Ishqbaaz 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika reaches city hospital. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever. Some time before, Anika says I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not with you. He holds her close to pacify. He says its okay and gets tearful eyes. She sees him holding her. She gets away. He asks what happened. She says we would have spoken being away, why did you pull me. He says I did not, you came to me, I did not finish yet, listen to me, are you embarrassed. She asks what, my slipper will be embarrassed. He says I did not wish to hurt you. She says even then you have hurt my heart. He says I can’t hurt you intentionally, can I get some time. She asks him to take as much time as he wants, but remember one thing, I m just Anika. He says you don’t need to change, Anika….just Anika. He hugs her.

Shivaye and Anika sleep. He thinks of her words and looks at her. She turns to his side and kicks him in sleep. He falls down the bed and says seriously, she just kicked me. He says maybe she saw a bad dream, she looks stressed, I will sleep. He lies on the bed again and closes eyes. She kicks him again. He falls down the bed. He shouts Anika. She wakes up and shouts catch the thief. He says its me Shivaye, why do you shout thief always when you wake up this way. She asks what are you doing on ground. He says modelling, you kicked me. She asks are you football, scooter or tin box lying on road, you say anything. He says you kicked me twice here. She asks twice, did I kick Bagad Billa, Kanji eyes Maharaj, one plus one free, it means I have Dara Singh power. He says don’t over estimate yourself. She says I can make you lose in hand wrestling. He asks will you make me lose. She says I believe myself. He says don’t challenge me, you will lose. She bets. They arm wrestle. She says Billu ji will lose today and smiles. He lowers his hand. She says I told you will lose today. He kisses and smiles. She looks at him stunned. He makes her lose and calls her loser. She says this is cheating. He asks what did I do. She says you have… you know what you did. He says I don’t remember, do it and show. She asks how can I do such cheap 2rs thing. He asks am I cheap. She says yes, your doing was bad, I was winning, I would have won if you did not do this. He says you agreed that you have failed. She says you say it, you got afraid of my power. He says I got afraid and pulls her close. He says you have much power, now free your hand and show, let’s see how much power you have. Music plays…… They have an eyelock.

Its morning, Shivaye says why am I so confused, I m thinking what’s the need to do all this, Anika will be Anika, her background does not matter, but my mind says its important to know her background. He keeps food for Sahil. Sahil asks is this for me. Shivaye says yes. Sahil says ask what you want. Shivaye says who told you I want to ask something. Sahil says this is bribe. Shivaye says you know I love cooking, have it, try it, come on, tell me one thing. Sahil says you came to same point. Shivaye says I m trying to start conversation, I m not asking anything. Sahil says I m Sahil Chaturvedi, you know the meaning of Chatur/clever. Shivaye says okay, I had to ask about Anika, none knows Anika better than you. Sahil says go on. Shivaye says you were young when Anika was brought home. Sahil says yes, I was so young that I did not know when did they bring her from orphanage. Shivaye asks which orphanage. Sahil says don’t know name, but Bua used to taunt Anika that dad got her from orphanage, he used to go Borivali to get soaps from factory. Shivaye says it means orphanage is between Borivali and Andheri.

Shivaye asks Anika to come, I made breakfast for you. She asks for me. He says you are reacting as if I did not make it before, come. She asks what’s this. He says green tea, I feel bad when you insult my espresso. She says I won’t drink this boiled water. He says you are impossible, how about this sandwich. She removes the corners to eat it. He says you are murdering the sandwich. She says I will eat the corners if you are feeling bad. She dips the bread in tea and eats. He says don’t do this. She asks did you not eat bread this way, so you don’t know the taste, try it. He says no. She says I drink bitter coffee for you, you can’t try this for me. He says let me prepare myself. He reacts. She says its not so bad. She laughs. He asks how do you do all this. She says I feel, we match in some things and we are completely opposite in few things. She gets a call and turns to talk. He also gets a call. She says 11am, fine I will reach. He says could you find all details about that orphanage, okay bye. They end call. He asks what were we talking. She says about food. He asks her to eat. They turn the either ways and think.

He makes call and asks did you get address, great, send me. Sahil asks did you get address. Shivaye says yes. Sahil asks are you going to that orphanage to find about Anika. Shivaye says its imp for me and Anika, nothing will change between us, I promise you, don’t tell this to Anika, I will tell her my way, okay good boy. He goes. Pinky hears them. She says I knew Shivaye will do anything to know about Anika, I will follow him and know Anika’s background. Shivaye is on the way. Anika is also on the way.

Anika reaches city hospital. She thinks what to do, shall I do this or not, its fine if I don’t know it, but I don’t know what will I do after knowing it. Shivaye gets down the car and sees orphanage. He thinks after knowing Anika’s past, our lives will change forever, I can ignore now, but I can’t ignore after knowing it, what shall I do, I have to know Anika’s truth. Anika thinks everyone has right to know truth, even Shivaye, I m with him, I will see whatever happens.

The lady says sorry, we can’t give info about anyone. Shivaye says I did not come to do random enquiry, I m asking about my wife, I have complete rights to know about her. Anika says I have to meet Dr. Goyal. The lady says he is busy right now, please wait. Shivaye gets the info and says I have to do it, else I won’t get it. He checks the papers. Pinky looks on from outside.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Rajjo

    what an episode frnds…. just awesome…. mindblowing… there was emotion, hesitation, love, care, embarrasement, romance, fun, style, cuteness, eagerness, confusion, intelligence, negativity, jealousy, n so on…

    today sso himself accepted that thinking can’t be gone easily… it will take time… waqt mil sakta hai… the way anika stood up n before that surbhi’s expressions were brilliant… that portion was a bundle of certain emotions… lovely… even shivaay’s expessions were also good… hats off to narbhi…

    i promise you anika, tumahre chehre pe ye jo sukoon h na use mai kabhi jaane nhi doonga… wow shivaay is so much caring towards anika… om was right tha day that like his brothers now shivaay equally cares for anika too…(astha you can dance now). lol… emotional moment changed to funny one with anika’s kick n that to 2 times(shivaay felt he was dreaming… hahaha)… whole portion was jhakkassss…. shivaay so cute when he showed flying kiss to anika… that time i just love nakul… n anika’s hesition after that… i just love surbhi….
    @anu today shivaka proceeded dear… their hold was other than hug… more than a hug actually…so much passionate…. anika was unable to get off…

    now comes an intelligent sahil who knows meaning of bribery… lol… shivaay vo bachcha tumse jyada intelligent h… sahil: aa gye na pta ki baat pe( lol…), kitchen scene was mindblowing(am i using the same words in a repeated way)… anika’s reaction towards the tea n sandwich… today anika blackmailed shivaay like a wife… me apke liye vo kaali cofee pee sakti hu aap mere liye ye sandwich nhi kha sakte…
    n then phone rings of both… both gets intense…. pinky i knew that anyone on OF knows or not she will definitely know what shivaay wants to do… cv’s ko koi villian nhi mila to ghar k insaan ko hi villian bana do… idea bhot ghatiya h… rang me bhang daalne k liye koi to hona chaiye… by the way anika is also finding about shivaay’s birth pinky jee when u will get to that na pairon tale zameen khisan jani h haan…

    confused faces of shivaay n anika made me sad… as i don’t want to happen anything bad… just sweep out this pinky man…. n in precap shivaay wants and n doesn’t wants too…

    1. Riddhima

      Go rajjo go ….
      Thangabali kita varadhe Nan unmai choora udhaiben DA ….from Chennai express …. ???

    2. Rajjo

      thank you so much riddhi…

    3. Amayaa

      Hattrick pura kar hi liya na
      Go Rajjo di GO ??

    4. Rajjo

      yess amu…. aaj mene hattrick maar hi di…

    5. Rajjo

      bdw thank you sooooooooooo much…

    6. once again go rajjo gooo wow continuously u r on the top do same in the exams also good ni8

    7. Rajjo

      thank you so much shab… i will do my best…

    8. Yaar…aaj to fir Go Rajjo di go ho gaya….OMG……first student of milkha singh ne to hat trick maar di re

    9. Rajjo

      Thank you so much vivikhta… milkha singh bhot khush honge aaj…

    10. Whoa Rajjo!! U hit a hatrick!!?! go Rajjo Goooo!! ????
      And abt episode! Am still not out of awe Rajjo! Ya nah.. when she made him eat bread she was just doing the Wife role na… mujhe bhi laga..!
      And Sahil again.. yeah he is way smarter than sso!!

      Yeah Rajjo.. shivika progressed a lot today!! Today’s progress n their passion quite took me by surprise.. I was expecting some shivika moment in panje scene, but not sooo much!

    11. Swetha Kannan

      Will they get separated

    12. Rajjo

      thank you so much dear anu… today felt real romance between then… which is good…

    13. Nivedita

      Congratulations darling! You made the hat-trick win! ?

      Yeah, I hope Pinky doesn’t get hold of any info about Annika that she can misuse..

      And totally agree it was a mind blowing episode-.

