Ishqbaaz FF- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Episode24

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We both slip into the taxi and as she made her way to the hospital.
Little did she know she was about to come face to face with a part of her past that she’d prefer to stay…. in her past.
Anika looked outside of the taxi as the scenery flew past her in a vague hue of colours.
Finally the taxi stopped and Sahil took the liberty to pay as Anika was just not herself.
Stepping outside there as a strange feeling in the air of something
Every second, every step towards the sliding door to the hospital felt like an eternity for Anika.

At the front desk she got the floor and room number where he was and she made her way towards the elevator.
Five minutes later Anika and Sahil found them being led to a door to a private ward by one of the porters.

Anika closed her tears filled eyes as she took a moment before she entered.
She leaned against the cool wall letting out an audible sigh.
“I don’t know why I am here” Anika said just as one of the nurses came to check on her.
“Are you nervous, di?” Sahil said as he looked up to his visibly upset big sister who is usually so strong and confident but his eyes met with a scared and insecure girl who is a shadow of the sister he knows.

Anika took in a deep breath and proceeded towards the front desk.

“Good afternoon, I am Anika”
“Someone phoned me with regards to Billu ji……. I mean…. Mr Shivaay Singh Oberio” she said her voices in a faint whisper.
Meanwhile the family was also informed of Shivaay’s accident and they all came to Goa.

“What is she doing here?” Pink asked aloud.
At once everyone looked over to the door.
“Mrs Oberio, this way to the waiting area; the doctor will be with you shortly.” the nurse said escorting her to the lion’s den.
“Take a seat” the nurse said as she walked back to her desk leaving Anika and Sahil standing there with the family’s eyes firmly on them.

“Anika, my child” a voice came from behind her.
Her heart at once warmed.
“Dadi” Anika said turning around.
Anika bowed her head as she knew that she was most likely going to answer a lot of questions from his family.

“My child” Dadi said as he pulled Anika close in a tight hug.
“Dadi” Anika greeted but was quickly interrupted by her.
“Billu told me everything,no need to explain to me” Dadi said as they pulled away from the hug.
“Don’t ever go without saying good bye again” Dadi said pinching Anika’s cheeks.
The mere thought that Dadi knew her and Shivaay’s situation was comforting to her.
As she was led by Dadi her eyes finally clashed with Tej’s eyes and he let out a gasp as I recognise the face…he was busy on the phone with a business call in the corner away from the noise and didn’t noise her entering.
“Evening, Anika.” He greeted.
Flash Back
5 Months ago

She sat crying in the moonlight with the loneliness of the sky calling out to her.
Her watery eyes questioned every moment they shared…
As his words resonated in her ears she sat wishing she was somewhere else far away.
Wishing she didn’t have to make that decision.
She was so lonely and only waiting for him to validate her feelings.
Validate their relationship.
Now she’s wishing she had never met him at all.
Flash Back Ends
“Mrs Oberio” a man in white overcoat that she presumed to be the doctor said.
All the head turned toward him to look at him.
“Can I speak to Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberio” he said and instantly all eyes went over to her.

A few gasps were heard from the shell shocked family.
“Oh My Mata” Pink exclaimed just before she fainted.
Anika held her breath as she mustered up the courage to speak; sensing the gravity of the new found information Om signalled Rudra to join him, they walked over to support her.
“She is Mrs Oberio” Om said.
Anika mouthed a “Thank You” to the brothers as they smile back and her.
The doctor explained Shivaay’s condition and the extent of his recovery process to them.
From the corner of her eyes she could see Jhansi fanning Pinki and Shakti scrambling to get some water.

It took them a while to get Pinki to regain consciousness again.
Anika took the time she had to catch up with Om and Rudra.
After what seem to be hours Anika went to check in at the nurses station to find out if she could drop Sahil home and come back into he morning.
“Mrs Oberio, your husband is stable now.”
“You can go in to see him” the voice said and as Anika looked up she found it to be the same nurse from earlier.
Anika looked over to her brother who was now laying on one of the couches fast asleep.
“Mere Heera Beta, Shivaay” Pinki exclaimed as she pushed pass Anika.
“Excuse me ,Mrs Oberio” the nurse interjected.
“Mrs Oberio”,the nurse said as he came over to Anika.
“Come with me, your husband have been asking for you” she continued.
Hearing that her eyes flickered full of hope.
“Go Anika” Rudra stated

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