Ishqbaaz 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika reaches city hospital. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever. Some time before, Anika says I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not with you. He holds her close to pacify. He says its okay and gets tearful eyes. She sees him holding her. She gets away. He asks what happened. She says we would have spoken being away, why did you pull me. He says I did not, you came to me, I did not finish yet, listen to me, are you embarrassed. She asks what, my slipper will be embarrassed. He says I did not wish to hurt you. She says even then you have hurt my heart. He says I can’t hurt you intentionally, can I get some time. She asks him to take as much time as he wants, but remember one thing, I m just Anika. He says you don’t need to change, Anika….just Anika. He hugs her.

Shivaye and Anika sleep. He thinks of her words and looks at her. She turns to his side and kicks him in sleep. He falls down the bed and says seriously, she just kicked me. He says maybe she saw a bad dream, she looks stressed, I will sleep. He lies on the bed again and closes eyes. She kicks him again. He falls down the bed. He shouts Anika. She wakes up and shouts catch the thief. He says its me Shivaye, why do you shout thief always when you wake up this way. She asks what are you doing on ground. He says modelling, you kicked me. She asks are you football, scooter or tin box lying on road, you say anything. He says you kicked me twice here. She asks twice, did I kick Bagad Billa, Kanji eyes Maharaj, one plus one free, it means I have Dara Singh power. He says don’t over estimate yourself. She says I can make you lose in hand wrestling. He asks will you make me lose. She says I believe myself. He says don’t challenge me, you will lose. She bets. They arm wrestle. She says Billu ji will lose today and smiles. He lowers his hand. She says I told you will lose today. He kisses and smiles. She looks at him stunned. He makes her lose and calls her loser. She says this is cheating. He asks what did I do. She says you have… you know what you did. He says I don’t remember, do it and show. She asks how can I do such cheap 2rs thing. He asks am I cheap. She says yes, your doing was bad, I was winning, I would have won if you did not do this. He says you agreed that you have failed. She says you say it, you got afraid of my power. He says I got afraid and pulls her close. He says you have much power, now free your hand and show, let’s see how much power you have. Music plays…… They have an eyelock.

Its morning, Shivaye says why am I so confused, I m thinking what’s the need to do all this, Anika will be Anika, her background does not matter, but my mind says its important to know her background. He keeps food for Sahil. Sahil asks is this for me. Shivaye says yes. Sahil says ask what you want. Shivaye says who told you I want to ask something. Sahil says this is bribe. Shivaye says you know I love cooking, have it, try it, come on, tell me one thing. Sahil says you came to same point. Shivaye says I m trying to start conversation, I m not asking anything. Sahil says I m Sahil Chaturvedi, you know the meaning of Chatur/clever. Shivaye says okay, I had to ask about Anika, none knows Anika better than you. Sahil says go on. Shivaye says you were young when Anika was brought home. Sahil says yes, I was so young that I did not know when did they bring her from orphanage. Shivaye asks which orphanage. Sahil says don’t know name, but Bua used to taunt Anika that dad got her from orphanage, he used to go Borivali to get soaps from factory. Shivaye says it means orphanage is between Borivali and Andheri.

Shivaye asks Anika to come, I made breakfast for you. She asks for me. He says you are reacting as if I did not make it before, come. She asks what’s this. He says green tea, I feel bad when you insult my espresso. She says I won’t drink this boiled water. He says you are impossible, how about this sandwich. She removes the corners to eat it. He says you are murdering the sandwich. She says I will eat the corners if you are feeling bad. She dips the bread in tea and eats. He says don’t do this. She asks did you not eat bread this way, so you don’t know the taste, try it. He says no. She says I drink bitter coffee for you, you can’t try this for me. He says let me prepare myself. He reacts. She says its not so bad. She laughs. He asks how do you do all this. She says I feel, we match in some things and we are completely opposite in few things. She gets a call and turns to talk. He also gets a call. She says 11am, fine I will reach. He says could you find all details about that orphanage, okay bye. They end call. He asks what were we talking. She says about food. He asks her to eat. They turn the either ways and think.

He makes call and asks did you get address, great, send me. Sahil asks did you get address. Shivaye says yes. Sahil asks are you going to that orphanage to find about Anika. Shivaye says its imp for me and Anika, nothing will change between us, I promise you, don’t tell this to Anika, I will tell her my way, okay good boy. He goes. Pinky hears them. She says I knew Shivaye will do anything to know about Anika, I will follow him and know Anika’s background. Shivaye is on the way. Anika is also on the way.

Anika reaches city hospital. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not, its fine if I don’t know it, but I don’t know what will I do after knowing it. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever, I can ignore now, but I can’t ignore after knowing it, what shall I do, I have to know Anika’s truth. Anika thinks everyone has right to know truth, even Shivaye, I m with him, I will see whatever happens.

The lady says sorry, we can’t give info about anyone. Shivaye says I did not come to do random enquiry, I m asking about my wife, I have complete rights to know about her. Anika says I have to meet Dr. Goyal. The lady says he is busy right now, please wait. Shivaye gets the info and says I have to do it, else I won’t get it. He checks the papers. Pinky looks on from outside.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Archiya

    What an episode.. It killed me ? ? ? ? it was hotness personified ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.. Need some water now ?
    I had become red like a ?, more than the scene it was the sudden transition from a cute to a hottest ? ? ? ? moment.. I was enjoying the cute moment an suddenly 220v Electricity passed through me..

    The first part Anika did not get embarrassed at all, in fact she was ready to put her hand on his hand an enjoy the moment, Shivay baby u chose the wrong moment to remove ur hand but the right moment to kiss her hair, hands… When will u move ahead.. The way u guys hug so passionately an with so much love…but now itself r condition is like this.. Don’t know what will happen when they actually move ahead.. ???????

    Bribe.. Shivay u bribed sahil with such lovely food.. Anyone gives me tat kind of food even I will answer any question of yours????

    It was so sweet of u Shivay to prep breakfast for ur wife.. Ur seriously setting some husband goals.. An Anika wen ur hubby preps something for u, u should eat it darling without complaining..very few are lucky to get a cook as hubby…? ?

