Ishqbaaz 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky says I have thrown that girl out from my son’s life. She asks doctor to check Shivaye. Anika says you will get fine, talk to me. Some time before, Om says its not your mistake. Pinky comes and says its her mistake. She scolds Anika. She says since your steps fell in our house, our happiness and peace ended, not anymore, you will not ruin my son’s life further, get out from here. Anika cries. Pinky says I will not your bad shadow fall on my son, go from here. Anika says let Shivaye get conscious, let me see him. Rudra interrupts. Pinky says you don’t talk in between. Rudra says I will say, she is my Bhabhi.

Om says you can’t do this, Anika is Shivaye’s wife. Pinky says I m Shivaye’s mother. He says I won’t let you do this. She asks will you stop me and say what’s good for Shivaye. Om says he is my brother, I know about his happiness. She says he is your brother, then he is my son, that too own son, we have relation of blood, no relation is superior than that, this girl is a thorn. Jhanvi stops her. Pinky says if anyone stops me, they will see my dead face. She holds Anika’s hand and drag her.

She gets Anika out. Anika says let me see Shivaye once, I will go. Pinky says don’t ever return to my house, get out from here. She throws Anika on the ground and shuts the door. Anika cries. Shivaye’s operation starts. Anika cries standing outside. Shakti, Pinky and everyone cry. Jhanvi holds Pinky.

Anika says you can’t leave me and go, you promised me you will never leave me, if anything happens to you, I will die, I love you a lot, my mistake is I have never told you that I love you, you know my feelings, I m foolish, but you are smart, why did you risk your life to save my life, why, you can’t do this, you can’t leave me, please Shivaye. She cries and shouts Shivaye. Doctor removes the bullet from Shivaye’s chest.

Doctor comes out of OT. Shakti asks how is my son. Doctor says we did operation, but patient’s condition is critical, we can’t say anything till he gets conscious, we are shifting him to ICU to monitor him, go to admin office and complete formalities. Shakti and Tej go. Everyone cry.

Pinky and Dadi see Shivaye through the glass. Pinky prays to Mata Rani. Dadi says be strong, everything will be fine. Pinky cries and says which mum can be strong seeing son in this state. Dadi says don’t worry, the one who gave sorrow will make sorrow away, don’t lose hope. Pinky says you are saying right, we should not leave hope, our Shivaye will get fine right. Anika walks somewhere outside. She cries.

Pinky says the girl who was bad luck for my son, I have thrown her out of his life. Anika puts foot on some stick and falls. Pinky and Dadi see Shivaye getting critical. Anika senses it, being away. Dadi asks what happened to him. Pinky shouts Shivaye. Anika turns in shock. Pinky shouts doctor, see my son, something is happening to him. Doctor says we will see him, calm down. Pinky cries. Anika rushes inside the hospital. Shivaye gets treated.

Doctor gives cardio shocks to Shivaye. He checks Shivaye’s heart beat. He checks machines and says its emergency. Dadi and Pinky worry. Anika collides with a ward boy and runs. She comes there to ICU. Pinky holds her hand and stops her. She says don’t dare to go to my son. Anika says please, just once. Pinky says I told you not to get your unlucky face and come in front of my son. Anika says I will never come in front of you all, just let me see him once, I will do what you say, please. Dadi says leave her Pinky. They cry.

Anika gets inside ICU. She holds Shivaye’s face and asks him to open eyes. Doctor asks her to go out, try to understand. Anika asks doctor to wait. She asks Shivaye to open eyes once, you will get fine. Her tear falls on his cheek. He takes a breath. She looks at him.

She recalls her tear falling on him before which made him conscious, and Shivaye’s tear falling on her cheek, which brought her back to life. She smiles seeing his hand moving, and normal lines on ECG machine. Doctor says he is out of danger. She smiles and holds his hand. Pinky and Dadi look on.

Dadi says the one you thought unlucky for Billu, she got him back from death, we all had fear to lose him, but Anika had belief, see fears lost, a wife’s belief has won. Anika sees Shivaye and cries, resting her head near him. Pinky sees them. Anika holds his face and hugs him. She cries happily.

