ISHQBAAZ FF-Our Angel, Ishana- Chapter 16

Hi…. I’m back again with this update… I don’t know how many times I should apologize for the late update…. I don’t know why but my heart couldn’t connect with this story no matter how many times I tried… Maybe because the track has ended in the show and it was better than this….



Abhay is still looking at Ishana waiting for her to answer him while Ishana is dumbstruck with his question. She looks at Navya helplessly while Navya is also helpless like her. Abhay snaps his fingers in front of Ishana’s face.

Abhay: Excuse me, miss. I’m asking you something. How do you know that I’m having problems with the Oberois??

Ishu: Woh….. Woh…… (stops when Shravani enters the cabin with other cops.) Shravs!!?? (Shravani goes towards them.)

Shrav: Ishu, you are here too??

Ishu: Navya told me about the attack. That’s why I came here.

Shrav: Are you alright, Navya?? Did he attack you??

Navya: I’m fine, bhabhi. Luckily, he came. (Pointing towards Abhay.) This is Mr Abhay, Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s cousin. (Shravani nods.)

Shrav: Have you seen his face?? How was he looking like?? Can you describe??

Navya: He was wearing a mask, so we couldn’t see his face.

Shrav: Other than that?? I mean his height, weight.

Navya: He is very tall and tough too.

Shivaay: Ishana, ask your bhabhi to see the CCTV footage rather than asking your friend. (A guy enters the cabin.)

Cons: Mam, the footage is ready. You can come and watch it. (Shravani nods and about to go. Ishana smirks at him.)

Shivaay: Hey, tell her that you want to follow her too. (Ishana nods and about to call Shravani.)

Shrav: (looks at IshNavAb) Three of you too come with me. (IshNavAb agree and follow Shravani.)


Four of them are watching the CCTV footage. Shivaay too watches it standing beside Ishana.

Ishu: (towards Shivaay) Do you know who is he?? (Abhay who is standing beside Ishana thought she is asking him.)

Abhay: How I will know?? He is wearing a mask. Can’t you see??

Ishu: Excuse me. I’m not asking you.

Abhay: Then, who else you were asking?? You are blaming me since then. You were talking like you know everything about me and the family.

Ishu: Yeah, I know everything. Do you have any problem with that?? (Shravani is confused seeing their argument.)

Shrav: What is happening here?? Ishu, you both already know each other earlier??

Abhay: Seems like only I know her today but she has known me earlier.

Shrav: (confused) What he is saying, Ishu?? Have you known him earlier??

Ishu: Shravs……

Abhay: Wait a minute. Are you both know each other??

Navya: Mr Abhay, this is ACP Shravani Raichand, Ishu’s bhabhi as well as mine. And bhabhi, you know right she is closer with the Oberois these days. Maybe, she has know about him from one of them. Mr Abhay, her family and Oberois are family friends. They just met after many years. Ishu used to go to their house these days.

Abhay: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?? I was asking since then.

Ishu: (mutters to herself) She didn’t think of this before.

Abhay: (heard Ishana) What??

Shrav: Just stop it, both of you. (IshAb keep quiet.) Navya, have you informed his family??

Navya: Yes, bhabhi. They must be coming now. (Shravani nods and looks at the constable.) Take a copy of this footage and give to me. I need it for the investigation. And ask the family members to see me after they come. I will be waiting at Navya’s cabin. (The constable nods and leaves from the room followed by IshNavAb.)

Navya’s Cabin

Shravani is on call with someone while Abhay is pacing at the cabin thinking about the person who wanted to harm Shivaay.

Ishu: Navya, why did you inform his family??

Navya: What question is this?? His family must know about this. It’s about his life. They too should know that enemy is trying to harm him.

Ishu: But they will be very much worried. Annika is very sensitive if it comes about her husband.

Shrav: (ends her call) Ishu, we can’t hide this type of matter from the family. They are having the rights to know it.

Ishu: But Shravs, they must be blaming this hospital and staffs for being careless.

