Ishqbaaz 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets exposed

Ishqbaaz 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roop goes to get oil. She looks for bottle. Shivaye asks are you finding this. Roop asks what is it. Shivaye says you will know it now. Roop asks him did he go mad, don’t do it. She shouts have you gone mad, don’t do this. He goes to light the chemical. He throws the liquid down. He says it doesn’t contain what you have thought, its the same bottle which you ordered on Rudra’s name. He recalls that the billing address was on Roop’s name. He says I have removed the explosive content and added water in it, that’s why explosion didn’t occur, why did you do this Bua. She asks what are you saying.

He says you want to hear it from me, you tried to take my life, I saw you fiddling with the wires, you put the live wire in the swimming pool, I saw you before falling into the pool, I also

saw the almonds fallen there. She asks what are you saying, I returned from temple when Rudra pushed you into the pool. He says you have been trying to create the misunderstanding, you provoked Rudra against me, when he didn’t come in your words, you have done this, puja wasn’t Nani’s plan, I have seen you and knew you will do something during the puja, I have few close people in my life, I regarded you like my mum, why did you try to take my life. She says I hate you, you took away Shakti, Tej, and then this house and property, what did I get, just an allowance, you all kept me away from everything, you all took my share, that is why I envy your happiness, when I see you three together, I get jealous.

He says you tried to separate three of us. She says yes, I will keep trying always. He says you won’t succeed, because we are united and will always be united. He says death can separate you guys, right, that is why I wanted to kill you, because you are the shield of this Oberoi family, this family will be ruined if you are dead. He says you won’t succeed. She laughs and asks what will you do, will you tell everyone what I do, you can’t dare to do that, you haven’t tell Omru that you killed Tej to save their lives. He asks how do you know about this. She says I know everything, Tej used to tell me everything, he got you framed in Nancy’s case by Mohit’s name, he tried to emotionally blackmail you, then he tried to kill Omru, but you killed Tej to save Omru, you went to jail, but because of your nobility, you didn’t tell anyone why you killed Tej, you are very good, this nature is power of Oberoi family, and its your weakness, I know you can’t see them upset, so you won’t tell my truth, like you didn’t tell Omru that you killed Tej to save them. They see Rudra at the door. Rudra cries.

Shivaye says listen to me Rudy, don’t say anything. Rudra runs downstairs to Om. Om asks what happened. Rudra says Shivaye had killed Tej as he wanted to kill us. Om asks what are you saying. Shivaye says nothing, Tej used to love you. Om asks is this true. Shivaye says Tej loved you both. Rudra says Roop has tried to kill Shivaye. They all get shocked. Rudra says Roop is responsible for this, I will not keep quiet, Roop knew that Shivaye killed dad as he wanted to kill us, even then she instigated us. Shivaye says we will do the puja, come on guys. Khanna says please tell the truth to everyone now. Om asks what truth. Shivaye says no. Om says you didn’t tell me the truth that day, tell me.

Anika says I know Shivaye asked you not to say anything, you have respected his request, but today you have to tell the truth. Khanna says sorry, I won’t keep quiet today, that day I told Tej’s truth to Shivaye. He tells them whatever happened. FB shows the moments. Everyone gets shocked. Khanna says Sir didn’t want you to disrespect Tej, so he kept quiet and ordered me to keep quiet. Om says you have tolerated so much for us. Rudra says what did we do, please forgive us. Omru fall in Shivaye’s feet. Shivaye asks then to get up. Om asks what are you made of, we taunted you, we tortured you and you have tolerated it. Shivaye says you were not wrong being sons. He hugs Omru. Everyone cries. Shivaye says its not your fault. Rudra says its our fault, Tej tried to kill us, we have punished you, you saved our lives. Om folds hands and apologizes. Rudra says you may punish us, but don’t ever go away from us, don’t hate us. Shivaye asks them not to utter any word now. He says you both are my biggest strength and weakness, I can hate myself, but not you two. He hugs them. Lafzon ka yeh…plays….