    14. Rajjo

      thank you so much nivi… i will kick that pinky…

    15. Nice epi…

    16. Rajjo

      yessss meem it was awesome episode……..

    17. Go Rajjo di go! Again! Mere mobile pe episode vhi itni jaldi upload nahi hoti jitni jaldi aap comment karte hai. By the way best of luck for your exams. Our Stone Singh Oberoi has become Naughty Singh Oberoi(;-)) . Sorry Asthadi If I had hurted you.

    18. Aastha_Reddy

      Anita… yehi toh problem hai aap sab ki(SSO style).. mere bhaiyya hai .. kaha tha na ki mere Shivaay bhaiyya Bahubaali hai with a never deceiving katappa( Khannajj)…
      Pyaar na share karne se badhta hai every one can love my bro…
      Be with my Brother as his bad days are coming perhaps..

    19. Rajjo

      Thank you so much anita… tum bhi milkha singh k pass chali jao… unke aashirwaad se sab theek ho jayega…

    20. Aastha_Reddy

      GRG… my three magical alphabet for you..

    21. Rajjo

      Thank you so much astha… waiting for your comment …

    22. ManyaPV5

      Go Rajjo go. Milkha Singh must be singing and dancing with joy or maybe he is iout for a race ?. Congrats once again.

    23. Rajjo

      thank you so much… m so happy…

    24. Dear..!!
      Go Rajjo Go for commenting first n for hattrick.!! ????
      It’s ok if words are repeated. We ve almost used all the good adjectives on Shivika, now we are running out of words. They are making us speechless literally..!!

    25. Rajjo

      thank you so much LAX… yes shivika is so hot that we have used each n every desired adjectives…

    26. Mouni

      go rajjo gooooooo
      l loved your comment dear and true that sso is caring for anika the same way he cares about his bros
      sahil is a cute intelligente kid , its so sweet to see his scenes with sso
      ohhhh plz l don’t like to see pinky in tomorrow ep ughhhh she will ruin it

    27. Rajjo

      thank you mouni…. today full mouni mode was there.. ahem ahem… can’t say more…..

    28. Nilash

      Yyyyyyeeeeee our RAJJO did hattrick….. yyyyyyeeeeee congratulations dear…….. Go RAJJO GO…. no run RAJJO run…. run fast like a cheetah…

    29. Rajjo

      thank you so much nilash… i am running… i will obey your orders…

    30. Go rajjo go.
      Absolutely right.
      Shivuka were like fire today.
      Someone bring fire brigade, there chemistry is smoking hot.

    31. Rajjo

      thank you so much sara… if it continued one day our screen will get fire… lolzzz

    32. OMM…..Rajjo you did it… did it baby…..??????????????
      Jaha Pana tussi great ho…..Tohfa Qubool karo……?????? Ye lijiye tohfa….????….ab iss hat se bahot saare tricks karna…..?????

      No more GRG…..ab bas karo aur baakki logon ko bhi mouka dedho…..samjhe??
      Just kidding dear…..I understand….epi dekhne ke baad jo adrenaline rush ho raha hai……yeh sab usski vajah se ho raha hai…..hamare control mein nahi hai…..????

    33. Ur tofa Liji! Lol?? PKJ cannot have a better treasurer!

    34. Rajjo

      thank you so much liji… thanks for the tohfa too… i will do tricks with that for sure… even i am thinking to give chance to others too… n yes episode dekhne k baad control ni honda….

    35. Nivedita

      Lol! Cute present for our triple topper Rajjo! ??

    36. Go rajjo Go….. Congo ….. u have completed hatrick…….. Batted safely…… keep going like this…..
      I think u had already made it mind that u will complete hatrick…….. right????

    37. Rajjo

      thank you so much mahi… after first day there was nothing in mind but after second day i thought to complete hattrick…

    38. Go rajjo go…….hatrick …….fantastic epi jyst mindblowing shivika…..tht flying kiss….????so cute ..luv u shivaye and yes shivika went anither step more in their romance ……..agree rajjo remove this pinky pleaseeeeeeee…….

    39. Rajjo

      thank you so much pusgpa… shivika was on fire… call some fire bridage plz…

    40. Ranilya

      Congrats dear…
      Shivika were mind blowing today…

      Rajjo everyday is better than the previous…but the prb is we don’t have enough words to express…so we r left with no option but to use n reuse the same words..
      But rajjo we all experiance that exhilarating feeling…and share it through TU and relive it in multiples

    41. Ranilya

      As for the kiss…i loved it…poor Anika was was cought unaware…shivay kithna maza me raha tha….
      Dekho meri dp…aur sab maza lo…

    42. Rajjo

      thank you so much ranu( i am sure i can call you that)… yes lack of words is not because of me but because of this shivika who is growing day by day… theyare going hotter n hotter how can i derive new words… i should download oxford now… think so…

    43. Archiya

      finally the hattrick.. congo.. an tat too for such a epsiode

    44. Rajjo

      thank you so much archiya….

  2. Anagha

    Hope..anika has a very kidkithod background!!!!!!

    1. Rajjo

      yes anagha… i also want the same so that shivaay will confess with full courage n proud(without any doubt n hesitation)… n we don’t have to tape pinky then manually… she will be taped automatically….

    2. Anagha

      Yessss rajjo…and now the show is going to concentrate on anika’s painful childhood…and our hero shivaay will make her present and future wonderful…

  3. Am I dead?? No can’t be.. if so I wouldn’t be able to type this comment right.. haan am alive..! Can some one chk my pulse seriously!
    What’s going on!! I was on complete mouni mode today!! Archu/mouni!! The episode looked like a dedication to your club!!
    Archu! How r u even going to chose ur DP!!!

    The opening scene.. looks like as much as we were enjoying their position, sso was also enjoying it!! he was beyond “consoling” her..shud I say enjoying her? ??the moment annika got up, he reacted as if like some favourite toy has been snatched from a 3yr old!!
    I just don’t know how to react to this SSO yaar.. daantu ya taarif karun…he has just totally fallen for annika.. there is no doubt abt it.. but he does hurt her too.. like he said, he might unknowingly do it.. but still she does end up getting hurt!
    Annika amazes sso!! Whatever is the result of this entire NKK drama.. he is just going to get deeper into her.. we can see that..! But I hope he ends this without causing her further pain..!

    Mujhe tho laga hi tha.. jab maine Ye panje wala spoiler dekha, mujhe laga hi tha ki ye sirf panje me rokega nahi.. and nahi roka?? if sso just played a recap of what happened the previous night, he himself wudn believe probably that he is capable of being this naughty!!?? when sso challenged her – thaakath hain na, chuda ke dikhao..!! I was like uh oh… phans gayi annika!!☺️ His just knows how to ? her!!
    The scene was just a total blush overload moment!! ??
    After happy holi, their foreheads got together, today forehead and nose… so next?? ??

    Again black and darkness is definitely a shivika color as much as white and sunlight is! The background doesn’t matter, color doesn’t matter.. all that matters is them! And Narbhi takes this “them” to an all together different level!! I haven’t been carried over and got dreamy eyed abt any other couple even in Bollywood/Hollywood!

    Jho bhi hain!! Annika ne sso ko dho baar laat Mara! Just this fact makes me so happy!! ??aap football hain? Scooter hai? Ya road me pada hua kuch tin hain? ?priyanka Chopra ke figure me dhara Singh ki dhum! ? aren’t u a cutie pie anika! Even during the first scene when she felt awkward abt their position.. she was so…?? embarrassed hogi meri ye Chappal ?? and the way she cut the corners of the bread!!?
    Who wudn fall for you! Looks like I have become an ardent annikaholic today!!
    Can’t detest the fact that Surbhi/Ani is worth all the fanatism!!

    Precap – Real story begins ???? I’ll jus wait to see how it unfolds.. don’t want to feed forward on guesses!

    1. dont worry i will check ur pulse haan sahi tho hai phir ya hoga ya blush karke thak gaye hoo kyaa

    2. Thanks shab for volunteering to check my pulse ?
      Blush karke tired? Kabhi bhi nahi.. blush will never make any of us here tired! Am sure ☺️☺️

    3. Amayaa

      Anu di
      What a come back ha ?? Congrats u too

    4. Thanks Amu dear!?

    5. Anu di….chinta mat karo…….
      U r alive……Aur marne maraane ki baati bhi na karo……
      Seriously…The breakfast part was aawwwwesome…..
      And u know am a feminist….so just like I was in seventh heaven when ani darling kicked sso. She shud have hit him on his head…U know like how we kick stopped and rusted scooters to get them on track…same way…sso ka di mag bhi on track pe aa jata …….wo jo NKK ke station pe atak gaya hai na, wah a se ek ‘right’ turn let a. ….