    Priyanka Chopra figure an Dara Singh power.. ? ? Anika I just love love u gal.. Ur so adorable anyone will fall in love with u ? ? then who is SSO…sleeping now with shivilacious dreams.. Gud nite gals ??

    During the arm wrestling Shivay purposely teased Anika.. Even without that he would have won.. As Anika was doing cheating,to enjoy the moment.. He threw kiss in the air.. Shivay baby u wasted tat would have been perfect on Anika ?

    Not going to comment on anything else today.. I m soaked completely into shivika love ? ? an their hotness ? ?

    1. Amayaa

      It killed all of us ??

    2. Archiya

      agreed seeing all the comments here today

    3. Have a dreamy night archu! Am totally in blush mode too!

      As u said even I felt! Oops Shivaay y did u remove ur hand! And I also felt oops ani! Y did u get up!! We were all enjoying..!

      As u say.. their hugs and almost kisses is driving us all crazy already.. what would happen to us if they proceed?!? How r we even gonna handle that!!

      And archu.. aren’t u changing DP!! I was waiting to see which one u chose!!

    4. Archiya

      Anu dear
      I sure had one dreamy night.. shivika rules my dreams as well

      an i change my DP after putting my comment, usually it takes some time for the comment too publish, but yest it happened sooner…

    5. Archu!! DP mmmmwaaahhh!!

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      A glassful water on your face ….Archu

    7. Archiya

      kya yaar… dont brake the trance.. actually even u throw me in swimming pool it wont take me out of shivika trance 🙂

    8. Mouni

      archi , my blushing partner , it was really hotness today , screen was burning lol
      hope the cuteness will continue always btw shivika
      true that he could’ve win but he is player flirt oberoi but as you said it was a waist

    9. Archiya

      my blushing partner.. it sure was hotness overloaded,he flirted so nicely with anika knowing she will very well get nervous

    10. Archi…..even i wld hv answered if someone offers me food lyk tat bss ek baar koi deke to dekhe 😉
      Sso was in full kissing mood today frm d strting of d epi……..

    11. Archiya

      True Shree
      an oreo chocklate shake.. yummm.. i so love choklates an everything made of it
      ek baar koi deke to dekhe ?.. just imagine shivay sitting in front of us and giving us the shake.. oh Gosh!!! i will die there only

    12. Archu
      Founder of the blush club?? Kya haal hain??
      So may be with today’s episode we can conclude that NarBhi ve no reservations doing intense romantic scenes.

    13. Archiya

      poora dreamy hal hai.. shivika scenes at the forefornt of my mind, anything i m doing but they only keep coming in front..
      Hmm yeah even i felt tat they have any reservations like they had initailly

    14. Gd mirning archu…..hope all us well fabuloys dp yaar..
      Super epi na… luvly moments tht kissing her hair hugging tight going to the mood thy want to move ahead speacilly the bedroom scn but cvs jyst cut it off hw coukd they do this… drenched totally wt shivika ????????

    15. Archiya

      this whole page is become shivikalacious.. full of shivika..loving it,
      It was a superb epsiode.. yeah cvs just cut them off.. duffers
      Me too dear.. totally drenched

    16. Kiki

      Hi Archi… So true I don’t know how am I going to watch IB with my family when they actually move ahead. Even their starting procedures are too hot to handle. Now I should blame myself for making my whole family as ishqbaazians. Muruga save me….

    17. Archiya

      i feel shy to watch it with my hubby itself.. with family its totally .. u cant lift ur head itself
      Muruga please save her 🙂

    18. Ranilya

      Hey archu..
      Yday they were drenched n today they were burning hot ?????????
      Aur hum me bhi passion se bhigo diya..

      The first part….. haan agar Anika ne Shivay ka haath pakad liya hotha tho kya hotha…socho socho…. blush blush…

      During the arm wrestling Shivay purposely teased Anika.. Even without that he would have won.. As Anika was doing cheating
      Billiji billiji billiji.. .
      Yes…his sweet revenge…
      He only way of winning over her…to get romantically naughty with her….

      But Shivay.. .just wait and watch….when Anika gets naughty n romantic you’lyou’ l not b able to handle!!

    19. Archiya

      Only shivika can be hot wen drenched an wen burning … hume toh pooora bhiga diya yaar…. I love this abt them. , when anika teases shivay is shy.. an vice versa. just love them

    20. Vivikhta

      Archu dear…Today I want to b a guest member of your blush club too……U know yesterday, when I opened this page I saw that u hadn’tchanged your dp..and was literally like…ye archu dear hi hai na?
      Matlab koi farzi nahi? Aaj dp mela dekha aur dp nahi bad la? .
      but u cleared all my doubts today morning…..Yaar your dp is your identity…kabhi bhi identity crisis ho Jaayegi. dp hi ka am aayega. ..
      PS i live near the sea…agar abhi aap fire pe ho to aa jao…..

    21. Archiya

      Vivi dear.. ur always welcome, to join us …
      identity crisis ho Jaayegi. dp hi ka am aayega. … ha ha lolzzzz..

      U live near sea.. wow.. which place dear??? i m still on fire.. but i want to b there only atleast till tonite(wink wink)

    22. Archiya

      ur 13??? so v have 2 kiddos now who are 13.. one is u an the other is Sara
      i m gonna call u Vivi baby from today.. object if u mind it ok

    23. Nilash

      Yaaaa Archu yesterday Shivay bribed my bro Sahil…. ok I forgave Shivay jiju for that as he was in sssssoooo romantic mood yesterday…….
      Is your Shivika trance over or still it is continuing????????

  2. Wah wah wah wah rajjo dear, triple congratulations yarr hat rick kardiya tumne

    Precap that woman is pinky?????????? hope there will be no mu in that file.

    But guys shooting already started for annika past flash back.that young annika will be seen.a photo is posted by india
    And raat ke pe. Kiski mood romantic ho sakti he woh bhi beech main uthne ke baad.????? kick khane ke baad bhi????? Only shivika can do it.jab puri duniya so jati he inki suru hoti he???

    @nilash dear, it’s ok no prblm.i am waiting for you

    @ammu dear, mujhe comments padhne main jayada maja aata he

    And I am not a school student i am a college student .

