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Twinkle- I don’t believe you Kunj.

Kunj was looking at Twinkle in confusion. He was not expecting that Twinkle will not even believe him.

Kunj- Twinkle, why don’t you believe me. I am telling you the truth. Twinkle stopped after listening to what Kunj said.

Twinkle- Because I don’t. You could be just saying to save yourself from the treatment right now you are getting from me. Maybe you are doing this just to get an apology from me. Truthfully, she no longer trusted him to go by his word.

Kunj- That’s not fair. I wouldn’t lie to you again. I saw how well that went the first time.

Twinkle- Kunj, I don’t trust you anymore. You can’t win my trust back just by changing your story.

Kunj- I am not changing my story. Twinkle, I thought that i slept with her, honestly. It’s not true though.

Twinkle- I don’t believe you.

Kunj who now was serious asked her- Twinkle, what if I hadn’t told you about the night which I spent with another girl? What if I had kept it as a secret and moved ahead with you that night in a motel, would you ever had forgiven me? What if I would have made love to you that night and you never came to know anything? Would you ever have forgiven me?

Twinkle- That night…… Twinkle was quite as that night Kunj rejected her as he was guilty about cheating on her.

Twinkle- You……

Kunj- Yes me Twinkle, what if I had done s*x with you that night? You wouldn’t have forgiven me and I would have not expected that from you either. What if I had s*x with that girl also and would have not said anything just said that I only kissed, you would have not been that angry. You would have never done what you did last night, taking revenge on me and all. You would have forgiven me by now.

What Kunj was saying was making sense. The fact that he wouldn’t allow their relationship to reach next level without being completely honest with her melted Twinkle’s heart. Kissing another woman was still cheating and she did have the right to be angry on Kunj. Twinkle was in dilemma now as they were not in love and if she was not in love why did she feel so hurt by Kunj’s infidelity?

Kunj- Twinkle, say something?

Twinkle- I don’t…. don’t know wat to say.

Kunj- Do you believe me?

Twinkle- Kunj, I…. I don’t know.

Kunj- Do you at least believe that I am not a bad person, that I made a mistake and I am truly sorry for that? Kunj said and looked towards Twinkle with pleading eyes.

Twinkle- Kunj, I never considered you as a bad person.

Kunj walked closer to her and asked- Twinkle, tell me how do i fix this?

Twinkle looked at him and thought- Was she taking things too far? Should she just forgive him and forget about the whole incident? After all what he is telling is just he kissed another woman.

Twinkle came out of her thoughts- I need time to think Kunj. I don’t know. She honestly wasn’t able to understand what to do at that moment? How to handle the situation? Should she just believe that he just kissed another woman? Why had he brought her at home then? Was she actually angry with Kunj?

Kunj- Fair enough. He relented and turned to leave.

Twinkle- Kunj. She said to stop him.

Kunj turned around and faced twinkle- Yes.

Twinkle- What if I had kissed another man and allowed him to undress me? What would you have done?

Kunj paused to think and came closer to Twinkle and slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her really close to him- I would have shouted at you, be mad at you and would have ripped that man in half. No one can touch you like that.

Twinkle blushed at Kunj’s possessiveness.

Kunj- But I would have forgiven you.

Twinkle felt guilty. He just admitted that he would have forgiven you if she would have kissed another man, yet she was not ready to forgive Kunj.

Kunj- No pressure, but I do hope that you will do the same someday. He said and kissed hern her cheeks and left for his room.

Kunj woke up the next day not feeling good. All he wanted was to talk to Twinkle. Living in the same house as her without being able to have a normal conversation with her was hell. He wasn’t able to understand that he always wanted to be around her. At breakfast, she barely looked at him. He tried to make small conversations, but Twinkle hardly gave him any attention. He wondered if all the thinking she had done last night had worked against him. Everything he had told was true. If she would have made same mistake he would have forgiven her and he was telling the truth.

Twinkle on the other side couldn’t sleep the last night. She kept thinking whether to forgive Kunj or not. It was actually really good of him that he preferred telling her the truth rather than consummating their marriage under false pretenses, but he still had hurt her. Twinkle thought that Kunj ne mujhe ko pyaar karna sikha diya. And she fell for him before he confessed his one-night stand to her. That night in the motel was going to be her way of telling him that she loved and trusted him. She couldn’t tell him now, as she knows that Kunj doesn’t love her, because if he would have loved her then he would have thought of cheating her. She looked at Kunj who was trying his hard to have a conversation with her but she wasn’t into it.

Kunj- Twinkle. He called her breaking her chin of thoughts.

Twinkle- What? She asked as she had no idea what he wanted to talk to her about.

