Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya -FF by Luna(Episode 26)

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Hi friends, I’m back with another update and I know that I disappoint a lot of people by making such late updates. But still u all read my crap, sorry….I mean, great ff. I’ll try to give faster updates, no…I’m really trying. Writing good scenes is difficult, because I don’t want to give boring episodes just to move the story, so I get late because of that also.Here’s the link of my previous episodes:

Recap: Shivaye gets jealous seeing Anika with Arjun.

Scene 1(Tej’s room): Tej, Jhanvi and Rudra are standing silently in the room. Tej is very angry on Rudra and is glaring at him. Rudra is very scared seeing his dad angry. He’s also wondering that why his dad is so angry. Jhanvi is standing silently, expressionless without saying anything.
Tej(seething and giving an arrogant smile): So….Rudra Singh Oberoi!!!!!! What are u doing nowadays???
Rudra gets confused smiles weekly.
Rudra(thinking): Hain??? What’s wrong with papa??? Why is he talking like that??? What did I do?? And why have I forgot it??? Oh God!!!! Why is my memory so weak?? C’mon Rudra, try to recall….what mess did u created??? Kaun sa raita phaila diya???
Tej(shouting at Rudra): say something!!!!!!
Rudra gets very scared and starts shivering seeing Tej so much angry. He starts sweating.
Rudra(making puppy face): Papa…who…who…I…I…uhm….uh…What did I do???
Tej fumes in anger hearing Rudra’s question. He tries to control his anger and stays silent for few seconds.
Rudra(scared but also smiling): Dad…are u okay???
Tej(shouting): Just shut up!!!!!!

Rudra gets hell scared of Tej again starts making puppy faces, thinking that Tej will fall for it.
Tej(seething) Stop it…stop it right now!!!!
Rudra(confused): Stop?? What I have to stop???
Tej(angry): Stop making those faces!!!!!
Rudra understood that his trick will not work here and he stops his emotional blackmailing.
Jhanvi: Tej….it’ll be better if u directly come to the point….I don’t have whole day for all this.
Tej: yeah, ofcourse…why will u have whole day…..have u ever given time to your children??? Have u ever played the role of a mother properly???
Jhanvi(angry): yeah Tej..I’m a bad mom, but U r speaking as if u have got the Best Father award.
Tej(angry/ to Jhanvi): Listen…..
Rudra(interrupting in between like always): uh…Guys!!!! Weren’t u both about to scold me????
Tej and Jhanvi stop quarreling hearing Rudra’s naive question. Rudra smiles and does his logic wala sign. Tej And Jhanvi get silent for a minute and wonder, why they were even fighting here for no reason????
Rudra(smiling)B: Mom, Dad…should I go????
Tej/Jhanvi(together in a n angry tone): No!!!!!
Rudra’s smile fades. He understood that he will not get saved today.
Tej(angry): Rudra…I sent u to meet Maya for your alliance…what u did with her????
Rudra recalls the scene when he threw water on Maya’s face and she slapped him for that.
Tej(in a loud voice): Rudra!!!!! I am asking u something.
Rudra(getting out his thoughts): ahh…uh…who…dad…actually….I told u na, that I didn’t liked… the girl.
Tej: And neither she liked u after what u did with her.
Rudra: Dad…I didn’t do anything…I just met her and that’s it…..Nothing happened more than that….yes, I agree that the girl was very hot but……
Tej(shouting): Just shut up!!!!
Tej fumes in anger…Rudra again starts shivering in panic.
Tej: Stop shivering okay.
Rudra(making puppy face): Dad…I don’t want to get married right now…why don’t u understand???
Tej: achha???? If u will not marry now then when will u marry????
Rudra(smiling): Never!!!!!
Tej seethes hearing Rudra’s answer.

Rudra(seeing that Tej is getting very angry): uh…I mean…In next 10 years….I’ll think about it.
Tej(seething): Don’t test my patience okay…if I said that u have to get married that means that u have to get married!!!!!!! I’m not asking u…I’m telling u!!!!!!
Rudra(making puppy face): But Dad…O is elder than me…u both should first think about his marriage.
Tej(angry): Om isn’t in a right state to get married now. Until his amnesia gets cured, we can’t think about his marriage.
Jhanvi: And if we will talk about Om’s marriage then he’ll want to get married with Ishana, and we can’t let that happen.
Tej(seething): Yeah…Ishana..that criminal.
Rudra: But Dad…..
Tej: No ifs and buts…u are getting married and that’s final….and now I’ll chose a girl for u and u’ll have to marry her.
Rudra(making puppy face): Mom…plz say something na.
Jhanvi: No Rudra…your Dad is right and I’m with him in this decision.
Rudra: That’s not fair….It’s my life and I should have full right in taking my life decisions.
Tej(rudely): Ur life??? Really?? Ur life is because of my money and hard work, otherwise what are u without me??? I do all the hard work so that u can All day u roam around here and there doing nothing……U r just living an aimless life.
Rudra gets sad hearing Tej’s harsh words.