    1. Rajjo

      thank you so much arpita…

    2. Nilash

      Thank You Arpita dear…. please keep supporting like this…

  3. Tiodays episode wass jhakkas
    I was literally laughing like anytyhing in the kick scene
    The way they started hand wrestling i mean the way they came
    Ans shivaay gave a flying kiss i didn’t expect today
    And after that scene the way shivaay pulled annika towards him and their signature step
    Everything was beautiful today

    Muje bhi pata hai pinky aunty without you they will not show a episode
    Lets ignore it

    Mahi’s past and annika’s past story is going parallel
    What is going to happen next
    Dont know

    Who is annika
    Her past is going to connect with
    Mahi or
    Soumya or
    Gauri or
    Someone else
    Who is annikas sister

    Mandaya pichukulam pola irukku

  4. Sry sry main green teacke baare main bhul gayi.
    Yaa, but annika didi is didi she is never goiing to be chnged.

    @astha baby of course tumhe kuch dekhna nahi chahiye hum ladki ladki chalega but you can’t see bcoz you are a girl?????????

    @ammu dear, jo bhaari hota he hamesha niche raheta he .teri team main jayada he so niccche he aur hamari team main jayada nahi soohim log upar he ???? ( just kidding)

    1. Amayaa


    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita.. sab kuch dekh liya maine…
      Yeh winning wali bhaari baat tum Ammu se keh rahi ho.. ek air kiss se distract hone ke baad.. we have capacity to distract you all darling.. I am happy Annika was on Meenamma mode.. cvs stole my dialogue true yaar.
      Jhagda bahut hua SOS club and AS club…Hum Ishqbaaaz hai yaar aur ab Rishtedaar bhi(Shivika aakhir ek hi toh hai)… Astha is not afraid of fight but hum saath hai toh baat hai ..Astha believes in spreading love and peace…Om Shanti shanti shanti…(I deserve Nobel prize for peace and for that I am ready to kill Pinky )…ha ha…

  5. Tanz

    Hello everyone ????
    In the first 15mins my condition was really embarrassing.I couldn’t help it but I was continuously showing my teeth.Thank God that I was alone at that time….
    Today’s epi had so many awwww moments
    The way Shivaay’s was looking at a sleeping Annika…
    The first kick was digestible for me as it was for Shivaay’s but the second one… there’s from where my teeth became visible???
    “PC ki body me Data Singh ka dum” aaj to toh Annika Chaa gayi.Matlab itne barso ke Baad Annika ke much se itne ache ache words sunne Ko mile.
    Green tea me bread—–wah wah ye kaam to sirf Annika hi kar Sakti hai aur SSO Ko bhi khilaya aur uski shakal?????
    Aaj toh Saahil ne bhi kya chaturayi​ dikhayi….
    The Worst part was Pinky’s dialogue”Kis khet ki mooli hai”Like really Pinky ….mooli ke alava aur kuch nahi Mila…
    Yeah,I forgot about the hand wrestling (thanks Shivaay aadhi English to tumhi se seekh rage hain?)
    When Shivaay did that kissing action my mouth was like a big ‘O’.I really didn’t see that coming from Shivaay’s side…..
    Aage ke bare me I don’t want to guess anything because our CVs always do SatyaNaash…..
    Bye bye
    good night
    Sleep tight
    And don’t wake up by your bed’s leg’s side.
    (I know Bogota ghatiya tha,???)

    1. Pushpa

      hi tanz… too just smiling away…tht early hug and the kiss ….took us by surprise i think isnt? but our Shivaye is in love Shivaye SIngh Oberoi n kuch bhi karsaktha hae…anything…v just sit back and enjoy all of it..

    2. Archiya

      When Shivaay did that kissing action my mouth was like a big ‘O’… i was expecting shivay will do something, may b a wink.. but he went one step ahead (wink wink)

    3. Cheequ

      Lol! Liked your poem..:);)
      To continue your poem,
      Wake up in sprite,
      With Shivika starry eyes very bright,
      Blushing in delight,
      With all 32 teeth in sight.

      Yeah the second kick made me laugh out too..

  6. Awww..the episode was awsome. Loved the Shivika scenes very much. Anika was not aware that she is in Shivay’s lap but when she realised that she instantly freed herself from his lap and stood up. The night scene was awsome!! When she said if he was a football or scooter it remind me of Chennai Express. My sister’s and mine mouth remained open when he kissed her.
    The breakfast scene was good. How Sahil remembered SSO the meaning of Chaturvedi or Chatur.
    Moreover Anika was really good when she made SSO eat the bread corners and our SSO cant eat those corners while Anika drinks Esspresso??(Sorry Astha di).
    How a mother is Pinky? She follows her own child only to know about Anika’s past. Doesn’t she believe her child??
    Precap:- Tomorrow is huge revealation day as both Mahi and Anika’s truth is coming.
    P.S.:- Missed Mahi for Two days and hope Anika belongs to a richer kheth ki muli (richer family than Oberois) as in words of Pinky

  7. Hi girls……im already drowning….pls help guys….
    Wht a wonderful epi yaar……..ashta where r u??? Yr bhaiya is in loveeeeeeee…. shivaye i just fall in luv 2u all over again……
    Wht a hug, tenderness in consoling anika & patting a kiss…..just superb im not blushing but my lips r smiling frm east2west till now..?????
    And shivaye in bedroom naughty RAMLEELA ..fantabulous …his hair looked s*xy….admiring his wife promising her the world….happiness…and ouch tht kick..well 4sure anika hv priyanka chopra s*xy body&dara singh power..super handwrestling &tht cute naughty kiss ….heaven yaar ….and anika u missed the chance again girl….hw mny times …….wht the wok!!!!. Cvs just end it like tht???oh gosh cmon v r all adults here&nxt time jyst let it gooooooo ok…..

    Breakfast 4his wife….wow thts super cool…yeak deeping bread in green tea….suba suba hvng breakfast made by hubby..anika shivaye luvs u cant u see tht ????pls give him time hes asking….please u will not regret it at alll….he’ll luv u frm the tip of ur hair 2bottom of yr feet……totally u will b stunt….

    Once agn shvaye bond wt sahil….alwys beautiful ….i simply luv it…briebing sahil thts a good one ….. OMG tht pinky again….hw is tht possible somebody pls get her off my back…irritating always…

    V wt to enjoy our shivika moments…….all scn ws magnificient…mindblowing….shivaye luv to anika growing rooting slowly….luv the look in his eyes… much of love….

