Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 22)

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Hey guyzzz…sry for making u ppl wait for so long…I’m glad dat u guys lykd the Teaser…dat track vl b upcoming in 2 epis…
Tqs for commenting dears…it means a lot..
And my sweetu darlos, I know I’m killing u guys with suspense…but everyday I get a new plot(sadly ol are incomplete) so story vl b taking sum sharp turns…
Now enough of my lecture….

In case if anyone has missed the last part:
And link for the teaser:

Recap: Twinj gets out of the lift…next day kunj sees latika(twinkle) accepting kunals proposal

*Along with translation

Part 22–

Sanchay got off his duke rotating the keys on he’s forefinger with he’s side bag firmly struck to he’s back humming SRKs ‘main hoon na ‘ title song
He placed the keys and tried unlocking the main door….he felt the key take a complete rotation with ease…
Sanchay for a sec glanced at it and realized the door was already opened…
Being surprised he looked at he’s watch…it was 1 in the noon…
‘ Who can be home this early’ thought sanchay as he pushed the main door behind him and moved towards the hall…
He placed he’s bag on the dining table and climbed the stairs…
As he slightly pushed the door that led to bedroom, he found kunj sleeping …
‘Bhaiya has come home?’ Thought sanchay …
He had NVR seen kunj being at home at this hour unless its a Sunday,a govt holiday or any emergency…
‘And today is neither of the three’ thought sanchay…he moved in, without making noise silently sat beside kunj and placed he’s hand on kunjs forehead, checking he’s temp…
‘Bhaiya is fyn ‘ thought sanchay retrieving he’s hand back and with a confused face walked out of the room to spare kunj with any sort of disturbance…

Sanchays POV :

I hope everything is olryt.. May be bhai was tired so he might have cum home to relax…may b he was free I presume..
I shut my mind which was probing me with hundreds of explanations..I brushed ol those thoughts and relaxed on my favorite cosy couch and very soon got deeply involved in play station


Twinkles POV :

Uff!!! Too many projects on hand….bas twinki jaldi karade …(complete it soon twinki)
Don’t worry twinki,,”ur too blessed to be stressed” u said trying to work with ease
As I was abt to start with a new project, my gaze fell on the the opp cabin…its kunjs cabin…I remembered how he helped me in the lift…he’s lot different ,I thought smiling to myself…’and extra charming too:my mind added…well I cudnt deny …..and casuals made him look all too perfect I thought still starting at he’s cabin…
What the…I have loads of files waiting on my table and here I m busy admiring he’s looks!…babaaji mujhe thoda toh akal dedijiye…
Thoda hai per shayad thoda aur ki zaroorat hoga, (oh god plz knock sum sense into me…..actually I have sum and im need of sum more) i prayed looking at the ceiling…

But wait…kunj was no where to b seen and as long as I remember the company had no meetings expect the one Armaan is attending…
At least that’s what Pia was telling in the morning abt her schedule and works for today in which she sum upped today’s meetings..

I looked around ,I cudnt spot kunj anywhere…I saw kunal ,he smiled and I reciprocated…
I sunk back in my chair and soon work took over my senses…

At home;
As armaan stepped into the hall closing the main door behind him…
S: hi aaru,,, munching he’s fav cheese popcorn
A: Kabhi toh Armaan bulake dekho…accha naam hai mera
(At least for once try calling me Armaan…I have a good name)
S: bata hai….par’ aaru’ is best…sweet sa cuts sa
A: whatever…
S: aaru…everything is olryt in office na
A: ya y?
S: woh, bhaiya has come early…by 1 he was at home …so…
A: what? Kunj left the office in peak hours and came home? Dats really odd
S: actually I thought may he was free so he came home
A: no yaar…office mein toh bohot kaam pada hai…(there is too much work at office)
Actually I had gone for a meeting …
S: then y has bhaiya cum early leaving ol important office work amid
A: no idea…by the way ,wherz he?
S: jab mein aaya tha toh soo rahe the..Abhi bhi soo rahe honge
(Wen I came, he was slping…I think even now he is slping)
A: ajeeb hai (weird)….kunj usually NVR takes afternoon nap…and that too leaving ol the work at office, wen the deadline is near…
S: even I was perplexed
A: no problem…may b hes tired or boored so might have cum home for a change of air…and eventually he might have fallen aslp
S: shayad(may b)
Armaan smiles and moves upstair to freshn up…as he climbs the stairs, he knew he himself didn’t believe in what he said to sanchay jz now, to asure sanchay that everything is OK…

