KISMET – Chapter 2 (Thapki Pyar Ki)

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Chapter 2

Just then a car stopped, Thapki eagerly rushed to the car, and stopped when she saw a lady alighting from the car. She walked to Thapki and asked, Beta do you need any help and why are standing here in the wee hours of the night.
Thapki hesitantly said I am waiting for my husband.

The lady, I saw you standing at this very place few hours ago when I drove pass this bridge, its past 2am now and it’s not safe to be standing here alone. If you don’t mind, I can drop you at your home.

Thapki, I …., faints on the road. The lady panicked, with the help of her driver carried Thapki into her car with her luggage. The driver asked. Vaani madam shall I drive to the hospital? Vaani madam, I think the girl as fainted due to exhaustion, let’s drive home. She can stay as our guest until she recovers.

It was 3am, Bihaan screamed into the eerie night. Where are you, Thapki? He rode again to all the places they have been, temple, parks and drove past the landmark bridge, but could not locate her.

It was 6am, Babuji was at the tabela, and Bihaan rode into Pandey Nivas looking haggard, parked his bike. Seeing Bihaan’s state Babuji knew something was not right, he asked, Bihaan what’s the matter you looked fatigue and where have you been all night.

Bihaan breaks down. Babuji was shocked, what happen Bihaan you are making me worried.

Bihaan, Babuji, Thapki left our home, she’s not in her parent’s, and I have searched everywhere but cannot find her. I am feeling helpless and made a huge mistake of asking her to leave the house in anger. Why did she leave me and where is she, he spoke incoherently. Folding his hands, Babuji, please help to bring my Thapki back, he sobbed like a lost child.

Trying to comfort Bihaan, Babuji said don’t worry Bihaan nothing will have happen to Thapki, she may be with her friends. I will call my friend Sanjay, Police Commissioner, to help search for Thapki. You go and take a rest, I will inform you know when I hear from Sanjay. Bihaan dragged himself to his room and fall onto his bed.

Bihaan was restless in his sleep, tossing and turning and heard someone calling, Bihaan, Bihaan, he jolted out of his bed to find Vasu ma standing near his bed. Bihaan, Babuji said you cannot find Thapki is it true. A fresh set of tears started to flow, seeing Bihaan getting emotional, Vasu ma consoled, don’t worry beta, and she’ll be alright. Did you try calling Thapki in her phone?

Bihaan was startled, No Ma, I totally forgot about calling her. He hugged Vasu ma, with hope dialed for Thapki. The phone rang, a woman answered.

Bihaan, Hello, Hello Thapki, Thapki where are you?
The person said, I’m not Thapki, I’m Shankar.
Bihaan looked confused. Shankar? Yes Bihaan Ji, Thapki’s phone is with me now.

In anger, Bihaan smashed his phone onto the wall and broke it into pieces. Vasu ma panicked and asked, what happen, Bihaan. He dashed to where Shankar was, how dare you take Thapki’s phone, and how did you get this phone, Bihaan yelled.

Kosi ma came running to Bihaan and said I gave the phone to Shankar, found it in your room since Thapki is no longer your wife, why keep stuffs which reminds of her.
Bihaan gave a death stare at Kosi ma and Shankar, and said, No one touches or remove Thapki stuff from my room, the first hurtful words from his Kosi ma felt like a spear piercing into him, his mother has failed to understand his love for Thapki; he walks away sadly.

3am in New Delhi the driver drives into a mansion, Vaani Madam we have reached home. Vaani helped Thapki out of the car and brought her to the guest room, Thapki was disoriented, she heard Vaani saying, Rest for the night, let’s talk when you feel better. Thapki lay on the bed murmuring, why Bihaan didn’t you come for us after reading the letter. Do you hate me to the extent of erasing me from your life forever? In exhaustion, she went into deep sleep, her motherly instincts kicks in to reduce stress for her precious within.

Thapki, Bihaan close your eyes I have a surprise for you
Bihaan, surprise for me gajaab, Thapki puts the pregnancy report on his hands and say open your eyes now.
Bihaan, what’s the surprise is this paper, he raises his eyebrows with a sheepish smile. Bihaan reads the report, Thapki watches his eyes going big and then tears forming in the corner of his eyes. Gleefully Thapki hugs him and say Yes, you are going to be one BIG PAPA. Bihaan unable to contain his happiness swirls Thapki around. Finally resting on Thapki’s lap, feeling her tummy. Thapki shouts stop tickling me Bihaan stop, stop, she cries out loud and woke up from her dream and crumbles into tears again.

Thapki recalls last night incidents with Vaani, she wakes up and found breakfast was served in her room, though she had no appetite but nibbles some food for her precious. After freshening up, she comes out of her room, and met the manager, Manick, who oversees Vaani’s mansion. Manick welcomed Thapki, informed Madam Vaani Oberoi had to leave for urgent business meeting and have asked you to stay until she returns. Obliging the hospitality, Thapki agreed.

Thapki returns to her room, tried calling Bihaan from the room phone. The automated message played, the subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable, Thapki tried several times, the same message repeats. She tried calling Pandey Nivas, the phone rang with no answer.

Confused what to do next, Thapki ponders, should I write another letter to Bihaan informing my whereabouts or should I return to my parents. What if Bihaan doesn’t want me back in his life, and I don’t want to be burden to my parents again. I have to think of something to support myself and my precious, all the doors are closing on me. She slides onto the bed dishearten and started to cry uncontrollably recalling yesterday’s fateful occurrences.

