Ishqbaaz 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh hides from Aditi

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Ishqbaaz 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The girl says you will have dinner with me. Avi asks how did you come. Shivaansh says I invited her. The girl hugs Shivaansh. Khanna greets Sonya. She says thank God you are safe, I was so worried. She scolds Khanna when he calls her Bahenji. Aasya says Sonya is a flop actress. Avi says she is an item girl. Khanna says she wears such short clothes, she can’t become our Bhabhi. Aditi checks some place. Nana says case got solved, what are we doing here. Aditi says case just started, nobody kidnapped SSO, it was a publicity stunt, he staged his own kidnapping. Shivaansh says I m okay, I didn’t sign any other movie, I m enjoying success of Dhinchak Ishq. Sonya says but I will have an item song in your movie. She jokes and goes to attend call of her gym trainer. She leaves.

Aditi says SSO thinks

he is a good actor, but he isn’t, he has written the script of kidnapping drama. Nana says romance will come now as madam has come in story. Aditi says enough. Gaitonde says you mean it was a drama. Aditi says yes, he said a crazy fan kidnapped him and tied him with ropes, did you see his hands, there was no marks of ropes, he said kidnappers took him to mill type area, but there is no place for landing chopper, there are no marks of car tyres, not even foot prints, tell me, can’t he run away from here, we have to teach lesson to SSO, its bad to fool people and play with emotions, we have to tell him that he can’t fool police, his stunt is exposed. She leaves.

Avi, Aasya and Khanna ask Shivaansh if he is liking Sonya. Shivaansh says its just a date, I m not in love with her. Khanna goes to get sweets. Aasya says I don’t like this woman. Avi says no one likes her. Aasya says Shivaansh should get a girl who isn’t like Sonya, she should be smart. Avi says she should be rooted too. Aditi reaches the house. Nani worries and says you here. Aditi says I have come to meet Shivaansh and question him about kidnapping. Khanna says Aditi has come. Nani says Shivaansh has come back home safely, so case is over. Aditi says case will end when we put the mastermind in jail. Nani imagines Aditi putting all of them in the jail.

Nani shouts no. Shivaansh goes to see. Aditi asks Nani to sit. Aasya says SSO isn’t here, he is a superstar, he has much work. Aditi asks where is he. Avi says he is at shoot. Aditi says get him from inside, you would be knowing the result of playing with laws. She looks upstairs. Shivaansh hides. Aditi says I will surely find him. Aditi and staff leave. Aditi gets Mohini’s call. Mohini says congrats, you got famous because of SSO, if you go to meet him, I will come along, his photoshoot is going on at Bandra, I will meet him. Aditi leaves. Shivaansh is at the photoshoot. He likes his pics. Aasya says you have to go for interview. Shivaansh leaves. Avi sees Aditi coming. He asks how come you are here. He shouts SSO isn’t here to sign Khanna. Khanna sees her and hides.

Aditi goes to check. Shivaansh sees Aditi coming. Aditi asks where is SSO’s vanity van. Avi says he is not here. Aditi scolds him. She goes to vanity and calls him out. She asks where is Mr. Oberoi. Aasya says he is not here. Aditi scares them. She says tell SSO to come and meet me before 6, else I will tell the world that he has staged his own kidnapping. She leaves. Shivaansh comes out of washroom and says thanks for help. Aasya says ACP got to know everything. Avi says she has threatened to reveal everything. Shivaansh says I have heard it, I will write the script. They ask what do you mean.

Aditi sees the time. Shivaansh rides a horse. Shivaansh is at the photoshoot. Aasya says that ACP….. Shivaansh asks what did she do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This cheater can’t be shivika’s son. I am really getting angry. Who want to see such type of boring show? This new story is insulting my fev sirial’s name. It has become a stupid show which don’t have any interesting part neither story nor characters. Don’t know who will agree with me…….where is our old ishqbaaz and our cute shivika? Plz bring them back.. Don’t feel bad i think nakuul mehta should also quite the show alongwith surbhi.

    1. Lokesh

      Wahi to ye mssg de rhe h , how to cheat to get success

  2. I agree with you.Boring story with the lead characters

  3. I agree with you ,All the lead are boring chacters.

  4. I like this leap…. Manjari is doing a good job as a stern police officer…. Nakul is doing good too…. I like this side of Shivaansh…. This character is better than manhandling the girls and badmouthing the girls character…. I’m glad the makers show different type of lead than the normal one….
    And I’m eagerly waiting for ShivDiti meet???

  5. This ishqbaaz serial become so boring and also irritating characters especially the lead actress that manjari her acting is not good so much irritated overreacting, this ishqbaaz become flop rating chart drop very soon end. Where is old ishqbaaz they are so cute and good actor and actress, surbhi, kunal, shrenu, leenesh, mansi, all the characters are best fabulous. There is so many actress, like drashti dhami and disha parma and sonal vengerlekar and aditi rathore and many more, she is overreact and doing worse performance and also irritating acting, like seriously she is acp desmukh she is nothing in front of acp pratap rathore she was talented actress and doing well job?????????, and now she is worse ???????????, and now become flop serial and flop rating chart ?????????????????

  6. I agree with you. Missing shivika cute nok jhok

  7. Astha Srivastava

    I wish instead of this leap this show would have ended if that would have done it would have been the best decision this blo*dy new track has messed up I have never thought to say in this way for my fav show but the new girl I think her name is Aditi as I don’t watch much but she is so irritating can’t tolerate her for a moment even and Nakul Mehta’s new look sucks..

    Where the F is that takkarbazi, ishqbaazi, Tashanbaazi

    Where is our Panika

    Where is that takrar pyar waali

    Where is Obro moments

    Where os that Dadi who use to teach about ishqbaazi

    All has gone off track

    And Smitha I really don’t know u but I know 1 thing that this was never a serial for people who love to watch Ye Rishta Kya kehlata hai and saathiya.

    This serial was interesting but now gone on the same saas bahu track

    And ishbaaz Director/ producer (don’t know her name) says she don’t give damn to viewers choice “jise dekhna h dekhe aur jisey nhi dekhna bhaad me jaaye” this new track proved the same.

    At end

    ENJOY DROP DOWN IN YOUR TRP. and I wish this serial don’t lasts more than a month or max 2

  8. I never watched YRKHH before this and IB is the only show I watched but has stopped watch when they made Soumya as negative….. I started to watch after this generation leap after reading the written updates for few days….. Actually, I was bored to see the male leads as stone hearted and arrogant…. I found this is quite different and started to watch…. And I treat all the shows as shows and all the celebrities as equal….. I like all the characters in IB and I won’t deny that….. But that doesn’t mean I should dislike new characters in this show….. I like Aditi’s role as a cop….

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