Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi (Episode 50)

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Dear Readers, before starting today’s episode, I would like to thank you all for your love, support and encouragement that another ff of mine has reached a golden jubilee, i.e., 50 episodes, thank you so much guys.


RECAP: IshSou and OmRu make a plan to confirm their doubts about Shivaay getting hurt….Let’s see if the plan fails or succeeds

At present,

Anika’s room,

Shivaay was sitting lost in thoughts, Anika is hurt, the thought pierced his heart, how could she get hurt, no this can never happen, hadn’t he made a vow to take care of her always, although their marriage was a plan to unite Arjun and Radhika but he had done all rituals with complete dedication and he had promised himself that he would always be there for her and now, he had failed in his promise, he knew Anika was strong enough to handle anything but he had also seen her getting weak and he knew she needed someone to be there for her also, and he had promised himself to be that person.

He was about to get up from the wheel chair when he remembered what Anika had said, if their plan failed because of him, she won’t accept that, he knew how angry she would get but at this time her anger didn’t matter, what was more important that he is there with her, he was ready to face all her anger just to ensure that she is alright.

Without wasting a second, Shivaay got up from the chair and ran out of the room forgetting that Om and Rudra were also present there.

Seeing Shivaay move like that OmRu smiled at their success.
Om instantly messaged Ishana that the plan had succeeded. Ishana read the message and showed it to Soumya and both shared victory smiles.

In the living room,

Anika: Why have you both brought me here?
Soumya: Wo…Di…
Anika: What happened Soumya? Tell me quickly.
Ishana: Anika, have patience. Looks like you are in a hurry to go back to Shivaay.
Anika: Ishu, you also.
Soumya: Its ok Di, we’ll talk later. You go for now.

Anika was surprised.
Anika was about to go when Soumya saw Shivaay coming, she intentionally put her leg in middle due to which Anika hit the coffee table and fell on the sofa.

Anika: Ouch
Ishana: Aree Anika, are you ok?

Shivaay saw this and got more worried. Before anyone could say anything, he immediately went to Anika and started checking her. Anika was shocked and IshSou smiled seeing Shivaay getting worried for Anika.

Shivaay: How many times have I told you to take care of yourself? But why will you listen to me, you are the great ASO, why will you ever pay attention to my advice? Dekha ab kya ho gaya…kehta rehti hu but meri sunega kon….now show me where you got hurt.
Anika: Shivaay, I am fine, what happened to me?
Shivaay: Wo…Om told me that you fell from the stairs and got hurt.

Its then that realization struck them that all this was planned by the four.
They turned around to find the entire family (except Tej, he hasn’t returned yet) staring angrily at them.

Dadi: To yeh tha tum dono ka plan, haa?
Shivaay: Nahi Dadi, wo…
Pinky: OMM, I can understand that why Anika did this but Shivaay, you also helped her, I didn’t expect this from you.
Shivaay: No aunty…I mean mom…it’s not like that this was planned by me only, Anika ne to mana kiya tha but I only insisted.

Anika was surprised by Shivaay’s answer.

Jhanvi: You both did a mistake, so you’ll get punishment.

Shivaay and Anika nodded like kids.

Dadi: Your punishment is that you’ll go to Paris tomorrow itself.
Shivaay: But Dadi…
Pinky: No…no more excuses…you both will go and that’s final.
Anika: We will go (Shivaay looked shocked at her) but only on one condition (he smiled after all she was ASO she had to use her business brain) not only Shivaay and me, but even IshSou and OmRu will come with us.

All were surprised and Shivaay smiled.

Ishana: But Anika, it’s for Shivaay and you, what will we do?
Omkara: Ishana is right. We can’t come.
Anika: Ok then, we’ll also not go.
Shivaay: Yes we’ll also not go.

After thinking for a while.
Dadi: Ok, all six of you will go. Now no more discussions on this topic. Pack your bags, you’ll leave tomorrow.

Shivaay and Anika smiled.
Everybody went to their rooms.

Soumya’s room,

Soumya was busy with her phone when Rudra came there, she saw him but ignored him, now Rudra was irritated but maintained himself.

Rudra: Soumya, what has happened to you? Why are you behaving like this with me?

Soumya didn’t answer.

Rudra: I am talking to you, at least have the courtesy to answer.
Soumya: I don’t have time to waste on you, just leave from here.
Rudra: I am not going, not until you tell me.
Soumya: Ok then stay here only, I am going.

Saying so Soumya was about to go but Rudra held her hand firmly. He pulled her back and she landed near to him.

Soumya: Rudra, what are you doing? Leave me.
Rudra: Then answer me.
Soumya: I won’t.
Rudra: You’ll have to. (He tightened his grip and pulled her even closer)
Soumya: Rudra
Rudra: Today you can’t escape.

They were very close to each other. They looked at each other and were lost in each other’s eyes.

(“Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhoondu
Aankhon ke darmiyaan
Tu ab hai is tarah
Khwaaboin ko bhi jaga na mile
Yeh mausum ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka pani
Yeh pani ki bunde
Tujhe hi to dhunde
Yeh milne ki khwaish
Yeh khwaish purani
Ho puri tujhi se meri yeh kahani…….” Plays in BG)

Their eye-lock was broken as Soumya stamped on Rudra’s foot, he winced in pain. He left her.

Soumya: Dare you again do this with me.

She leaves from their angrily.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting lost in thoughts when Om came there.

Omkara: Looks like you have a lot going on in your mind.

Om’s voice brought Ishu out of her thoughts.

Ishana: Om, you, when did you come?
Omkara: When you were lost in your thoughts.
Ishana: Nothing like that, I was just thinking about…
Omkara: Solving the problem between my mom and me.
Ishana (surprised): How do you know, what I was thinking?
Omkara: Aise hi. Leave that and listen to me (Ishana nodded) See Ishana, there are many problems in my life and you don’t have to take the responsibility to solve them all. You have already done a lot for me but now please, don’t do anything for me. I want you to live your life for yourself also. You also have so many issues going on, then why are you concerned so much about my problems. Please for once, think about yourself also.
Ishana: But Om…
Omkara: No ifs and no buts.
Ishana: Ok

They both smiled at each other.

(“O Saathiya…” Plays in BG)

That’s all for today!!
Keep reading and smiling!!!

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  1. Wooowww,,nice ,it wil be too much fun in paris ,,all are together ,,i will egarly wait for next part,

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    Congratulations on Golden jubilee…Awesome…will be waiting for the next update…

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    First of all congratulations for reaching 50 episodes ?????????????
    Awesome episode…. So, ShivOmRu and AnIshSou are going to Paris?? Superb!!! Luckily, Annika didn’t scold Shivaay for ruining their plan…

  4. Hey I want to know shivika ne consummate Kiya tha shayed na.

    1. Prajkta

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    3 couples will go to Paris… Wow..!!!
    Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

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