    So both shivaye &anika mission finally will know the truth of their birth????
    Owsm waiting 4 tomoro epi….sure another best shivika scn ever??????

    Luv all of u guys IBzzzzzzz all the way… nite……

    1. Pushpa

      hi guys hws this? my dp looks ok?

    2. Archiya

      come give me ur hand.. let me save u from drowning.. but actually i will also fall with u an get drowned.. ur DP is superb gal

    3. Pushpa… do not drown!! Like how I tole me.. we have to be all up n running to enjoy them!!
      And ur DP ?????

  8. But i hope annika ki family bahut badi ho Cvs plz plz pl tumne meri kuch baat suni he so aage se jyada gali nahi doongi.but plz didi ko kisi darwaza tod family se will be really interesting to watch.

    And today dil bole Shivikabaaz.?

    Sso ‘s many side
    Cso – caring singh oberoi.
    -Pso -promise singh oberoi
    Bso -bechara singh oberoi.
    Nso-naughty singh oberoi.
    Tso-tadibaaz singh oberoi
    Rso-romantic singh oberoi.
    Dso-detective singh oberoi
    Fso -foodie singh oberoi.
    Iso -info nikal ne wala singh oberoi.
    Mso- michmichi singh oberoi.

    Saari side he

    1. Arpi dear,..,so many shivay singh oberoi…..mussed cudfling shivaye singh oberoi..his hugs r always special…..

    2. autocorrect….
      so many shivay singh oberoi…..missed cuddling shivaye singh oberoi..his hugs r always special…..

  9. I can watch Shivika forever man. I ve no words for them, speechless. Today they made me go sob sob ?? to awww ☺☺to ha ha?? to ahem ahem ??to blush blush ??. Whole package of emotions. And so am not dissecting those moments today although in the panja case I wanted the reverse to happen. Annika is about to lose and then she kisses Shivay, Shivay goes into a momentary trance and Annika wins.
    Also would like to say that they are Indian TV version of Mr. n Mrs. Smith.
    Anyway decided that I ll download the episode n watch it on loop tomo.

    Precap- is horrifying. Only one question, is it the end of Shivika or NKK?? (Fingers crossed) Guys be prepared for the worst, when I say this I could not coax myself to face that worst situation yet. I am hoping tomorrow when Shivay opens the file it’s written- No Information Available. This is also coz I personally don’t want Annikas past to be revealed now. But CVs have a different plan I guess, they ve already roped in a child artist to play Annikas childhood. Donno what’s gonna happen..!! ???
    Pinky why are you following Shivay, follow Annika, she has something more relevant.

    P.S.- It’s Thursday and TRP is out. Bad news is that IB has only 2 (some sources say it’s 1.9 , if that’s the case it’s the first time IB is going below 2 after Shivikas wedding) A cliched Hospital drama would have given a better TRP I feel. Also a promo could ve helped. No use of saying now. DBO only has a TRP of 1.2. Sakshath Kali Thakur himself could not help. I guess people don’t want to see a lot of negativity with both Kali Thakur and Svetlana. Liki Nivi said there is a general dip in TRP for all the shows coz of IPL.

    1. Mouni

      lax why are you afraid of anika’s past ?? atleast we will get to know what happen to her ?? she had a sister ( shutki ) and then ended up in orphanage , how and why
      am sure sso can never leave her , he changed his beliefs for her and accepted her as just anika
      about the trp , as you said no hospital drama and add to that pinky’s sudden jealousy has ruin things for the viewers

    2. Mouni
      I know I sound more worried than SSO about Annikas past. I don’t want Annikas past to be revealed now coz I feel it should be treated more important with least loopholes. Now amidst this Mahi drama it ll lose all the importance n CVs won’t give it a proper shape or closure I feel.
      About TRP dip, yes Pinky drama can be one reason, hope CVs understands that do the needed.

    3. Krishnaa

      Hi lax, i just replied to your yesterday’s comment on my post 🙂
      Hey on which site do u check trp?
      I was sure DBO was not going to have high trp because of its illogical sequences and those who are still watching are fans of kunal and shrenu. I hope they put rumya in IB than DBO. Rumya looks best when they are with anika and shivaay. Its more a family feel. So many fans are requesting to merge IB and DBO but how to make the makers know what we really wish for :/

    4. Krishna
      U can check the Facebook page of ‘trp of Indian serials’, but usually they are late. If u are in Insta check Salil Sands page, it’s a credible source plus he uploads by 5pm every Thursday.
      About Rumya , they may not get enough space with this Mahi n Pinkys jealousy track in IB. I think it’s better they are in DBO, we ll get a break from Svetlana drama atleast.

    5. Krishnaa

      Ok ill check both on insta and facebook 🙂 thanks!

    6. I didn’t realized abt d precap bt Now reading all ur cmnts i m also ‘horrified now………bt i don’t think watever is written there will nt affect thier relation bcz now sso is all ready to accept her however she is……… d only thing abt which i m worried tat sso shld nt be involved in any way in ani’s past……… bt one more que why r they bringing both d revelations together r they interlinked????

    7. Shree
      Am really sorry that I gave it the tension.
      That’s exactly my issue why are they mixing it up with the Mahi track. Let them deal Annikas track aaram se with minimum loopholes. Hurry Burry mein kuch karke Gangaram na kar de iss track ka.

    8. Hi lax,,,,, v want to know anika’s past break tht NKK for shivaye thn nothing can stop both shivika happinesss ….not even pinky…..

    9. Pushpa
      Hoping it ll ve a good outcome…!! Fingers crossed..!!

    10. Ranilya

      the reverse of the panja would b so much fun…
      As I just told Archu when anika gets into romantic mode I’m sure Shivay will b spellbound!!
      Waiting for it…..
      Kab aayega wo din??

    11. Rani
      I so want to see Shivays reaction when Annika kisses him..!!

    12. Don’t worry about precap lax….. Nobody can do shivik separation not even pinky…. Yesterday itself sso cleard anita need not be change herself he already accepted her without surname.. He is just trying to find her root if she has family the he is trying to join her nd her long lost family….. Don’t worry about pinky.. She is like absent even though she is present her presence won’t make any changes in shivika life….

