Ishqbaaz ff by ananya – Part 3

hey guys ananya here
i wanna tell u all something…many of u liked my story i can c dat.. i am able to write all
this because of ur immense support i was so happy when u all commented on the first part.. please continue commenting like dat throughout because it gives me alot of confidence to write well..its a request from my side

guys shivaay still didnt realise dat he luvs anika so some actions r done by someone else rather than shivaay for example yesterday om pulls anika’s sleeve up not shivaay i think many of u didnt like it i felt so…in the real serial shivaay is not such a person so suddenly this much caring and luving attitude will be wierd for the readers so such actions r done by someone else rather than shivaay..ill mention such scenes wherever they come… i hope u could understand what i meant

previously v saw
1.anika and oberoi bros joining hands in revealing tia’s true face
2.shivaay thanking as well as apologising anika
3. they sense something wrong when they see anika’s hurt

scene 1
at anika’s house
both saahil and anika come home
anika: did u eat something
saahil: yes didi
anika: good go and sleep bua will b late
saahil: ok
he goes to sleep
anika also goes but she tries to sleep and cant
anika goes out of the house

parallelly this is jappening in oberoi mansion
shivaay’s POV (he says this outside to himself)
y am i getting disturbed if she gets hurt…y am i thinking about her…kya hogaya mujhe
oh god
om and rudra come
om: tuhje pyaar hogaya
shivaay: shut up om i accept anika ne hame bahut badi musibat se bachaya lekin pyaar? u now na om meri life mein yeh pyaar vyaar keliye koi place nahin hain
om(sings): phirse naam liya….
shivaay: shut up om mu..
rudra: mujhe koi farak nahin padtha right??
shivaay: uffffffff
om: shivaay ek advice, u need not prove us that u dont like her but apni dil ko cheat math karo..luv happens only once in life but when it happens u feel ur life is complete….. u should identify what is love and what is like. u like tia but u dont lv her….. a marriage without love is like a bird with broken wings…it cant fly and even u cant move ahead..u should not marry someone with whom u can live but u should marry someone without whom u cant live…..
rudra: ha om i right…when a man and a woman luv each other then that is only marriage but if they live togther without love then no ceremony in this world can make this love and im 100% sure ki that is not lady baba
shivaay: WTF yaar aap log mera class lena bandh karo if i give u time om, u will start ur poetry again please and ya lemme make one thing clear main anika se pyaar…..nahin kartha
he cant say anything further and gets thinking
om: y this much gap between pyaar and nahin kartha
rudra: bhaiyya i think u r in love with anika didi not lady baba
shivaay: jus shut up u both, lets not drag this further
rudra: i think v should meet her and ask her about her hurt
shivaay: ru mad ab? iss waqt?
om: ha whats the problem
shivaay: but she would b sleeping
rudra: so?? i met so many gals u kniw what i did i used to peep inside their windows and i used to frighten them
rudra regrets for saying these words
om: shaitaan ki bacchi
he hits him
shivaay: this is what u do without sleeping
om: chale
shivaay: tk chalo i just want to know who beat her
rudra: itna pareshaan math ho bhaiyya(in a double meaning sense)
shivaay: shut up rudra
om and rudra laugh

there anika is sitting on a foot path and is crying looking at her hurt
their car passes by and they realise its anika and they stop it a bit far from her and she doesnt notice it
anika is crying and der they r feeling bad looking at her like this
anika’s POV
what to do i have no other option until i adopt saahil i have to bear bua’s torture
she cries

there in their car
om: this means her bua beat her
shivaay: uski itni himmat
rudra: bua ji aapki itni himmath my bhaiyya is not gonna leave u for hurting anika didi(in shivaay: i dont think its the right time lets leave her alone
om nods in acceptance
they go back home

precap: while going home, om sees ishana sitting alone on a bench

hey guys i personally didnt like this part…i feel its incomplete and ya if u also dont like it then do temme ill definitely write another part 3 please do tell me in ur comments…..

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