Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers are Like the Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story (Episode 1)


Hi all. Fatarajo here. I am really happy with the response I received in the intro, really means a lot to me. Thank you so much for supporting via your sweet comments and response. Well, I am finally back with episode 1. I hope you all will like it. I hope I can meet all of your expectations. Hopefully you all will like it. And the first half I focused on the introduction of the characters like their situation after 3 years and second half will be the scenes for the pairs. By any chance, if anyone didn’t read the introduction, here is the link:-

Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers are Like the Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story (Introduction)

Here is episode 1.
Well, my fan fiction will begin with a leap of 3 years, and how Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra are changed.
Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion
The episode begins with a lady looking at the picture of the Oberoi family and she is Dadi.
Dadi: Will this family ever be happy?
Just then a girl comes,
Girl: Why do you worry so much Dadi?
Dadi: Pinku?
Yes the girl was none other than Priyanka. Priyanka takes blessing from Dadi.
Dadi: How are you? How is Neeraj (Priyanka’s husband)?
Pinku: He is fine. And Dadi why are you sad everything is alright between mom-dad and Kaka-kaki, see.
Dadi looks. Tej and Jhanvi comes downstairs.
Tej: I didn’t do so, I was just planning to do so.
Jhanvi: Listen Tej, never do so, it may cause problems.
Tej: You said so, and I won’t do simple.
Jhanvi smiles, and on the other hand Shakti comes downstairs.
Shakti: Pinky, can help me find a wallet?
Pinky is doing puja.
Pinky: Wait, I am coming first let me finish puja.
Jhanvi: Devrani ji you seem to be quite dedicated to puja today.
Pinky: People say that this is the day when lovers get united.
Yes Jethani ji.
Jhanvi: Really, how do you know?
Pinky and Jhanvi talk and Shakti and Tej smiles.
Pinku: See Dadi, all is fine between them you always wanted this right?
Dadi: Yes, that I wanted but
Dadi looks at Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra’s picture sadly.
Priyanka also gets sad.
Pinku: Oh I get it now.I wish they become like before.

On the other hand,
Pinky: Finally my son is getting rid of that Churail now.
Jhanvi: Devrani ji dont say like this about Tia she is a nice girl.
Pinky: Nice girl? Because of her my Shivaye changed after marrying him, she never kept my son happy.
Jhanvi: It was not only Tia’s fault, Shivaye was also in fault in this.
Just then Shivaye comes downstairs.
Pinky: Finally my son is here.
Shivaye takes blessing from his mom, before that he goes and takes blessing from Dadi.
Just then Shivaye gets a call,
Shivaye: Yes Tia, I will be there.
Pinky: I am so happy for you Shivaye, finally you are going to divorce that Churail.
Shivaye: Mom firstly, her name is Tia not Churail and she is the one who divorced me, not that I divorced her.
Shakti: So you didn’t want to divorce her? Shivaye: No dad is not like that, we are not happy with this marriage that’s why we are getting divorced.
Jhanvi: Are you sure Shivaye, Tia is a nice girl?
Pinky: Naice, she is not naice.
Shivaye: Yes you are right she is not naice, she is nice.
Shivaye: I admit Tia is a nice girl, but she will never stay happy with me because I
Shivaye gets silent.
Shivaye: Anyways I am getting late, I should leave now.
As Shivaye is about to go, just then a guy comes.
Guy: Good, you took this decision, but don’t you think you got too late.
Shivaye: Omkara?
Yes, that guy was none other than Omkara who is changed into a businessman avatar now, with shorter hair.
Om: Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I have asked you several times that if you didn’t love Tia, you shouldn’t have married her, at least you could have save 3 years of yours and Tia’s life.
Shivaye: Listen Omkara, I know what to do, yes you were right that time. I should have listened to you that time. I am sorry.
Om: No need to be sorry Shivaye, I got you very well. And remember time is money. You could have done much more better.
Shivaye: Listen, Om?
Om: Tell him that I am not interested in his personal life, and when he didn’t listen to me what else could I have done, I can’t force him after all it’s his life.
Just then Omkara gets a call regarding the deal,
Om: Tell them I have accepted the deal.
Omkara keeps the phone.
Shivaye: Omkara what have you done? You should have do more research on their company before accepting the deal.
Om: Oh please, Shivaye you no need to tell me what I need to do.
As Omkara is about to leave,
Jhanvi: Omkara take a leave from work for few days after all you are getting married in a week.
Om: I am getting married in a week not in a day. I can’t take leave. Sorry mom.
Omkara leaves from there.
Shivaye: Oh this Omkara, anyways I should take your leave now.
Shivaye also leaves.
Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky gets worried.
Dadi: Finally all is fine between my son, but my grandsons.
A tear drops from Dadi’s eyes. And then a guy comes and wipes the tears.
Dadi: Rudra?
Yes that guy was none other than Rudra.
Rudra: Don’t worry Dadi, your Rudra is here. I am trying my best to make all fine between Shivaye Bhaia and Om Bhaia.
Dadi: Rudra, only you can make everything fine, I trust you.
Rudra smiles.
Rudra: Even I miss those times when me, Om bhaia and Shivaye Bhaia used to enjoy a lot, I wonder how these changes happened so much in these last 3 years.
Dadi: I just want Shivaye, Om and you to be together like before, this is my last wish.
Rudra: Dadi, don’t talk about last wish.
Dadi: I dont want Shivaye and Om to be future Tej and Shakti.
Rudra gets into his cool avatar.
Rudra: Dadi fear not when Rudra Singh Oberoi is here.
Dadi smiles and Rudra hugs Dadi. Priyanka smiles.
Dadi: Promise me, you will never change.
Rudra becomes sad and gets thinking.