Priyanka holds ears and cries. She hugs Shivaye. Dadi apologizes. Sh says I have done a sin, not a mistake, I doubted you, you are like Ram, I thought you are Raavan, forgive me. He hugs her. Dadi stops Roop. She slaps Roop and says both my sons are dead, and now you are dead for me too. Nani says I m glad that this truth came to light because of her, else Omru would have blamed Shivaye all life. Roop says don’t be happy, they have united just to fall apart. Shivaye says no, we fell apart and united again, such ones never fall apart. Rudra says we are respecting you even now, don’t ever show us your face. Roop leaves. Shivaye says sorry Anika, this puja… Anika says I have got the sign which I wanted, we have to get married. They hug. Dadi says you will get married tomorrow. They smile. Anika sees some smoke expelling out of room. She shouts Shivaye and gets in.

Shivaye says I wanted to tell you, that you are the pole star of my life, like it stays still, you and your belief was still, I promise you, none can replace you in my life. Anika hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nick23_ann

    #1yearoflaalishq most khidkhithod consummation I have ever seen on television.i can’t believe it is one year to it.i m not talking anything about episode.drowned in last years this day.

    What is problem with gul yaar all this leap was planned way long before

    Cherish real ib and shivika .waiting for sc next project

    1. Banita

      Go Nick Go…
      Congratulations dr 4 being 1st…
      Yeh last yr on this time things r really different…

    2. NSK

      Producer gonna mad Along with her Writer
      Karma will play ✌
      Lets wait and watch

    3. Nilash

      Hello Nick,
      See I commented down just now that I am waiting for GNG and here I get it.
      GNG deaarryyy, GO NICK GO
      Always cherish the original episodes and enjoy IB.
      Rest leave it, nothing gonna come back.
      Love to you ♥️

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Go Ninja Go..

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ.…
    I was on a bad mood from last some days , but now i decied to not think about all those things 4 now nd enjoy d current part of d show…
    So about d epi,
    Full on emotional drama epi,
    Finally everyone knew d real reason why Shivay murdered Tej (specially Oblings nd dadi)…
    Khannaji finally reveled everthing in front of everyone…
    Everyone asked forgivness to Shiv…
    Obro hug happened , but i felt something missing on that… May be I excepted more…
    But it’s f9…!!!
    Now everything is good.… There will be happy happy nd happy moments till d end…
    So let’s enjoy everyone…
    Precap –
    “Mere zindegi mein tumhari jagha koi nahi le sakta…”
    Yrrr ase dialouges jaruri hain kya…!!??
    GN PKJ…

    1. NSK

      What can i say 😞 don’t be sad
      Will watch old Episodes of IB after this mess ends ✌
      #NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaaz 💯

      1. Banita


    2. ItsmePrabha

      bunny…hmm kya kahoon..pata nahi..well my witty girl ki comment mein no wit..why??..Nice comment..Love you..

  3. Luthfa

    “Before I could understand anything,LAAL ISHQ changed(finished literally) like traffic signals:From RED to GREEN declaring that it was really over.Because,SP served the 2 minutes edited Lollipop LAAL ISHQ before me to enjoy!Now only one hope is left-HOTSTAR.I forgot you and you took your revenge,right hotstar?Anyway,will comment after watching full LAAL ISHQ on hotstar.Good Night everyone”.
    Note:That day I could not wait for hotstar to watch full unedited Laal Ishq so I watched it on YouTube,late night!I had it downloaded on my phone later on.

