Ishqbaaz 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika keeps Karwachauth fast

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Ishqbaaz 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika gets shocked seeing Shivaye with some girl. She asks where were you, why weren’t you answering my calls, who is this girl. The girl says you said we will get total privacy here. Anika says its my right to question Shivaye. Shivaye says don’t worry Tara, its my house and we will get all the privacy here, come. They go and have a drink. He says you are no less than a star, your name should have been a moon, you are so beautiful. He holds her hand. Anika looks on. She asks what’s this. He says we are talking. She asks this way, holding hands. He says don’t mind, she is possessive wife. Tara says why did you marry her. He says I didn’t find you, I realized I did mistake to marry Anika, lower class people don’t relations, friendship of their limits. He asks may we get some privacy now. Anika

cries and leaves. Shivaye thanks Tara for doing this drama. She says I can stay if you want. He says just leave. She goes. He throws the glass in anger.

Gauri stops Shivaye and says I had to apologize to you, I was upset seeing Anika in that state, sorry. He says you don’t need to apologize, you said right, Anika’s safety was my responsibility, which I didn’t fulfill, because I don’t want to, I know what I want from my life and what I don’t want, this marriage is a burden for me, go and tell Anika to just let go and end this unwanted relation, it would be right for both of us. He goes to room. He asks Anika what are you doing here. She says its our room. She asks why are you sleeping on bed. He says because I sleep here, let me sleep, the guest room is arranged for you, just go. She asks why are you doing this. He twists her hand. He says I m fed up of your questions and you, don’t you understand, I m done with you, go away, I have become old Shivaye, I hate the mention of marriage, I wanted revenge and then accepted you as I was feeling guilty, I will never accept you, I was in prison and thought you would be gone, but you are pretty stubborn, have you ever wondered why I didn’t claim husband’s rights, because I never had any such feelings for you, I never regarded you as my wife, I realized I can’t be happy with you, I can’t keep you happy, be it romance or enmity, its worth it when the other person is worthy, you aren’t worthy of me.

Anika says you act really well, do you know what’s the problem, I know you very well, you went in guilty zone after my accident, you think I m not safe with you, you are doing this drama to make me away, I will prove my worth, to hell with your attitude and swag, I will neither go away nor let you go away, I will become worthy of your love. He goes. She goes after him and says you can’t run from me. He says you have forgotten what I have done with you. She says I just remember what you have done for me, I know there is love behind your anger. He says you don’t know me. He throws a vase down and says I can break anything, be it an object or a person. Everyone comes and looks on.

Shivaye asks Gauri to explain Anika, he doesn’t want to take up her or anyone’s responsibility, I m fed up. He says you all can manage your own responsibilities. He shouts on Anika and throws a stool down. He says don’t anger me, when I get angry, I don’t care who I hurt. He sits on the railing. Anika asks him to get down, what is he doing. Om and everyone ask him to get down. Roop asks what are you doing. Shivaye says you think I m doing this for you, I don’t care for myself, why would I care for you. He jumps over to the chandelier. Anika asks him to get down. Roop says get down. Shivaye says let me clear someone’s misunderstanding first, Anika do you accept now, you don’t know me, and you two could never understand me. Om says just get down.

Shivaye asks why, do you worry for me, you didn’t think of me when you divided this house, someone had returned after five years, you never thought how will I feel. Roop says get down and talk. Shivaye angrily jumps down. He says the drama is over, you may go, everything will be like it was before, the way I want. He leaves. Anika stops him from shutting the door. They argue. He says you compelled me to do it. She says you did what you wanted to, now its my turn. She claps. He asks what’s this. She says the drama is over, so I m applauding, you know something, acting is never real. He says that wasn’t acting. She says you felt bad, what will you break now, break this showpiece, break something, people should know how destructive my husband is, never mind, I will keep it back, I m tired, I m trying to sleep, its almost 2am, I have to wake up at 4. He asks why. She says its Karwachauth tomorrow, please switch off lights before going to sleep. He thinks why is this girl so stubborn, its Karwachauth tomorrow, its good chance to show that I don’t accept this marriage.

Bhavya says Jhanvi is sweet, she never forgets to send Sargi. Gauri says yes, she is in the USA but she never lets us feel that she is away. Bhavya says lets check what she has sent. Anika checks the items. Shivaye looks on and says what do I do of this girl, no one has sent her Sargi, I m not treating her well, even then she is keeping fast for me. She checks the cashews. She says just two are enough.

Shivaye says cashews might be in my room. She goes to get sweets. He fills the container with cashews. He hides. Omru come. Om says you are going to starve for us all day. Rudra says we can do this for our wives. Om feeds Gauri. Rudra feeds Bhavya. Anika says how come there are so many cashews, Gauri is too much. He sees the time and says why isn’t Anika eating, I think I should do something. He asks what are these. She says its Sargi, you are with me, I used to break fast seeing your pic, this time you will break my fast. He says I won’t, I don’t regard you my wife, I will throw this. She says I m observing fast with devotion. He asks why aren’t you following rituals, why aren’t you eating Sargi. She says I will eat. He asks will you eat after sunrise. She quickly eats. He goes.