Scene 2: Ishana’s Residence
(As I said in intro Anika and Soumya are sisters and they live with Ishana who is Anika’s best friend)
A girl is seen watching Tv where a music video is shown and she is humming the song and eating burger, while sitting in the sofa.Just then her favourite song come.
Girl: My favourite song.
She stops eating the burger and sings sweetly along, just then a boy which is none other than Sahil comes out from under the sofa and smiles and he silently takes the burger from the plate and eats it. And the song gets over. She brings the plate towards her mouth and bites it.
Girl: Ouch! My burger? Where is my burger?
Sahil: Soumya Didi! Yes the girl is none other than Soumya.
Soumya: Sahil?
Sahil: Burger is with me.
Sahil shows the burger to Soumya and eats it smiling.
Soumya: Sahil ki Baachi, you took my burger from me?
Sahil: Areh Soumya didi, I myself am a Baccha how can I have a bacchii, you na impossible.
Soumya: Is it?
Soumya fumes and she chases Sahil. Sahil runs all around and Soumya tries to chase him. And then Soumya collides with someone.
Soumya: Good Anika didi you came here right on time.
Yes, the girl was none other than Anika. Anika looks at Soumya and music plays.
Anika: What happened, you seemed to be worried? Soumya: That Sahil
Anika: Now what have he done?
Soumya: Anika Dii, he took away my burger see.
Anika looks and she looks at Soumya again.
Soumya: Can you please tell Sahil to give me back my burger.
Anika: But where is Sahil?
Soumya is shocked as she finds Sahil disappeared.
Soumya: He was here just now.
Anika: Don’t make excuse, you want more burger right?
Soumya nods no.
Soumya: He really took my burger.
Anika: Soumya eat a little less, fast food is so unhealthy.
Soumya: Dii, is not like that he really took my burger.
Anika: Oho Soumya stop putting the blame on Sahil.
Soumya: But dii?
Later, Sahil comes into the house and runs happily.
Sahil: Yeah Yeah
Soumya: Sahil I won’t spare you.
Sahil: First listen to me, Soumya didi.
Soumya makes faces.
Sahil: Guess who is here?
Soumya: Who? Sahil: Shiv Jiju.
Soumya gets happy.
Soumya: Shiv Jiju!
Anika gets happy.
Anika: Shiv?
Anika runs to the door and she smiles and as she sees Shiv her expression changes into a normal and kinda disappointed one.
Anika: Oh Shivin.
The guy is Shivin who is Anika’s fiancé.
Shivin: Anika?
Anika: Yes,
Shivin: It seemed that you were waiting for someone else?
Anika: No, I was waiting for you only.
Shivin: Really?
Just then Soumya and Sahil comes,
Soumya: Shiv Jiju finally you are here.
Shivin smiles.
Anika: From when you all started calling him Shiv?
Soumya: Anika dii, short form of Shivin is Shiva so we call him Shiv Jiju.
Anika: Oh I get it,
Soumya: Why is there some other Shiv?
Anika: Yes.
Soumya: Who?
Anika remembers and she tries to change topic.
Anika: Shiv? Lord Shiva.
Soumya: Areh Dii, you na,
Shivin: Hey Sahil, what’s up.
Sahil: I am cool, Jiju, but this Moti is disturbing me.
Soumya: Oi, how dare you call me Moti?
Shivin: Bad manners, Sahil.
Shivin looks around.
Shivin: By the way, where is Aunty, I can’t see her around
Soumya: Areh Jiju, Aunty is out of town for some days.
Shivin: How about Ishana?
Soumya looks and smiles.
Soumya: There she is.
And everyone looks at Ishana, who is dressed in traditional and she smiles.
Ishana: Shivin Jiju?
Shivin: Hey Ishana.
Ishana comes in,
Anika: Finally you are here, if not you barely stay at home.
Ishana: What to do Anika, there is so much work.
Ishana: But Ishana have made entry in the right time, after all Shivin Jiju came here.
Shivin: Yes, I got some days leave from the army so I just came here.
Ishana: Shivin Jiju, do call your parents whenever we want so that we can speak about fixing the marriage date.
Shivin: Let Aunty come first.
Ishana: Actually Maa have some very urgent work out of town, so she may come some days later. So she told me to make sure I get the marriage date fixed of yours and Anika’s.
Shivin: Never mind let Aunty come first
Ishana: Jiju your holidays are short na, so its better if we get this thing done soon.
Shivin: Okay sure, since you are insisting a lot, I will tell mom and dad about it.
Ishana: Okay Jiju as your wish do call me when your mom and dad decides when they can come.
Shivin: Sure.
Anika: Oho Ishana dont worry everything will be done.
Shivin: Anika, you are very lucky to have a friend like Ishana. The way she is handling all the marriage matters, hats off to her.
Ishana: Jiju, Anika is not only my friend but like a sister to me.
Anika gets emotional and hugs Ishana. Just then Ishana gets a call,
Ishana: Hello? Yes I am coming Abeer. I will be there.
Anika: You just came and now you are going back?
Ishana: Yes, yaar some very important work is there.
Anika: At least take some rest and go.
Ishana: No, it’s fine.
Anika: At least eat breakfast and then go.
Ishana: I will eat there.
Ishana leaves.
Anika: This girl na, is too much.
Just then Anika gets a call,
Anika: Okay I will be coming.
Soumya: What is it Anika Dii?
Anika: Some client called me so I have to urgently leave now.
Sahil: Anika didi, you also?
Anika: Yes, Sahil I have to go.
Shivin: Anika, I will drop you on my way.
Anika: Thanks Shivin.
Anika and Shivin leaves.