      Coming to the trp… Dea don’t worry ipl season no it happens take my home example itself my uncle is to watch star plus he is to watch star plus serials but the day ipl started he left all serials he is busy in watchingwatching ipl I think same thing is happened in others home also …this is the reason behind the fall of trp of all serials this happens every year

    13. Chitra
      I used to watch the first few seasons of IPL, now I feel it’s boring. I so prefer IB to IPL. When is the finale man??

    14. Lachu…..Indian TV version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith……OMG……you won’t believe the same thought had occurred to me while watching the epi……even though I dislike comparing Brad with Shivaye when it comes to Angie and Anika…….?????? it so well deserved!!

      And don’t worry I don’t think Shivika ya NKK is going to end…..maybe like Shivaye his NKK ideology will reach a new better version after all this!!

      And Lachu……like Shekhar is the Logical Analyst of this page you are the TRP analyst of this page……so much of thinking goes into it…..????

      And about my sleep you mentioned in earlier page…….aa karyathil njan oru “nishagandhi” aanu chakkare……ente ammayodu chodhicha parayum “nishagandhi” alla “nishajanthu” aanennu…..???? But, am used to it Lachu…..sometimes because of work, sometimes when my laddu is sick, sometimes because of some function etc. I go to sleep late and wake up early…..6 manikku eneetillenkil annathe karyam pokka…..☹☹☹☹

    15. Liji
      Once u ve called me TRP analyst aur maine woh kuch zyaada hi seriously Liya.
      About your sleep pattern, hats off to you girl. In my case I need minimum 6hrs of sleep, happy if I get 7hrs n I can sleep late, very late but cannot wake up early.

    16. Archiya

      when they were arm wrestling, i was seriously waiting for anika to do that kiss action, but shivay looked so much cute when he did it, i saw a glimpse of nakul there..

      An dear if anika past is not revelaed shvika can never move ahead in their relationship, as shivay will always have this in the back of his mind.. an it will stop him for taking their relation ahead.. so its very imp that he gets to know of their past

    17. Archu Sweety
      Nakuuls smile after the kiss was to die for. He is a pro when it comes to romantic scenes.

      I too wanna see Annikas past but not like this. I mean am sure they ll mess it up with Mahis track. I want it to be a lengthy track with minimum loopholes.

    18. Cheequ

      “I can watch Shivika forever man. I ve no words for them, speechless. Today they made me go sob sob ?? to awww ☺☺to ha ha?? to ahem ahem ??to blush blush ??.”
      Seriously loved this description..<3

      The transition was awesome and after blush blush, there was laugh laugh too at breakfast..

      Glad Pinky doesn't know of Mahi. Pata nahin what she would do with that mystery then..

    19. Cheequ
      Thank you..!!
      Pinky should get to know about Mahi asap I feel.

    20. Lax.. frankly when I saw panja scene spoiler.. a reverse is what I imagined.. u know same like u said..
      but this was sooo??? to watch!
      Precap is scary.. but let it come out.. it ll strengthen them!!
      The trp is lil scary lax.. I hope like u say we can attribute it towards ipl…
      U know am myself an online watcher as
      I don get it in package and the telecast is midnight!
      Actually Tamil channels air here earlier.. how I wish I could get star plus and watch it on tv ? Am feeling so sad yaar!

    21. Nilash

      Lax you described all the emotions Marvelously dear…. hope to get all those emotions today as well but except sob sob moment…

  10. @anu dear, i don’t know about slot reader i think starplua ki list main no 4 pe he .but in trp list i donno

  11. Nilash

    Kal ka mast episode ka load kam tha jo aaj ka episode bhi mastam mast nikla…..
    Llllllllllllloooooooovvvvvveeeee dddddd… every inch of today’s episode…. uuuuuuuuuuffffffff what a romance?????????????????????? (naughty thoughts were running through my mind when the bed Shivika moment was on) ???????
    Ok starting from first…
    The way Shivay was holding my Anika didi was aaawwww….. just loved it… Mouni mode switched on… then Anika didi realized their position and came down and that godi wala dialogue of Shivay…. so realistic one…. Mouni mode on hold for sometime when SSO said he needs time ok ok de diya time but please do confess your love fast we all ishqiess can’t wait for long now…. come back Nilash…… then the hug??????????????? (blushing blushing) but adored there heartfelt love..Mouni mode….
    Next becharaa Shivay aww he got kicked for two times… Anika didi ek aur maar deti hattrick ho jaataa RAJJO ki tarah….. sorry Shivay jiju…. Sorry Amayaa…???????????????
    Ok next that hath panja I mean hand wrestling…. Anika didi kya yaar just got distracted by one kiss of Shivay jiju…. not fair but next time the Dara Singh in you should win….????✋✋✋✋…….
    Ok now romance part… uuff killed me on fire as usual… I called the fire brigade to save my TV screen for that reason only I got late in commenting…. ok back again Mouni mode on… loads of Shivika….
    Then came my all time favourite Shivay-Sahil moment…. I just love to see the attachment and bond in them…….???????????????????????????????????
    Yaaaa green tea Anika didi don’t worry i also don’t like the taste of green tea…. I always mark it as ubla hua pani with patta dipped in it and today you stole my words……… it’s ok ….. no more stealing comment….. again my love the Shivay-Sahil moment……. Sahil is such a matured kiddo Pinky should learn something from him…. no Pinky part today…..
    Last part the dilemma…. ok fine but Anika didi’s past should be a dhamakedaar one… I’m waiting for it….
    Missed my Mahi and O’bros…. want them back again please CVs….. making cry baby face and puppy eyes please…
    Precap…. Pinky before we all ishqiess kill you just run away or else your end is near…..
    Please CVs want the confession scene fast please….
    Again such a long comment… hehehehehe
    Ya the most important thing Anika didi is not cheapdi like our SSO…. how can he distract my and Arpita’s dearest Anika didi by his kiss… ok Amayaa ke liye SSO ko maaf kiya..
    At last DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Archiya

      Nilash dear
      ur comment made me a glimpse of yest episode again.. as i cant re watch it

    2. Nilash

      Thank You Archu… 🙂 🙂

    3. True yaar! Like archu said.. I felt like I watched it all again! And so many ????? in ur comments!!

  12. Ok…..let me tell this first…….Sahil……CHATURRRRRRRRR ka matlab BUDDHUUUU kya jaane?? ???????????????????????????????????????????? Shivayans and SSO sissies…….maaf keejiye…….today I couldn’t handle all the achchayi of your SSO…..ab aadat ho gayi hai unki burayi karna ???????…..that’s why trying to make fun of him…..sorry….???

