Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi gives a lead to Veer

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The Episode starts with Bhairavi telling Veer that she knows about everyone. She asks for her room. She goes to take rest. Revati asks what’s all this, Lord’s daughter, no, she is some thief who has come here to steal something, she has gone to have bath, what will she wear, she didn’t get any clothes. Bhairavi goes to the locked room and breaks the lock. She enters the room. Revati gets spying on her. Bhairavi smiles seeing her and says I didn’t get clothes for myself, but my dad got the stuff after you. Revati sees the trunk.

Bhairavi asks her to change the bad behavior. Revati says you have come to marry Veer. Bhairavi argues. Veer says this girl is a fraud, we will see how this dog becomes a human. Rajguru says if Bhairav is true, we shouldn’t deny her. Veer asks why

is she doing miracle in locked room, we shall ask her about Archie. Rajguru stops him and says we have gone through punishment of going against the Lord, we shall wait and wait if Sumer comes back. Revati looks on. Maharani stops Veer and asks him to wait for some time. She says we didn’t believe that before, we shall wait. Bhairavi comes and says I will call you Rani Maharanisa. Veer scolds her. Bhairavi says my dad has forgiven inspector Sumer. She goes and opens the door.

Rajguru sends Akshay to check. Veer and everyone get shocked seeing Sumer. Akshay gets Sumer and says he just got conscious. Sumer asks where am I. He faints. Guards take him. Bhairavi asks did you all see, even if you all doubt on me, I leave this decision on Veer. Veer says I have seen the beheaded ancestors. Revati worries and runs to Jai. Veer sees her running to Jai. Sumer gets conscious in hospital. He asks how did I reach hospital. Constable says its been two weeks now. Sumer asks what, I don’t remember anything. Constable says try to recall, you insulted Kaal Bhairav and became a dog, think like a dog, I have fed you milk, remember. Doctor says maybe he has just drunk milk for weeks. Constable says Sumer has become human, now don’t say anything wrong about Kaal Bhairav.

Rajmata asks is Bhairavi really Lord’s daughter. Rajguru says yes, we shall take her help and request her to give us a solution. Vandana says she told that someone from the family will die, I don’t want to lose my son, remember what she said. Rajguru says maybe Lord has sent her to us after her years of worship. Veer says then ask her to get Archie back, until then she is just a fraud for me. He goes. Rajguru says no one can ask a river to prove that its a river, why is Veer adamant. Veer prays to Shiv. He says its not Archie’s fault, send her back, accept my prayer. He imagines Archie and cries. Bhairavi comes and says Lord has shown you Archie for a moment, you would be now sure that Lord has sent me especially as his daughter, so that I bless you and your family, you just obey me, there is hope that Archie will come back one day, I will get her back, but you have to marry me. He says you have to get Archie back first, then we will marry.

She asks what if you change your decision, promise me. He gets hesitant. She says a member of your family will die in two days, you have to find out, who is illegitimate in your family. He gets shocked. She says that person will die in two days, get him in front of Lord. He says don’t do this. She says Lord has given you a chance, if you want them to get saved, then just do as you are told, if you find the person, you are getting a chance to save that person, you will get ahead to get Archie. She goes.

Bhuri tells Pavitri about the threat on illegitimate child. Revati hugs Jai and cries for him. She tells Kashinath that she doesn’t want to lose her child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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