Anika comes out. She sees Pinky and says aunty ji…. Pinky says I fold hands, get away from my son’s life, please. Anika holds her hands and asks what are you doing. Pinky says I m warding bad sight from my son, a mother can do anything for child, I will hold your feet if you say, don’t come back. Anika says don’t do this, you are Shivaye’s mum, it will happen as you say, I can understand everything, your pain and sorrow, I m saying true, I would have not come back if Shivaye was fine, but don’t know why I felt that my breath is stopping, I felt he is not fine so I….. They see Shivaye. Pinky says if you worry so much for my Shivaye, go away from his life forever, please. Anika says I will go, just let me see him once for the last time, please, let me see him to content my heart. She goes and sees him through the glass. She cries.

Anika walks away from him. Shivaye’s tear rolls down his cheek. Pinky asks Khanna not to let Anika come inside and around hospital, else he will lose his job. Anika cries and stops, saying why do I feel Shivaye is calling me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks for fast update.

    Nice episode

    Poor Anika…….

    1. Luv u ishqu…

  2. Vanshree

    Tia has not even come to see how is shivaay ??/ i mean literally pinky won’t think this if she loves him she would have came and pinky character is not bad its just shivaay is her only child she has dreams for him and its his care ..and last loved the episode made me cry

  3. Nice episode. Sad to Anika leaving the house.

  4. Loved it….

  5. Hey Archiya dear..
    ohh god pinki can think about good of Anika
    Thank u Amena for fast update

  6. As a mother she is caring of her son bt doing over drama yr…poor anika i feel very bad for her.. hope shivay will get fine early?

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Wow…!!! Emotional episode..! Pinky, see whom you called unlucky that girl is saved your son’s life because of her love and belief. Open your eyes Pinky!!!!! Anika just nailed it….. Shivaay come back soon and don’t let her go away from you…..

  8. Today episode is so much emotional anika beg pinky to met shivaya for last time so much emtional i known mom is like that they only cares abut children like pinky does she is very caring mother who luv her child very much due to some misunderstanding she bcom against anika due to tia tia created misunderstanding between pinky nd anika ……..
    Guys i want to ask u abut DOB they bring new story or what they continue frm serial if they new story then omrusomu not seen in IB whats the story i really don’t understand if they continue with IB then why kunal nd shernu start their shooting…. I really don’t understand plz anyone explain me.. Nd new entry also dadi sister play by sushmita mukharji nd antagonist played by Rahul gandhi….. I read frm spoiler that tej nd janvi will divorce then i think janvi will leave oberio mension after janvi leave omru also leave obmansion then our Dob will start frm these story these is not true guys don’t take it seriously i only thinking asha ho sakta hai i really don’t known how they will start DOB… I know shrenu parikh also entry in omlife as bhagodi dulan????sorry joke a part

    1. As we already know the more screen space on ishqbaaz is given to Shivaye and Anika’s story, DOB will show us the romantic life of om and rudra. It will be the same basic storyline but I will show us abt om and rudra reactions
      They both will also feature in ishqbaaz

    2. Thanks sukanya for making me clear nd reply in my comments

  9. No need of emergency shocks just a drop of tear can grant you life… Seriously.. This is what is being shown!…

  10. It was a very emotional episode yarr.aaj toh pehele se lekar akhri tak mere ankhon se aansu nikal rahethe .Nakul acting was so natural.And today ANNIKA you totally nailed it.jiss tarah se doud ke wapas ayyi ,fir uski baat all thing was also so natural.
    Annson bhara pyar.btw dadi ka har baat sahi thi.
    Apne bhabi ke liye devar ka support bahut accha tha .par unka scene jyada nahitha. Com se com jab doctor ne kaha ki he is out of danger tab toh thoda dikhana chahiye tha.
    Are yarr ye PINKY ki character mere liye bhaut confusing ho rahi he.ek taraf apni bete ke liye tadap rahi he aur ANNIKA ko usse dur kardeti dekh te hue ki ANNIKA ko such main shivay ki fikr he.Woh ANNIKA se etni rude kyun he??? Warris aur paise ki bhoot uske sar main ghush gayi he ki usse aur kuch nahi dikhta I can’t understand. CAN SOMEBODY PLZ EXPLAIN.
    About precap-esse dekh kar mujhe fir se om ki baat yaad agayi jab woh kahatha ki “royegi woh par ansoon tere bahenge”
    Ek din intzar karna padega??
    Hiii guys.???

  11. Why can’t pinky understand that Anika truly loves shivaay and that’s why she is quietly leaving from his life.if Tia truly loves shivaay she should be at the hospital when he was fighting with the death.why can’t pinky understand this truth.she is blinded by tia’s words.

    1. Shiv

      Tia will make another drama to make pinky believe she is truly worried like getting admitted in hospital for miscarriage or some other reason while shivaay n hospital … a yuck reason for not attending the hospital definitely they will plot!!!??