    O MY GOD……that was IB?? I mean for real??? Kahi aisa toh nahin hai na ki yeh kuch naya drama hai……both Shivaye aur Anika ko memory loss toh nahin hui na…..ya phir CVs ko ho gayi kya???

    Okay… I really understood the “haalat” of those unmarried girls watching Shivika scenes in front of their parents……matlab being a married woman and watching the HOT scenes with my amma……I was smiling throughout like a dumbo and then my amma gives me a slap on my hand……”Jo bhi ho raha hai….tv par ho raha hai…..issliye munh bandh rakho…….” My haalat is all ????? ……I have to somehow stay awake and watch the repeat at 1…..

    Ok guyzzzzzz….I am feeling very tired and have got some work to finish……so no lambi comments……aaj emojis se hi kaam chalana padega…….

    1. First 5 mins……????????????????????????????????????????
    2. Next 5 mins……????????????????????????????????????????
    3. Next 3 mins ???……??????????????????????????????????????????
    ??? Priyanka Chopra ki figure mein Dhara Singh ki dum…….Surbhi….your figure is much better than PC…..dum ke maamle main shayad Dhaara Singh bhi haar jaayegi!! But became beegi billi when that dumbo was giving signal…..Anika the Sherni should have returned some other signal…..
    4. Next 5 mins……????????????☺☺??☺☺????????????????????☺☺??☺☺???????? Why didn’t they play any movie song at that time??? Jab sirf haath pakadna hotha hain toh Roshni se bhare bhare hai….or ab jab bhare bhare ho rahe hai toh kuch nahin…..????
    5. Jeeju-Saala convo……Shivaye aap kabhi kabhi bhool jathe ho ki yeh aapki Jhansi ki Rani ka bhaiyya hai……don’t underestimate the power of a school boy…..hain…. so in short Sahil rocked Shivaye shocked…..????
    6. Next 2 mins….pata nahin which lady was that talking to herself…..some mental case I think….
    7. Next 5 mins……????????????????????????????????????????????? Private breakfast ????????……and Shivaye tries to eat Anika’s choice of food…….☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    Oh oh….I know I know……in my calculation the epi has gone more than 30 mins…..woh kya hai na 2 min shot bhi 5 min ka effect de raha tha…..issliye calculation thoda neeche-oopar ho gaya…..????? you gyzz can feel free to ignore… tension!!

    Ok gyzzzzzzz……good night!! Detailed comment tmrw if possible… an important client meeting ????? so donno when I will be able to peep in….bye!!

    1. Forgot to mention the main point….my laddu was watching with me the whole epi without a blink of eye…..especially the first 10 mins…..when Shivaye fell down the second time and said “mein yahan modelling kar raha hoon” my laddu enjoyed it so much that she started laughing continuously…..then throughout the panchaladayi till the ??? scene, she was laughing……I donno……maybe she has started enjoying SSO’s tadi I think…..Astha…..aapke bhaiyya se kehna ki unki fans mein ek 3 saal ka fan bhi hai!!! ????

    2. I always love to read ur comments liji sis especially the part where u include ur baby(small crazy fan of ib?????????)… Yessss????the way anika kicked sso twice ??????????laughing like mad?????????one day sso nd all ib fans will go mad fr sure bcz of this anikaanika?????????????

    3. Ranilya

      Love your laddoo….???

    4. Liji… u bcme queen of emoji today…i was smiling away toooooooo…..????

    5. Ranilya

      Lolzzz Liji .
      I got stomach cramps!!

      Buddu kya jane Chatur ka mathlab!! Lol
      But Shivay ithna buddu bhi nahi hain…par jab baath Anika ki aathi hain tho dimag band ho jaatha hain…
      Aaj mein shivika mood mein hoon…shivayan nahi is liye tume maaf kardiya….

    6. Archiya

      Oh Liji
      ur comment.. i just cant stop laughing
      i can imaging the sound of ur ladooo laughing,, it kind of fills u completely..
      ”Jo bhi ho raha hai….tv par ho raha hai…..issliye munh bandh rakho…lolzzzzzz

    7. Cheequ

      Lijince kya commentary hai.. Loved all the emoji description.. And seriously kal ka episode emotions se filled tha so the emoji’s are apt. Did you manage to rewatch the episode..

      your laddoo – is so adorable– wow- abhi se woh romancebaaz bann jayegi..

      Usko bhi uske Shivaay bhayya pe baby crush ho gaya hoga.. Cutie laddoo.. <3

    8. Nivedita

      Well Liji– no problem with your teasing our SSO..
      Your meethi meethi laddoo is there to compensate – since she is team SSO! ???

      Sach mein IB is becoming difficult to watch on TV with family.. but despite the blushing, I had to watch it on TV that too twice! ?

      Your commentary deserves all ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating..

    9. Liji!! I just loved the way u have commented today yaar!! First few mins emoji.. next few mins emoji!! ??
      Ur lil one is also shivikan!! Wow.. we shud give her a post in PKJ too!
      And u cudnt just give taarif to sso na! Lol?? that’s like my sautan! U Go gal!!

