Krishna Chali London 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna learns the truth

Krishna Chali London 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna and Radhe thinking about each other and crying. Piya o re piya…plays… Bua asks her not to think anything. Dubey asks Krishna is she listening. He goes. Krishna says you all want me to leave Radhe and go London. Bua says he has done wrong, why are you crying for him. Krishna says I love him a lot, I m divided in two parts, I want love and career, both. She shares her feelings with Bua. She says I won’t let Radhe stay in jail.

Radhe sits sad. Saajan sees him. He says we did a mistake, Krishna had much faith in you. Radhe says I didn’t do any mistake, I called you too, I was worried for you. They get emotional and hug. Saajan says I couldn’t fulfill my promise. Food is given to them. Shukla asks Triloki did he talk to minister’s PA. Triloki

says yes, he said matter is tough. Shuklain worries for Radhe. Shukla says I will get Radhe some how and only then I will have food. Gajanan worries for Lali’s health and asks her why is she getting dizzy, why doesn’t she take rest. He asks her to go and take rest. Lali goes. Gajanan asks Bela to give food to Lali in room. Shuklain looks on.

Prashant asks Shukla to have patience. He taunts on Radhe. He says you can’t come here and command me, you may also go jail along with Radhe and Saajan. Shukla sends the servant to go out. Prashant says I like your new side. Shukla beats Prashant with slipper. Prashant stops him. Shukla says you should respect me, I m making your servant out and beating me, my son should come out till morning. Prashant holds his hand and says what will you do. Shukla says you did this for a girl, I will tell the world that you have done wrong with Radhe and Krishna. Prashant says do anything you want, I m not afraid of your threatening, I will ruin your life, if I love job, I will ruin your shops. Shukla and Prashant argue. Prashant says I will tell everyone that you have done everything. Krishna comes there and look on. Prashant says its good you have come, Shukla is asking me to free Radhe. She slaps Prashant and cries.

She says I have heard everything, and entered the door, I m ashamed that I was close to you and respected you before, I ran away from marriage on your saying, shame on you. She taunts Shukla. She says Shukla doesn’t even spare his children, I wish I knew this before. She says your team is good, but its my time now, Radhe and Saajan will be out, else I will bring your truth out. She leaves.

Shukla asks Prashant will he go police station alone or need his company. Gajanan gets milk for Lali. He cares for her. She happily cries. He asks her to drink it. She thanks Lord and prays for Krishna and Radhe. Prashant meets inspector and gets the lockup keys. He frees Radhe and Saajan.

Radhe says I was mad to have a relation with you. Krishna cries and asks what do you want. Radhe says I m not able to get equal to you and Prashant, I want to get rid of you forever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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