Kunj had some strong habits, which had no silly expections and Armaan knew them better…
B4 Armaan left for meeting in the morning he had discussed with kunj abt how difficult its to reach the deadline this tym..
And with weekly magazine being an addition ,it was abt to squeeze most of their free tym ..
In such a case, y vl kunj prefer being at home then at office,,,,,AM noticed that he had reached the final step that led to the 1st floor…he walked slowly into the adjacent room to freshen up with loads of confusing hovering he’s mind….

At dinner table:
Armaan sat der with most of he’s focus on kunj…he didn’t want to initiate the conversation, asking him y he came early from office…and dat wud sound so immature…

Kunj was a bit quite that day…
S: bhaiya…aaj toh aap Kamal kardiya…(bro…today u wondered me) I mean u came so early from office and after dat u had long SLP…
K: (smiled)
It sum what relived sanchays and AMs tension,seeing kunj smiling ….
K: I wasn’t having dat gr8 mood today ,so came off…hoping to grab sum SLP dat wud change my mood..

And der was sum thing else which AM was thinking….jzz b4 the dinner the three of them played video games, something which kunj was NVR found off….he always preferred outdoor games..but today he sat along with the other two and spent max tym on it…..playing it for hours…
That seemed weird to AM

‘The mind ought sumtyms diverted so dat that it comes to better thinking’ thought AM playing with he’s spoon..
‘ aaru tum teek ho?’
( aaru, u fyn?) Sanchays words bought him back to senses…
S: yep
K: and u have hardly eaten anything from ur plate…what are u so thinking so deeply?

At this moment Sanchay felt- he had actually expected this behaviour from kunj and not AM , but here AM was acting lyk he’s deep down in dreamland..
‘He may b thinking abt he’s future gf’ thought sanchay smiling widely…

A: Im fyn yaar…jzz got carried away in thinking abt sum impt office work..
Anyways u talked to twinkle abt the weekly magazines special column…
K: (paused and then spoke) not yt ,I came home early today so cudnt…
A: ohk…
S: I lyked the column name…”a few words”
And bhaiya
by the way ,wen Ru gng to write for this column the coming week…u have taken up dat responsibility ,which is out of the post wala things rut?
K: I have not yt thought…let’s c…wat kind of ideas vl pop in my mind b4 the deadline..

With dat kunj walked towards he’s room having finished he’s dinner…
AM saw him slowly tracing he’s path towards the room…
‘ Something is not ryt?, what can it b….well I think its abt twinkle…may b or may not be…’ Thought Armaan sitting behind the dinning table…

Kunj stood at the balcony …he had closed he’s eyes in order to prevent he’s mind thinking abt that incident….
Ol those scenes flashed b4 he’s eyes….
‘She works for me and she is my frnd,
That’s it! Let it end here…’ Thought kunj letting the cold breeze to vanish this different kind of restlessness in him…
He took out he’s mobile from the pocket and started at the recent wassup msg..

It was from twinkle…
She had sent it sum while ago….
She had asked abt the office stuff and if he’s well,since he wasn’t to be seen anywhere in the office…
‘She noticed ur absence’, he’s heart smiled
‘She’s dng her job..and I should do mine’ he’s mind warned sternly….

He replied excatly what she has asked for, avoiding convo initiation reply….he txted her back abt the work related query and said that he was fyn…
Not a word less nor a word more…pin point to the answer…as the msg was sent…he stood their, watching the starlit sky…
And unknowing to him ,he murmerd ‘twinkle ‘,softly


Hey ….
I vl post next part tomorrow… Stay tuned
Plz do comment and lemme know ur views…
Precap: Twinj convo

Luv u Ol ???

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  1. SidMin

    Hww Loved it I just hope youbplan a happy ending and not a sad one ?
    Loved the epispde Kunj’s changed behaviour and all and the talks between his mind and heart ??
    Love you post soon ❤?

