Ishqbaaz 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tej cheats Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye shouts don’t you dare, if you touch my brothers, I will forget you are Omru’s dad, get out. Everyone stops dancing on hearing this and goes to see. Shivaye says if anything happen to my brothers, I will cross all limits, I can do anything when it comes to my family, family and justice are imp for me. Dadi asks what’s happening. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing. Tej asks nothing, what will he say, I will say, your fav son and brother is compelling me to leave for London so that he gets Oberoi empire alone, he is threatening me, that he will remove me from company. Rudra says he can’t do this. Om says we trust Shivaye. Rudra says there would be some reason, else he would have not shouted on you. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to say. Shivaye says nothing, we just had an argument about business, its all fine, there are many guests, come on. He goes. Anika comes to Shivaye. She asks is there any tension going on between you and Tej.

Shivaye says no, its normal to have arguments about business, leave it, sit here, I have something, its your Mu dikhai gift. She says you gave me your wife’s status, what can be bigger gift. She likes the gift. He says its called dream catcher. She says you want me not to see bad dreams, I shouldn’t shout and disturb your sleep. He says I want that nothing disturbs you even in dreams, you always sleep in peace, along with me and without me. She asks what do you mean. He says if we get separated. She asks why are you saying this. He asks where is my gift. She says you have everything, you are so good. He says I think you don’t remember my temple avatar. She says sometimes, this Shivaye’s third eye may also open, just for family, else you are the one who can do anything for others and supports truth, you fight with entire family, Dadi calls you foundation, I think you are shield, who takes all the attacks on yourself. He says thanks, your belief will become my courage, I will make everything fine. He hugs her.

Om says Shivaye can’t do this. Rudra asks why are you lying. Om says you are trying to make us against Shivaye, you are wasting your time, don’t do this. Rudra says none can separate Shivomru. Tej says Shivaye is misusing your devotion, you guys don’t go office, he is doing your bad, I go office and have seen him doing everything for his profits, he is getting all stocks to his name, when I confronted, you have seen how he behaved with me, don’t you trust me, fine, I will not let him snatch your rights, I will fight with him. Om says we trust him. Tej says its call foolishness, you believe him more than your dad, you will realize I was righbt and believing him was wrong, you won’t have your dad here and will just regret. He goes.

Shivaye on call says I want to buy Tej’s shares at any price. Shivaye prays and says Dadi says like you are world’s Ram, I m Ram of this house, I want to win this battle, its about family and justice, this battle will be tough, I have to fight for family against family, I also know, whatever the result, it will be my defeat both ways, give me courage. He applies tilak to himself.

Anika comes to Shivaye and says you worked all night. Shivaye says its business related issue. She asks is everything fine, are you hiding something. He says everything is fine. She goes. He makes a call and says go ahead. Tej gets shocked. Jhanvi asks what happened. Tej says Shivaye has ruined me. Jhanvi asks what did he do. He says he made all the company’s board of directors against and removed me. She says I will talk to Shivaye. He says you don’t get into this, I will decide what to do. He goes. He gets a call and says I will return your money, don’t call me again and again. He says if this news reaches media, investors will not leave me, I have to arrange money fast, I have to do something big. Shivaye asks lawyer did you check papers well and get signs of board of directors. Lawyer says yes. Shivaye asks did you buy Tej’s shares back.

Lawyer says yes, its transferred to your name. Shivaye says I will transfer all shares to Omru on right time. He says do as I said, none should know about this shares. Lawyer and Khanna agree and leave. Omru come and ask what’s happening. Shivaye says nothing. Rudra says we feel something major is happening. Shivaye says I didn’t go office for many days, company stocks fell, I m handling that. Om asks what are you hiding. Shivaye says yes, I m hiding something, I m really hungry. They smile and go for breakfast. Anika asks Shivaye to have food. He asks for toast. Omru joke that its already there. Anika asks did anything happen. Dadi asks where is Tej. Jhanvi says Tej is worried for some business matter, Shivaye you know it. Shivaye says I will talk to Tej, don’t worry. Om says I feel Tej and Shivaye are hiding something. Rudra asks did Shivaye tell you anything. Anika says no, he just said he will fix everything, don’t worry.