    6. Ha ha lol vivi..! Just like how u kick a rusted scooter to get them on track! Haan.. yaar! Sahi kaha! ?

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu… dekho aur tareef karo Cvs ka nahi mere bhaiyya ka.
      I am afraid for him now.. I want the destruction of NKK fort forever but Want the same Tadibaaz Shivaay Singh Oberoi with his #Oberoi tag always.. I am afraid to see a broken SSO with vulnerable face..
      Pinky was standing behind Bhaiyya in precap right!!!
      Dekh Pinky dekh tera heera beta kis khet ki mula( male of mooli) hai…

    8. Whatever is waiting for ur bhaiya, ur bhabhi is with her..
      and whatever is waiting for ur bhabhi, I got a confidence that ur bhaiya is with her.. sometimes he just stumbles to handle some surprises that hurts her.. ur bhaiya was worth taarif! Enjoy! No bashing him today!

    9. Nivedita

      Anu while you became an Annikaholic today, I think I have become a Shivaayholic..just can’t seem to stop heaping praises on his every move today from concerned to understanding to naughty to caring..??

    10. Concerned to understanding to naughty to caring.. yes nivi.. and in the cornered/understanding there were also element beyond concern! Shivaay was good today.. but u see to me anika always takes precedence! ?

    11. I know right! Nowadays even I cant decide whom I love more…my heart is torn in between Shivaay and Anika!!! Who would have ever thought Shivaay would become this naughty??? Even he wouldnt believe it himself even if he played his scenes back!!!
      and what can I say about their hugs?? OMG! They are always so passionate and completely conveys their love and trust for each other! They look so secure being in each others arms!!
      I have never seen such hugs in any other serial before

    12. Nivedita

      True Kritika their hugs are the best! Brings such a warm, fuzzy and heartwarming feeling seeing the two express their love and trust without any those hugs..?

    13. exactly di!

    14. Rajjo

      jaago anu jaago… yes abhi to story shuru hui h…
      today episode was khidkitod…. n narbhi just banged it…

    15. Haan Rajjo! They gave us total blush today.. so looks like some mystery is awaiting us!

    16. Mouni

      lol anu , true that the mouni mode was high today lol , our club is happy , as you said sso was enjoying her and am sure he will go far each time lol
      the ep was a bliss for us ishquis , totally enjoyed it with lots of blush blush

    17. Yeah Mouni!! Full on blush! Looks like blush is gonna be the most used word in today’s page!

    18. Anu
      SSO definitely was enjoying the initial moments. ??? We need more of this right?? Next time may be only romantic n not emotional.??
      Forehead, Nose, ooooooo… waiting for next…!! (Oh no…!! There is bacha party in the page now, bacho is comment pe dhyan math do) ??
      Also I forgot to mention in my comments, script writer did a fab job today..!!

      @Vivi- Feminist at the age of 13.. really?? matlab aaj kal ke bache na, bache nahi rahe.!! ???

      @Astha- Mula..!! Lol..!! ?? Chalo mule nahi bola na, good. Kaise bolthe Mule, SSO ki behen jo hain.

    19. Lax! Haan yaar.. next time no emotions/consolations..

      Oops forgot abt the kiddos here..
      and on mentioning kiddos!

      Are u kidding me?? @viviktha! U r 13??? What? U r like less than half my age!! And u talk abt being a feminist? And ur comments/analysis also seems way mature yaar!

      Aaj kal ke bachon my God!
      Lax… how were we when we were 13!! I dunno if I wud have even watched a show like IB! I was still watching Scoobydoo popoye aur powderpuff gals yaar!!
      Am just ???ed

    20. Vivikhta

      Are YaarLax di…….
      There r people younger than me dear……..when Iregistered …iImet people who were like just…..12 and all that….iInfact many of my friends too love IB….my relatives used to watch it earlier……but Ididn’t pay any interest because iIthought that it will b some stupid saas bahu drama where people cry so much that half of the wprld’s water problem gets solved…but when my friends told me about it…i was like..there is something different…and it is!
      Btw, don’t u think that indian soaps drag too much (not IB, in general), just for the sake of shelf life……in fact u know when they air YRKKH (no offense to its fans) promo, u know they say,
      Dekhte rahi ye YRKKH 9:30 baje Monday se Friday tak, sirf tar plus par. ..
      At this moment. .I do a running commentary saying…
      Dekhte rahi ye YRKKH 9:30 baje Monday se till the sun expands and swallow the Earth…..Could there b any more seasons?!

    21. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha gud 1 about baccha party sensor! ? Baccha party aaj Ka episode dekhke kya hogs unka!? ?

    22. Nilash

      Yaaaa Anu my Anika didi is really a cutiepie…. loved those lines…. once Shivay insulted Anika didi for scooter but today Shivay jiju became scooter of Anika didi????????

    23. Ur didi was indeed cute nilash! Haan yaar! Ur jiju became ur didis scooter ???

    24. U are alive di.
      The comment was full of livliness.
      Shivika was super cute today. ShivAy is totally whipped by anika.

    25. Thanks Sara ?
      LOL whipped by annika.. unintentionally she did drive him crazy today!!

    26. Gd morning anu….no u r still alive to witness more shivika romance yaar…hw culd u b dead now!!! I thnk both our heartbeat&pulse speed is uncontrolable…thts the correct word…agree NKK getting both shivika closer….anikavis so funny+shivaye cute….???????

    27. Lol.. yeah.. I wanna live longer to witness more shivika too! Our heartbeat pulse was sure uncontrollable!
      Correct NKK is bringing them closer.. all villains in IB play Cupid!

    28. Ranilya

      Hey Anu….
      Pulse chal nahi raha hain…daud raha hain… atleast mera tho milka Singh ki thara daud raha tha…

      The arm wrestling part was awesome…
      Shivay is so naughty….he very well knows Anika’s weakness…its only here that he can overpower her…so “Ram baan” chod diya…kiss….
      Poor Anika….
      And that hug…OMG! I thought he’l kiss her today….
      Anika was mesmerized.
      Ab bhi haath aur mathe or hi atke hue hain…

      But still today it was more passionate…

      Shivay just can’t control his hormones!!

    29. Hey ranu! Yeah man.. pulse tho dhoud raha tha!!
      Shivay just can’t control ??

    30. Kiki

      Hi Anu…today forehead and nose .. so next? Naughty Anu…. But actually I also thinking about it ?
      You are absolutely correct. Shivaay reacted like a small kid. I think little disappointed too.

    31. What to do Kiki.. couldn’t control my thoughts ??shivay loses control coz of anika.. we lose control coz of shivika!!

    32. Archiya

      Anu dear
      today i dont know what to say.. ur comment is just too good.. loved it even i have been so much in love wit any couple till now.. m ust crzy abt them, they create magic.. i should an must give some credit to GK here.. she brings the best out of them
      Shivay does not want to hurt even a little bit, so much more contrast to tat shivay who wanted to see anika defeated

    33. Thanks archu! ?
      Yeah Man U r right.. we have to give Gul some credit in here.. it’s mutual I see.. Gul is lucky to have Narbhi and vice versa too!

    34. Cheequ

      Anu, I am more on cloud 9 than dead! 🙂 My heart just can’t stop saying Shivaay Shivaay Shivaay. (<3) Uff this SSO's romance is just gonna kill me with his sweetness diabetic attack! And I am all starry eyed over our SSO. If there's an actual guy with this naught, flirty and tender nature, bhagwan uss bande ko prakat karna mere saamne.. 😉

      And Annika was looking like such a cutie pie in the first few scenes with her crying makeup. I never found anyone cuter before. I can understand why you are an Annikaholic!
      I couldn't decide between the two today, who captured my heart more. Maybe it was Shivaay with a few brownie points for his Sahil conversations too.. And I wouldn't mind a good helping of his chocolate brownie milk shake…

      DilBoleActingBaaz- for Nakuul & Surbhi.. DilboleShivikabaaz!

  4. Mouni

    Wow wow , what an ep , the mouni mode was on high level today , every scene was so bliss to watch except unwatchable pinky

    I loved how Anika suddenly got embarraced seeing sso hugging her this intimately , aww that was a mini blush moment , sso not just consoling but exploring too , go sso goo
    The bed scene was just so perfect , the way he is looking at her while she is sleeping is too cute but then anika turned the situation with her cong fu kicks lol , seeing sso falling twice was hilarious , but l didn’t think sso became such a player , flirty singh oberoi is on fire , that blowing a kiss moment was awww and seeing anika confused and embarrassed was cute , but then came the major blush scene , that almost kiss moment burned the screen , you can see the attraction and the fire of desire in their eyes , aww sso is impatient now , when are they gonna make the blushing club wish come true ?? you know ahm ahm ….

    Totally loved the breakfast scene , first with sahil and how he bribed him with chocolate , and then with anika , it was so cute to see them having breakfast as a couple alone , ahh if only all their meals were like that without pinky the unwatchable stalker

    Precap ; tomorrow am not sure if they will learn anything or not , but sso did hold the file , hopefully it was anika’s file not someone else , but l noticed behind sso there was a woman standing , does she know something or l am just paranoid lol , l hope tomorrow atleast one of them will get a solid proof of the other’s past

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mouni.. your dp is looking more pink to my eyes…

    2. Mouni

      lol really ??