    10. Nilash

      Yyyyyyeeeeee got someone to call didi… Liji di… I can call you liji di right???
      Aww your laddu is sssooo sweet…. he is the fan no. 1 of Ishqbaaz no offense to other ishqiess but our laddu is fan no. 1….
      Loads of love and best wishes to Laddu

  13. Akriti

    what an episode yaar…
    today’s episode is shivikafull romancefull fightfull funfull…..
    ishqbaaz is back with his old charm…..

    firstly did you guys notice in in first back hug scene when shivaay was caresing anikaa he kiss two times in anikas hair….
    yes shivaay is actually very possessive about anikas hair….
    but anika why did you get up….
    he is your husband thori der aur aise hi rehana tha….

    and then embaressed anika and one more pasionate hug….

    and then kick what a kick anika tumne kya kick mari sso ko wo bhi 2 times….
    then chor chor chor….
    anika sahi pucha ask me tumhare that humesha chori hoti hai kya up humesha chor chor bolke uthti hoo…

    and then that modeling kar raha hu wala dialogue….
    and football and scooter wala dialogue….
    they just nailed….

    aur he unique kaam with shivika hi par sakate hai raat ko panja ladana ….

    aur flying kiss shivaay….
    I just said that today I am dead….
    how cute that….
    oh anika bechari shivaay ke flying kiss is karan haar gai ….

    astha dear apne bhaiya ko samjhao inhone cheating ki hai…

    yaar sach me usa scene me I am full on blushing….
    how cutee…

    aur phir blushing anikaa wao!!!
    and then shivaay pulls anika to close…
    he twist her arm and their head to head eyelock…
    I am blushing….
    I thin that ki shivaay will do something….blushing
    but the scene changes into morning….

    and then my dirty mind says that…..
    are phir kya hua ye toh dekha do….
    kya anika apne ask ko chute nhi pai yaa dono raat bhar aise hi thy….
    yaaa kuch hua aur time nhi pata…
    just blushing…
    my dirty mind automatically starts thinking in case of shivika….

    and sso is bribing sahil lol…
    and sahil also understand every thing that’s great….

    aur green tea is ubala hua pani… lol
    and anikaa style of eating bread is jhakaas infact I also eat bread like this…
    filing bread in tea tastes very good but not in green tea….

    aur phir shivaay face while eating bread..
    awww so cute…
    “kaise kar leti ho ye sab” loved it….

    and once Sherlock homes mode is on….
    both were looking damm good and cute while talking in phone…

    today both anika and shivaay is looking very very very very very cute….
    and the episode is awwwwww…….

    I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very happy…..
    I am In full of mouni mode just blushing….
    I can’t express my feeling….
    that how much I am happy…
    today I just wrote what I see in the episode and buk buk buk…..
    because my mind stops working ……
    my mind is full of shivika….

    CVS toh sacchi me sudhar gaye lagata hai…..
    itne saare payaree payaree episode we rahe hai hume …
    par hum inhe jayada see me nhi chadayenge pata nhi kab ye badal jaaye…..

    and pinky just ignore her….
    no comments on her today….

    just loved today’s episode….
    and today I am becoming puri taraha pagal….
    and dramebaaz like amayaa….

    good night all ishqies….
    sweet shivika full dreams…

    1. Ranilya

      OMG akriti…kya kya soch rahi hain tu…. .
      Raath Bhar Kya Kiya hoga shivika ne??
      Naughty girl…

      Yeah Shivika na sab ko 2rs cheapde bana rahe hain!! Lolzzz
      Wo Hollywood style karthe nahi but hum imagine kar kar ke rope red tomato hote rehthe hain…

    2. Pushpa

      akriti…mae kia bathau …todays episode have nailed all of us totally….. again 2day our TU flooded with shivaye shivaye shivaye& shivaye …..

    3. Archiya

      i again experinced yest IB epsiode with ur comments

    4. Nilash

      I’M m a baaz commenter and you are a full commenter… hehehehehe…. loved all your full emotions….

  14. Ohio!!! A jhakkas epiosde.

    Shivika scenes were same specially the night one was extraordinarily amazing.
    Loved nakul in his carazy cheater mode. The way he made anika lose by distactimg her was super cute.
    His expressions just do wonders. The twinkle in his eyes just lights my soul. The way he smiles sometime talking with anika or while spending time with her just brings a huge smile on my face.

    SurbhiC u are fantibulous. Your language lights up the whole show. I won’t do that 2rs thing.., I can drink butter coffee for you can’t u just do this much for me. aaawwww.
    Her sequence with her ownself,when she talks with herself is like super duper cute.
    Her eyes when she talks with shivaay, it looks as it she is totally whipped by him.

    I totally ship shivika they are the cutest together.

    No rudra scenes today, was really looking forward for just a glance of him. I love his expressions and senseless talks. Pls CVs show some rumya plzzzz.

    Priyanku, I think her part just ended.

    And last the pinky ponky, she is really I mean like reaaalyy the most vampish creature. I hate her for being so biased against anika.

    I think the writers are showing shivaay searching for anika’s background beaxuse they wanna reveal anika-gauri truth and also about anika being a rich girl and her family too.

    No mahi scenes today, I don’t know why all the good things from ishqbaaz are just getting little attention and stage.

    Tomorrow, I think nothing much will be revealed.

    Hola!! everyone, archu, Anu, Aashta di, rajjo di , shekhar bhaiyya, shabz, amaya, lijince , LAX, Raniliya, anika, Nilash, mouni, Ridz di and all of you.

    How are u all?

    Most of u must be dissappointed with shivaay searching for anika’s background, won’t say understand his POV, cause I am too a little confused lol.

    But shivaay bhaiyya, said nothing will change between him and anika. They were shivika, are shivika and will always be shivika, his actions hence proves it.

    @Lijince- shikhyat with bhaiyya, if is there, then ummm don’t know what I should do lol. I would say understand his pov, then that is what I have been saying from a long time.

    @Anu- forgive my bhaiyya, he won’t do anything wrong with anika (hope so)

    @Archiya- do post. And hehe Sara baby.. ??

    @LAX- I am like on top of a whole messed up school life. Lol. Hate to get up early in the morning.

    @Raniliya- I am fine dear. U tell about yourself.

    @shabz.. buttercup. How old are u.

    @amaya-okz dear

    (Reply of your replies on my comment of yesterday)

    Keep smiling.
    Comments are like raining today.
    I don’t know when that day will come when I will be along first 10 or even first 20 comenters.

    1. Ranilya

      OMG akriti…kya kya soch rahi hain tu…. .
      Raath Bhar Kya Kiya hoga shivika ne??
      Naughty girl…

      Yeah Shivika na sab ko 2rs cheapde bana rahe hain!! Lolzzz
      Wo Hollywood style karthe nahi but hum imagine kar kar ke rope red tomato hote rehthe hain…

    2. Ranilya

      Choti bachi…
      Yeh kya dekh liya aaj thumne….