  12. Hellooo ishqbaazians
    Episode is superb and emotional….loved it…..which shivaye who hated anika a lotz….but now he cnt live without her…..loved shivika a lotz……
    And omru….loved them to….tgey knows that shivayes happiness is in anika….loved the way omru supported anika…
    Everyone is understanding that shivayes happiness is in anika…..then why not pinky….why she is stubborn…im not understanding whats her problem afterall….pinky is right shivaye is her own son….and no relation is bigger than blood relation….then why she is not understanding her own son shivayes feelings for anika……shivAye took risk for anika….he got shot while saving anika….now he again got consios bcz of anika….pinky u are mother of shivaye….then why u are becoming villain in ur own sons life….he loves anika a lotz….and anika loves him more than that….
    Waiting for more ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi….

    1. Shahabana
      Was missing u. Did u know abt this weeks TRP. It’s so disappointing yaar.

    2. Hellooo lax dr…..i tooo missed u guyz dr
      Yaaa trp is very disappointing…its just 2.1
      Its bcz of nafrathbaazians stupid dragging track

    3. Mouni

      lax , shahabana , of course the TRP will go down , the nafratbaaz are the one dominating the show , and there is 4 of them its too much , atleast take out tia and her mom and the TRP will improve a lot , l think they are the reason behind this fall

    4. Hi shabhu di……welcome back…missed u so muchhhh!!!!!…..
      Nd teachers r not supposed to go on holidays…u B.C. to do extra time from now onwards ok…no more NAKHRE NOOR jahanke ?

  13. Fama

    Hi????? Ishqbaaz members how are you all. Ff and all os writers, sorry for not reading and commenting on your posts but as this year is my last year at school and I have got exams coming up hence I give more time to my studies now. I will surely read your wonderful and loveliest ffs and os’.

    Nice episode today even though pinky was mean with Anika but I hope in next episode she will realized that only Anika can save her Hera beta.
    I hope they will soon get rid of Mrs kapoor and her daughters

  14. I really think so pinky could understand his son’s happiness soon
    Poor anika

    1. yeah….

    2. may b pinky will think tht anika is not a bad shadow for his son

  15. Nice episode loved shivika tear connection nd today pinky said that ‘vo mera beta hai Vo bhi APNA koon ka rishtha’why they specifically mention the word APNA?? I think shivvay is the oberois ‘s illegitimate child nt om.i don’t know whether my assumption is right or not bt after listening to pinky words i felt that shivvay is illegitimate child.lets wait and see nd I’m waiting for shivika hospital romance..?? love shivika a lot..

    1. Aditi9

      I too think shivaye is the illegitimate son

    2. I too think shivaay is illegitimate not om. In previous episode jhanvi said to Tej woh hamara apna khoon hai (she was talking about Om) tht means Om is not illegitimate.

  16. Don’t know what to say , such an emotional epi. even I was feeling a pain in heart seeing them crying. I wonder y can’t pinky understand that shivaay can’t live without anika. what ever happened inside the OT was a clear proof that shivaay & anika are soul mates. They are incomplete, without each other. after exposing kapoors pinky will definitely accept anika as her bahu. but when’ll that happen…..

  17. Samm

    i’m on the verge of hating this show simply because of this story line. can’t wait for shivaay to get back on his feet! 😀

  18. Sorry guys its nt apna its saga I gt confused sort for the mistake read apna as saga

  19. Sorry*

  20. Really IB create adhuri khani kitni sari mistre abhi tak solve hui nahi
    Gyatri husband muder case panding?
    Gyatri muder case panding?
    Ranveer revenge panding?
    Roop revenge panding?
    Somya mother has not come yet?
    Somya mother has plan to get marriage with reyan panding?
    Ranveer nd priyanka scene?
    Priyanka MMs wala question?
    Swatlana nd om ka sach what happened in that day?
    Anika sister kon hai??
    Ohh beti ki kitni sari problem nd mystry solve karna hai IB nd now they bring new story DOB

    1. yes trisha der are so many pata nhi om mms wali baat prinku se kyu nhi puchra toh kuch pata chalta they just stopped the mms track of prinku and swet ..i am thinking y are police not coming for enquiry ..after being shot tabhi toh ranveer ata toe shayad kuch pata lagta

    2. Hey trisha….it is pending!! But I had a good laugh reading panding, panding…like pinky’s pronounciation?

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