    3. Amayaa

      See Mouni di
      I told u before only na ………..for be ready for a lots of blush moment
      It came so early ??

    4. Mouni

      true amayaa , the blush came early but it was so good

    5. Pinky.. the unwatchable stalker! Wow what a title! She deserves that undoubtedly! Probably an even meaner title?Hmmmpphh!

      And sso was sooo impatient right mouni!! To much of blush today yaar!! They were totally on fire.. and shivay just keeps taking shivika to next levels yaar! Passion, desire.. fire.. what not!

    6. Vivikhta

      I know she is the unwatchable, intolerable and psychotic stalker. …And Anu di…Yaar am not the only younger one Yaar. …in fact Iguess Surbhi dear is just one year older than me, isn’t it?

    7. Mouni

      aww anu l hope we will get more blush in the future lool

    8. Mouni di…
      pesh hai ek shayari….
      Aaj to (wah, wah)
      Aaj to (wahwah)
      Aaj to mera bhi Mouni mode…
      Almost ho gaya explode…
      OK. ..can see u aiming your chameli straight for my face…but before your pink cheeks turn angry red…lemme tell u, was trying out Rudy style shayaris…..omkara style is mahi di ki copyrights. ..
      U know , exploring new possibilities…just like my sso…
      And about the p recap, well the way we notice things down to the minutest detail r not even thought for bu our CVs. ..Almost always they r purely unintentional…so chill and don’t get your BP high but u r a doctor…so koi nahi..
      ps Give me meds for diabetes and unstoppable blush and smile syndrome pls….

    9. Ranilya

      Wah wah!!
      Hum bhi ho rahe hain explode..

    10. Mouni

      thanks for the shayaris dear , am still learning hindi lol
      exploring like sso is unique so go vivi gooooo
      for your symptomes you need water next to you when watching shivika’s romance bcz the fever is high

    11. Nivedita

      Idk in that first few mins if SSO was exploring. I felt it was a continuation of his consoling her. But Annika suddenly became super aware of her closeness to Shivaay since they have never been this close for so long..

    12. Mouni

      true that anika is the one who was aware of their position , its the first time they were this close

    13. Nivedita

      Yeah Pinky certainly was the unwatchable dhabba of today’s Epi and also of tomorrow’s one I guess.. but I was glad, she was not seen spying during all the Shivika moments..

    14. Mouni

      lol true she didn’t spy on every moment and am glad she followed sso not anika

    15. Rajjo

      ohhhooo… today was only mouni mode haan… so whatt the blushing club wants exactly… hmmm

    16. Mouni

      aww rajjo the blushing club wants ….. blush blush

    17. Nilash

      Mouni mode Mouni mode Mouni mode….. aaawwww…. Shivika sizzled on fire today…. yyyeeee

    18. Mouni

      yaaay go mouni mode gooooooo

    19. Mouni..!!
      Exploring her..!! Oh my god..!! ???
      Annikas kung fu..!! Lol..!! ????
      We know ahem ahem..!! Today for painting u can use the red colours on your cheek..!! ??
      And of course without doubt Am Joining the blush club for the day..!!

      @Vivi- I loved your shayari, not sure if Mouni got it.

    20. Mouni
      That woman lurking behind SSO is Pinky..!!

    21. Vivikhta

      Thanks Lachu (CanIcall u Lachu?) Di….
      Doesn’t Mouni di know Hindi…..i mean u siad she didn’t ger my shayari right?
      I thought that almost everyone here must b knowing hindi because they r able to understand IB…

    22. Mouni

      glad you liked my “exploring” comment lol
      believe me watching such moments can give you natural red cheeks
      welcome to our club dear we love blushing ppl

    23. Mouni…,,.tell me mae khia kharuu ?????? Yesterday epi left me breathlessssssss……sso hug super owsmmm as alwys…yeah tht majir scn came& cvs hd to cut ut off just like tht….not so fair yaarrrr….left our blushing club trembling…..thts pinky right stding behind shivaye…..
      Waiting 4 todays epi…….im stilllll smiling awayyyyy…
      Its LOVEVAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……..join me too pls…..

    24. Mouni

      pushpa dear , shivika can make our feelings high lol me too l still smiling remembering it , waiting for today’s ep

    25. Ranilya

      Hey mouni…
      Mein abhi take mouni mode pe hi hoon..

      sso not just consoling but exploring too
      Lol….mouni… naughty…
      But when he asked Anika if anything embarrassing happened..i was like ‘ of course!!’ You hold her like that n pass you hand over her.. ( maana ke console Kat rahe the)… shy aur embarrassed feel karegi hee .. ..

      The almost kiss… I thought today he’l Surely kiss…the passion n desire in both of them was evident…

      But until the roots e dug out we the blush club member have to wait…sigh?

      The lady behind was Pinky!
      Even if Shivay ignores the files in hand I’m sure Pinky will play her villain part well…

    26. Mouni

      ranilya dear , even sso must’ve sensed that the moment was embarrassing , as for the kiss we will have to wait l guess , but not for long hopefully
      yes its pinky , just hope she will not do something to ruin his research

    27. Kiki

      SSO not just consoling but exploring too…. Awwwwwwww Mouni. I agree that yesterday was highoping level Mouni mode. Waiting for the highest mode….

    28. Mouni

      hi kiki , hope the highest mode to come soon

    29. Archiya

      i will already start blushing before i start reading ur comment, an by the time i finish reading your comment i m more red than before.. blusshhh..
      Even i have this question.. when are they gonna make the blushing club wish come true ?? you know ahm ahm …. i will surely die go to heaven an come back lolzzzz

    30. Mouni

      my blushing partner , am happy l added to your blush
      loool , l hope it will be soon , sso became impatient wink wink

    31. hello mouni di i’m new here
      i love ur short and sweet perfect analysis
      i guess ur a very practical person and perfect in ur work(after all ur a doctor)???

    32. Mouni

      hello maggi dear , welcome to our ishquis club
      thanks , am glad you like my comments , lol am not very practical but l try

    33. Cheequ

      Mouni seriously the blushmode was on throughout the episode. Flirty Singh Oberoi– lol- he was teasing Annika too much yesterday- no wonder Pannika- was all Pani Pani with sharm.. ;);)

      And the woman behind Shivaay near the door, I thought that was Pinky spying on Shivaay.
      I hope she doesn;t spoil any evidence for Shivaay.

    34. Mouni

      hi cheequ , hope the mouni mode will stay longer
      yes its pinky

  5. Nivedita

    Wow! Super Shivikalicious episode today! ???? (To quote our Shabz).. And droolicious Shivika ???????
    Shivaay just keeps winning brownie points as the sweetest hubby today too. ????
    His consoling A+
    His understanding Annika A++
    His bedroom nok jhok and romance A+
    His breakfast time with wifey- A++

    That first few mins of holding Annika and those kisses were so adorable and heart wrenchingly beautiful ??.. Annika why did you get so conscious woman!? ?? I am sure all SSO fans would kill to be in your place.. but Annika’s Sharmana and how she says mujhe aspse Jo kehna that woh Maine keg diya..? SSO’s stopping her was so perfect..
    That’s why I love this couple whatever the feeling between them, it’s portrayed beautifully- be it gussa, be it tadi, be it Tashan, be it romance, or teasing of each other..or just talking and communicating their inner thought processes– they are always, open, honest and non- judgemental about each others opinions and feelings.. they are really raising the bar for couple goals!
    When he asks her for time, that was so sweet.. if in real life people were this honest..
    And his accepting Annika as only Annika and that she doesn’t need to change! Go SSO version 2, you are exactly what Annika needs in her life..
    And their brief hug was blissful! Wish it had continued for a few more seconds..
    Then from aww-inspiring? moments they shifted to comedy.. love the dialogue writers today- they definitely have a gift for comedy and romance..And comedy with romance!??
    Killer dialogues for me-
    Shivaay on being asked why he is on the floor-
    ” modelling Kar raha hoon!” ??? He did look damn good on that floor!?
    I wish Annika had said please continue you are doing gr8!?
    Annika comparing Shivaay to football, scooter, tin Ka dabba?? and about the kicks “ek ke saath ek muft”??
    “Priyanka Chopra ki figure mein Dara Singh’s power!”
    Their masti wala ‘haath panja’ was too good! And SSO flustering Annika with his kiss face ultimate..? and Shivaay teasing her was too good.. Annika oh Annika– again you missed a chance for romancing your billu ji because of your inhibitions…gosh I wish the next few mins of blush club scenes?? had ended with an actual kiss.. ??

    Chatur Charurvedi ii is such a perfect match for our SSO! ??Cutie Sahil ji Lagta hai bade hoke aap Shivika detective agency join Kar sakte ho..? tab tak Annika might start her detecting business..?
    Sahil’s dialogues are so fitting and the lil kiddo does such an amazing job emoting his scenes! ??