Kunj- Nothing. He said looking very disappointed.

What the hell are you talking about- UV shouted in Kunj’s office when Kunj narrated him everything.

Kunj- What the hell did I do? Kunj was also frustrated.

UV- Damn Kunj, your life has become one like a daily soap. You didn’t have s*x with that woman and all this drama?

Kunj- Ya, it never happened.

UV- All this drama and you get nothing.

Kunj- UV, seriously.

UV- Well, it was just some kissing. UV said but thought that how would Chinki will react when she will come to know that after committing to her how she will react that he kissed some other girl.

Kunj- She has the right to be angry with me but how long as I can’t bear her anger for long.

UV- Ya, let her be but you both don’t love each other…… Wat did you just say? UV said casually but after realizing what Kunj just said to him he was surprised.

Kunj- What? I am her husband. The least I could do is remain faithful to her.

UV- Yes, it’s the least you could do for her. I mean, a little kissing was worth of all this? UV said but he had a smile on his face as he thought that Kunj had yet not realized what he has said few minutes back.

Kunj- Not at all, the kiss was not worth at all. I wish all this would never had happened. Twinkle is very important to me rather than having s*x or anything like that. Kunj said but paused. Did her say something like that? S*x was never everything to him but he knew he needed Twinkle.

He looked over at UV who had a self- satisfactory look by now on his face.

Kunj- I am talking to her and you are continuously looking at me and smiling.

UV- You have fallen for her. He said with a grin on his face.

Kunj- What do you mean?

UV- My words are very clear that you have fallen for her.

Kunj- No, nothing like that.

UV- You have f-aaa–llll—len for her. He said in a singing voice.

Kunj- Shut up UV, she is my wife and I care about her.

UV- I know you care about her but you also love her. Otherwise you… Mr. Kunj Sarna begging in front of someone and that also a girl. You do love her and that is the reason you are begging her every day to forgive you.

Kunj- I don’t like her being upset with me. I mean I am a people pleaser. He said and smiled.

UV- Oh, you are for sure.

Kunj- So, maybe I have fallen for her, so what? We are married. If we like each other, then it’s great right?

UV- The point is, does she also like you the way you do?

Kunj thought about UV’s question. If Twinkle did have feelings for him, she wasn’t showing them right now as she was angry with him. Maybe there were some feelings, that’s why that night in the motel room she was ready to take their relationship ahead.

Kunj said breaking his thoughts- I don’t know.

UV- Then find out.

Kunj- You have the answers for all questions.

UV- Yes, I do and you know that. He said happily

Kunj- There is no point in asking right now, as she is really angry with me. She will probably say that she hates me and I don’t think so I will be able to handle that or not?

UV- Aww, you are so cute. UV said pinching his cheeks like a baby.

Kunj- Get the hell away you freak. Kunj pushed his hand away, trying to suppress his laugh.

UV- Seriously Kunj ask her. The worse could happen is that she will say that she hates you so you win her back and if she says that she does not then your job is very easy. What UV said was right and always makes sense when he talks.

Sarna Mansion-

twinkle stared at her bed and was thinking how this got here as in the morning it was not here.

Twinkle called Bebe.

Twinkle- Bebe.

Bebe- Yes Twinkle. She said while climbing the stairs.

Twinkle- Bebe, when you got the room cleaned was this here in the morning?

Bebe- No it was not. How did it get here? After thinking for some time- Maybe Kunj kept it for you.

Twinkle- Hmm, maybe. Ok, you can go. She said with a smile.

Twinkle picked up the beautiful bouquet that was kept on the bed with all red roses and sat on the bed. There was a card there which said “Sorry”. Twinkle took them to the window and placed them in the vase kept near window. She wished Kunj’s gesture was one of the sincere affection rather than an apology. She had to admit that Kunj knew how to be romantic when he wanted to be. If only he’d be romantic because he loved her…

She went downstairs only to be around people and saw all the maids and chefs were busy in their work preparing meals and cleaning house.

Twinkle- Bebe.

Bebe- Hmm.

Twinkle came near bebe and they both sat next to each other.

Twinkle- Bebe what were you doing before you started working here?

Bebe- twinkle, my child I don’t understand you question? She was actually confused why anyone wants to know about her life as before no one has ever questioned it.

Twinkle- Your past. How was your past like?

Bebe- Well, I lived in India before working here. I was married at a very young age.

Twinkle- So you came here after your marriage?

Bebe- Oh no, my husband uses to work for Kunj’s father. He daily use to commute from village to Manohar ji’s office. He was my best friend.

Twinkle- Then what happened?

