Born for u….living for u (epi 17)

Hello every one…I am so sorry for the delay…well before starting I have a fact a very stupid curiosity..whom do u like the most ragini or swara and why??
For me its ragini because when she was being negative then also she had a cute innocence in her..and her love for laksh..i felt no one could ever love anyone as she loved laksh so its ragini for please answer…and here goes the story…


They reach hospital…ragini is carried in a stretcher…while sanskar is holdind her hand tightly as if she would leave him….
Sanky: doctor please save her…she is my life…please save her….
Doctor takes her inside…swalak are confused by his behavior
Laksh: what r u saying sanky..who is ladoo?
Swara explains him every thing ..laksh is shocked…infact heartbroken…
Sanky is still looking at ragini from the glass door of the icu..
Swara places her hand on his shoulder..

He immediately hugs her..
Sanky:shona nothing will happen to her na…please tell her to wake up…
He cries like a child…
Swara: sanky what were u saying …r u sure she is ladoo.
Sanky: yeah… I am sure..
Laksh: how did u recognize her..

Sanky: that tattoo…
Swalak r confused..
Swara: which tattoo?
He tears his shirt
Sanky: this tatooo…

He shows a tattoo on his chest which is similar to the one ragini had on her chest…it’s a heart inside other heart
Swara: this tattoo..ragini has this.i saw it…so she really is ladoo.she closes her mouth…
Sanky:haa we both had it says my her heart is residing in my heart and mine inside hers…
Bablu and ladooo see a guy piercing tattoo.

Bablu: bhaiyya what r u it not paining..
Guy: this is called tattoo…its not paining…because this is for that didi…
Ladoo: but u could paint na…don’t u have colours..
Guy and the girl laughs looking at her innocence
Girl: beta..this will remain forever..i love him a lot we r doing this…
Bablu: even I love ladoo..even I want a tattoo..
Guy: but beta it will pain a lot..
Bablu: its ok it is for ladoo na…
Ladoo: even i want it
Boy and the girl get emotional looking at their bonding(I know it was stupid)..
FB ends..

Swalak are having tears in their eyes…
Meanwhile dp,aadarsh and pari also reach there…
Doctor comes out…
Sanky is sitting with ragini’s chain in his hand…looking into infinity..
Laksh: how is she doctor…
Doctor:situation is very critical there was lot of blood losss her group is o-ve very rare group…
Sanky: doc..mine is o-ve..take my blood and save her…
Sanky donates the blood ..after some comes..

Swara: is she fine now…
Doctor: I am sorry..her situation is very critical…her heart beat is not normal…we cant say anything…
He leaves…Laksh leans on the wall while swara and pari look at sanky..
After sometime he starts smiling…
Swara is confused..
Swara: sanky..her condition is critical…
Sanky:she will be fine shona…
He takes her hand and places it on his heart…

Sanky: see its normal na…that means she is fine…if anything happens there this heart will stop…
Meanwhile nurse calls for doctor..
Nurse: patients heart beat is normal..
Doctor runs inside and comes after a while…
Doctor she is fine now..u can meet her..

All r happy.. and go inside..
As soon as sanky enters..ragini gives a faint smile..he is not able to stop himself anymore..he runs and engulfs her in s bone crashing hug…ragini is shocked..and her kisses her forehead and then her whole face..ragini pushes him…laksh holds sanky
Ragini: what r u doing..
Swara comes to ragini
Swara: ragini…look he is ur bablu..u remember na..
Ragini is in utter shock..
Ragini then notices the tattoo on his chest..
Ragini gasps and clasp her hand to stifle a sob..
Ragini gets up and goes toward him..she stumbles as she is weak but sanky holds her..she cups his if checking is this real or not..
She hugs him

Ragini: bablu u came…I was waiting for u…I thought u forgot me..
Sanky releases the hug..and cups her face and kiss her forehead…
Sanky: how can I forget u…u r my life..i may forget to breath but not u
Ragini smiles in tears..
Ragini: promise me u wont leave me till my last breath..
Sanky places his hand on her mouth..
Sanky: don’t ever speak of death..i’ll never leave u..even after death ..i will be with u…I love you..i love u a lot..
Ragini didn’t need anything else she hugged him tightly wishing the time to stop for ever…

Epi ends with happy faces of our ragsan..
Guys so please tell me if u want me end this ff..or u want me to continue it…I do have ideas to continue this ff. but if u want I’ll continue…

Precap: I u want continuation then ragsan moments..