    Shivika in the kitchen were so perfect! ??
    Loved both their expressions..when Shivaay called her for breakfast..???
    Green tea- boiled water lol! ?
    ‘Nahin hoga nahin hoga ok’ by Shivaay was too adorable! ????
    Just before the phone calls, both their smiles were so natural, as if they are actually having a fun time with each other..
    Both of them hiding their phone call motivation, again so similar they were in their detective giri..
    Uff idk CVs aise meherbaan Kaise gain this week with so much amazing Shivika moments! But thanks CVs, ??especially dialogue writers, and of course the director and acting of Nakuul and Surbhi just Rocks! ????
    Detective Sahil was back again for a few mins..? and so sweet that SSO treats Sahil as an equal always with his conversations..??
    Glad Pinky wasn’t there between Shivika until almost the end of the episode…

    Mystery will b solved tomorrow or next week..

    1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo swettttttt to quote meee yes it was shivikalicious and i couldnt watch this awsome epi

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Not fair Nivedita… bedroom romance ko A till infinity dena hoga. Its my order..
      ha ha ha…

    3. Nivedita

      Astha– bedroom romance ko infinity ka darzs tab milega jab our blush expectations will b fulfilled.. maybe A+++ is better for today’s romance..

    4. Ashta dear i gv AAA+++++++ distinction yaar..of course .for our shivaye……

    5. Amayaa

      Ur analysis A+++++

    6. What if annika said please continue.. u r doing gr8.. lol that’s wud have been so annika! ?
      Droolicious! Tell me abt it!! Couldn’t handle so much yaar!
      And the breakfast scene.. Shivaay is so obsessed abt culinary grammar! He just couldn’t handle annika dipping the bread in tea?? as annika said ek dum uthar dakshin!

    7. Nivedita

      Yeah exactly, their contrasts in eating habits was so endearing. I kind of identified with both there, because I am a bit like both of them..sometimes I am too casual deconstructing food like Annika and sometimes too picky with what flavours to mix like Shivaay..they were the perfect cute adorable couple today in all their scenes! ?

    8. Tht would hv killed all of us alive……????

    9. Ranilya

      Anu…jab Anika Uttar dakshin kaha, I remembered by hubby… we always tell each other this…lol

    10. Nivedita

      Yeah Ranilya, I totally agree SSO was the sweetest at breakfast. And the comaraderie the two shared after the awful bread dipped in green tea, was super..???
      Their acknowledgement of their differences was really such a warm fuzzy couples thing..?
      How fun that your hubby also says the uttar dakshin dialogue.. ?? is it because you are from north south India or because you both have diverse tastes like our Shivika?

    11. Lol! Ranu.. u n ur hubby are also uthar dakhsin! That’s cute!! ?☺️

    12. Rajjo

      bang on analysis nivi… mind blowing…. each line is just perfectly written…

    13. Nivedita

      Thanks Rajjo! ?

    14. Nilash

      Your gradings are awesome dear…..
      Waiting for the mystery…. hoping it to be a good one but not a heartbreaking one..

    15. Nivedita

      I hope so too, that it won’t be heartbreaking.. though I wonder if Shivaay will find about Annika’s past so soon?
      Early spoilers when DBO was starting, said that Gauri and Annika are sisters and that Gauri will help Annika find about her past. So if Shivaay finds it, then Gauri Annika story nahin explore hoga??

    16. Sweet comment dear.
      It indeed was a treat for shivikaholics.
      I love them both a lot

    17. Nivi
      The episode also needed an A++.
      Hats off to the dialogue writers..!! Not just comedy n romance they do a good job when it comes to emotional scenes too.

    18. Hi nivi….yes epi was super super super …shivaye scored AAA++++++..???
      LOVEBAAZZZZZZZZZŹZZZ……. shivaye ws romantic s*xy the way he looked at her while hdwrestly….?????oh god……billuji biilluji billuji tht was cute tha ……yeah glad no pinky…

    19. Ranilya

      Arre nivi bed room nok jhok ko sirf A+??
      Mein tho A++ dedethi…
      Poor Shivay is changing himself so much for her…
      Kali coffee ke bareme bura nahi sun saktha isliye green tea banaya par Anika ne iski bhi band Baja di .. . Pir bhi Shivay ko gussa nahi aaya…he loves her so much

    20. Nivedita

      Yeah bedroom and breakfast were superlative.?
      And Shivaay was patience personified at breakfast.. so sweet that they accepted each other’s differences with such ease and grace..

    21. Archiya

      bedroom romace gets only A+.. i will literally break the + tab on my laptop.. it was tat hot

      ” modelling Kar raha hoon!” ??? …. he sure looked damn s*xy on that floor

      gosh I wish the next few mins of blush club scenes?? had ended with an actual kiss… how i wished tat

      i always love ur heart emojis dear

    22. Nivedita

      Archiya and Vivikhta– masf Kar do mujhe.. ?? ma’am pakad ke mafi..? I was too shy with my rating.. bedroom romance and breakfast romance both were too good!
      Such mein padhai ke grades Ka Asar hai main A++ see upar nahin gayi! ?

      I can’t still decide after multiple re-watches what was the best Shivika scene yesterday.. right now all the scenes are toppers.⭐⭐

    23. Nivedita

      *maaf Kar do mujhe ? kaan Pakad ke maafi maang rahi hoon..

    24. Archiya

      Nivi dear
      i was kidding.. kaan pakdne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai.. but u must surely b looking cute holding ur ears 🙂

    25. Vivikhta

      Nive dear……like amu said…your analysis is A++++++++++++++++×A+++++++
      But Yaar. ..don’t b like a strict science teacher….who gives marks so sparingly….cut them some slack Yaar. ..Matlab breakfast time with wife keval A+?
      Waise bhi CVs ne it ni kripa kar di. …shukra mana. ….

    26. Nilash

      CVs ko hi pata hai ki gauri Anika ka kya hoga I just hope ki IB and DBO ko jaldi merge karen…. waiting for nice logical twists…

  6. And thanks amena! For such an early update!!

    1. yes today it was updated by 10:25 itself gr8

  7. sooooooooo sad i couldnt watch the hillorious shivikalicious epi

    1. Riddhima

      Shab thangachi … Nega pakalaiya ??? … Paavam pannitiye ma paavam pannitiyeee…. ???

    2. yess naan pavam paniitean hehe i was missing u akka

    3. Riddhima

      Haha ???. .. Nanum than thangachi …

    4. Amayaa

      Shab I m also in ur group
      Repeat telecast nd if not then HOTSTAR to hai hi
      Mai to HOTSTAR pe hi dekhungi ??

    5. soo we both in same group no worries we will watch in repeat or hotstar

    6. so as per the written update i can say shivaay is in MISSION ANIKA and anika is in MISSION MAHI and shivaay’s partner in crime is sahil and anika’s partner in crime is leji’s sweet kannu a nd im very much dissapointed that i couldnt watch that shivaays kiss scene anika kicking her appa’s scooty like same as meenamma kics srk i missed it i missed but dont worry im not cry baby i wont cry i will watch it in hotstar tomorrow good ni8 my seeet ishquies
      @AMAYA dr y r u angry on mee and y did u say lagi raho shab congrats im still confused please say fastly
      @SARA hi salam every time u will say today im saying
      @RHIDHIMA DI missed ur occasional songs di wer r u may be bussy with the bday party
      @DIYAS wer r u my sweet diyas im missing u like the hell ur cousis marriage s finished but still u didnt come
      @ PUSHPA i think today u got all tadibaazz romance bazz and that kicking scene thank god i aw on insta if not i may be done i couldnt watch so im some wat sad
      @NILASH &AMAYA wer r u ffs im eagerly waiting fr that
      @ ANIKAAA how r u i missed u as u miss me
      @ ANU AKKA how is ur lil one today
      @ RANILIYA DI i always have confusion of ur name and reni di name wat to do dont scold me ok
      ok ishquies byee good ni8

    7. Amayaa

      Angry. …………..who is angry. …………….no one is angry. ………….

      For shivikalicious ………………

      FF. ……………even I don’t know about it. ……………

    8. Shab dear! My lil one is good da! ?
      I missed an awesome episode gal! Try to watch asap!!
      And then comment again!
      Good night for now!

    9. Riddhima

      Shab thangachi …. Little busy … Hereafter free … … Namaku intha vita vera velaiya vetiya. .. Idhane ulagam …???

    10. Hey wassalam.
      I am like super duper happy with today’s epiosde. So watch it dear, I m sure u will love it.

    11. Shab… crying cmon watch it in hotstar…..and tell us wht ur feeling on the hug the kiss & bedroom svn…u gona slip&fallllllllll……

    12. Nilash

      Shab I’ll definitely try to upload the next episode as fast as I can actually my computer has undergone a major fault…. it was sent to mechanic shop but people over there will take much time to set back the fault so the moment my computer comes back I’ll upload the next episode…. sorry for the inconvenience dear…. please sorry….

    13. Nivedita

      Watch it tomorrow morning or in Hotstar .. definitely must watch!