Shrav: Obviously!! My department will be blamed as well for not arranging any cop to protect him. It’s my mistake. I should have arranged that when this case came to my hand.

Navya: Don’t blame yourself, bhabhi. This hospital is not lack of securities. But, I don’t know how it has happened. I’m sorry. From now onwards, I will be very careful. (Abhay stops walking and just watches them silently.)

Ishu: Relax, Navya. How do you know this kind of attack will happen on him?? We all thought it was just an accident. (They look at her confusingly.)

Shrav: What do you mean by that?? We thought it was just an accident means?? It was not an accident?? (Ishana realised what she said and looks at Shivaay who is glaring at her.)

Shivaay: You can’t keep your mouth shut for some time, right??

Shrav: Ishu, I’m asking you. Why are you looking that side??

Abhay: Madam, she was doing the same since then. Whenever I asked her something, she will turn another side like the answer is written there. So strange. (Shravani looks at Ishana confusingly while Navya just shakes her head.)

Shrav: Ishu, are you alright??

Ishu: Yeah, Shravs. I’m good. Actually, it was just my assumption. Shivaay is in coma now. Why someone would attack a coma patient?? That means the person wants him to die. Maybe, he has tried to kill Shivaay in the accident but Shivaay didn’t die. That’s why he tried to kill him here. (Shravani could understand the logic in Ishana’s view.)

Abhay: Yeah, you are right. Maybe, Shivaay bhaiya’s accident was not an accident. Someone tried to kill him.

Shrav: (thinks something and looks at Ishana) Do you know Shivaay before this?? (Ishana raises her eyebrows in shock.) You are saying his name like you have known him earlier. Have you met him before this?? (Ishana nods her head and then shakes her head in negative.) Why are you nodding and shaking your head?? Just say yes or no.

Ishu: No, Shravs. (Looks at Shivaay) I haven’t meet him before this. His name is very long. That’s why I said Shivaay only. (The Oberois enter the cabin. Omkara becomes angry seeing Abhay there and barges towards him holding his neck shocking everyone.)

Om: You are the one tried to kill Shivaay, right?? I’m not going to spare you!! (The Oberois try to pull Omkara from Abhay but he doesn’t leave him.) Leave me!! He is the reason for everything!! He must be the one tried to kill Shivaay now!!

Shrav: What are you doing?? Leave him first!!

Om: No, I’m not going to leave him.

Shrav: Do you want to leave him or…….??? (Stops when Ishana grabs her gun which is hanging on her waist.) Ishu!!!??

Ishu: Sorry, Shravs. I don’t have any option than this. (She places gun on Omkara’s temple.) Leave him or I will shoot you.

Om: I’m not scared. Just shoot if you can!!

Ishu: Don’t challenge me, Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi. I am a well trained shooter. My bhabhi has taught me. So, don’t think that I won’t shoot you. Just take your hands from him.

Shivaay: Ishana, don’t you dare to harm my brother. I will not spare you.

Ishu: Just shut up!! I know what I am doing. (Everyone are confused.)

Om: What?? (Still choking Abhay’s neck.)

Ishu: Leave him!!

Om: I won’t!!

Annika: Om, leave him. (Holds his arm.)

Om: I won’t, bhabhi.

Ishu: You won’t listen to your bhabhi too?? (Abhay started to cough.) Fine!! (She takes the gun from him.)

Om: (sarcastically) What happened to your guts, well trained shooter?? You threatened me that you will shoot me.

Shrav: Ishu, give the gun to me. Mr Oberoi, leave him or……. (Stops seeing Ishana pointing gun on Rudra’s head.) Ishu!!?? (Omkara too turns towards them.)

Om: Hey!! Don’t you dare!! Leave my brother.

Shivaay: What are you doing, Ishana!!?? Leave Rudra!! (Ishana feels irritated with Shivaay and glares at him.)

Ishu: You leave him first!!

Gauri: Omkara ji, she is telling you, right?? Leave him. (Pulling him from Abhay)

Rudra: Leave him, O. Or this girl will shoot me. (Making a crybaby face. Omkara leaves Abhay. Gauri holds Omkara. Abhay coughs badly while Navya gives him a glass of water.) He has left him, can you please take this gun from my head?? I’m scared. (Ishana chuckles.)

