Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai marries Priyanka

Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Priyanka will understand when she listens to someone. Shivaye says she thinks Rajiv is a nice guy, if we prove that Rajiv isn’t good, she may change her decision. He calls to ask about Rajiv. He asks Jai Kothari… He says Rajiv worked at Jai’s place. Rudra says he won’t help us. Anika asks who is Jai Kothari, tell us. Shivaye says my biggest business rival. FB shows Jai and Shivaye arguing. Jai says how can you reject such a good proposal, just imagine our business can go really far after this alliance happens. Shivaye says I don’t mix business and personal life, I can’t marry your sister, not because she lacks something, but because I don’t love her, Naina is a nice girl. She deserves all the happiness in life, I can’t marry her, sorry. He goes. Jai says you rejected my

sister, I will never forget this insult. FB ends. Anika says so he felt offended. Shivaye says his ego got hurt by this, now his life’s only motive is to defeat me in business. FB shows Shivaye asking why didn’t we get the tender. Manager says Kothari group had the lower quote, they are ready to bear loss, but don’t want us to make profits. FB ends.

Shivaye says Jai’s annoyance changed into hatred, I don’t think he will help us now. Om asks is there any other way. Shivaye says I have to meet Jai and ask for his help, he is our last hope. Dadi says go soon, we don’t have much time. Shivaye comes to meet Jai. Jai says you here, I can’t believe this. Shivaye says I didn’t come to argue, I have something imp to talk. Jai says my Dada ji used to say that if enemy comes to talk, then he is actually there to seek help, come to the point. Shivaye says I want info about Rajiv. Anika says you still have time Priyanka, you are going to start a new life without elders’ blessings, you think this is right. Priyanka says if elders didn’t care for my happiness, why shall I care for them. Anika says Shivaye will understand if your love is true, he will get you married, but don’t do this.

Priyanka says you have known him since 5 years, I know him since childhood, he is very stubborn, he doesn’t change decision, I m his sister, I will not change my marriage decision. She asks Pandit to start rituals. Jai says Rajiv did a scam of 20 crores in my company, police is finding him, he had run away. Shivaye asks what, do you have any proof. Jai says yes, I know its about your sister’s happiness, a brother can’t see tears in sister’s eyes, I m helping you, but our enmity won’t end, I m doing this just for your sister, you may go now, before you reach there, police will reach there and arrest Rajiv. Shivaye says thanks, I owe you one. He goes. Priyanka gets up for the rounds. Anika calls Shivaye.

Reporters come there and ask about Priyanka’s marriage. Om asks who called you here. Shivaye comes and shouts stop it, its our personal matter. Om asks did you talk to Jai. Shivaye says this marriage won’t happen. Priyanka threatens to drink the poison. Shivaye throws the bottle. Police comes to arrest Rajiv. Inspector says he has done 20 crores fraud with Kothari group. Rajiv runs away. Priyanka cries and hugs Shivaye. Reporters ask why do grooms always run away, does Priyanka lack something, why is her wedding cancelled always. Jai shouts enough, not a word more against her. He scolds the reporters. He asks who gave you the right to defame her. He says sorry I m responsible for all this, if I got Rajiv arrested before, this would have not happened, I m sorry Shivaye. Dadi says no, you have saved Priyanka’s life.

Jai says media always look for chances to defame someone, there is one way to shut their mouth. Reporters say groom has run away, someone rejected Priyanka her once again, who will marry her. Jai says I will marry her, I know Shivaye, and she is from the same bloodline, this is enough for me. He says I want to talk to Priyanka in private. She cries. Jai apologizes to Priyanka. He says I can see you loved Rajiv a lot, you just had a heartbreak, I don’t know if you could love or trust someone, I m make sure that I try my best to keep you happy, we don’t know each other, its sufficient to make a new start, I promise you, that I won’t even touch you till you accept me from your heart, I believe in fate, marriages are made in heaven, so maybe Lord makes us meet the wrong person first so that we value the right person, sorry, I sometimes become a philosopher, do whatever you think is right, decision is in your hands.

