Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 10)

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Hi friends….It’s quite difficult for me to post episodes daily but I’ll try to give…Here’s the link of all my previous episodes.

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Recap: It’s revealed that Mallika is Tara’s mom.

Scene 1: Mallika enters Shivaye’s room and sees Shivaye and Anika quarreling.
Mallika: Shivaye???
Shivaye, Anika and Tara look at Mallika and gets surprised.
Shivaye/Anika: Mallika??? u???
Tara(lopoking at Mallika): mom??? u??
Mallika walks towards them.
Mallika: Shivaye…why are u so surprised to see me???? U only called me here
Shivaye: uh…yeah but u told me that u have an important project to complete and that’s why u can’t come…right???
Mallika: yeah…the project is completed now and how will I not come….after all it’s such a big news that Om is alive.
Shivaye: And then also u didn’t had time to come home to meet him.
Mallika: Shivaye…why are u being angry with me????
Shivaye: Why shouldn’t I??? For 6 months u were out in US…and now u have got tiome to come here…u don’t have time for ur family…for ur daughter.
Mallika: Shivaye, we have already talked about it so many times…Now I don’t want give any explanation….so plz….just leave me.
Anika: Why u both are fighting infront of ur daughter??? what will she think??? Tara…go from here.
Tara leaves from there.
Shivaye: Mallika…I know that our relationship is nothing more than a deal….we are husband-wife only by name but….atleast give time to ur daughter….have u ever cared for her????
Mallika: Shivaye…I have not came here to answer ur questions…I came here to meet Om….now will u plz tell me where’s Om???
Anika: Om is in his room but before u meet him I’ve to to tell something important to u
Mallika: what???
Anika: Come outside…I’ll tell u.
Anika leaves with Mallika

Scene 2: It’s around 9:00 pm….Anika is standing near the swimming pool…She goes back in flashback 8 years ago…
Flashback scene: Anika and Shivaye are hugging each other romantically.
Anika: Shivaye, u will not leave me na????
Shivaye: Never.
Anika: Even If the whole world stands against our love???
Shivaye: Anika…i said na…nothing can broke us apart…nothing
The scene shifts to Shivaye and Mallika’s wedding……Shivaye and Mallika are taking phere…Anika is standing at from a distance with other family members and looks at them with an expressionless face….she was lost somewhere…tears come out of her eyes without her knowledge.
Flashback ends…Anika comes out of the flashback.
Anika: why u did this Shivaye??? Why???

Scene 3: Soumya is in her home…She gets Rudra’s call.
Soumya(on phone): Hello…
Rudra(crying): Soumya…plz come fast to me otherwise I’ll suicide.
Soumya: What??? Are u mad?? Listen Rudra…I’m very busy right now so plz don’t disturb me, okay.
Rudra(crying): Soumya….plz come fast or I’ll really cut my wrist.
Soumya: O hello…these tricks will not work on me…play this prank on someone else…and btw today is not 1st April.
Rudra: Soumya…I’m not joking….this is a serious matter…I don’t know what to do…plz come fast or I will definitely die with heart attack.
Soumya: Okay okay…I’m coming
Scene 4: Soumya enters Rudra’s room….She sees Rudra on the bed with a blanket all over him.
Soumya: Rudra, u know na that summers are going on…
Rudra: yeah…I know…

Soumya: then why u have put on a blanket…didn’t u feeling hot.
Rudra: My temperature is going low that’s why I’ve put on this blanket.
Soumya: duffer Oberoi….are u mad???
Rudra runs towards Soumya and hugs her…he starts crying.
Rudra( crying): Soumya plz save…I’ll do anything for u but plz save m,e…plz plz plz…
Soumya: first leave me….from how many days u haven’t taken bath…such a bad smell…I’ll puke.
Rudra: Soumya…this is not a time to joke.
Soumya: Look who is talking….a person who himself is a joke.
Rudra(making baby face fakes crying): Sumo..plz save me…plz.
Soumya: Okay okay…no need to do overacting…first tell me what’s the problem???
Rudra(crying): my dad and mom wants me to get married.
Soumya: So it’s a good thing na…be happy that a girl is atleast considering u for marriage otherwise no one even wants to see ur face.

Rudra: Oh hello…u know very well that Rudy was favourite of girls in college and today also girls go crazy to even see a glimpse of me.
Soumya: Not girls, it’s bimbos.
Rudra: Oh shut up…I’ve called u here for help…the girl will never say no for marriage after seeing me and my opinion doesn’t matters to anyone here.
Soumya: I can’t believe it…u r so delusional… r u so sure that the girl will yes for marriage.
Rudra: It’s Rudy’s magic Sumo…tum nahi samjhogi.
Soumya:Oh God…so much delusion…leave it but Rudra…don’t u think that u should get married now….I mean, ur age is passing and getting a girl in old age will be very difficult.
Rudra: Soumya…we are best friends for 8 years and u still don’t know that I feel mich michi with the name of marriage.
Soumya: Okay fine but what do u want me to do???
Rudra: Listen…I’ve an awesome full proof plan which can never fail.
Soumya: No no no no no….I’m not going to be a part of any of ur stupid plans.
Rudra(making baby face): Soumya…u can’t even do this much for me???
Soumya: Rudra I said na, no means no.
Rudra: why are u giving the dialogue of Pink???
Soumya(confused): what???
Rudra: Leave it….Sumo plz help me na.
Soumya: Rudra…I’m not going to be a part of any of ur stupid plans..okay!!!!!

