ISHQBAAZ FF-Our Angel, Ishana- Chapter 15


Ishana opens the door and surprised to see Soumya there.

Ishu: You??

Soumya: Yes. I came to meet you.

Ishu: Me?? (Soumya nods.) Why?? Anything important??

Soumya: You won’t invite me inside??

Ishu: Oh!! Sorry. Please come inside. (Soumya smiles and enters inside the house.)

Soumya: I think you are going to go somewhere but I came and disturb you.

Ishu: Nothing like that, Soumya. I can go later.

Soumya: But I came here so that you can go out. (Ishana is confused with her while Soumya just smiles at her. She takes Ishana’s hand and places something on her palm. Ishana looks at it in surprise.) Your scooter’s key. You missed it in our car yesterday.

Ishu: Yeah. I didn’t realise that I have missed it.

Soumya: Maybe it has fallen from your handbag yesterday and you didn’t notice it.

Ishu: Thank you very much, Soumya. You are right, I can’t go anywhere without my scooter. Shravs won’t allow me to take rickshaw too. (Soumya smiles at her.)

Soumya: It’s cute. I mean the way you are addressing your bhabhi. (Ishana smiles.)

Ishu: Anyhow, thank you once again.

Soumya: Welcome. I’m leaving now.

Ishu: (nods and thinks) I want to go to the house to know about Shivaay but how?? (Soumya turns back to her.)

Soumya: Khidkithodh Annika!! (Ishana looks at her.) How do you know about that?? Annika di is called like that by her family only. Others don’t aware of it. But how do you know?? Not only that, you made tea for her and hot chocolate for me. It was like you already aware of our favourites. How, Ishana?? You just knew us few days ago. But you know a lot about us including Annika di’s fear of darkness. Maybe these all can be called as coincidence but definitely not ‘khidkithodh Annika’. How, Ishana?? What connection you are having with that family??

Ishu: I wish I could tell you, Soumya but you won’t believe me if I tell you. And I don’t have any proof that can make you to believe me.

Soumya: Just tell me, Ishana. I will decide to believe you or not.

Ishu: It’s not easy, Soumya. You will say like this but you will change your mind after I tell you.

Soumya: Fine. If you are hesitating this much, then I won’t force you. But you can tell me when you feel that I will trust you. (Ishana nods and Soumya leaves from there. Ishana locks the door after Soumya left.)

Ishu: God!! Soumya started to have doubt on me. Where this Shivaay has went?? (She sighs and closed her eyes. She opens her eyes and about to leave when she heard a voice.)

Voice: Ishana!! (Ishana turns and sighs in relief.)

Ishu: Shivaay!!?? Where have you been since yesterday?? Do you know how worried I was?? (She is about to hug him but she penetrates his body and fell on the floor.)

Shivaay: Are you mad?? You know, right that you can’t touch me. Then, why?? (He helps her to stand.) Are you ok?? You are not hurt, right??

Ishu: How mean?? I was worrying about you but you are scolding me. I’m fine. You tell me where have you been??

Shivaay: I went to my past, Ishana.

Ishu: (confused) Past?? Means??

Shivaay: Yes, Ishana. I have gone to my past which was the day before I met with accident. (Ishana is still confused with him.) I’m saying the truth, Ishana. I went to that day. And, I get to know that whatever happened to me was not an accident. It’s a murder attempt.

Ishu: (shocked) What?? Are you sure??

Shivaay: Yes, Ishana. It’s a preplanned murder attempt. Do you want to know who is the person?? (Ishana nods.) The person whom you and your bhabhi doubted, Veer Prathap Chauhan. (Ishana again shocked.) You already warned me about him but I didn’t trust you. But you are right. He is the one wanted to kill me.

Ishu: But why he wanted to kill you??

Shivaay: Because he wants Annika!! (Shivaay blurted out making her shocked.) He is obsessed with her and wanted to separate me and Annika. That’s why he….. (His eyes are holding tears while saying this.)