Shivaye says I m trying to fix everything, here is your ticket, you are going back to London tonight, this is 50 crores cheque, clear your liabilities, if you need more money, inform me. Tej says what do you want to prove that I m a beggar. Shivaye says no, you are my Bade Papa, I request you. Tej cries and says enough, you don’t embarrass me now, you want to help me, its sensible to return to London, you are right, really sorry for everything. Shivaye says no, I should be sorry, it was about Omru. Tej says I m also ashamed of it, anyway thanks, I m ready to leave. Shivaye thanks him and goes. Tej says 50 crores, you think you will buy me, I want entire Oberoi empire, I can go to any extent for it.

Shivaye shouts you want to kill your own sons. Tej drinks. Shivaye shoots him. Jhanvi asks what happened. Tej says Shivaye shot me. Everyone gets shocked. Omru turn away.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Banita

    Hloooo PKJ….
    Now i have a mixing feeling for IB from morning…. I m happy as well as sad… Nd today’s epi made me more emotional…
    Well , I m happy that our show won maximum 7 awards in 5 catagory…
    Congratulations Narvi , team nd IBians for our wonderful victory…
    Now sad part is there will be 5yr leap in IB…
    I always wanted Tej to die… Nd Shivay bhaiya will kill him… It will be best thing… But i don’t want separation in d return of Tej’s dead…
    Separation is separation…!!!! Either it’s hate wala separation ya ase wala… Nd i think this love type separation hurts more…!!!!
    It will be love separation for Shivika… I mean she will trust him…
    But it will be hate separation for Obros…. For d 1st time Omru will not be with Shivay’s side… They will not believe him…
    I m attached to Obros form starting , a little more compare to Shivika…
    My Shivay bhaiya will be in jail for 5yr…!!!!!!
    Honestly i m not against this , but at d same time i dont want this also…
    I m just a little upset with it , but hope i will be happy at d end…
    Nd now after 5yr leap if they make Tej alive again…
    Then i will surly going to kill GULNEET…
    Now coming to epi ,
    I just dont want to talk about Tej Singh Oberoi….
    Shivika ,
    Dream catcher gift was nycc…
    That Shivika hug made me a lil emotional..
    “Shivomru..Teeno ek hain nd dunia ki koi takat hume alag nahi krsakta”…
    CVS plzz make it true till d end…
    Perfact emotional pre separation scene for Shivika… Now i m want a pre separation scene for Obros also… Hope i will get that..!?
    Precap –
    I m sure they going to show same precap for some days…
    GN PKJ…

  2. Appy

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals…….
    Oh my God
    Full on thrilling episode……..
    So guys…Sso is going to complete our task by killing TEJ..
    Just hope he will not come back..
    He should die .he have to die..
    Last time torture. Jitna karna he karlo…….

    Shivika scene was so meaningful…
    If the leap news is true then Annika will keep that Dream Catcher….through leap time..I am emotinal ?????????????
    Their hug was so beautiful……
    I don’t wanna say about tej he will be not here so feeling little relaxed..
    Split between SHIVOMRU..
    My biggest fear is coming true…
    But I am not surprised at all
    I have seen so bad like shivika separation so I am ready for it



    And just hope Janvi Tej ki jagah na le?????????????
    Aur Dadi kuch bakwas mat kare..

    Aur if Sso will wear jail cloth then also he will look hot???????????..

    Waiting for Shivika reunion after leap bcoz their reunion is always special……


    Guys …PLZ stay away from negativity
    Don’t put comments like I will not watch
    Or I am done..
    Just give a chance to it.
    Ok love you….pagals.

  3. Shajessie

    Hi guys. Superb epi… I love it…Especially dream catcher scene n shivika’s pure hug…
    And I don’t want to c shivomru separation.. I beg u CVS… ? ?
    Waiting for 2day epi…
    Little bz guys… Due to my sister’s wedding on coming 27th Oct… Hope I won’t miss all the epi…
    OK guy c u all 2nite… ??