    1. NSK

      Haha nice.I don’t watch episodes on TV.i used to Download from Hot star but now i can’t😞 site stopped working
      And also hotstar doesn’t work in BD as far da i know
      So how will u watch D epi?will u pls tell me?i look forward to do the same after my finals get over i will watch old Episodes of IB.✌

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Noushin,
        Hope you are doing great.Welcome back to PKJ with lots of sweet love.
        Hehehe….Yes,it was short in duration on my TV.Because SP channel that is available on my screen is a post paid channel and it telecasts from Singapore.So,any scene which is not appropriate(to them) comes edited!For example any fighting scene,explosive things,fire,violence,blood etc.That’s why it was short and I did not watch the video beforehand so I was frustrated to watch Laal Ishq in edited version.Back then HOTSTAR was available in BD.It went off service from Januray 2018 probably.I wanted to download episodes but could not.And you can watch old episodes on TunePk web site.You have to sign up to watch and download the episodes.I have enough episodes downloaded on my phone till Shivika separation.Not many but my favourites.You can try.If it works then do inform me.All the very best for your exams.Take care.Love you too.

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Meri Lu darling..tu kitni acchi kaam ki hai..especially kal teri personal experience share ki na tune ipk time ka..that was just so needed..Love you lots for that..

      1. Luthfa

        Love you too Sweetheart woh bhi itnaaaaaa..sara😊😊😊

  4. Noushin Saadaf khan

    Hello guys
    I am missing everyone very much
    IB fandom is going through a very deep emotional and depressing phase as well
    Sorry guys i am unable to comment or console anybody because my finals have started
    I am sorry and i love PKJians specially Sindhu di,Banita di,Arpu di,Jeevi di,Luthfa apu💗
    I was treated like a small kid by many lovely people here
    I will miss all of u guys because PKJ has been like a small family who have similar thoughts with me,where people value other opinions and if not explain politely
    Most importantly all of PKJians here like the same show i love
    I had a great time here
    I know after IB ends nobody will be here and really i will miss talking to u guys
    I wish IB ends on a happy note
    I adore everyone here very much and really sorry for not being a part from hard days🙁
    I really hope that u guys forgive me and remember me like ur small sister
    I love u all and really i wish i had joined PKJ earlier to getto to know u guys more
    I joined and after few months situation have been like this that IB is nearly to its end,i hope and pray that it ends on a HAPPY NOTE!🤗

    I love u guys,missing u and will miss u
    Thanks to everyone here.❤
    I wish everyone have good days.
    Loada of love.😊

    1. Banita

      Hlo NSK…
      First of all WELCOME BACK dr…
      Nycc to see U after a longgg time…
      U nd whole PKJ will always be in my mind forever…
      Nd plzzz do read @mine nd @Arpu’s comment on last page…
      I wanted 2 U nd all PKJian on that day…
      Yeh i also wish IB to end on a good note…
      Love U…

      1. NSK

        Did it ❤❤❤

    2. Sindhudi

      Hello noushin we will also miss you. Please get registered. So we can still meet you on Telly login.Thanks so much and take good care. None of us will be here after the redux ends as there is nothing to comment.

      1. NSK

        Di i am registered 😊

    3. Nilash

      Hello Noushin, we have never talked to each other but you are like my other sibling, so always stay blessed and happy deaarryyy.

      And do enjoy the old episodes always. And never be sad because you are loosing what shouldn’t be the case. Ever. 🙂

      1. NSK

        Thanks diii 😊

    4. ItsmePrabha

      hey Noushin..don’t say miss you..yaar..whenever you feel like talking with can DM us right.. so don’t ever say that..okay my sweet sister..

