Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari disturbed after Mishti’s behavior

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home Pari was crying while Kunal consoles her. Pari says she is a bad unlucky girl, first God snatched her mama and now Mishti as well. Kunal wipes her tears and hugs her assuring she is the best girl. Pari says Mauli aunty and Mishti must have loved her, if she was a good girl. Kunal asks if she loves him. Pari nods. Kunal says earlier as well, they were happy people and they will live happily in future. He gets a call from Ishaan.
Ishaan holds Mauli’s hand in the restaurant. Kunal says this means Mishti knows the truth, he wonders what to say. Both her daughters have to suffer a lot because of him, he feels really guilty. Mauli says she never wanted Mishti to know the truth, not this way at least. Ishaan suggested that the three of them must sit together. Kunal requests

Mauli not to misunderstand him, but may he know what she told Mishti about their past; may be, unknowingly Mauli said something that made Mishti hate him. Ishaan assures Kunal that Mauli never spoke negative of her relationship with him, it’s one of the reasons he wants to marry her. If he still considers she can speak negative about him a six year old? Kunal was apologetic to Mauli. Ishaan says they must take some drastic step to resolve the matter. He suggests they must keep both girls away. Mauli seconds Ishaan saying they must not meet each other. Kunal thanks Ishaan for helping them out.
Mamma appreciates Mishti for finishing her Paratha. Mishti was upset for being rude to her mama. Mamma suggests she must apologize her Mama and it will be fine. She asks Mishti that it’s not even right that someone behaves rudely repeatedly. Mishti nods. They converse about Mishti’s friends and school. Mishti tells Mamma about a friend Mitta who fall ill after she went for an outing with her parents. Mamma asks if Mitta is the same girl whose parents left separately. She tries to convince Mishti that both parents love their children unconditionally no matter they have to live separately. Mishti doesn’t pay much heed and asks about her drawing book instead. Mamma sense Mishti wanted to change the topic. Mishti shows Mamma her new drawing book with Mama, Papa and their new house. Mamma feels saddened that she might never be able to explain Mishti if Kunal knew about her, he had never left her.
Kunal returns home. Aasha explains that Pari was a little lazy and fall asleep. Kunal allows Aasha to leave as he is home. He comes to Pari and smile as he watch her asleep. He kiss her forehead and realize Pari had fever. He hurries to get a bowl of water, placing wet cloth over her forehead. Pari opens her eyes, Kunal assures he is around. Suddenly his phone bell rings, it was Mamma. Mamma tells Kunal that he spoke to Mishti, but it might sometime. She says Mishti never misbehaved with anyone before. Kunal understands its not Mishti’s mistake. Mamma was concerned for Pari as she might be disturbed. Kunal replies she will be fine. Mamma inquires what the matter is, he sounds tensed. Kunal says Pari has fever. Mamma says she will be there. Kunal asks if she is sure, but smiles when she replies with determination that she will do what she promised. Mamma comes to take care of Pari, she asks Kunal for her medicines while she tells Kunal to go and take some rest. Pari weakly calls Mauli Aunty while asleep. Kunal and Mamma look towards each other at her response.
At night, Mauli was asleep with Mishti. She dreams about Pari and her excitement about their friendship, she thinks about Nandini’s tape and her demand.
The next morning, Mauli wakes up at the ring of doorbell. She opens the door to find the newspaper, then goes to check why Mama didn’t yet take the newspaper. Mama just reach home. Mauli asks where she went early morning. Mamma says she called Kunal and found Pari wasn’t well. Mauli was concerned for Pari. Mamma says Pari had an emotional set back, she cried at home and got fever; and even in her illness she murmured Mauli’s name.

PRECAP: Kunal finds Mauli’s dress caught fire while working in the kitchen. He rushes to put it off and help Mauli.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Oh boy… I can just imagine the comments to come ?

  2. I do not like the image he gives to Mauli..kunal did not want to understand and believe Mauli when he accuses him of lying for the pregnancy .. he what he wanted is to go to nandini .. flee .the drasmi’s departure was not well managed by the CV and simple opinion..I can not tolerate that Mauli can give her confidence again..his love..a kunal .. This man is causing you so much pain for another woman .. The series is overtaking me .. I do not like what he wants to show..the woman is a person. not a thing or an object .. she has feelings .. an opinion .. a self-esteem..But there all the waiting and experiment cv crushes .. because they show all the opposite expected by the fans .. it is necessary to to tell if it was your sister or friend who is in the same situation as Mauli. will you be able to forgive and forget .. or even if it was the woman who had committed adultery .. in my humble opinion .the thing and reaction will not be the same..I am a fan disappointed and angry because we destroy the image of Mauli as weak and vulnerable woman .. Who has nothing in the brain..Bref .. useless history. . to show you that the woman is stupid. .

  3. Since day 1 mauli has been my favourite character, i just loved how smart,independent,modern she was along being family-oriented, kind-hearted, sensitive.
    Not the usual tv serial bahu drapped in saree, flower in head, puja’s thali in hand. With doctor sonakshi Bose from kuch rang pyar ki, she has been one of the few character really incarnating 21st women – relatable & inspiring.
    I found her weak but realistic when post pregnancy news she wanted kunal back.
    But in the current track i feel to understand why she is thinking and behaving like the way she is doing. Neither pari, nandini nor kunal are in any way related to her. Kunal is only mishti’s father and mishti does not want him and has a much better father figure. There is no reason for her to think of pari and even consider being her mom. In all this ultimately the innocent one: ishaan will be hurt. Just like she was 6 years ago. If she ever go to kunal then, i am sorry to say she will be most pathetic, disgraceful and undeserving of amy sympathy .

    1. Samantha Mandaza

      Totally agree there. Pari is adorable but that’s no reason for Mauli to suddenly do a u turn and accept her. It’s not realistic. This track is slowly ruining Mauli for me

  4. Dumb show ever ever.stupid storyline.

  5. Even now directors and story writers want to prove that whatever Kunal and Nandini did was right and that’s why they are showing Mauli doing the same thing just to justify their misdeeds under the name of feelings, neverending love, lack of control over emotions and such nonsense.
    I’m not gonna say anything bad about Mauli as it’s just impossible for an independent, bold and strong person to become weak, crying mess and losing self-respect. Story writers are just trying to portray that whatever Nandini did was because of the situation she was in and now even Mauli will do the same. Here situation is ‘being close to Kunal’. Just like Nandini lost herself in Kunal without thinking about Mauli, makers are trying to show Mauli losing herself in Kunal without thinking about Mishti, thereby proving the tagline “jazbaat sahi ya galat nahi hote…jazbaat to bas jazbaat hote hai”….This is ‘Silsila badalte Rishton Ka’ where husband becomes lover of best friend and then again lover of wife, whereas ‘Saheli bani Sauten’ jispr ab aa raha hai is Tara’s aur sauteli Beti pr baras Raha hai pyaar apni Beti se zyaada….

  6. I completely agree the writers have shown Mauli very stupid and now everyone loves Pari and are so concerned about her but not about Mishti…. Stupid Show as well….ll stop watching it completely now…

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