Scene 3: Court
Here Shivaye comes to the court and she goes to the lawyer office.
Lawyer: So Shivaye Singh Oberoi do you accept this divorce with Tia Kapoor.
Shivaye: Yes I accept this divorce.
Shivaye signs the paper.
Lawyer: Where is Tia Kapoor?
Shivaye looks around and later.
Tia: Here I am.
Tia comes to the office.
Lawyer: So Tia Kapoor do you accept this divorce with Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Tia: Yes I do.
Tia signs the paper.
Lawyer: Congratulations, you both are officially divorced now.
Tia and Shivaye smiles.
Later outside,
Shivaye: I thought you won’t come.
Tia: How can I not come?
Shivaye: Thanks Tia.
Tia: No Shivaye, I should thank you. I always took things for granted.
Shivaye: You are really a great person, Tia.
Tia smiles.
Tia: I am very lucky that I got to stay with your family, I got to know the true value of family, because if not my mom never cared much about me.
Shivaye: Tia now don’t get emotional.
Tia: It was great meeting you.
As Tia was about to go,
Shivaye: Do come for Omkara’s marriage at least.
Tia: I will definitely come.
Tia leaves. Shivaye goes in his car. Shivaye looks through the window.
Shivaye: (in his mind) I am feeling so relieved finally. I needed this for so long and finally I got it.
On the other hand, Anika and Shivin are in the bike.
Anika: Shivin, you have done a good job by bringing your bike. I feel boring in the car. Bike is more open.
Shivin: But if it rains, you will understand.
Anika: Nah, it won’t rain.
And the weather gets windy.
Shivin: See what did I say, it’s going to rain.
Anika: It won’t rain. So just chill.
Anika uses her dupatta to play with the wind direction while sitting on the bike behind Shivin.
Shivin: Careful Anika,
And in the opposite direction, Shivaye’s car comes there and Shivin’s bike and then as Shivaye was about to see Anika, her dupatta falls on the car’s window, and Shivaye gets distracted. O Jaana Music plays. Later, Anika moves her dupatta away and as Shivaye was about to see Anika’s face, she goes away.
Shivaye: (in his mind) Why I had this feeling as if someone was here? And is someone whom I know very well.