  5. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…
    Ok LU this is for you …

    I can’t rewrite the comment…yet I was blown by the whole sequence
    It will be remaining a UNIQUE AND TOTAL DIFFERENT TYPE OF SR I had ever seen…..
    I will be 10/10 …..bcoz I totally loved it .
    About visual experience I enjoyed a lot ……bcoz Camera angle are other thing were so good..
    About PRE -EXCREMENT when Video was realised by GUL khan…I was desperately waiting for it …
    BCOZ as per other shows I thought the same type of SR will happen
    But when I saw it I was shocked and getting goosebumps and butterflies feeling…..
    And every time I watch it..i get goosebumps
    Those intense eyes….
    Those passion and desire….those lost yet united souls……I enjoyed a lot….really Loved it.
    And opinion about LAALishq
    As we all know that whatever Shivika had between them was very much intense and passionate
    May be hate May be feelings or love……..
    They can go to any extent
    So Red is the colour of love and deep red is colour of passionate love
    And Laal ishq showed their deep love…..
    And most lovable thing was both were not shy at all
    They were ready to give themselves to each other forever…..
    Will cherish this moment forever in my life…

    About today episode..
    As I told earlier that there will be an emotinal union of brothers and it happened …..chalo IB ko pehechan gayi though chances were so less.🤣🤣…
    I loved the whole part
    All nailed their Roles….
    Bua was hell annoying……

    Even I don’t know guys when SC is leaving.
    I still waiting to see IT WAS ALL LIE
    Still waiting for some miracle….
    Ok Guys….
    I am.looking forward to see your comments
    Comment soon….waiting…..

    1. Banita

      Nyccc comment Arpu…
      I m also waiting 4 d miracle…!!!!

    2. NSK

      Missed u 😞
      Hope ur fine

    3. Nilash

      Miss Appy, Tu Appy fizz ki baatli (bottle) kab se ban gayi??? Chal jaane de, tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi ki tere liye maine yahan phir se comment kiya. Ab yaar sun, yahan ek bada sa announcement kar de, about our plan. Aur ho sake to roz roz Usko repeat karti reh taaki sabko yaad rahe aur mai aise hi darshan dete rahungi, let’s try for GNG super soon 😂

      PREM Tum 😘

    4. ItsmePrabha

      My cheapdi..i know tereko laal ishq kyun itni achi lagi cheapdi dimaag angles ki baat kar rahi hai..haww…hehehe..

  6. Oh god…..when rhe days r passing the exit of our anika didi is coming close….There was a tome I was totally addicted to ishqbaaz cant miss even one epi may i can say its bcoz of my shivika aka narbhi their pairing….seriously I loss interest after the redux first all like u I also excited but when the redux comes I started to loss interest in IB I only watch for shivika bcoz I know their taadibaaz ishqbaazi will start I hope after their meeting or reunion the ishqbaaz will go to its real point where the ishqbaazi journey start before the redux.But i dont even think about my dream SC will exit from the show when saw this news from my insta accout really I break down I cant even think about ishqbaaz without SC…..why the writers bring the old ishqbaaz that was my question?if any one can ans this plzz reply me…if they completely remove the old track then surely I will stop watching IB

    after the redux i lost interast in IB now after SC i will stop watching Ib that is sure….
    Guyzz can I ask one thing to all those who like to come back our old ishqbaaz before the redux where the old shivika’s track stoped bcoz of the professor (for a joke i hate that professor who brings my shivika’s love story like this i forget his name……prof….forget ;>)
    i comment here before along months back

  7. Luthfa

    “LAAL ISHQ SPECIAL Dedication(To Shivika with love):
    And in life’s noisiest hour
    There whisper still the ceaseless love of Thee
    The heart’s Self-solace and soliloquy
    You mould my Hopes,you fashion me within;
    And to the leading Love-throb in the Heart
    Thro’ all my Being,thro’ my pulse’s beat;
    You lie in all my many Thoughts,like Light,
    Like the fair Light of Dawn,or summer Eve.
    On rippling stream,or cloud reflecting Lake.
    And looking to the Heaven,that bends above you,
    How oft! I bless the lot that Made Me Love You”………….The most awaited moments for which Shivika were waiting to share,had shared equally.Both of them became one like sugar into water,resulting a sweet experience altogether.Purity of love got entangled with the purity of soul-the most holy deal sealed and signed with the lifelong guarantee.Life can’t be more sweet than this feeling that,to belong to someone who is one’s world and everything and to whom one’s love is the ultimate promise.Magic of love intoxicated the two hearts and it’s a most welcome change……….
    P.S.Congratulations “Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi(media and other extra problem can go to hell now!)
    Note:I wrote this next day early morning 23 November and posted.