Ishu: (takes the gun) Don’t worry, Rudy man. I won’t shoot you. I don’t even know how to use this gun. (Omkara looks at her in shock while she just smirks at him. She hands over the gun to Shravani.) Sorry, Shravs. (Shravani takes the gun.)

Shrav: Don’t touch this gun again or…..??

Ishu: You will arrest me. I know. (Shravani wants to laugh hearing her but she controls herself.)

Gauri: You don’t know how to use the gun?? (Ishana shakes her head.) Then, why did you blackmailed Omkara ji??

Ishu: Then, what should I do when he was choking this guy’s neck?? He never listened to you all. That’s why I did like that.

Rudra: What if you have shot me by mistake??

Shrav: She can’t shoot you. The gun is locked. (All look at her shockingly.)

Rudra: That’s why you didn’t stop her?? (Shravani nods.)

Annika: How is Shivaay?? Is he fine??

Shrav: He is alright. Someone tried to kill him by giving poison.

Om: It must be him only. (Omkara says looking at Abhay and again barges towards Abhay but Ishana came in between.)

Ishu: Can you listen completely first before attacking him again?? (Omkara stares at her.) Why you rich people always rush in everything?? Why don’t you think first before doing anything??

Annika: Ok, Ishana. Tell us first. What really happened?? (Ishana looks at Navya and Navya tells them whatever happened.)

Ishu: So, do you understand now?? The guy whom you are blaming is the one who has saved your Shivaay. You all must thank him for that.

Annika: Thanks, Abhay. I don’t know what could have happened to Shivaay if you didn’t save him.

Abhay: Don’t mention it, bhabhi. He is my brother and it’s my duty to protect him from danger. Moreover, I felt guilty that he is in this condition because of me. If I didn’t fight with all of you regarding Kalyani Mills fire accident that day, you and Shivaay bhaiya must not have left Mumbai and come here. This all must never happened.

Tej: Listen, Abhay. You are believing us or not but the truth is we are not the reason for the fire accident 25 years ago. We are not heartless person to kill our staffs who have worked hard for our company.

Abhay: I have seen the footage where you have ignited the lighter, Mr Oberoi.

Ishu: But that doesn’t mean he has burnt the factory, Mr Abhay. (All look at her shockingly and she realised what she has said.) What I am trying to say is we should think from different angles and don’t come to any conclusion hastily.

Om: It’s a waste explaining to him. And we are here for Shivaay, not him. (Towards Shravani) Did you find out who was the person whom tried to harm Shivaay??

Shrav: Nope. We are trying to find him. But I need to know if he is having any enemies who wanted him to die.

Rudra: We don’t think he is having any enemies personally except business rivals. But our family is having an enemy.

Shrav: Really?? Who is that??

All: (except IshNav) Swetlana.

Shrav: Swetlana?? What enmity you are having with her?? (The Oberois look each other hesitatingly.)

Bhavya: It’s quite personal.

Shrav: When it comes about life, personal won’t be cared. You are an ex ACP and I hope you are aware of that.

Ishu: You are an ACP too??

Shrav: She was, Ishu. Not now.

Ishu: (towards Shivaay) You didn’t tell me that she is an ACP.

Shrav: What?? Why should I tell you?? It’s not even a matter for you.

Ishu: No, Shravs. Actually, I’m surprised. I was wondering why she didn’t react when I placed gun on these two guys.

Rudra: Correct!! I’m wondering the same. Bhavya, why you didn’t react when she placed the gun on us??

Bhavya: Woh… I know you just wanted to threaten Om bhaiya to leave Abhay. And I know that your bhabhi must have locked her gun. (A police enters the cabin.)

Police: Mam, I have copied the footage as you said. (Hands over a USB drive to Shravani.)

Shrav: (takes the USB) Thank you. You can go now. (The police leaves outside.) I will show you a footage. Tell me if you can identify the person. (The Oberois nods.) Navya, can I use your system for a while??