    14. yes nivi darling as u said i will definitly watch it

    15. Ranilya

      Shab repeat dekh lena

    16. Archiya

      SHab dear
      u have missed a great epsiode.. do watch it ..

    17. i did archu

  8. Omg…I can’t believe this…such a naughty singh oberoi…

  9. Riddhima

    First …. Thank you all for your wishes and love and care … ☺☺☺

    @ lax no I don’t want to become mahi’s sister …. I ? mahi … No that can’t happen even in dreams ….

    Shivay and anika first 10 mins … Sizzling fire on screen …. And in night … Shivay said he is modeling haha ???? … And that hand wrestling shivay is ssoo cute an naughty …. .. Naughty sigh oberai … Cute sigh oberai … Romantic sigh oberai … Dective sigh oberai all today ….

    Unai nan kaati aanaithu kaadhalai kotukava … ??????….

    Iravu vanakam ishqiess … Good night ….????

    1. yes i can also never be neither mahis sis or my fav kanji aankon waalon ki siss hi5 di same to same feeling yena naan yaroda thangatchi rhidima voda thangatchi poi mahioda sis ana appa neen galum avanuku sis aaiduvinga so better v be his fans rather than sis once again hi555

    2. Riddhima

      Shab thangachi migavum seriyaga sonnirgal …
      Enaku mahi and shivay oda thangachi ya aga vendaaaammm…..
      Shab …. Mahi ??? … Harry potter also dealing with the same problem in this chapter …???

    3. Amayaa

      Then join Maahimaniacs

    4. Rajjo

      hiii riddhi… we always love you dear… i am confused your tv screen didn’t got fire na????

    5. Riddhima

      Rajjo … Love you too …
      Haha ??? no no ..TV didn’t get fire …I am got some fire inside me … ???

    6. Ridhima
      Oh ok ok noted.!! Hope u had a wonderful birthday.

      @Amayaa- started your campaigning..!! U are so sincere to the job girl..!! ✌✌

    7. Riddhima

      Lax … Happy morning …. ???
      Yes had great bday …. By all your love….

    8. Nivedita

      This episode must have been such a nice birthday treat for you Riddhima! Hope you had a fun birthday!

    9. Riddhima

      Nivi… Happy morning …???
      Yes exactly that was a wonderful birthday treat … And loved it …???

    10. Hi riddhi……..romantic singh oberoi..he was yesterday….super ????????

    11. Riddhima

      Pushpa … Happy morning … ???
      Yes romantic sigh oberai mood on …. ???


    12. Kiki

      Hey riddhima …. Iniya Pirantha Naal Vaalthukal. .. sorry for the late wishes.

    13. Riddhima

      Kiki .. Happy morning …???
      Nandrigal pa … Ippo sonna yena vazhuthuringala adhan perusu …. Romba nandrigal …???

    14. Vivikhta

      Ridhimadi…yesterday was your birthday…..OMG dear….aAvery very happy belated birthday… to mmil hi gaya…as Nivditae di said…iIwas insane drooling over Shivika…….I ifanyone had seen me na…tTheywud have tthoughtiIwas a freak…
      Although Idon’t understand tamil….your comment above said something llike the kick scene being like chennai express right?
      Well same here…Thiswas the thought that occupied my head today as yester day was nothing but only shivika possessing me….I remembered that thangabali scene..but here iIfelt was more magical…shivika makes anything magical by ther ee merepresence

    15. Riddhima

      Vivi …26th was my birthday ….
      Thank you soon much yaar ….???
      Yes … Shivika will make us forget everything .. There presence on screen makes wonders ….???

    16. Hey my comment never came! Gues it was regional and hence din get published.. ridhi
      I just said ur song selection is ???

    17. Nilash

      Riddhi… 26th was your birthday….???? sorry I didn’t know…. very sorry for sssooo late wish dear
      A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Belated)… ???????????????????????????????????????????????????…. these all imaginary cakes, chocolates, toffees and candies for you…

    18. Riddhima

      Nilash … Its okay yaar …. Thank you soon much ???

  10. Aastha_Reddy

    I am embarrassed..Annika kicked and my bro fell down in the floor directly from the bed..two times..
    and the Romantic Singh Oberoi with his kissy lips to distract his wife(maine kuch nahi dekha bhaiyya)..And then the way he used the tissue paper…
    Business man of the year award goes to Saahil “Chatur”vedi… for beating Shivaay Singh Oberoi …in dealing with his tadi and making him find words like always…
    Few months ago one day..SSO show earth(barren)to Annika and said..”this zameen you belongs here”..and today..he landed himself on the same floor..and promised to keep Annika just the way she is …only Annika.
    Now as Shivaay has accepted that Annika is only something big is waiting for him.. for sure..
    Uttar-Dakshin..North south…black coffee-green tea.. opposite to their eye colour. Drink and eat bhaiyya in her style..its really interesting.
    I am giving all love to my brother and bhabhi here….love you Annika(ladies first)and Shivaay Bhaiyya…(Astha have just this lines to say as she know all are going to praise today)…

    1. Green tea black tea.. opposite to their eyes color! Wow Astha.. good point! Nice!!

      Am surprised.. mujhe laga ki I will have a lot of taarif for ur bhaiya in ur analysis! Planning to write some more?
      Sorry but I loved the way ur bhaiya was kicked out of the bed?
      And he did look cute during the panje wale scene.. not just as NM but as sso!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu… chalo ek secret hai.. Shivaay bhaiyya ko mat batana haan.. I too loved the way he was kicked down lolz…
      Its about IB Anu.. so always expect the unexpected… I didn’t praise my brother… unko praise karne keliye you all are there. by the way bhaiyya was more embarrassed after the kick..”Yaha.. yahan, yahan kick kiya tumne”… Awww…

    3. Riddhima

      Astha. .. Feeling sad for your brother got kicked 2 times ???
      But that kiss scene hai na … Shivay stole my heart. If I was there than anika then something something might have happened …?????? ???????????
      Anikaa missed it …actually wasted that romantic shivay mood ..???

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Riddhima…Aise nahi chalega..pehle bola Om mera lover hai and ab heart SSO ko donate kar rahi ho.!!!
      Dekha meri mehnat ki phaal…my support for bhaiyya..all are loving and praising him today…may be that kiss is doing its magic on your heart…
      Sad toh tab feel hoga jab sachchai bhaiyya ke samne aayega. Khud ki aur Annika bhabhi ki sachchai.. then plz. every one love and support my bhaiyya… This is a request from Astha …..

    5. Riddhima

      Astha …. My love for old om is totally different chapter ???…. This eyes speaks before his lips … But now I am very much disappointed with the writers for making the character worst ???…
      Badly missing my old om ???
      And I loved him …
      I love him …
      And I will love him forever ???

      But think from my point of view … Being single and teenage girl and watching nakul like person acting romantically … You know how difficult to watch that in screen …
      I am just imagining …. Imagining is not wrong ??? I Dono you say me …

      And after knowing the truth also this love and support shivay will be same

      Edho solliten Ana correct a pesinenanu therilla …. Ana mamasula pattatha solliten thappa irunthalum mannithuvitungal…..

    6. Vivikhta

      Sahi kaha riddhi di…..Anika missed it….
      @Astha di…chinta mat karo…I won’t tell sso that u enjoyed him being kicked…After all we r sailing in the same boat dear!
      And haan..aise bhayanak ideas a ate khan se HAIN?
      I mean Shivika being Bro sis….that wud b……???????????????????????????????????????????????????
      And yes…waise to aapne Amu se hugs mange the…but meri taraf se bhi lelo…2000 hugs…..Paao 1 pe 1 free! Hope your mood gets fine…

    7. Riddhima

      Vivi. .. Thanks you agreed with me at least …. ???

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Ammu… I want a thousand hugs today… Pata nahi kyun.. mann kar raha hai…..

    9. Nivedita

      Business man of the year to Sahil lol!
      And love the green tea black coffee contrast to their eyes.
      And the contrast of Shivaay’s past insults to Annika and Shivaay getting kicked by Annika!

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Annika ne apne pati parmeswaar ko kick maara… Aiyyo Kya kar diya bhabhi aapne.. mere bhaiyya zameen par do do baar gir gaye..Aiyyo some one save my bro..
      Isliye kehti hoon bhaiyya ki tightly hug karke sojao.. par aap meri baat kahan sunte hai.. kehte hain Astha tumhe kuch nahi pata ..tum bachhi ho abhi.. iss sabse door raho.. Kyun bhaiyya ho gaya aaj!!!
      Aiyyo kitna bak bak kar diya maine perhaps Ammu effect…
      Good night …For you .I am going to watch again now..look at the [email protected]:50.

    11. Rajjo

      yes astha i am also feeling tha somehing big is going to happen… something very big which sso can’t even imagine… let see what’s that/…

    12. Rajjo

      haan astha… aaj bas itna hi… apne bhaiyya k baare me itna mat socho…. let him free….

