Vikram Betaal 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rani Bhanumati gives up her age to do right justice

Vikram Betaal 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram about Rani Bhanumati and says she risked her life for doing injustice. A Man Banik comes to Rani Bhanumati and tells that he is ruined. The two brother Suryog and duryog have burnt his house, tells the Senapati. The two Brahmin brothers that they did that as Banik didn’t have them charity. Rani Bhanumati asks Senapati what punishment, they shall do. Senapati says they shall be jailed for forever. She gives the verdict asking Senapati to put them behind bars. Suryog tells that he didn’t do anything wrong as Duryog burnt the house. Their father tells that Suryog is right and tells that Duryog is angry while Suryog has a calm behavior. Rani Bhanumati tells that Suryog shall not be punished. She says they are conjoint and that’s why we can’t punish.

Banik asks then I will not get justice. Senapati says it is not right to leave the guilty and punish the innocent guy. Rani Bhanumati says she will take the decision tomorrow. Betaal asks Vikram to tell what he would have done if he was at her place. Rani Bhanumati thinks of Senapati’s words and thinks only one person can help me. She comes to Raj yogi and asks Sevika about him. Sevika says he is busy in Sadhna and asks her to come. Raj yogi is praying.

Rani Bhanumati comes to him and greets him. Raj yogi blesses her. Rani Bhanumati apologizes to him for coming during his prayer’s time. He says you came at the right time. She asks him about the mountain at what he is looking at? Raj yogi tells about the thing with which a dead person can be alive, and tells that it was in that mountain. Rani Bhanumati asks if he believes on it. She asks if your knowledge is vardaan or abhishaap.(boon/curse). She gets an idea and says my confusion is gone. She gets happy and gives her necklace to Raj yogi as gift. Sevika gets upset. Betaal tells that Rani Bhanumati found solution. Rani Bhanumati tells that she has taken a verdict.

Senapati says how they can stay together. Rani Bhanumati says Suryog and Duryog will stay in Ashram for 8 years. Banik says then Duryog will be freed. Rani Bhanumati tells that Ashram is a good place for Suryog and karavas for Duryog. She says Duryog has to listen to Suryog. Everyone is praising Rani Bhanumati when she gets the news that someone killed Raj yogi. She gets shocked. Betaal says someone had killed him whom Rani Bhanumati regarded as her guru. Senapati brings a man and tells that he killed Raj yogi and says I got this necklace from your house. Sevika recalls Raj yogi gifting her necklace and is about to say, but the man nods her no. Rani Bhanumati gets angry and gives him death verdict. Sevika and the man gets shocked.

Betaal tells that the man who was guiding Rani Bhanumati was killed and she was blaming herself for his death. She was getting drowned in that guilt. Senapati comes to her and asks until when you will feel guilty. She says I was thinking why did I give my necklace to him. Senapati says we have already punished the man. Raj yogi’s soul comes to her and asks her to do justice. She thinks I shall do justice. Betaal says she has two options, one to forget everything or make Acharya Raj yogi alive. He says she left to the mountain which Raj yogi talked about. Senapati asks Rani Bhanumati, do you really believe that there is a medicine in this mountain to make the person alive. Rani Bhanumati says she has only option to free her from guilt. Senapati tells that the mountain is printed as a musical words in the map.

Betaal says Rani made the impossible thing possible and reached the Danav in the mountain. She introduces herself as Rani Bhanumati. Danav says nobody came here since many years and asks why did she come? Rani says Raj yogi is killed because of her. Danav says this is not the place to do penance and asks her to go. Rani Bhanumati asks him to help her and says she needs the medicine jeevan dravya. Danav asks what will I get in return? Rani Bhanumati says anything you ask. Danav says can you give you my age? Rani Bhanumati agrees. Danav turns her into an old woman. Rani bhanumati is shocked.

Rani Bhanumati makes Raj yogi alive. Senapati says we have done injustice with the man and shall make him alive. Rani makes him alive too. Danav appears and says you can make only one person alive with this jeevan dravya and if you don’t kill one of them then you three will lose your lives. Betaal asks Vikram to tell whom Rani Bhanumati have killed?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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