Scene 4: In the office
Here Omkara is working in the office and he is in a meeting and just then Riddhima calls him. Omkara doesn’t picks up the call. Later, as the meeting ends, Omkara goes to talk to Riddhima.
Riddhima: Om, why you didn’t pick up my call.
Om: How many times will I tell you, I was busy in meeting, that’s why I couldn’t pick it up.
Riddhima: Okay I get it.
Om: Why did you call me? Riddhima: Om, I wanted to ask if we can go for a date tonight and anyways our wedding date, are nearing so can we just go for a short date.
Om: Have you gone mad Riddhima? How can you think like this? Already, there is so much work in office and that too the wedding. Look Riddhima I am sorry I can’t make it for the date.
Omkara cuts the call. And Shivaye comes there.
Shivaye: Omkara what is this?
Om: What do you mean?
Shivaye: How can you speak to Riddhima like this she is your fiancée.
Om: Look Shivaye you no need to tell me whom I should speak to, Riddhima is my to be wife, you get it.
Shivaye: Do you really love Riddhima?
Om: Oh Shivaye, I have no place for all this nonsense and infact you told me that this all are nonsense and now you also.
Shivaye: Oh please Om, seriously. I can’t believe you were the same Om who told me once to take decisions by heart?
Om: Then believe it, Shivaye because I am not that previous Om, anymore , so you better get it clear.
Shivaye: I can’t believe this.
Shivaye leaves from there. Rudra sees the fight of Shivaye and Omkara and gets teary-eyed and leaves.
Omkara is angry and he looks around and he sees a sculpture which he made by himself years ago and a voice echoes in his mind.
Girl: Wow Omi, you are so talented this sculpture is so beautiful, do make one for me.
Om: Sure, my love.
Omkara gets out of his thinking and he sees the sculpture and gets angry and breaks it.

Scene 6: Outside the office
Rudra who is disappointed after seeing the huge fight between Shivaye and Omkara sees this and walks in the office. And then Shivaye comes there.
Shivaye: Rudra, what are you doing here?
Rudra: Nothing Bhai, just came here for some work.
Shivaye: Were you crying?
Rudra: What? You na bhaia, why will I cry?
Shivaye: Yes exactly, why will you cry? Okay, I have some work to be done.
Shivaye leaves, and just then a girl comes and flirts with Rudra.
Girl: Hi handsome.
Rudra ignores that girl. Shivaye looks at Rudra, Rudra sees this.
Rudra: By the way do you want my phone number?
Rudra winks.
Girl: Well sure of course.
The girl holds Rudra close.
Girl: You are so cute and adorable.
Rudra: That I am.
Shivaye sees this and smiles and nods.
Shivaye: (in his mind) He will never change.
Shivaye leaves. Rudra looks around.
Girl: Say na, baby.
Rudra drops the girl on the ground.
Rudra: Baby jaye phaar mein,
Rudra leaves.
Girl: How rude!
Rudra’s phone rings which a beautiful song sang by a girl. Rudra smiles.
Girl: Hey isn’t that love angel’s voice.
Rudra: Happy to know you at least got that much brain.
Rudra leaves and the girl looks at Rudra angrily.

Scene 7: On the road
Shivaye is in the car and later he reaches a place.
Shivaye: Look Driver, don’t tell anyone that I come here.
Driver: What sir for last 3 years also I didn’t tell anyone? Why would I tell anyone now?
Shivaye: Great.
Shivaye goes to a place which is a tea stall. There Shivaye sits down.
Shivaye: One cup of tea, please.
The guy goes and comes to bring a cup of tea.
Shivaye: The weather seems good.
Later, Anika on the other hand comes there.
Anika: One cup of tea.
Later, the guy leaves.
Anika: I should call Shivin now.
As Anika is about to call,
Anika: Oh yes, he have some work never mind I call him later.
Later, the guy serves Shivaye tea and also Anika tea.
Anika and Shivaye are at the same place but they dont see each other.
Shivaye is drinking tea and he remember something,
Voice of a girl: Hey dont drink tea like this.
Shivaye: Then how should I drink?
Girl: Pour some on the small plate and then sip it from there.
Shivaye: Disgusting.
Girl: You will enjoy it. Try it.
Shivaye gets out of the flashback and smiles. Later he finishes tea.
And he goes to the stall and pay.
Shivaye: How much?
Guy: 15 Rs.
Shivaye pays the guy and the guy gives him change, and Shivaye is about to take the change, Anika comes and also takes the change at the same time, and as they hold the note together they look at each other. They share an eyelock. O Jaana plays.

