Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s hate for Pari

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At pool side, Pari asks Mishti why she is annoyed with her. Mishti push Pari down into the pool. A man nearby jumps into the pool to save Pari. Mishti stood on a corner, afraid while Mahek comes to Pari worried. Pari spits the water and opens her eyes. Mahek stops Mishti and questions whose child is this, if her parents taught her such ill behavior. Mauli who was busy on phone call comes there and asks Mahek why she is scolding her daughter? Mahek complains to Mauli that Pari slipped into the pool because of Mishti. Mauli was sure Mishti couldn’t do any such thing. Mahek argues that Mishti even locked Pari in bathroom as well, she is the one who pushed her into the pool. Kunal comes there, he stops Mahek then comes to Pari concerned at once. Pari says she fell into the pool. Mahek

says yesterday Mishti locked Pari into the bathroom, and who could have taken responsibility of her falling in the pool. Mahek claims that Pari is her best friend’s daughter and she loves her dearly. Kunal convince Mahek to let go of the matter. Mauli instead questions Mishti if she pushed Pari down in the pool? Mishti replies she wanted her to get away from her way; who told Pari to come here? She then questions if Mishti locked Pari in the bathroom as well? Mishti nods weakly. Mauli fumes and says she never thought Mishti could behave so odd. She apologizes Kunal on Mishti’s behalf and Pari as well. Pari replies it’s alright. Mauli kiss Pari’s forehead, then tells Mishti to say sorry to Pari. Kunal requests Mauli not to force Mishti. Mauli says Mishti will have to say sorry. She says Mishti won’t leave until she says sorry. Mishti says sorry and runs away. Kunal requests Mauli not to scold her anymore. Mauli says it’s really important to teach her manners at the right time. She apologizes Kunal again and leave.
Ishaan asks the courier person on phone if he handed the bouquet in Mauli’s hand? Sandhya comes there and asks why Ishaan doesn’t understand Mauli has broken her relationship with Ishaan. She shows him the ring she found in his shirt. Ishaan tells Sandhya that Mauli couldn’t move forward, because she couldn’t leave her past relations. He values her value of being connected to her relations. He will wait for the day when Mauli forgets her past and accepts him. He won’t go anywhere.
In the car, Kunal thanks Mahek for being with Pari. Mahek says she won’t leave Pari alone for a single minute now. Kunal was upset about Mishti’s behavior. Mahek apologizes Kunal for speaking a lot to Mauli. She forgot for a while that Mishti was also his daughter. Kunal says it worries him that Mishti is his daughter and she is filled with much hatred and aggression for him. Kunal says at times he feels guilty, Mishti must have felt the absence of a father and she also knows that he is her father and even left her.
At home, Mauli asks Mamma and Dida why they didn’t tell her that Mishti locked Pari in the bathroom. And today Mishti pushed her into the pool. Mishti counters that she only removed Pari off her way. But Mauli is not concerned for her daughter, she only thinks for Pari. She means nothing to her mummy, and she even scolded her in front of Pari. Mamma also forced her to say sorry to Pari in front of everyone. Mauli says Mishti will have to apologize if she is mistaken. Mishti fumes over everyone for siding Pari. She says only her Popsy loves her and no one else. She tells Mauli that I hate you. She goes to call Ishaan. Mauli snatches the phone and scolds Mishti forbidding her to call Ishaan. Mauli decides that Ishaan won’t come into the house and Mishti must forget him. Mishti insists no one can stop her from talking to her Popsy. Mauli clarifies that Ishaan isn’t her father. Mishti resists and Mauli was about to slap her. Mamma and Dida stops Mauli. Mishti complains Mauli doesn’t care for her, and even denied marrying her Popsy. She runs inside. Mamma goes behind Mishti while Mauli cries in the hall. Soon, she gets a call from Ishaan but doesn’t take it. Mauli wonders what to do, she is losing everything.

PRECAP: Kunal finds Mishti walking in the midst of the road alone. He comes out of the car but Mishti wasn’t at the road by then. He calls Mauli and says he spotted Mishti on the road in school uniform; meanwhile as he came out of the car Mishti was gone somewhere.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Tooooo much drama panti…. Itni toh dono daughters ki age nhi hai jitni nafart or pyar ke secene potray yeh krva rehe hai….

  2. AngelineSalvatore

    1 mishti didn t even mean to push that pari in the pool… it was an accident…. pari was being so pushy! Not that it was the right thing to do…
    2 mishti is being treated like mauli was treated by kunal after she found out his betrayal and pari like nandini
    3 if it wasn’t for the cuteness of the little actress people would see the similarities
    Inside of understanding or talking to mishti they are scolding her…. mauli seems to have forgotten that mishti is her fatherless daughter not pari!

  3. Sujitha

    Really best friend, who ever your talking they didn’t know the meaning of friendship and relationship I am glad you didn’t have her in your life too long because I don’t know if she presents long while in your life I can’t say what could she done to you for her happiness and selfishness. I can see you also attracted by her good person act, I doubt perhaps you would said the same thing(best friend) after you got betrayal from them like mauli got .so please keep your concern yourself towards your best friend daughter ok and don’t dare to question to mauli about her daughter upbringing. One more thing you never be the best friend with your cheater friends like mauli been

  4. Mauli is as stupid as ever. First she was treating Nandini as a god and now her daughter the same. Pari is a self-centered and an attention seeker like her mum. Mauli, was busy on the phone and Mahek god knows doing what. What kind of responsible parents leave their children unattended in a swimming pool? Both Mahek and Mauli are irresponsible people. This Pari so irritating, the way she was harassing Mishti and acting like an innocent girl waiting on Mishti to apologise not even saying that it was a mistake with her expression, look at me, you deserve to apologise to me… Good that Mishti stood for herself. Mauli is unable to handle crisis, how can she handle her child who is suffering psychologically. Radhika, is only concentrating on Pari and they are unable to see beyond the tip of their noses. Mahek her place is only in the kitchen, not to analyse children who are not even hers and for which she does not have a clue. Kunal does not deserve any comments.

  5. it’s the worst series that conveys a bad message .. why bring them back together. . many divorced parents manage their child in good condition. . how many women have been betrayed by their husbands with their best friend. . she managed so well. . what I complain about in the story is that it makes Mauli a puppet. a weak woman who did not forget the past and still lives and thinks about the past. and always imagines with Kunal .. in short the guy cheats on you with his best friend and you still think about him .. we make mishi a culprit and pari a victim. I admit that the bathroom scene was not right. but for the swimming pool incident .. mishi did not voluntarily push pari at the pool .. but we quarreled .. it’s not fair. . I find that one transmits a bad message regarding infidelity, forgiveness, separation and rebuilding one’s life .. kunal to progress in life. . Mauli no .. she punishes mishi and ishaan. . she breaks the relationship of mishi and ishaan .. as long as she needed ishaan it was going .. i do not understand the line of the story. . the script and writing are different from one role to another. short

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