Rudra starts fake crying.
Soumya: Rudra, no emotional blackmailing!!!!!
Rudra(crying): U can’t even do this for ur best friend??? I thought that we are friends but no…I was wrong….U don’t even care for me Soumya…not what will I do living in this world???? It’ll be better if I jump from this terrace.
Soumya: Stop this overacting Rudra…I’m not gonna fall for it..
Rudra(crying): Sumo…plz help me…I beg in front of u…plz.
Rudra starts touching Soumya’s feet.
Soumya: Rudra….are u mad??? Leave my leg…
Rudtra(making baby face): Soumya…I’ll not leave u until and unless u will agree to help me.
Soumya: Oh God….okay fine…I’ll help u.
Rudra gets happy and smiles….He gets up and again smiles.
Soumya: Stop smiling…I don’t know why God forgot to give brain in ur head.
Rudra hugs Soumya in excitement.
Rudra: I love u Sumo.
Soumya: okay fine…leave me now… I don’t get that why don’t u talk to bade bhaiya and bade ball wale bhaiya…they will definitely help u out.
Rudra: Them??? U know what??? Shivaye bhaiya will start giving me lectures that u should get married…marriages very important for life and blah blah blah and I don’t want to trouble O bhaiya right now…..there are a lot of problems in his life right now…btw don’t u think that O should marry before me…I mean he’s elder than me

Soumya: yeah…u definitely have a point.
Rudrra(putting fingers on his forehead): Logic!!!!
Soumya: I guess that bade baal wale bhaiya can get a girl later on too but u???? I doubt that u will get a girl now also…..I think that u don’t have to worry….as soon as the girl will know ur girl will know ur IQ level she will straight forward say no….so relax!!!!! Nothing to fear.
Rudra: Sumo…this is not a quiz contest….no girl in her right senses will say no for marriage to Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Soumya: Lets see….but for now…tell me what’s ur plan.
Rudra: Listen, u have to become my girlfriend.
Soumya(shocked): what???u want me to became ur girlfriend??? Are u mad??? Go and wash ur face.
Rudra: relax Sumo!!!!!! U have to only pretend it in front of that girl….u have to meet her and say that u r in love with me and if she marries me then u’ll kill her.
Soumya: what??? U want me to threaten her???
Rudra: No… u don’t have to threaten her….u just have to pretend to threaten her.
Soumya(confused): pretend to threaten???
Rudra: Yeah…u have to just do acting in front of her… how’s my plan??? I’m a genius na???
Soumya: what a stupid plan ??? No wonder…it’s coming from a stupid guy.
Rudra: What do u mean??? This is a full proof plan.

Soumya: Rudra….this plan will not work…what if the girl complained to the police??? Nothing will happen to u but I’ll land in jail.
Rudra: Don’t worry….I’ll bail u out…we are Oberois after all….and u can’t be in jail for few hours for ur best friend???
Soumya: and what if she told this to ur family…if Tej uncle came to know that this was ur plan then u know very well that what will happen.
Rudra thinks about Tej and freaks out. Rudra again starts fake crying.
Rudra(making baby face): Soumya…plz save me.
Soumya: Rudra!!!! U really need a psychiatrist….well , leave it…now I have to only do something to stop this marriage.
Rudra(crying): plz do something fast….or I’ll get a heart attack.

Rudra fakes crying and Soumya makes annoyed face.

Scene 5: Anika is is still sitting near the swimming pool…she’s teary eyed…Ishana enters…Anika sees Ishana and wipes her tears
Ishana: No need to hide ur tears Anika….keeping it inside will only give u pain.
Anika: what are u saying????
Ishana sits beside Anika.
Ishana: what happened Anika???
Anika: What ??? what happened??? Nothing!!!
Ishana: Why are u doing this job???
Anika: this job???

Ishana: the job of being a nanny of Tara…the job of taking care of the child of someone with whom u once fell in love with…..don’t u feel hurt to see Shivaye daily…..don’t u feel hurt to be recalled again and again that he can never be urs…he’s someone else….doesn’t his daughter reminds u again and again that he’s a married man
Anika: I don’t have any other option….I have the responsibility of Sahil on my shoulders….I have taken loan from this family for Sahil’s education and treatment and I’ve to clear it….I want Sahil to get the best education…..I never got proper education in my life….so I know it’s value and even u would be knowing it’s value….Ishana, I want Sahil to achieve each and everything in his life….I want the world to respect him….and for him, this pain is nothing.
Ishana: Does Shivaye still loves u???
Anika smiles.
Anika: I don’t know whether he loves me or not….I don’t even want to know…our relationship was over 8 years ago……now it doesn’t even matters to me.
Ishana: Do u still love Shivaye???
O jaana song plays…Anika’s lips get sealed…She had no answer for Ishana’s question.
Anika: Ishana…I….I don’t want to talk about it…so plz….
Ishana: cry!!!!
Anika(confused): uh…what????
Ishana: I said cry….cry Anika.!!!!
Anika: What are u saying???? I’m not getting it???
Ishana hugs Anika…Anika gets confused.
Ishana: don’t keep pain inside urself…..u can fake it in front of the whole world but not me…….I said cry Anika.

Anika bursts into tears…..Ishana and Anika are still hugging each other.
Anika(crying): Ishana, I still love Shivaye…..I want to forget him but I can’t…I tried a lot but I wasn’t able to….Plz tell me what should I do???? Plz tell me Ishana.
Ishana(thinking): What will I tell u Anika, I’m myself unlucky in love???? My love story is also incomplete like u.

To Be Continued……

Precap: ACP Randhawa enters Oberoi mansion

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  3. Saasha123

    Oh it was awesome… Loved it… Anika and ishana scene mindblowing… Rudra and sowmya scene was cute….??????

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  7. amazing episode..
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    rumya scenes were good….
    anika nd ishana’s scene were really emotional..

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    It’s a an amazing story and interesting too .
    It’s ok if you can’t post the part every day but pls try to be regular.
    Epi was really very nice

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