Ishu: Chi!! What a cheap character?? Obsessed with someone’s wife?? (Giving a disgusting look.)

Shivaay: But he is not alone, Ishana. Swetlana is the mastermind. She wants to destroy my family and for that she is using him.

Ishu: I can understand. They have joined their hands to destroy your family. So, Veer’s payment is your Annika. Right??

Shivaay: Yes. But…..

Ishu: (being determined) We won’t let that to happen, Shivaay. Veer’s shadow won’t fall on her. (Looks at him with puppy face.) I can’t speak this type of heroism dialogues all, Shivaay. It’s getting more harder now. How I can help your family when the enemy is very much close with them?? How I will fight that Thangabali alone?? (Holds her temples with her both hands.)

Shivaay: I understand, Ishana and I was thinking the same too. I can’t put you in danger for helping me. Your safety is important as well. We can’t tell them about him. My family is trusting him completely. We don’t have proof too. No one will trust you if you tell them about him. And you can’t stay with them all the time.

Ishu: Shivaay, we can’t tell your entire family but we can tell one of them.

Shivaay: About Veer??

Ishu: Yes and about you too.

Shivaay: Do you think anyone of them will believe this?? Remember, last time you only said that my family will think that your are mad if you tell them that you can see my soul.

Ishu: Haan, I remember. But what to do?? We have to take this step now. We will try first. We can’t say anything before trying. (Thinks for a while) Maybe that person will trust me.

Shivaay: (confused) Who??

Ishu: Soumya.

Shivaay: Soumya!!?? Why Soumya??

Ishu: Because she is already having doubt on me. Maybe she will believe me and can help us too. Besides that, as you said I can’t always stay with your family. We need someone from your family to help us. I can’t tell this to Annika or others. Our only hope is Soumya.

Shivaay: How if she doesn’t believe you??

Ishu: Let’s try first. You are a businessman right?? Will you just let go any business deal before trying??

Shivaay: This is not a business deal.

Ishu: This is your life as well as your family’s which is more important than business. We have to try in many possible ways to protect our family. Understand?? (Shivaay is shocked and stunned with her answer which he never expect from a girl who is younger than him.)

Shivaay: Ok. I understand. So, how you are going to tell her??

Ishu: We need to think first.

Soumya who just get in an Uber started to recall her conversation with Ishana just now.

Soumya: (thinks) She is definitely hiding something. What she meant by that?? I won’t believe her?? What could be the matter?? I think I have to talk with her again and try to know what she meant just now. (Her mobile rings and she answers it.) Hello!! (Shocked) What?? (She ends the call and her face is looking tensed.)


Navya is heading towards cafe to grab something for breakfast. She walks passing Shivaay’s ward. She thought to have a look at him before going to cafe. She enters inside the room and surprised to see someone who is wearing doctor’s coat is about to inject something in Shivaay’s drip.

Navya: Excuse me!! (The person turns in shock. He is wearing a mask below the eyes, so Navya couldn’t see the face completely.) What are you doing?? We already gave medicines to the patient. What are you giving him?? (The person just looks at her shockingly.) I’m asking you. Answer me. I never seen you here before. Who are you?? And this patient is under my observation. You cannot simply enter this ward without my permission. Tell me who are you?? (The person is still doesn’t answer anything and continuously stares at her.)

A guy is seen walking at the corridor towards a room. He stands in front of the door and stops himself from entering inside the room after seeing two doctors there. His hazel eyes are welled with tears seeing Shivaay lying lifelessly on the bed.

Guy: I’m sorry, bhaiya. I never thought this would happen to you. Never in my dream I wished for this. Please forgive me, bhaiya.