Bebe- He died on a construction site one day in an accident. I was young at that time and it happened after one year of our marriage so we never had a chance to have kids also. Bebe was now reliving the good memories that she had with her husband and kept narrating her story forgetting that Twinkle was even there.

Twinkle- What did you do after he left you?

Bebe- Kunj’s mother was very kind-hearted lady. She came to help me and offered me a job as a care taker for Kunj. She was not keeping well those days so she wanted someone to take care of Kunj who was around 5 years old that time and I must say he was a very naughty kid. She laughed remembering Kunj’s pranks and tantrums that he uses to throw at that time. After few years Kunj’s mother also left him and I practically raised Kunj.

Twinkle- really. Twinkle didn’t know that Bebe had known Kunj from such a long time.

Bebe- Hmm, whenever he uses to come on his holidays from his boarding school, he never allowed anyone to come near him. he was a trouble maker.

Twinkle- Why you never married again?

Bebe I ever got a chance and the way Kunj loved me I never felt that I don’t have children and I also never wanted to leave him.

Twinkle- So you came with him.

Bebe- Yes, I didn’t want to leave India but he was stubborn and didn’t wanted to leave without me.

Twinkle- That’s so sweet.

Bebe- I know he is very sweet and a wonderful person. You know he brought all my family members here and provided them with a good job. He wanted me to move ahead and get some good job here but then I don’t want to leave him and when I told him my decision he was so happy with that. I knew he needed me here.

twinkle- So you missed such a good opportunity just to be with Kunj? Twinkle asked in disbelief.

Bebe- Will you?

Twinkle in heart knew the answer was yes. She would do anything to stay with Kunj.

At work, Kunj was not able to focus on his work. He and UV were working on a very critical proposal but Kunj was not able to do any work. He wasn’t able to stand with the act that Kunj was still angry on him and she no longer trusted him. He need to go out of the office but didn’t want to go home as Twinkle was liking him much. He thought to go on a long drive.
He sat in his car and drove in the traffic. He was riding his car fast as he wanted some area with less traffic and he can relax his drive in quite place. He continued to drive but his mind was in Twinkle. How much more will she be angry with him/ Did she liked the bouquet he has send. He wished she would have called him and talk to him after receiving the roses.

Suddenly, a car came from the other side and crashed into Kunj’s car into an oncoming bus, which caused car to flip over onto the side of the motorway.


So finally! Twinkle has realized that she is in love with Kunj!!!

Kunj met with an accident- OMG!

So what is going to happen next. Will Kunj survive and will he loose his memory?

Please post your views and hit like buttons.

I have read all the comments and thank you all for your lovely comments.

Happy Ramadan to all my dear friends.

Love you all!! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Dammu Shiny anuhya

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  2. Fantastic update??
    Loved it ??
    Twinkle not trusting kunj is pretty fair as he did cheat him maybe not to that extent but did and trust once lost is very hard to regain.
    Finally twinkle realised her feelings for kunj?? Even kunj somewhere has started to accept that he loves….may be not love but likes twinkle
    UV every talk did make sense
    Kunj’s accident….omg??
    Hopefully he doesn’t die or loose his memory
    Excited to see what’s gonna happen
    Plz update soon….cannot wait….super excited to read next episode
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  3. Superb episode dear I don’t have words to describe how good this episode was yaar n I think twinj will confess their feelings to each other don’t know right or wrong but please please post soonest don’t be late next time please

  4. awesome episode
    loved it
    finally twinkle realise that she love kunj…and kunj also start to accept his feelings for twinkle….bebe and twinkle scene was really amazing….and kunj’s accident hope he is fine…eagerly waiting for twinkle’s reaction after knowing it
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  5. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Episode was amazing plzzzzzz plzzzzz don’t make kunj memory loss hope twinj confess their love…

  6. Twinkle’s behaviour is justified.
    And the best part both of them have realised that they have fallen for each other. !! *Excited* ??
    But now kunj’s accident. God ?
    I think he doesn’t get some memory loss. It should go like twinkle taking care of kunj all the while and then they come close slowly and gradually !!
    Loving ur story dear✌

  7. it was amazing…finally they know they had fallen for each other ….great ..hope kunj doesn’t loose his memory …
    bebe & twinkle’s scene was lovely ..
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  8. Shalu Choudhary

    Wow amazing episode and plz dont make kunj die kuch bhi chalega but plz dont do it & love bebe and kunj scens feeling bad for bebe

  9. Sameera

    Ohhhh my god what was that …
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    Awww what a episode yaar..
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    Yuvi uff yaar ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ His sense of humour ????????????.
    Finally Kunj realized his love for twinkle ❤️❤️.
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