Navya: Sure, bhabhi. (Goes to her system and inserts the USB. She plays the footage and all watch the video.)

Ishu: (whispers to Shivaay) You have went to your past, right?? Can you go again to see who is this man that wants to kill you??

Shivaay: Good idea. You are really a brilliant girl. (He says in a teasing way.) Do you think that I can go to my past whenever I wished?? I don’t have that super power with me. I only can go if the destiny wished me to go. (Ishana sees everyone are involved in watching the video. So , she continues whispering to Shivaay.)

Ishu: Hey, you can penetrate, right?? Why don’t you enter inside this video and find out who is the person?? (Shivaay looks at her in disbelief.)

Shivaay: Are you serious?? How I will enter inside this video?? I can’t. If I penetrate too, I only can see the tools inside the monitor. Not more than that.

Ishu: Then, what power do you have being a soul??

Shivaay: I’m just a soul, ok?? Not God. I don’t have any power.

Ishu: Oh!! Then, how come you can touch me but not others?? Is that not a power??

Shivaay: No, it’s not a power but God’s blessings for me. Fine, I’m asking you. Why don’t you enter inside the footage?? You also having a power right?? You can see my soul when others can’t see me. Go and jump into the system. (Pushes her and she falls on Navya making everyone startled. Navya holds her.)

Shrav: What’s wrong with you, Ishu?? How did you fall??

Ishu: (stares at Shivaay who is smirking at her) Woh….. (stops when her eyes caught something on the screen.) Navya, rewind the clip. (Navya looks at her confusingly.) Faster rewind. (Navya agrees and rewind the clip.) Enough enough!! Play it now. (Navya sighs and plays the video. Ishana goes near the monitor and looks at something while everyone are confused with her.)

Shrav: What are you looking at??

Ishu: Shravs, woh….. (stops seeing Veer entering the room. All turn their gaze towards Veer. Shivaay clenches his fist in anger recalling his talk with Swetlana that day. Ishana notices him and signs him to not to do anything.)

Om: Veer?? You are here??

Veer: I saw you all were leaving hurrily from your house. I was worried and that’s why I followed behind you.

Ishu: They are here for long time but you are just coming?? (Veer is surprised with her question.)

Veer: I was searching for parking just now.

Ishu: Oh!! They got parking for their cars but you couldn’t find parking for your car. Navya, is this hospital very small that he couldn’t find a parking for his car?? Please ask the owner to build extra parking lots. (Veer just stares at her angrily.)

Veer: Shivaay is fine, right??

Ishu: Why?? Do you think that something happened to him??

Shrav: Ishu!!?? (Ishana keeps quiet when she looks at something.)

Om: Shivaay is fine. Luckily, nothing happened to him. Someone tried to inject poison to him but this doctor and Abhay saw him and managed to stop him. But, unfortunately he has escaped.

Veer: (fake smile) That’s good. Thank you, doctor and Abhay.

Ishu: Navya, where is the bracelet that I gifted to you for your birthday last year?? (Holds her hand. Navya looks at her wrist and sees the bracelet not there.) Have you removed it?? (All look at her in disbelief.)

Navya: No, Ishu. I will remove whenever I need to do surgery only. I was wearing it only and I saw it this morning too. I don’t know where I have missed it.

Rudra: Excuse me. (IshNav turn to Rudra.) We are worrying about my brother here but you are asking about your friend’s bracelet. Is the bracelet important now??

Ishu: Yes, it’s important for me. You don’t interfere.

Shrav: Ishu, leave!!

Ishu: Shravs!!??

Om: Your bhabhi is right. You please leave from here and find the bracelet.

Ishu: Why I need to leave?? I can get the bracelet by staying here.

Rudra: How?? By doing any magic??

Ishu: Yes, Rudy man. By magic. Do you want to see??

Shrav: (sternly) Ishu, I said leave!!!

Ishu: Just one minute, Shravs. (The Oberois are annoyed with Ishana. Ishana doesn’t bother about that. She brings her hand in front of Rudra’s face and moved her fingers like doing a magic.) Jee boom baa!!!