Else epilogue…

  1. I m sorry but i cant bear ragini with sanky that too in front of swara.

  2. Zelena81196

    amazing….. update soon…

  3. Basically huge fan and silent reader of ur?????? but could comment because iam 11 preparation no account this comment from my friend

  4. its awesome. continue but please dont separate

  5. superb. pls continue

  6. superb. pls continue

    1. I love ragini I dont know why

  7. Continue

    I love ragini character,her love is laksh is awesome and she is versatile actress

  8. Pls continue…I wanna see their romance…its really amazing

  9. ragini because of angle,quite looking,affectionable,bubbly and so on ……..

  10. Asw

    Yaar now only they joined give some ragsan moments ,I also like Ragini she loved one & only laksh keep going

  11. sry it is not could it is could not comment

  12. plz continue it…… todays part was awesome………..???

  13. Awesome. Great going. Plz do continue.

  14. Nice and for me its only ragini (teja) because during starting episodes she is so agyanakari do what ever her elders says bcoz she belive in them what ever they do for her best.
    Then she turned negative also i liked her because some one who close to her heart are reason to turn her negative i.e swara and laksh.
    The great swara who is inderctly reponsible, in the way checking laksh whether laksh is correct to ragini or not fallen in love with her sisters wouldbe in the process of investigation of lucky.
    Then come to great laksh(lucky) not dare enough to open his mouth infront of his dad during the enagement and marriage date fixing. But he is dare enough to cheat ragini and love swara after knowing she is ragini’s sister if ragini comes to know this she will break and have guts to break alliance infornt of whole society not one time for three times.
    Note : this is lucky not laksh
    Now coming sanskar he used his pure heart dupattawali dost for his so called revenge against his family for kavitha murder, and changed in a night and left her in middle of revenge.
    How he can change in a single night love swara then where his love gone for kavitha and this is called his true love for which he came back and act as mad. Wow great snaskar.
    Just like heros and one heroine used or played with her emotions directly or inderctly, and remaing characters are also played with her feelings and emotions , fitst they bring the alliance for her and then after engagement they break alliance her alliance with laksh and fix with swara no one dare to understand her feelings her love for laksh wow great parents and great grandparents.
    Which is very difficult for any girl once for a girl if her marriage is fixed with some guy means she starts her life with him in her heart mainly homely type girl. She started her life with him in her heart and loved him whole heartedly.
    What wrong she have done nothing and the result is direct or inderct betreyal from whole members.
    So she became selfish started to think about only her happiness and her happiness lied in laksh and she became negative to get her love.
    She is not negative from first sistuations and betreyal of her near and dear ones made her like that. So her like her charecter which is near to real life unlike every serial heroine the mahahan and ready to scarifice eveything which is undigestable in real life.
    This is reason why like ragini.
    Note: here iam supporting only ragini to become negative not negative ragini( keep this in mind while reading my comment)
    And i support ragini because her love for laksh as never change i adore her this mainly.

  15. Akankshanna

    Amazing…cute tatoo sebsion
    Continue it

  16. A.xx

    Amazing and loved the tattoo fb and i love rags just because i love teja,,she’s pretty,simplistic and when she was negative she still had a charm xx

  17. Fairy

    Hey dr…frst of alll totallly fabulous update…n plz dont end it yaaar!!!plz plz do cont….jst loved ur ff….
    Now comng to ur question…..hmmm!!so whom i love??hehe its one n nly ragini….even i joined TU nly for her ….i write ffs only for her…i cant describe my feelng towards her….d main reason y i love ragini is becoz dis character is played by my TEJA…n uff!!how to tell u dat m a huge huge huggest fan of tejasswi….
    Ragini’s charecter ws reallly unique…we have seen different shades of her…its a multishaded charecter…positive negative obsessed aagyakari sweet cute bubbly lovable sacrificer n wt not…dis charecter is really special for me…n d way teja had potrayed it ws marvellous…
    She jst nailed dis charecter….
    Love ragini love tejasswi …proud to b tejaholic?????
    Keep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety????????????????

  18. Drashti

    Superb update.. ragini I don’t know why

  19. Sindhura

    Niccontinue ragsan ronance

  20. Inu

    Superb. I felt so happy reading it

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