just kidding i do care about u if something happened to u i will die

he reciprocate the hug

dont u dare to talk about death again says rudy

breaking hug

they look at eachother rudy Kisses on her cheeks

she closes Her eyes

and he kisses her on lips
she too reciprocate and they lost in their kiss and While kissing they’re moving


Ranveer:: prianku why u r so upset

p:: i never expect that my bua will be behind all this

R:: what we can do now? I have no answer

p:: why she did this All with her own family?

R:: ummmm.. I’ve answer of thiz question…!!!

p:: really? Then answer na…

r:: tomorrow bhaiya is bringing her here we can ask her..
saying this he wink at her

she smiles and lightly punch him on his chest with love

he holds her Close
and hugs her she too reciprocate
he then whispers in her ear…

Let’s go on a long drive
she nods yes and they leaves in their cars they are enjoying their long drive

while talking he stops the car on the side of road and they share an eye lock
she was lost in his eyes and he was lost in her smile and without wasting a sec
he kisses her on lips she was shocked he starts sucking her upper lips she was nervous but reciprocate the kiss for a while by sucking his lower lip but due to nervousness she pushes him and blushed lil Ranveer understand her nervousness and holds her hand

i can understand ur nervousness prianku I’m sorry if i hurted u unknowingly trust me i haven’t done it intentionally…
she feels guilty that she made him think that he hurted me and without delay

she starts kissing him on his lips and sucks his upper lip and he too reciprocates by sucking her lower lip he caresses her hair and she too caresses his hair his lips parted away and she enters her tounge in his mouth and starts exploring every corner of his mouth…

after hardly 3 minutes they went out of breath and breaks their kiss….

Screen freezes on all of them

Precap: Rumaya PRIVEER hospitalized after accident critical
Everyone worried

guys ok so now I’m done with writing i think you’ll love it i hope so

i tried my best to write romantic scene but they’re similar

please do drop comments even u can drop negative one too and emoji too? But plzz do comment



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