Gauri: What is wrong with this chiraiya??

Om: She has gone mad!!

Ishu: (excitingly) Hah!! I have found it!! (They look at her confusingly. She walks towards Veer and smirks at him. She takes his hand and shows to everyone.) Here is the bracelet!! (Shows the bracelet which is hanging on his sleeve button. Veer is shocked to see the bracelet as well as everyone.)

Navya: My bracelet!! (Taking the bracelet from him) How did it come to you??

Ishu: It has went for a walk and jumped sitting on his shirt when it saw him. (She said teasingly.)

Rudra: Woww!! This is really a magic. Not bad, Ishana ji. You can do magic. Right, Veer??

Veer: (stammers) Yeah…. It’s magic…. Magic…..

Ishu: (smirks) Magic!!?? Magic!!?? I will show another magic. (Goes towards the system and plays the footage where Navya struggles with the person who tried to harm Shivaay. Ishana paused the footage.) See this. (Plays again and they see Navya’s bracelet get stucked with the man’s button. Ishana paused the video again.) So, how is this magic?? (All turn towards Veer who is nervous watching the video. OmRu walk towards him.)

Veer: (stammers) No….. It’s not like what you all are thinking….. That is not me!! I don’t know how the bracelet came to me.

Ishu: Might be that person has thrown the bracelet and it has fallen on you, right??

Veer: Yeah!! It can be like that. Why I will kill Shivaay?? He is my friend.

Ishu: (pulls his collar angrily) Just shut up!! You blo*dy traitor!! Don’t you dare to say that Shivaay is your friend!! Just accept the truth that you are the one tried to kill Shivaay!!

Veer: No!! I won’t!!

Navya: Ishu, just now when I was struggling with that man, I have scratched his neck with my pen knife. Try to check his neck. If the scratch is there, then he is the one tried to kill Shivaay just now. (OmRu check at Veer’s neck and look at Navya.) The scratch is there?? (OmRu nod.) Marked as ‘X’?? (OmRu nod at her surprisingly.) I have marked like that. Bhabhi, he is the one came just now. (All stare at him angrily. OmRu hit him badly.)

Om: How dare you to harm my brother?? You blo*dy betrayer!! (Punches his face. RiVya try to pull them but OmRu didn’t bother and continue hitting him. Shravani is about to stop him but stops seeing Annika goes towards them.)

Annika: Leave him, OmRu!! (OmRu leave him. She pulls his collar) You tried to kill Shivaay!!?? Why?? I and Shivaay trusted you a lot!! Shivaay treated you as his friend, but you betrayed us!! Why!!?? (Shakes him holding his collar.) Why you did like this to us?? Why you wanted to kill my Shivaay!!?? (Veer pushes her and about to run but Shravani blocks him by placing gun on his forehead.)

Shrav: I have already doubted on you since I saw you at their house that day. That means you are the one must have caused his accident too. You can’t escape anymore, Mr Veer Prathap Chauhan. (A slap lands on his face and it’s none other than Pinky)

Pinky: Oh, my maata!! I was blaming my own family for my Shivaay’s state but the real reason is you. How dare you to do like this to my Shivaay!!?? (Slaps him again. Jhanvi holds Pinky calming her down. OmRu about to barge towards Veer but RiVya stop them.)

Om: Leave us. We are not going to spare him. Shivaay is in this condition because of him only!!

Bhavya: Bhaiya, law is there to punish him. (Towards Shravani) You just do what you have to. (Shravani nods and about to arrest Veer but Veer pushes her and pulls Ishana who is about to go to Annika. He places a knife on Ishana’s neck shocking everyone.)

Shrav: Hey, leave her!! Don’t you dare to do anything to her!!

Veer: Don’t dare to come near me or I will kill this girl. I know what type of problem she is having. One single scratch can cause her death. Do you want to see that?? (Presses the knife on her neck while everyone are shocked seeing the scene.)

Ishu: Shravs!!!

To be continued…….

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