    13. Aastha_Reddy

      Rajjo… jo bhi ho uss birth certificate mein Shinky ke name nahi hona chahiye and Shivaay bhaiyya kahin yeh na soch le ki Aakhir Annika unki sister hai..lolz..The other way either not very good….This was making Dimag ki dahi…(Stop Astha..every thing will be alright and you will love your bhaiyya in all conditions)…
      Phir bhi yeh bhabhi hain koun??? Janne ke liye betaab hoon main bhi.

    14. Nilash

      But your bro did a cheapda harkat today and cheated my Anika didi to win a game….. I don’t want your bhaiyaa or my Anika didi to be heartbroken so please CVs should write a logical past of Anika…

    15. Aastha_Reddy

      Nilash… cheppada harkat wo bhi mere bhai ne !!!
      Annika wife hai bhaiyya ki…bhabhi hai hamari…itna toh banta hai…waise bhi “Every thing is fair in love and war”…kahin uss kiss ne tumhare dil main mich michi and raita toh nahi pheladiya..ha haan bolo bolo..ha ha…

    16. Mouni

      lol your bro was concentrating on anika’s face he didn’t see the kick coming TWICE lol
      l feel relaxed as sso accepted anika the way she is but am sure as you said there must be something waiting hopefully he will get the proof tomorrow

    17. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha… I am still laughing looking at his condition…Modelling on floor that too after 11PM..Annika on Meenamma mode

    18. My dp queen!!!
      Nice point about green tea black tea, she colour……..

      Bhiyya is totally in love with bhabhi.
      Love both of them to the core.

      Love your dp too.

    19. Aastha_Reddy

      I am not dp queen. Main sirf Astha hoon.
      Pata tha aaj sab tareef karenge isliye maine chod diya…
      I love you like I love them my sister…

    20. Astha dear
      Thanx for uploading this DP again..!! ???
      Poore episode dekhne ke baad Aaj Dil detectivebaaz hua?? Really?? Hum ho full on blushbaaz the aaj..!!

    21. Aastha_Reddy

      Lax…I was teaching to change dp to a friend and uploaded a blue girl here…But look I am back to my pink dp.
      Maine kaha na ki maine kuch nahi dekha toh dil blushbaaz kaise hoga Astha ka…
      My bro is new in detective profession this my heart went to detectivebaaz ….

    22. Black coffee – green tea opp to their eye colour wat an observation aastha……..
      Haha u shld be embarrassed ur brother landed d floor twice n his sense of humour -doing modelling on d floor 😀 😀
      Annika awesome dr u really hv dara Singh strength in priyanka chopra’s Body…….

    23. Aastha_Reddy

      Shree… chalo kam se kam yeh to pata chala ki SSO can tease and enjoy simple happiness from small things in life… except for Obro moments..
      I am not embarrassed here..I am happy he is finding happiness in small matter…Look at the journey of Shivaay Singh Oberoi to Shivaay…. you will be amazed and speechless….

    24. Gd morning Ashta… one kicked me bt I slipped & fell on the floor ….shivayes fabulous romance hug&kiss ???unbelievable he’s so romantic as rudra sahd once he fall in luv noyhinb woll stop him…. ???evry min&scnd its only anika in his mind…finding ways 2keep her happy…ashta send my luv to ur bhaiya peaseeeee….

    25. oh god autocorrect na khabi khabi problem…..
      once shivaye fall in luv nothing will stop him….

    26. Aastha_Reddy

      Good morning Pushpa
      You too fell down from the bed..naughty dhyàan kahan tha ha ha bhaiyya ne tumhe bhi distract kar diya tha…
      Bhaiyya said he love you too. In fact he loves every one here in TU page…

    27. Pushpa

      yes tooo much of distraction yaar….controlling myself to max….

    28. Ranilya

      Asthu dear…?

      Business man of the year award goes to Saahil “Chatur”vedi… for beating Shivaay Singh Oberoi …in dealing with his tadi and making him find words like always…
      Yes no one can beat Shivay other than Sahil…
      Abhi ithni said hain aur ithna Chatur hain….SSO clean good kardiya.

      Few months ago one day..SSO show earth(barren)to Annika and said..”this zameen you belongs here”..and today..he landed himself on the same floor.
      There is so much change in him now… if he thinks back about it now I’m sure he would kick himself!!

    29. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha… SSO is Tornado but Saahil is a hurricane…
      When tornado met hurricane …magic happens..Gayle..Their love for Annika…aww….

    30. Kiki

      Black coffee -green tea & their contrasting eye color. what a connection … wow..
      If you don’t feel bad then add my infinity love to your & my bhaiya – bhabi… (Please don’t feel bad to share your bhaiya love ? )

    31. Aastha_Reddy

      Kiki.. not mine its our bhaiyya bhabhi dear..and We love them..
      A hug and congratulation..
      The kick.. Annika bhabhi kicked… bhaiyya fell down from bed twice but girls fell in love with our bhaiyya numerous time… true it was such a powerful kick..

    32. Vivikhta

      Astha di……khidkitod pieces of writing as usual…read the latest part of undeniable desire but couldn’t comment….sorry…will surely comment today…and ya, as many said, loved that eyes and tea comparison….Kya kahun. sure u r tired of listening to praises…

    33. Hello astha di.I’m new here and i enjoy reading ur super mast comment

    34. Nivedita

      Haan Astha– tumhare Moog mein ghee, shakkar and Mitha.. hope your bhaiyya takes up your suggestion, and then our Shivika will sleep with a tight hug in the future..?

    35. Nilash

      Yaar michmachi and raita to phaila hi hai uske saath saath dil ki ghanti bhi baji wo bhi ek baar nhi teen teen baar….???????

    Guys plzz go to the above link and VOTE FOR SHIVIKA as best couple of 2017
    Plzzzz fast we want 10000 more votes to win
    One can do MULTIPLE VOTES just by REFRESHING THE PAGE so plzzzz do as much as votes u can plzzzz fast

    Wewant to win

    1. noo votings r closed now i did more than 10 times but still ishra r on the top with 43% and shivika with 40%

    2. It’s closed now. Anyway it’s ok we lost by just 3%. We ll make that up in the SPA. So get ready guys..!! We ll ve to make them win by showing our fan power. They totally deserve it.

      All the NRIs in the forum check the link below.

    3. Ranilya

      How do I go about it??
      I don’t have an insta account??

    4. Vivikhta

      Hey, can we vote without having install TOO?

    5. How do I vote.. I couldn’t undersatand!

    6. Even i voted them infinite times bt still ishita raman on top anyways guys i think it was jst a normal pre spa voting bcz they said actual voting will strt frm monday…….so vote fr shivika guys as much as possible ( if there is multiple voting allowed)……..

  12. u guys always make people smile. Plz someone send dat pinky to underground yaar. Vaha jaa kar kamini kae saath hide nd seek kelna.

  13. Antara

    this epi was sixer AW…………………………….. wat an emotion & romance loved that kick part overall super epi such a sweet couple

  14. nice episode.shivika it they eager to know about each other

  15. Nithu

    guys just imagine after knowing the truth……..if annika belongs to a very very very rich family and shivaay is illegitimate …what will happn…..

    1. You know, someone started this rumour that Anika is the real Oberoi (Shakti and Pinky’s daughter). But they wanted a son since Shakti was anyways a subordinate to Tej. They wanted to be parents to the eldest son. So they dumped her in the orphanage and bought Shivaay from Kamini. I don’t believe it. I do not WANT to.?

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Bella… I agree with this perhaps Aisa hi hone wala hai .Pinky was standing behind Shivaay in pre-cap.

    3. Nooo if this happens it’ll be d worst storyline then…….moreover wat abt chutki then…….. bdw is chutki her real sis means they hvn’t clarified this na only we r thinking tat she’s her real sister
      Anyways i wnt sso to be an oberoi only don’t wnt his position to be changed otherwise d base of d story will lost

    4. Yeah bela tht can b true……yes pinkh is stdng bhind shivaye at ashram….wht ever it is all must b good for shivaye&anika….

    5. Today’s episode proves Chutki is her real sister. And this means that Anika isn’t an Oberoi. And wouldn’t it be fun if Chutki turns out to be Gauri or the new entry( Mansi Srivastava?)

      Personally, I think IB would lose the plot altogether if Anika turns out to be someone with NKK. Cause IB shows Opposites attract. The cultured SSO with the free spirited Anika, The fitness freak Rudra with the overweight Soumya and the atheist Omkaara with a very religious Gauri. It would turn out a mess if this rumour turns true?

    6. Amayaa

      It will be like
      Tai tai phis ???

  16. Silent reader

    Ishqbaaz is rocking..But Dil hole oberoi..I m losing interest in it..Love shivika always??????

  17. Aaj ka episode was khidkitod! I mean aaj to Shivaay was full on romantic. Anika was as usual really amazing. Kya kick thi, she came close to Deepika in Chennai Express??????

    And then their banter???

    And then Shivaay’s tactic to win???? Naughty boy?

    I loved the Shivaay-Sahil scenes as well as the breakfast one too. Like, that were so sweet. I have tried dipping bread into tea but not green tea????