    1. Maggi

      Glad dat u lykd it dear…its a happy ending…vl post soon
      Luv u ❤

  2. Sohi

    Hmmm day by day it’s becoming interesting plz post soon and do continue

    1. Maggi

      Tqs sohi….???
      Vl post soon
      Luv u ❤

  3. Maggi I loved today’s episode post asap waiting for twinj convo

    1. Maggi

      Vl post soon

  4. dreamer...arundhati

    Maggi….I missed this terribly….superb

    1. Maggi

      Luv u ❤
      Vl post soon

  5. Aanya_pandey

    Oohhkk.. if i’m not wrong kunj had fallen deeply in love wid twinkle n he is nt aware of his feeling.. n very soon AM will know these feeling within kunj.. i don’t kno if this is wats going in ur mind or nt.. anyways.. epi ws really good.. loved this laziness of our hero.. n intense thinking side of AM that actually showed hw much he care fr his friend cum brother.. will b waiting fr next epi

    1. Maggi

      ?? glad dat u lykd it dear….
      Vl post soon …
      Luv u..❤
      Regarding kunjs feelings, u vl get to know soon

  6. Hi i m silent reader ur ff….yr ur damn mindblowing and brilliant writer and ur brain wow how can u write so well and not 2day 4 the 1$t time I noticed u r very very intelligent….. Ur ff ,,,,,uff,,,,,,,what can i say…. its awesome love 2 the core…. its filling like realistic imagination in front of my eye’s….. And …..I love this twinj very much…….and arman and sanchay both r just funny and awesome…… Today epi was fabulous…..oh man kunj hardly fallen in love with twinkle in future seems like that……and than we can see some romance…. yeppy…pls ending a happy note its request from ur fan plssss…..and post next epi soon….because I m waiting 4 ur ff desperately….. Love u……….

    1. Maggi

      Hey priya??
      Tqs for ur sweet comment yaar..
      I’m very happy dat u lykd it yaar…
      And this vl b a happy ending…don’t worry..
      Keep commenting dear…means a lot…
      Vl try posting very soon…
      Luv u ❤

  7. Chiku

    Maagieer mien tujhe baaanaaake khaa jaungi???????ok it was lame.
    Woaaah episode is amazing ?????lovely. I am dieing to see twinj together. Its just mind blowing. How do u write so amazingly???????????????i am ur fan
    Plz post soon
    Love u?

    1. Maggi

      Aww…my sweet girl…I’m glad u lykd it yaar….vl try posting soon
      Luv u❤

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi…eagerly waiting for next part…bhot suspense baaki h…….

    1. Maggi

      Tysm purnima
      Luv u ❤

  9. Adya

    Well the episode was damn…I am now thinking what ur mind is asking u to do now…. awesome amazing fabuloussss superb lovely…I don’t know what are u deciding to post now…but diii .
    Plzzzzzzzzz post soon…
    Nail / rock ur exams…
    Love u

    1. Maggi

      Dear adya…I’m glad dat u lykd it yaar??
      Vl post soon…luv u ❤

  10. Jisha

    Loved Kunj’s talks… fabulous episode… waiting for Twinj convo

    1. Maggi

      Tqs didi……glad dat u lykd it??
      Vl post soon
      Luv u ❤

  11. Maggi yaar awesome just loved it liked d way kunj is trying himself to keep busy n I think he is pakka thinking about tw just loved it plssssssssssd asap itna bada susupense Mai chod di ? pls asap Loved it N love u

    1. Maggi

      Tysm ramya ??
      I’m glad dat u lykd it dear…
      Yep he’s thinking abt tw
      Sry for leaving u in suspense….
      Vl post soon
      Luv u ❤

  12. Lovely episode Maggi…plzzzz post next as soon as possible…I’m very much desperate for TwiNj love story…hope you show their love story soon…

    #love ❤?

    1. Maggi

      Tqs dear?
      Vl show their luv story soon…
      Vl post soon
      Luv u ❤

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  14. Baby

    maggi di sprb wwooww kunj sleeping n dese changes sdnly playing vedio game weired
    pity on him srsly luvd d episode n d msg wala part osm abhi toh conversation baki hai loved d epsiode to core di♥☻♥☻♥☻♥osm fab episode……….♥ 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥☻☻♥♥♥

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