      As for Shivay.. .he is confused himself… poor chap…
      He knows he can’t stay without knowing about anika’s background but he is equally scared of the outcome….like if her parents were criminals or the worst if sh did illegitimate….or could b possible that she was left behind in the orphanage and no one knows her parents…

      But dear to not know something is fine to get along with….to know the fact but ignore and get along is the most difficult part in life…
      Once he knows the truth, if he didn’t share with Anika then very time he see’s her he will b reminded of the fact…so he will not b able to be with her carefree…it will always hold him back…so he is worried.

    3. Yup rani di.
      You are right shivaay is confused. For him anika is important but her background is something he feels he should know. But as u said that wld somehow make him conscious and he led not be as carefree with anikaaaaa.

    4. Pushpa

      hey sara…hope all is well wit you too..
      its is all shivika shivika shivika & shivika only…..

    5. SARA UR BUTTER CUPS AGE IS 15 dr 😀 :&

    6. Archiya

      Sara baby
      m fine dear..just that totally drowned into shivika.. how r u doing

    7. Forgiven Sara! Enjoy!! ?

  15. Piyuu

    wow…mindblowing episode..

  16. Shivika ready with their spades to dig out d roots of each others existence………The great shivaye singh oberoi will change…… Yess he needs some tym bt he’ll chng fr his annika………he alone cn complete her entire family consoles her lyk a father, cares fr her lyk an elder brother, cn play with her give her company in her antics lyk her younger sibling n also cn Romance with her lyk a husband…….
    he was so deeply lost into her innocent face at night tat also ignored her first kick thinking tat she might be hving a nightmare bt then with d second kick realized tat no annika is simply kicking him thinking him to be her champa……
    He loves being in her company even at times when she does all d quirky things instead of getting irritated he seems to be njoying all her antics whether it be tearing d corners of bread n making him eat or calling green tea jst a boiled water
    The old sso still stays in him or it cn be a curious n protective hubby who wnts to learn everything abt annika n of course theit equation will chng bt fr d good…..
    Annika always feels comfortable in sso’s arms felt to loud out every happenings of her lyf which she didn’t shared witg anyone else till now………bt soon got embarrassed by their position or shld i say guessed sso’s intentions 😉
    She hs got a bad habit of kicking others ( remember mallika) ……..considers herself as priyanka chopra having dara singh’s strenght n this is nt her overconfidence cld hv own d hand wrestling bt gt trapped in her own weakness n sso’s smartness
    Now she is bck to her mission maahi n sso on mission annika means some past revelations with flashbacks r on d way
    P.s. Saw a pic of surbhi with a girl in insta n they saying tat she’ll play small ani bt wat abt gauri is she really her sis????
    If yes then cvs will bring d chutki track afterwards now they’ll only reveal her family her struggles……….
    Sahil CHATURvedi……..his name completely defines him………d way he understands every move of sso…………his motive of bribing him n also knows d fct tat his annika didi will nvr hv to suffer anymore as long as she is with his sso

    1. Archiya

      loved ur comment dear

    2. Thanx Archii……

    3. Shree! Awesome analysis!
      Yeah true annika always finds consolation in shivaays arms.. and when that happens we all kinds get consoled too!! ?


    TO all the ISHQIES…. HOPE U LIKE IT…..

    Today’s episode was just fantabulous…. LOVED SHIVIKA SCENES……..
    The first hug scene was so soothing for Shivika….
    Saahil the smarty….. smart brain …. smart answer…. smart tadi…..
    BUT shivaay I mean the SSO getting kicked by his wife…. that to twice…. Lol… Koi nahi shivaay LIFE MEIN KICK KI ZAROORAT SAB KO PADTI HAI….. AAJ aapko bhi mil gayi….. Hopefully u will always remember this KICK whenever u sleep beside anika…..
    Anika- priyanka chopra mein Dara singh…. LOL….
    Shivaay- SSO mein SRK…..#SHIVAAY CANT BELIEVE IT…..
    Anika- shivaay aap farsh par kya kar rahe hai….
    Shivaay- Modeling kar raha hu…. SNAKE WALK…. wanna join…..
    Anika- ?????????????
    I must say shivaay used the old LOVER’S TRICK to win Hand wresting…..#naughty boy….

    @ISHQIES plz tell me which group should I join…… I am so confused….. just help me out……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mahi…Tum Jayesh ban jao..I hope you know him from SaReGaMaPa..
      Jiss bhi team mein raho..Shivika ke saath ho raho..hamesha . Love them to the core…of your heart.

    2. Amayaa

      Maahi di join de group
      SSO sis club ( I know u don’t join this group but still promoting ) , khannu club , nok jhok club , shivikian club ( I know u r definitely be part of this group ) ,

      I m sorryyyyyy guys nd Maahi di ………..I m just promoting my clubs ………??

    3. Nikita_jai29

      Hii Maahi dii.. It’s me your nikki… Lines are awesome and episode is khidkhi todh..

    4. Pushpa

      hi maahi..beautiful lines…
      love is life & life is love so make sure u dun ever miss it ……

    5. Maahi!!!! I cudn choose 1 line today!! I just loved it all!!! ???

  18. Krishnaa

    Yay!!! My old funny Anika is back!!! Finally they are giving good moments maximum screen space. The show is so good without villains!!!
    From what I guess, Anika must be the lost child of a rich family and will not be shown immdiately. Actually what pinky said today made me think so as this may be the thing that will keep pinky’s mouth shut! As for mahi and shivaay, they have heart problems inherited from shakti, so shivaay might be kamini’s son and mahi pinky’s. I know some might kill me for my opinion on kamini and shivaay but this is just a guess, dont take me seriously 😀

    No matter from which family anika came from, shivaay wont be able to break his relation with anika because he is already in love with her, maybe he is not realizing the depth of his love for her. His ego,attitude and belief may try to make him distant from her but love will pull him like a magnet towards her! Malika said before that shivaay never bothered when she stopped sending him messages, tia was just trying to marry shivaay for a deal as said at the beginning of the show but this is the first time he has fallen in love and may not have realized the power of love yet! This tadibaaz couple is just awesome!



    1. Archiya

      Wc Gunpreet..

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