  4. Riana

    Why didnt star plus launched any leap promo yet ?!?…
    Omg i got the pic of sso’s first new look after leap… ??????
    His hairs were short and he was in a striped shirt ???
    Everything is changing !!! ?????…
    Waiting for AniOmRuRiVya’s looks…?
    Where are everyone ??? There’s only arpu n bani ????

  5. Hello my pkgs
    I am sure this track is going to be interesting as
    1) rikara and ruvya moments
    2) our strong, bold, khidkithod anika
    3) family will support anika as she will be now buisness women
    4) no tej drama as he will die or flee away
    5) shivika moments in dreams
    6) aniriya moment
    7) aniomru moment
    8) dadi love towards anika will be more
    So chill cvc know ke ib fans se panga kya hota hai isliye trp ko badane ke liye sare means sare including rikara and ruvya fans ko khush karenge
    I guesss ?
    Aj ke episode me sirf shivika ke moments acche the
    Lets see what will happen
    Till then relax as we don’t know what is in store as thinking before is not good
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Astmasiddika

      I totally agree with you Medhangle even I want to say this things should happen in IB

    2. Rajvi_shah

      I agree with u this track added spice to ishqbaaz. Anika as successful businesswoman ? Aniriya? love aniriya conversation always and it would be treat to watch them supporting Anika Welcome back khidkitod anika

  6. ShinyTirupathi

    Hello Guys.. I Loved The Epi.. Only One Request Pls Don’t Spread Negativity… Lets See How the Track Goes.. Just Needed Strong Annika…. Lets Give a Chance.. Arpu… Banita.. Sindhi di.. Jeevi.. Ishu.. Luthfa… How r U Guys?

  7. good

  8. Nice episode

  9. Astmasiddika

    A big hiiiiii to PKJ family I am little free now
    Coming to the episode it was nail biting sequence I was thinking what tej is going to do .so there is no villain in redux except Tej let us see Wow and big sabash to Shivay bro what a lovely move now only I like u SSO a lot after confronting ur so called bade papa & doing a good to ur family by hiding Mr.TSO truth , don’t u feel ashamed Tej even u do bad the good returns to him any way the episode was intresting loved OmRu’s teasing section Shivika romance and SSO understand one thing Anika will not be happy without you …

    Precap – I don’t think so that TSO is dead may be in coma Shivay will be sentenced for attempt to murder or it is all Tej pre planned Trap to oust Shivay from business and home forever but he is wrong anika is there ri8 I want the following to happen
    Anika a businesswoman in her purana wali khidikitod avatar
    I want to see RiKara’s marriage , Gauri also handling business
    RiKara’s romance, Ruvya ‘ s pyaar and friendship
    Shayari wala Om, same funny Rudy
    Bold and beautiful prinku also to start her career, want to meet her soulmate
    Anirivya’s bond should expose the truth and bring back ShivOmRu bond again
    And I want Dadi to support everyone except Mr TSO.
    I know it is little high
    Let us see whether CV’S will get the story and complete the wishes
    And one more thing I want Saumya back as a good friend of Rudy and Bhavya and fav of Om , Ani, Ri, Dadi

  10. Nikita_jai29

    Leap in show… But i didn’t find it right.. Because after leap shivaay has to do more hard work to bring back his brothers.. And i have a feeling that tej will alive for sure to ruin the happiness of shivika

    1. Ya may be this time all will be against tej and when anika is with shivay then there is no issue. Lets all keep our thoughts aside and keep watching and enjoying ishqbaaz. Until then please stop spreading negativity as this will only affect us and our serial.

  11. Rajvi_shah

    Please Cvs don’t desperate shiomru they are jaan of ishqbaaz I started watching ishqbaaz because of brother’s bond. I am happy that finally tej died but the worst thing about it was he died separating shiomru?

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