Inside the ward

Navya: I’m asking you, right?? Answer me!! (Looks at the injection and the bottle he is holding.) What medicine is that?? Show me!! (She grabs the bottle from him and looks at it. She becomes shock.) Poison!! How dare you!!?? (He pushes her and she falls. The guy outside get confused seeing the scene inside. Navya gets up from her place and holds his hand from injecting the drip. The guy feels something is not right and enters inside the room. Navya takes a pen knife which is hanging on her handbag and scratches his neck. The man winces in pain and pushes her.She is about to fall but held by the guy who enters the room after watching the scene.) Stop him!! He is trying to kill him. (The guy looks at the man who is about to inject again and grabs his neck. Navya tries to get the injection from him but the man holds it tightly.)

Guy: Who are you?? What are you trying to do to my brother?? (He is about to pull the person’s mask but the man takes a glass and hits his head. The guy feels pain and leaves him. The man pushes Navya and she falls on the small table making all the things to fall down. Hearing the noise, other staffs rush towards the ward. The man is shocked to see them.)

Navya: Catch him!! He tried to harm the patient. (They surrounded him but he pulls Navya and places a knife on her neck. Navya is shocked and tries to escape but he presses the knife on her neck. He signs them to move away. They move from there. He walks out from the room with Navya. He pushes Navya inside the ward and he runs from there. The guy holds Navya.He and others chase the man but the man is fast enough to escape from there. Navya sighs in disappointment. She looks at the guy who helped her just now.)

Guy: I’m sorry. I missed him.

Navya: No, it’s ok. Actually, I should thank you. Luckily, you were there or I don’t know what would have happen. So, thank you.

Guy: No problem. I did what I should do only. Are you alright?? He placed knife on your neck just now.

Navya: I’m good. You are Mr…..??

Guy: I’m Abhay, Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s cousin.

Navya: Aww!! Thank you, Mr Abhay. (The dean and few doctors come towards them.)

Dean: Navya, what happened?? I heard someone tried to harm Mr Oberoi.

Navya: Yes, doctor. But we have stopped him.

Dean: (looks at the nurses who just came there) Where all of you have been?? Do you know what could have happened just now?? Someone came to harm Shivaay Singh Oberoi. These many securities are here but still someone can try to attack a patient here. What you all are doing??

Navya: He disguised as a doctor and was wearing a mask. That’s why no one suspected him.

Dean: Who is the nurse supposed to look at him??

Nurse: Me sir.

Dean: Where have you been without staying with him??

Nurse: Sorry, doctor. I went to washroom just now.

Dean: Fine. But you should have asked help from another nurse to look at the patient till you come.

Nurse: Sorry, doctor. I thought it’s for a while only. That’s why…..

Dean: Even though it’s a minute, you should care for it. Do you know how important the patient is?? It’s an accident case and the police are still investigating it. If something happened to him, all of us will be in trouble. (The nurse looks down in guilt.) Make sure this incident never repeat again.

Nurse: Yes, doctor!!

Dean: All of you can leave now. (All leave except Navya and Abhay.) Navya, are you ok??

Navya: I’m good, doctor. And sorry for…..

Dean: That’s ok. Luckily, nothing bad happened. (Looks at Abhay.) Thank you very much for coming on right time. (Abhay smiles.) Your head is injured. Navya, take him with you and treat his wound.

Navya: Sure, doctor. (Turns to Abhay.) Come with me. (Abhay goes with her.)

Navya’s Cabin

Navya is threating Abhay’s wound when Ishana barges into her cabin shouting her name. Navya is shocked and accidentally rubs the wound hard. Abhay winces in pain.

Navya: Oh, I’m sorry. (Feeling bad for him.)

Abhay: It’s ok.

Navya: (turns to Ishana) Why did you shout?? See what I have done!!

Ishu: I rushed here worrying about you but you are scolding me. How mean!!??

Navya: I told you right that I’m fine. My good luck he came that time. Or I don’t what would have to both of us. By the way, he is Mr Abhay, Shivaay’s cousin. And Mr Abhay, this is Ishana, my best friend. (They smile at each other.)

Ishu: You are Shivaay’s cousin?? I have never seen you before this.

