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PROMO – 15

Fab4 n Nandini were waiting for Manik at the airport, after awhile he came out, Nandini ran n hugged him tightly saying
Nandini: I missed u so much!!!
Manik(breaking the hug): xcuse me
Fab4 were shocked on his behaviour but they chuck it all n hugged him one by one, when Cabir said
Cabir: jaa Manik meet her, she was very tensed for u
Manik: y should I meet her n y was she tensed?
Mukti: tu pagal ho gaya hai kya, jaa mil usse.
Manik: r u all nuts, mai kyu milo usse?
Dhruv: buddy kya mazakh hai, bhut hgya mazakh, jaa mil usse
Manik: mai kyu milo isse, jab I don’t know her
Fab4: what??? N Nandu was totally shocked, n then they heard a voice,
Voice: he is right, they looked at the voice direction n Fab4 said
Fab4: Mr David

So guys, Manik ka behavior kuch badal gaya hai, isn’t it?? Is it a prank or something is fishy?? Who is Mr David?? Keep guessing…. Do my story has the charm or it is getting boring day by day?? Waiting for response……
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  1. Shocking promo can’t wait for part pls update soon

    1. Naaz21

      Vil cont soon
      Take Care

  2. Promo is really shocking dear can’t wait for the episode please update soon and your story has charm its really interesting

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx sush
      Vil cont soon
      Take Care

  3. anushka shetty

    Again a shock…….aur kitne shocks dena baki hai????…but feeling bad for nandhu…..anyways update soon …..waiting for d chap…

    1. Naaz21

      I also don’t know how many r left, me too feeling bad for Nandu
      Vil cont soon
      Take Care

  4. Kyaaa bada wala shock dearrr but update soon can’t wait dearr

    1. Naaz21

      Vil cont soon
      Take Care

  5. really shocking promo yaar ,i read this promo only,i think i should read ur ff

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx n then go n read n yah it has Hindi dialogues too, so u know Hindi right??

  6. Di is ! Manik Malotra the great lost his ! memory??and ya of course promo was shocking

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