    Such a beautiful episode thoughmy Mahi wasn’t there ?

    1. Vivikhta

      Hi ela di….your name reminds me of ishkara…though I never really got into them….as not many scenes were shown. …I liked the new idea…of a pair of truth and lie…Anyways. ..Anyways I said..sso is soo becoming naughty. ..We will have a hard time now…

    2. I am unable to breathe these days actually. Two consecutive days of SSO flirting with Anika???

  18. Silent reader

    Ishqbaaz is rocking..But Dil bole oberoi..I m losing interest in it..Love shivika always??????

  19. Starting from Sso.

    No doubt today Sso was full on adi mode of PKDH.idid not watch dis show but saw one clip where adi and pankhuri was playing abkh jhapki. That adi winked and this time Sso ‘s pout ???? my tv screen was totally on fire ..

    1 annika didi , tum uth kyun gayi???? Are koi baharwala nahi tumhare hubby tumhe pakda tha woh bhi itne pyar se????????? . But you were melting down in his arms. Are itna accha tha Sso ki carring side dekh rahe the ..
    And you are embarrassd??? nooo???
    Yarr mere ko batao konsa hubby apni wife se puchta he?????? Bf apni gf se puchta hoga but it is not suitable for hubby

    But anyway Sso was trying to make his wife comfortable. That was awwww.

    22.Bechare Sso?????????? i can’t stop smiling. Sry laughing .my mama also scold me for being mad.

    Bechare Sso ne kitne pyaar se promise hi kiya yahan toh kick pad gayi.
    Asthababy you are right, didi was full on minnama mode

    Scooter mode pakka ye tumhare diolgue chori ki he???

    Chor chor ????? aap niche kya kar rahe he??? Modeling??????????

    Yarr mujhe batao raat ke 11.00pm time pe ( wall clock ko dhyan se notice karo pata chalega?) konse couple panjha ladate he??????

    Mera agar nind tootjati thi aisi kick ki wajh se main toh dusre bed pe so jati thi.but but but
    Shivika main itna dum he ke nind se uth kar kasrat kar rahe he.!!!!!!


    But it was a treat to watch their tashan.??? i am soo happy that after many days didi called Sdo Biluji CSO .

    That pout?????????? oh my God Sso , ymwhen you are bcoming sooo naughty.apki ishqbaazi toh full on chal rahi he ??? loved both of your expression.

    Bechari didi apki cheating main fas gayi?????

    Yaar ye dono ki arm holding scene kahi pe bhi ho sakti he.??? actually narbhi do it sooo perfectly and naturally.

    Didi Sso se bachna muskil hi nahi namumkin he ???? …tumhe aise pakdenge ki hilna bhi muskil hojayega ?????

    But that arm holding part, there closed eyes everything was .sooooo hot♨♨♨♨♨????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Today i was full on Mouni mode ???

    3. yarr ye dono mere mere jemes bond ki tag ko kuch jayada hi seriously le liya.

    Mr and mrs jemes bond.

    Ek dusre ki family ke baare main pata lagane ke liye dono ke dono than li he.

    4 kitchen part was awesome. Specially Sso ‘s expression ????
    But main bhi tea main bread dubake khati hun. Koi aur khata he kya??????

    5.aww sahil.!!! SSO knows that only from sahil he can get info about annika didi. You did your job sahil.

    6.dono ke dono phone pe baat ki .kissi se kuch nahi kaha .in dono ko CID main join karni chahiye thi.?

    6.pinky , why are you following Sso.?? You know na koi bhi accha kaam tujh se nahi just stop over thinking. ???????????

    Precap -I am hell nervous. What will be there in file ???
    And what will be the report.??

    GUYS I am Soooooooooooooo Sad.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE ????????????????????????????????????????
    TRP IS JUST 1.9!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    pura mood off ho gaya mera??????

    Guys plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz plz watch ishqbazz on tv if you have already watch. it on hotstar then also watch on tv.
    Plz give credit to actors .they are doing hard work day and night just for entertaining us.? so plz spread this mesg.plz frnds.

    1. Hey I heard abt the Trp dropping to 1.9 yaar! No clue y! It wasn’t that bad after all.. yes we did see some jealous pinky but stil!!
      Is it still the slot leader any idea arpu?

    2. Aastha_Reddy is 1.8 . and the credit goes to Pinky and hotstar …I am personally requesting my lovely Ishquise.. plz watch at 10PM time slot even if you are watching in Hotstar…

    3. Nilash

      Anu actually many people are watching on Hotstar so TRP is dropping as they are not again watching it on TV….. so this much drop in the TRP…. not due to the track dear….

    4. Amayaa

      Starting from SSO ha
      Good good ??

    5. Nivedita

      Arpita dear! What keen eyes, you noticed the clock! Meri bazar toh Shivika pe thi all the time, to even look beyond them was impossible..
      Kya killer comments today! I am ????

      Mr and Mrs. James bond along with junior bind Sahil too..?

      Tea mein bread I have also dunked at times, ( salty bread with sweet milky tea goes well) but seriously green tea is a totally different taste, doing

    6. Nivedita

      Green tea is usually not sweet and doesn’t have milk in it, so with bread it won’t taste good.

      SSO see bachna mushkil nahin namumkin– so true..but our Annika is behaving so coy– I know I wondered too why Annika jumped up from the bed at the beginning few mins.. I guess all these feelings she is experiencing is still too new for her..
      I laughed at your comment that our Shivika can wake up in the middle of the night to do kasrat.. but I am sure our blush club members would prefer a different kind of kasrat ..ahem ahem..??
      I agree that Shivika are totally mad, but in such an endearing adorable way! Like SSO’s wish, I hope they both don’t change in their Tashanbaaz, tadibaaz, Ishqbaaz, Paanibaaz ways..

    7. Pushpa

      i think she’ll get intimate with shivaye once NKK is cleared frm the sky….

    8. Nilash

      Nivi wo meri Anika didi ka dusra haath galti se beech me nhi galti se SSO ke haath k upar aa gaya tha she was not doing any kind of cheating….

    9. Nivedita

      You are right Pushpa–..only after NKK is over our Shivika will proceed with romance..
      And good one Nilash. Annika wasn’t cheating! ??

    10. Nilash

      Arpita but SSO cheated our Anika didi.. that’s not fair…. we should revolt…. mere Dara Singh didi ko hara diya…. iss SSO ko to mai dekh lungi… Amayaa apne bhaiyaa ko bacha le warna wo to gaye Cheapde kahinke…. Again nice analysis dear

    11. Nivedita

      But before SSO cheated, Annika was cheating by using 2 hands, so it’s all fair in their love Ka Jung!?

    12. Arpita
      What’s abka jhapki???

      It is slot leader with a good margin. It’s either 1.9 or 2 not 1.8. Anu, problem is TRP aunties want Rona Shona drama. They don’t like such light tracks. I ll also blame the channel who does not give a proper promo for the show. Lastly there is a general dip coz of IPL.

    13. Vivikhta

      I know lachu di….
      These trp aunties want stupid rona dhona drama…where the female lead literally signs up for a torture training course…..uhhh!
      And like u said…IB is star plus ka najayaz kid…though it shud b right at the top……I wish it had a little earlier time slot…I mean now ssel and one other show is ending right?
      So why don’t they shift the schedule a bit? Or new shows have started already?

    14. They r shivika nt normal human beings lyk us who wld prefer to sleep at night…….
      Abt precap plzz show anything abt ani’s past bt don’t make sso an orphan
      Abt reports totally clueless bt yea if they wnt to stretch it then it’ll be negative
      Trp i was hell shocked knowing it is only 1.9 bt why lst week it hd awesome epis na…….. is it bcz everyone thought ani will land in coma bt she didn’t if this is d reason then it wld be a silly one bcz after tat they showed so mny cute n funny scenes
      Guys plzz watch ib @ 10 nt on hotstar n i don’t understand why in insta they upload epis before telecast

    15. Nithu

      shree its like if annika get hurt on her shoulder….then how come she can go in coma…srssly i personally dint like annika slipping into comaa

    16. Arpi….shivaye naiked^hv sealed yesterday epi wt hus hug kiss&romance..

    17. Arpi….shivaye nailed it all and have sealed yesterday epi wt his hugs kiss&romance..

    18. Ranilya

      Arpu…full on mouni mode today??
      What? Trp is low?.why?

    19. Archiya

      Arpita dear
      konse couple panjha ladate he.. who elsee than r shivika.. they r crazy

    20. Vivikhta

      Arpu dear….
      Mr.and Mrs. James bond ne to char chand laga diye show ko…..And what? Trp dropped to 1.9? Unbelievable!
      Ye sab us kameena hotstar ki kaaran ho rahi he…U know I always loved hotstar because I cud watch lots of other things in there like good ol movies and all that…lek in ye premium walk service is a pet mein dad. ..poor actors …They work so hard and now…..

  20. Silent reader

    Ishqbaaz is rocking..But Dil bole oberoi..I m losing interest in it..Love shivika always??????

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