Its morning, Anika asks Shivaye to have breakfast. He says I had my breakfast. She asks when. He says how does it matter. She says come home soon before moon’s coming, its Karwachauth today. He asks what are you trying to prove, this marriage doesn’t mean to me, you are hurting yourself. She says you are also hurting yourself, never mind, be at home early, I won’t end fast until you come. He goes. Bhavya comes to Anika and says sorry, I overheard your conversation, but I don’t think he will break your fast. Anika says don’t worry, I know how to deal with him. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get mehendi applied. Roop says send snacks for the men. Anika says I didn’t send food for Shivaye. She calls Khanna and says I m sending lunch for Shivaye. She thinks Shivaye you will end my fast today.

Shivaye says wearing a suit and sitting on CEO chair, won’t make you a businessman. Rudra says Om, warn this man. Shivaye says call me bhaiya, say it else… Rudra asks else what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hlwww…pkj family
    How are you all…
    Hope sob log a66e ho and sab thik ho.

    Mujhe to aj ki episode bohot hi jada acha lags .I totally love it.. after a long time tadibaaz shivay Singh obroi and khidkitodh anika is here.. uffff mujhe itna maja ata hai inko dekh kar mai kaya batau….

    And shivay…you are seriously.. Kabhi khai me khud jane ki dhamki dete ho,,kabhi upar se niche jump kar dete ho,,,???aur to aur tum jhumor pe latak jate ho…par kiyu….sabit kaya karna chate ho Bhai..much bhi karte ho???

    Precap__haan yeh Karo Tum phir bhi sahi hair…Rudy se to mai yeh bilkul tolerate nahi kar Sakti ..bohot hi hurting hai……..??

    OK guys good night…. sweet dreams…..

    1. Hiiii tani
      After so many days.
      How are you????
      Missed you so much…..
      Go Tani Go

  2. He became a Bandar Singh oberoi today, in precap he sounded like a mother who would discipline her child overall nox is rocking

    1. ??????????

  3. Luthfa

    What an episode!Power packed performances are done by one man army-NM and one woman army-SC aka Shivika.Shivika rocked and shocked each other at the same time.Let’s come to analysis-
    1.Today’s episode’s main power point is its dialouge.Those Shivaay and Anika delivered were full of punch lines.One of the standards of IB.Loved those except few.
    2.Be it RU or AU,one thing is very clear and that is Shivaay Singh Oberoi can change the situation very easily according to his will.Such transformation that also overnight can possible only if a person is determining like hell.Don’t know whether to take it positively or negatively.Let’s see.
    3.Takkar/Worth is there but why are you denying it?”Duriya”,”Panti ka darja” sounded foolish from your mouth and “Woh wali feeling” cheesey Shivaay.Don’t degrade yourself this much.
    4.Doing stunts were quite good.Ufff!What a angry young husband!Rudra seemed happy watching Shivaay like that though subtly as his Superman is gaining power!
    5.This is the thing for which I have always complained and that is-Anika is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Oberois and Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife but she had to work so hard for that when it’s her natural achievement.Her status as Shivaay’s wife never was a permanent one till KMM finished.After that Redux started showing social issues before and only there she was being presented as SSO’s wife.In AU,her position is highly disappointing.Gauri,Bhavya were having sargi but there was no one to give Anika sargi,her right.Bua could give her being the elder so could RiYa being her sister-in-law but didn’t.Anika had to arrange her sargi on her own.Some thing doesn’t look good to watch be it in serial.And the character Anika is a victim of such things in IB.Only hope is that Shivaay is here to love her be it in twisted way,every time.

    P.S.Glad that Gauri understood her wrong timed “Responsibility” mistake and apologized.This is the highlight for me in today’s episode.

    Precap:Rudra’s good old days are going to be back soon.Upcoming is going to be so much fun.I am literally excited?

    1. Hiii Lu.
      How are you..Missed you year
      Actually I am tired seeing Sso’s rude attitude ( being fake or real) towards Annika
      That pure soul is suffering so much bit there is no one to think about her feelings what she wants
      May be Annika gain her right by her own but she crossed so many hardships in her realatinships
      I am happy to see SSO back but sad as he came back he started to shout on Annika.
      Seeing that person ‘s band bajaoying I am feeling little happy..
      Thank God Gouri apologised to Sso
      I was little angry on her…

  4. When will cvs unitr obros i think they will unitr after 10000000 episodes or i think after trp drops to 0.1 they didnt think twice before seperating please unite them first i want to see all three coulpes performing rituals happily let it be karwachauth, doing maha arthi or preparing food in kitchen

    1. Two couple will celebrate karwachaith happily but not shivika
      Yes I am.also dying to see three bros reunion
      Can’t see them like this

  5. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    I was he’ll busy with my study and I cold catched me so tightly ..?????
    I fall ill
    And on Friday I commented but super moderation uncle ate my comment
    1.watching the episodes
    2 feeling excited for upcoming
    3.happy that Sso is back
    4.I cant understand what Shivaay actually thinks..
    Pushing her away is the best solution …?????????
    Like really
    Dude just for once Think about Annika
    That girl was suffering without any fault
    She was waiting for you
    Her family didn’t behave well with her
    She became alone
    And when you came back you just keep ignoring her
    Ok i understand your condition was not good
    But you should not forget that only she is the one who trusted you completely gave you
    And what you have her ????insult , humiliation, pain..
    Why?????????she clearly said you that She cant live without you but still……you are treating her like…………………leave it
    I AM CRYING FOR ANNIKA..??????..
    Let’s see how Karwachauth will celebrated in OM…
    But Annika had no Sargi…
    Last year Tania was there..thus time..Sso himself…
    Ok I am going

  6. Riana

    BANDAR SINGH OBEROI !!! ??????????????????

  7. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good all pair are looking lovely

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