Jhanvi: Tej…stop it now…no need to say anything more.
Tej(arrogantly): no..why will I stop??? Let me give him a reality check…..So Rudra, who are u??? what have u done in your life???? I’ll tell u… Whole life u were surviving on my pocket money. After somehow, completing your education, u were sitting idly at home doing nothing…I told u so many times to join my business but showed no interest and when I tried to force ur great mom came in between and stopped me from doing it. And Jhanvi, just see that your son has became useless and good for nothing, just because of u. No girl would have agreed to get married to u if u weren’t an Oberoi. It’s my surname that gives u respect in this society, otherwise no one gives a damn about u. and also it’s because of me that u have a roof above u. So your king size life is given by me, so I’ve all the right to take decisions for u.
Rudra feels embarrassed and ashamed hearing Tej’s insults.
Jhanvi: Tej…I said stop right now!!!!! Rudra…u go from here.
Tej(to Jhanvi): No….I’m not gonna stop….. why will I stop??? And who r u to stop me??? What relation do we actually have????
Jhanvi(to Tej): I may not have any relation with U but I have a relation with Rudra….I’m his mom, even if I’m a bad mother but I’m still his mother
Tej(to Jhanvi): If u r his mom, then I’m also his father…..even if I’m abad father.
Jhanvi gets silent and wonders what to say. Rudra gets emotional.
Rudra(emotionally): Plz both of u stop fighting….I’ll marry whoever u say Dad…but plz don’t fight like this. I can’t see u both like this.
Jhanvi goes to Rudra and hugs him to console. Rudra starts weeping.
Tej: Stop all this nonsense Rudra…u r not a kid now…..go and first earn a living for yourself and then I’ll let u take your life decisions…but till then u have to follow my decisions. U r getting married and that’s final!!!!!
Rudra bursts into tears and starts weeping . Jhanvi gets very angry on Tej.
Jhanvi(seething): Tej…just leave right now!!!!!!

Tej arrogantly leaves from the room. Rudra starts crying. Jhanvi again hugs Rudra
Jhanvi: Rudra…don’t cry beta, and what your Dad said…don’t feel bad about it and don’t take it to heart.
Rudra(crying): Mom…am I really good for nothing????
Jhanvi: No beta, no…that’s not true……It’s because of u only that there is happiness in our family…..U made us laugh, u made us smile…u gave us reason to be happy….it’s because of u only, that we are still a family, otherwise we would have broken apart a long time ago…u r the reason of our strong bond Rudra.
Rudra(crying): Then why Dad said that I’m so useless???
Jhanvi smiles and wipes Rudra’s tears. She puts her hand in Rudra’s cheeks.
Jhanvi(smiling and caressing Rudra’s cheeks): What can your Dad do, beta??? He measures everything with money and status…He thinks that only these two things can give u love and respect….for him, other things doesn’t matters at all. But…your dad not completely wrong…He wants to see u succeed in life and to stand in your own feet….He cares for u, though he doesn’t shows it….but he cares a lot…..I know it.
Rudra: How do u know that dad cares for me????
Jhanvi (taking a pause and then gives a weak smile): Because…I’ve spent 35 years of my life with him, and in these 35 years I’ve known him very well.
Rudra: So why can’t u forgive him mom??? If u will forgive him, then our family will again become complete.
Jhanvi’s smile fades. She stops caressing Rudra and puts her hand down . She thinks for a few seconds.
Jhanvi(sighing with a sad face): I can’t…I can’t Rudra….I just can’t…It’s not possible for me….I can’t forget what he has done with me…..and the only reason I didn’t divorced your dad is because of u, Om and Prinku…I didn’t wanted my children to suffer and broke apart with their family.
Rudra gets sad hearing Jhanvi’s answer.
Jhanvi: Anyways, u don’t need to think about it……U go to your room…I’ll bring Oats for u.
Rudra(getting excited): Oatas??? Wow!!!!! Okay, but not only for me na, bring it for O and Shivaye bhaiya also.
Jhanvi(smilng): uhm…okay!!!!!
Rudra leaves from the room happily. Jhanvi smiles seeing Rudra happy.