Om says I don’t know its happening right or wrong. Rudra asks what will we do of Jai. Shivaye says we should leave decision on Priyanka and remember that Jai helped us, keeping personal differences aside. Nani says he did a lot for us, he agreed to marry Priyanka to save our family and her respect. Dadi says if he is so good, his family would be good too. Reporter asks will your sister get married or not. Priyanka and Jai come. Priyanka says this marriage will happen. Shivaye asks are you sure. Dadi says everything happens for the best. Nani says Lord makes the pairs, all this happened so that they meet. Jai says I know Shivaye, you love your sister a lot, but I promise I will always keep her happy. Shivaye gives Priyanka’s hand to him. Jai asks pandit ji to start the preparations.

Everyone smiles. Jai makes Priyanka wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang. They take wedding rounds. Dadi and Nani bless Jai and Priyanka. Shivaye says always be happy. Jai says you are my wife’s elder brother, so you are also my elder brother. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says you want to prove yourself younger by calling me elder brother, you must be older than me by a few months. Rudra jokes. Jai gets a call and goes.

He asks Rajiv why didn’t he go. Rajiv says my work didn’t complete, you fooled Oberois well. Jai says you trapped Priyanka in love on my saying, you instigated her against her family. Rajiv calls texting Shivaye. Jai says I have just fuelled the fire and called media. He recalls calling the media and informing about Priyanka’s marriage. He gives cheque to Rajiv and says you don’t need to meet me now. Rajiv says thanks, I wanted to ask you, what’s your next time. Jai says something I have always wanted to do, it will be interesting to take revenge when I know Shivaye’s weakness.

Jai asks Priyanka to come in, her grahpravesh won’t happen. She cries and steps inside the house. Shivaye calls her. She says Jai is caring for me a lot, my grahpravesh just happened, he was showing me the house and you called up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luthfa

    Finally,from Daksh to Rajiv than Jay.Priyanka has fallen into the hands of one Cheater from another.By the way,watching the media I promptly assumed that all those marriage fiasco was just to trap Shivaay through Priyanka and mastermind is obviously Jay Kothari.I was reading a novel few minutes back and there is a line”Anything can happen to Anyone” and that “It’s best to be prepared”.Looking at Priyanka’s condition and the Oberois,most importantly IB fans(which includes Shivika,Rikara,Ruvya)that line suits the present situation perfectly on and off screen.Anyway,it’s nothing new to sacrifice Girls and target them to fulfill one’s wish no matter how vicious it is against anyone.In deepest level,it is the Karma that is served and the recipient is Shivaay Singh Oberoi.He married Anika to take revenge Once Upon A Time now Jay Kothari,making it personal,married Priyanka to take revenge against Shivaay.The common thing between these two Shivaay and Jay is-Their sisters.Okay,carry on cvs.When I watched that Rajiv as potential threat for the Oberois I started thinking where he would match the standards of the Oberois in enmity!But my illusion has broken today.Thanks.

    1. NSK

      Agreeing to u completely.
      Nice analysis Apu.☺

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooo…very much for the compliment dear.

    2. NSK

      Congratulations for being first .☺

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you once again.Though I don’t know how I became first!

    3. ShivikaSCNM

      I agree with u lu… good one

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooo…much dear.

    4. Luthfa congrats for being number 1 dear. I did write about the Shivika anniversaryan fit was such a long write up but it never got posted. So I didn’t rewrite as I was fed up. So sorry. Nice comments.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Sindhu di,how are you?
        It’s absolutely fine di.I can understand.Thank you soooooo…much for the compliments.

  2. ShivikaSCNM

    Same old story.

    1. NSK

      Yes true.

    2. Agree Shivika the same old plot. Nothing new. Instead of Ranveer now it is Jai.

  3. NSK

    For me
    episode was Bad! Was hurried very much!
    I mean despite knowing that the guy has some sort of enmity with Oberoi Industries/Shivaay who on earth lets that guy to marry their family member without even suspecting once!😒
    Priyanka did foolishness but what all others did was more than Foolishness! And yeah,that media thing,to show the world priyanka is marrying! Like seriously!😒 its 21st century, stop thinking women so weak.😒
    Sorry couldn’t connect to epi at all.
    Well apart from that,
    I wanted to ask something.
    i thought it was his real eyes.but his eye color changes!😱
    When he’s wearing black his eyes look GREY
    when Blue they seem BLUE
    when Green they reflect GREEN
    when Brown they look BRWON
    Sometimes it seems like BLUE-GREENBLUE-GREEN mix, sometimes BRWON-GREY mix.😨
    What color are his eyes?
    I mean it changes according to cloth’s color!😰
    I thought his eyes are real,if it isn’t my dill will be TOOTS!😥
    (Sorry for asking this question in this serious situation but couldn’t resist myself😦)
    #end IshqbaazWithDignity
    Gn my dear PKJ.
    In shall ah will come after 9th December. My exams are gonna get over that day.Keep me in your prayers.
    Love you guys.
    @BunnyDi,LuthfaApu,JeeviDi,AppyDi,SindhuDi,Mona,MeghnaDi and many many more-Take good wishes from me.😊