Rudra on the other hand, is walking in a place, and just then he hears a voice.
Rudra: That voice seems so familiar. Is that love angel? Rudra looks around and he walks around the street to find the girl who is singing. Later, its revealed that Soumya is the one singing in a restaurant.
All claps. Soumya continues singing.
Just then Soumya sees Rudra nearby,
Soumya: (in her mind) What is he doing here? If he sees me here, it would be a big problem.
Soumya leaves.
Man: At least complete singing your song.
Soumya runs from there. Rudra comes there.
Rudra: Who was singing here a while ago?
Soumya is hiding.
Man: Our restaurant singer.
Rudra: Where is she?
Man: No idea. She suddenly went away.
Rudra: What!
Man: Yes
Rudra gets angry.
Rudra: Even today I failed to meet love angel.
Rudra: If you meet her, give me my number. Tell her that Rudra Singh Oberoi wants to meet her.
Rudra gives the man the number and leaves. Soumya takes a sigh of relief.
Soumya: Luckily he didn’t see me here.
As Soumya is about to go,and she is shocked as Rudra sees her.
Soumya: Rudra?

At another place, Omkara is the car.
Om: I behaved too harshly with Riddhima, I should go to her house and apologize to her. This is too much. Now I also have to handle this.
Just then the car stops,
Om: What happened?
Driver: Omkara sir, the car is not starting.
Om: What!
Driver: Yes, I have to check, you have to get out of the car.
Om: Oh god.
Omkara gets out of the car. The driver checks the car.
Om: How long it will take?
Driver: Not so long.
Omkara is waiting and on the other hand, Ishana is also walking there. Ishana is feeling weak. Just then Ishana’s mom calls Ishana.
Ishana: Hello mom, how are you?
Ishana’s mom: I am fine but Anika told me that you have not ate anything since morning.
Ishana: This Anika na.
Ishana’s mom: Have you ate anything or that also you forgot? It’s evening now.
Ishana: Yes I have ate.
Ishana’s mom: Anika told me that Shivin and his parents and coming tomorrow to fix their wedding date, so manage it beta.
Ishana: Don’t worry Maa no need to worry.
Ishana keeps the phone.
Ishana: Sorry for lying to you mom, but I will eat later.
Ishana feels dizzy, and she starts to stumble. Just then she gets a call.
Ishana: Hello Abeer, find out all the details of that person. We must make sure this time we dont make any mistake.
Ishana: And no one should know about it.
And some mysterious person aims a gun at Ishana and she is unaware as the person is hiding behind the tree.
Ishana keeps the phone and holds her head.
Driver: Sir, the car is fixed now you can go in now.
Om: Finally! Omkara is about to go in and he sees the mysterious person and he is shocked as he sees him aiming the gun at the girl (Ishana) which Omkara sees from behind. Ishana who is unaware. Omkara sees this and gets shocked and runs to save Ishana and the guy shoots. Later, Omkara holds Ishana which makes the guy fail his aim and the bullet hits the tree. Ishana is shocked and clueless and before she can see Omkara’s face she feels dizzy and she faints. Omkara holds her and tries to wake her up.
And later he is shocked as he finds out the girl is Ishana as he sees her face. Music plays and Omkara stares at Ishana’s face.
The episode ends.

Precap: Shivaye and Anika meets each other where Anika comes and slaps Shivaye. Shivaye is shocked. And then Omkara and Ishana meet each other and then Ishana asks Omkara if she knows him. Omkara is surprised. Rudra tells Soumya that no need to hide from me I have got to know everything. Soumya is nervous. Also flashbacks of what happened 3 years ago will be shown.

Why did Anika slapped Shivaye? Why did Ishana refused to recognise Omkara? What did Rudra got to know about Soumya?

Hey all I am sorry for not adding much AnShi, IshKara and RudMya scenes in the first episode as it’s introduction of the characters which I focused more on. I hope you all liked the first episode. Second episodes there will be more AnShi, IshKara and RudMya scenes.

And well, my lessons ended and also my tests ended. The next episode I will publish earlier than usual on 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 Aug. I have two exams one on 22 and one on 24, so to relax myself while studying I will take breaks and will write my fan fiction little bit to relive stress. Once I finish writing I will publish the episodes.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you (:

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey shanya aww so sweet sorry for making u wait well the next epi I will publish on wed or thu as I have exams next week haha so I write while taking break from studying to release stress

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      Hey meghs thanks for commenting and first epi always boring as I didnt add much anshi, ishkara and rudmya scenes and happy u liked it and next part I update on wed on thu and thanks haha 🙂

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      Hey nithu thanks for commmenting dear and aww so sweet happy u liked it 🙂

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      Hey riya thanks for commenting and next epi I will publish on wed or thu

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      Hey sumo thanks for commenting and aww so sweet of u happy u liked it 🙂

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      Hey sanju thanks for commenting dear happy u liked the epi and next epi I will upload on wed or thu thanks dear 🙂

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      Hey goms thanks happy u liked it 🙂

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