Scene 2(Oberoi Mansion): Anika is walking on thewalkway. Suddenly someone grabs his hand and drags him towards the wall. Anika gets scared. The person is Shivaye(who else it can be other than him???). Shivaye holds Anika by her shoulders tightly. Anika tries to get rid of his grip. Shivaye is very angry and t is visible on his face. He is glaring at Anika with his kanji eyes. Anika gets scared but is also angry on him.
Anika(shouting): uh…what are u doing??? Leave me!!!!!
Shivaye(seethes and says in a low voice): Who was he????
Anika(shouting): What??? Of whom u r talking about???
Shivaye(seething): Shh….keep your pitch low and answer my question….. why didn’t u told me that u have a friend named Arjun, why am I getting to know about it now???
Anika(angry): Shivaye…u have completely gone crazy…u need a Psychiatrist…I reall meabn it.
Shivaye(shouting): Shut up and just answer my question!!!! Why didn’t u to told me about Arjun……why am I getting to know about him after 8 years????
Anika(glaring): Does it really matters??? Why will I tell my boss about my personal life??? My life is mine and I can do whatever I want to do…u r no one to question me!!!! And leave me now.
Shivaye tightens his grip on Anika. Anika feels pain.
Anika(seething): Shivaye, I’m feeling pain!!!!

Shivaye(angry): I’m also feeling….stay away from Arjun.
Anika: Who are u to tell me that???? U r my boss but that doesn’t means that u also have the right to take decisions of my personal life.
Shivaye: Fine!!!!! If u didn’t stay away from Arjun, then your debt will increase to 50 lacs.
Anika(shocked): What????
Shivaye(grinning): yes!!!! You will have to pay me 50 lacs if u didn’t do what I say…choice is yours.
Anika: u r blackmailing me???
Shivaye: u can think whatever u want. And I’ll do what I want.
Anika(shouting): What’s your problem??? Our relationship is over 8 years ago…. U got married to Mallika and now u also have a child, so why can’t I do what I want???? Who gave u the right to take decisions of my life??? Who gave u the right over me??? What do u want to prove??? That u still love me, and don’t want to see any guy near me???? Why are u getting so possessive over me??? What relation do we actually have??? Does it even have a name???? Yes, I didn’t told u about Arjun, so what??? I know that I should have told u about him when we were in a relationship, but I didn’t…I’M REALLY SORRY FOR THAT!!!!! Now what???? What do u want??? If u have the answers of any of these questions, then plz tell me. And I’ll stop meeting Arjun.

Shivaye gets silent and leaves Anika…He wonders what to say as he didn’t had any answer for her questions. He knew that he can’t question Anika. He wanted to control his emotions but he wasn’t able to. He was now actually after so many years, realizing that he doesn’t have any right over Anika. He can’t take decisions for her and she will not be always around him All these 8 years, both Shivaye and Anika were in a strange relationship, which actually didn’t had any name, and Shivaye realized it now. It was very hard for him to accept that he can’t take Anika for granted. All this thoughts were running inside Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s mind. He was thinking very silently which was very rare.

Anika looks at Shivaye and sees that he’s very tensed..
Anika(taunting): Shivaye Singh Oberoi!!!!! I know what u r thinking…….So finally, you’ve realized that….. I’m not your wife!!!!!
Shivaye gets angry and glares at Anika without saying anything. Anika grins.
Anika(grinning): It’ll great if we live happily without interfering in each other’s life!!!!! Will be good for both of us. I’ve moved on Shivaye, u also move.
Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika so emotionally detached. Shivaye just stares at Anika in disbelief, while she walks away smiling, leaving Shivaye alone. O jaana background music plays. Tears roll out of Shivaye’s eyes. He was still standing silently like a statue. He was feeling very helpless. His mind wasn’t working and and didn’t knew what to do. While Anika, goes behind a wall to hide herself from Shivaye and bursts into tears. She starts crying. She cries for few minutes and then wipes her tears. The scene shifts to Shivaye also wiping his tears. O jaana plays. Both are standing pretty close.

Shivaye is still standing at the walkway and Anika is still standing behind the wall…Now, THIS SCENE HAPPENS SIMULTANEOUSLY (Shivaye and Anika are talking to each other from far away through their mind, while O jaana bgm plays):

Shivaye(thinking): Why are u doing this to me Anika????
Anika(thinking): And what u have done with me??? How can u forget that????
Shivaye(thinking): U know I love u Anika…..and u also know that I can’t say it directly to u…why don’t u understand????
Anika(thinking): I know that u love me but our love story has no future…It’s too late now.
Shivaye(thinking/ in a broken voice): I can’t live without u Anika(bursts into tears).
Anika(thinking): U have to live without me (wipes her tears and walks away from there)

To Be Continued……

Precap : Rudra calls Soumya for help. Ishana enters Tia’s house(finally it’ll happen)

I’ve to end this episode here only. I know it’s short, but I don’t have more time to write and I think it’s the right scene to end the episode. Follow up scenes will be long so I want to write it together.

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