Back in Pandey Nivas, Kosi ma calls Shankar to her room & locks the door. Shankar listen carefully, if you want to marry Bihaan you have follow exactly what I tell you to do. Put this letter inside the safe. What letter is this Kosi Ma, Shankar asked.
Kosi ma smiles, Thapki’s letter to Bihaan, I found it on his bed, Bihaan will forgive Thapki after reading this letter, he will accept her as his wife again and all my plans will be ruined. Shankar was shocked, what’s in this letter
Kosi ma, Thapki is pregnant and Bihaan should never know the truth. Shankar looked stunned.
Kosi ma, Shankar, you have to ensure everyone in this house including Bihaan have to forget about Thapki.
Shankar, Kosi ma, I will do whatever you tell me for Bihaan Ji, she smiles.

Babuji, Bihaan, Sanjay wants to meet at the hospital.
Bihaan gets nervous, why Babuji,
Babuji, I don’t know Bihaan maybe he has some news about Thapki.
Bihaan, But Babuji why in the hospital, is Thapki alright?
Babuji calms him down, don’t confuse yourself Bihaan go and meet him.
Bihaan leaves for hospital, Babuji looks sadly, how do I tell what Sanjay shared?

Bihaan meets Sanjay at the hospital, Uncle, Babuji said you wanted to meet me, do you have any news of Thapki, is she alright?
Uncle Sanjay looked at Bihaan worriedly, Bihaan we don’t have any news of Thapki but we need you to identify a body in the mortuary. Yesterday night there was a fatal accident, involving a taxi with a lady passenger, unfortunately both are beyond recognition. We need you to identify the body.
Bihaan, but Uncle why me?
Uncle Sanjay, Bihaan this is just for formalities. Constable bring Bihaan to the mortuary.
Bihaan’s heart was pumping out of his chest as he entered the mortuary, they showed the lady’s body, Bihaan heart stopped a moment when he saw the dupatta tied to the arm had the initial TBP (Thapki Bihaan Pandey embroidery in all dupattas). Gripping the dupatta, this is Thapki’s dupatta, why is it here? No, No, This is not Thapki, this is not happening, he ran out of the mortuary trying to breath.

Bihaan was on his knees crying, Babuji hold his shoulders, Bihaan what happen?
Bihaan, Babuji, Thapki is alive she’s not dead. But, but the lady had Thapki’s dupatta, I don’t understand.
Babuji, Bihaan I know you love Thapki a lot but the truth is in front of your eyes, Thapki’s dupatta is wrapped in her body, Thapki is no longer with us Beta. You have to accept the reality.
Bihaan, no Babuji. I know my Thapki is alive. I will not accept it. He walks away shattered. Bihaan comes home drunk, and found the family mourning for Thapki. He shouts, Thapki is not dead, stop all these nonsense. And staggered towards his room.

In Vaani’s mansion, the next day Vaani meets with Thapki, Thapki beta how are you feeling today. Thapki hugged and thanked for her hospitality. Vaani then asked, tell me Thapki why were you standing at the bridge and when will your husband come for you? Thapki started to cry and shared her unfortunate life story.

Vaani felt sorry for Thapki, Thapki beta you can stay with me until your husband comes for you. You are like my daughter and I don’t have any immediate family to share my happiness or sorrow with me. I will support you in all ways as your mother.

Thapki hugged her then said, I need to find a job to support myself and my baby.
Vaani said, Beta you are still in your first trimester of your pregnancy, you need to take extra care of your health during this time, if you don’t mind you can work as my manager. Thapki agreed thankfully.

3 months passed, Thapki is 4 months pregnant during this period she tried connecting with Bihaan via letters and phone calls but all her attempts ended in failures. Her letters were returned as invalid occupant and phone number was discontinued. Thapki started to believe Bihaan was avoiding her and ended his relationship with her. She felt depressed but her work busy schedule was a good diversion, and was able to focus on her baby’s wellbeing.

In Pandey Nivas; Shankar attends to Bihaan’s needs, serves him food, cleans his room and such but he simply ignored and doesn’t acknowledge her deeds as it didn’t matter to him at all. Getting impatient, Shankar decides to get intimate with Bihaan.

Shankar sneaks into Bihaan’s room one morning while he was sleeping. She ran into his washroom to freshen up and came out with a towel wrapped around her. She walked to sleeping Bihaan and started caressing his hair and face, Bihaan wakes up abruptly to find Shankar standing near him. He jolts out of his bed, pushed her away and walked out of his room in anger.

Standing outside his room he shouted, Kosi ma,
Kosi ran to Bihaan asking what happened beta, Bihaan said look for yourself and brought her inside his room. Shankar started to shiver in fear when Kosi entered the room.
Bihaan started screaming, I have told Shankar many times not to enter my room or touch my stuff, she is repeatedly doing it, the day I lose my temper I will not be responsible for my actions, so MA you better warn her before I hurt her badly.
Kosi dragged Shankar out of Bihaan’s room and locked Shankar in her room as a punishment for 2 days. Regardless the punishment, Shankar was adamant to marry Bihaan, decides to change her strategy.

Precap: Aditi shares Bihaan’s engagement news with Thapki.


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