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Noushin,hope you are doing fine,
      Well,NM’s eyes have one particular colour and it reflect s or creates different shades every time.It’s hard to figure out what is the actual colour of his eyes actually.He does not wear any lens dear.Beautiful analysis.All the very best for your exams.See you soon.Lots of love.

      1. Hello nSK how are you? Hope your are doing well.

      2. NSK

        Thank u for ur wishes 😊

    2. ShivikaSCNM

      Even I have a same question his eyes color keep changing. I have read somewhere ppl who have these color of eyes,the eyes color keep changing according to there mood.
      And coming to episode how come shivay agrees so easily to priyanka’s marraige because he is rich and as soon has he saw Rajiv he decided he is a bad guy and wanted to break the relationship I don’t understand this logic.
      Harneeth has to write something she has written I think she is in a hurry to write a story for new generation leap.

      1. NSK

        Yes true

    3. ShivikaSCNM

      All the best NSK

      1. NSK

        Thank uuuu

  4. Shajessie

    Hi guys…. 2day epi… Sry for priyanka… 3 new comers as bahus were really good heart soul… But in her case… She is not tat lucky..
    Totally 2day epi was in hurry… Hmm need to wait for 2moro twist….
    Bye gd nite…

  5. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone Iam not in the mood to leave comments these days. But I miss you all so I am here. In fact I did not watch the episode and just read the comments for yesterday. It is the same plot and now IB is becoming a drag and monotonous. There is no spark and all the actors look very jaded. They are not enthusiastic at all and I am sure the studio is very gloomy when they are acting. Priyanka always ends up getting the wrong groom. No one actually said anything. Why didn’t Shivaay think if Raj ran away with 20 crores then why didn’t Jai attest immediately? Jai let him roam scot free and then immediately arrested him just when Raj was about to marry Priyanka. Shivaay is great business man but he is not able to think deep when his Sister is involved. He allows his emotions to take the better of him.

    All the other got the best bahus but sorry Priyanka you have to contest with this schemer Jai. Anika usually is sharp in this but she is also sidelined. Might as well finding IB with happy note and move onto generation leap. Why tantalise the viewers when they are not going to have Shivika or any of the Obros in the leap.

    Hi to Luthfa banita Arpu NSK shivya Jeevi Shivika pushpa kadhambari Jessie and many more wonderful members and non members out there.

    1. You literally voiced out my thoughts, it was the most irrational move.

    2. NSK

      U r right di

  6. ShivikaSCNM

    i stopped watching ishqbaaz i.e. Last 4 episodes I just read the written updates I’m no more interested in watching ishqbaaz after hearing SC’s exist from the show.
    If this would have happened with NM same thing I would have done I love these 2 cuties(shivika).
    And the show is getting worst day by day pls end the show with happy ending always showing emotion things crying fighting shouting pointing fault on others and taking revenge except this nothing else is there in this show there is no punch in it.
    Starting of the show there was a punch, each day I use to wait eagerly to watch the show I use to be very excited and when Saturday and Sunday comes I use to become sad and wait for Monday to come soon. Now I’m waiting when will the show get over.
    From ishqbaazi it has turned to naffrathbazi.

  7. Astmasiddika

    Hello PKJ family Hope all of u r fine
    Coming to the episode it was a fast moving episode, feeling very sorry for prinku whichever guy enter her life they all are acting to her it is very heart breaking scene when she comes to know about their real face
    Precap -😑😑😑

  8. Nikita_jai29

    #nosurbhinoishqbaaz… Just another rival for shivaay… I am tired to see many enemy of shivaay

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