Abhay: Do you know Shivaay bhaiya’s family?? (Ishana is about to say something but stops hearing Shivaay’s voice.)

Shivaay: Abhay?? What he is doing here?? All problems started because of him only!! (Ishana looks at him in surprise while Abhay is confused. Navya understands Shivaay has came there by seeing Ishana’s reaction.)

Ishu: (looks at Navya) I need to use washroom. (Navya nods and Ishana leaves with Shivaay.)

Abhay: What is wrong with her??

Navya: She is like that only. Don’t bother about her. I will put bandage on your head.

Abhay: Oh!! I thought she saw some ghost. (Navya just smiles and bandages his wound.)

Outside Navya’s Cabin

Ishana is behind a pillar with Shivaay. She places earphone in her both ears and pretends to be on call so that no one will doubt her.

Ishu: What were you saying just now?? That guy is the reason for all the problems??

Shivaay: Yes!! He is the one has married that Swetlana and wanted to take revenge on my family.

Ishu: But he is the one saved you just now. If he wants to take revenge on your family, why he has to save you?? He must have let you to die.

Shivaay: This must be a part of his plan too. He wants to gain good name by saving me. So that no one will doubt him.

Ishu: But what he will get by killing you??

Shivaay: Oberois destruction. He and Swetlana want that only. If I died, they can destroy my family easily. Swetlana blackmailed me showing the Kalyani Mills footage where my bade papa igniting the fire. Abhay too believe that my family was the reason for the accident and wants to destroy us. But I know my family can’t do like that.

Ishu: Shivaay, maybe your family are not the reason behind the incident. But why they threw Abhay’s father from your house?? They should have explained to him. That is the reason for Abhay’s anger and he believes that your family behind the fire incident. He is not wrong too. Anyone will behave like him if they are in his situation. He is upset that his father has been thrown out from the family. They lived alone these years while all of you are happy with your lives.

Shivaay: That’s why we accepted him even after learning that he wanted to destroy us but he married that Swetlana and brought her to our house.

Ishu: Maybe he didn’t know who was Swetlana for your family. You should have spoke to him, Shivaay. But you didn’t do like that and simply come to a conclusion.

Shivaay: I wanted to ask him why he married Swetlana but Swetlana showed the footage that time and made a deal with me. I was helpless and followed whatever she said to stop her from handing over the footage to media. I’m staying separated from my family whom I loved the most.

Navya’s Cabin

Ishana enters inside and goes towards Abhay who is about to leave from there.

Ishu: Excuse me, Mr Abhay. (Abhay looks at her.) Are you somehow related with the attack on Shivaay just now??

Abhay: (shocked) What?? Why I wanted to attack him?? He is my brother.

Navya: What are you asking, Ishu?? He is the one saved Shivaay just now. (Ishana ignores her and looks at Abhay.)

Ishu: You already having problems with the Oberois because of Kalyani Mills fire incident. You thought that Oberois are behind the incident and wanted to revenge on them. That’s why you wanted to attack Shivaay who is the shield for the family. So that Oberois can be destroyed easily.

Abhay: Listen. It’s true that I wanted to take revenge on the Oberois because of the fire incident years ago and for throwing my father from their house. But my anger is on the senior Oberois, not on juniors. I know they are innocent. What has hurt me was three of them has lived happily but I was all alone with my father these years. And I wanted to separate them but I know it won’t happen. Their bonding is too strong that no one can break. That’s why I backed off from separating them and just wanted to prove that the Oberois are the reason for the fire accident. I want the truth to be revealed to this world. I never thought to harm any of them especially Shivaay bhaiya. He has accepted me after learning that I’m his brother. How I will think to harm him?? (Ishana looks at Shivaay who is shocked listening to Abhay’s words. Abhay looks at Ishana confusingly.) How do you know that I’m having problem with Oberois?? (Ishana looks at him shockingly doesn’t know how to answer him. Navya shakes her head realising that they are caught now.)

To be continued……

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