    1. ItsmePrabha

      beautifully written..back then i didn’t see this aaj appreciate kar rahi hoon..

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooo…much Sweetheart😊😊😊

  8. Banita

    Sry @Lu i totally forgot about it nd Love U @Arpu 4 remind me this…
    nd my comments will be small small one…
    1) I didn’t comment that day about Laal Ishq , commented about other parts but not about my bhaiya’s hot romance… LOL…

  9. Banita

    2) Well i watched d Laal ishq wala part lots of time , but didn’t watched it on TV becz at my home my parents also watch d show… So………… Hope U all understand that situation…
    K 3rd one is small one so i posted it here only…
    3) I give 10/10 for this… Shivika’s expressions , choriogrphy nd d background graphy… All r just soooo Awesome…

  10. Banita

    4) D visual exprience was just sooooooo Amazing… Soooo beautiful… I like Shivika’s Laal Ishq version more than d real version…

  11. Banita

    5) Pre excitment was something more different… I was just bulshing hard during watching that… I saw that many times , but i blused everytime…
    So it’s d last comment…
    @Lu , i just really love it will writing…
    Thank U 4 this Superbbb idea…
    I m eagerly waiting to read all of ur comments PKJ…
    Lootttsss Of Love…

  12. Nilash

    Hello, maybe no one knows me here now. But hi dearies, this is your own Nilanjana over here after so many days. I missed everyone of you. The love I actually got from here was un-explainable.

    Arpita, PIC (Chimpu), and all others who are here, thank you so so so much for making the journey of this particular series so memorable for me.

    Frankly, I have not watched today’s episode because being a hosteller these days with exams above my head I am avoiding the series named as Ishqbaaaz, but those old episodes which once made us fall in love everyday comes to my thought process every now and then and I won’t ever deny that, Laal Ishq had really a good impact over me.

    To be true, the first time I saw Laal Ishq, I was the most unhappiest person because I couldn’t feel a single bit of it. But then I came here and read all your comments and then rewatched the episode again and fell in love with it. All my mature thoughts started from that very episode regarding ShivIka and I started to imagine them intimately and portrayed every romantic bit of them in my FFs as aesthetically as possible. And as always the love just increased every passing day.

    But as we are nearing the end to this beautiful journey, I would love to request everyone of you to join us in completing our target of 1000 comments on this very page on the day when SURBHI THE GREAT CHANDNA’s last scene airs. I hope you all will support me and my fellow friends in completing the target.

    Love to everyone of you, keep smiling and everyone else please stay in touch.



    1. NSK

      Hello ! Will be very glad to get to k ow u more💗

      1. Nilash

        Hello Noushin, I also hope to know you more 🙂

        Love and blessings to you ♥️

    2. Banita

      WELCOME BACK @Nilash…
      It’s really nycc to see ur (any old PKJian’s) comment after a very long time…
      Happy that U come here nd comment on d Laal Ishq episode…
      ADBOL 4 ur exm…

      1. Nilash

        Wow, here I was trying to make our relation normal as before but it seems that you are not interested. No problem dear PIC, stay happy in your life always. I won’t interfere in your life ever.

        Thank You for letting me go. Stay blessed always 🙂

    3. ItsmePrabha

      hello D,Welcome back with band baaja baarath..glad to see you here…i will always support you no matter what..Prem tum..take care..

  13. Sindhudi

    Hello #1 year laalIshqbaaz#

    Sorry Lu I can’t remember all your 5 questions. I will just let my feelings flow. It has been an amazing journey for over two years though I started only watching midway as I watched the Tamil version first before reverting to Hindi version. So I had to watch on hotstar first and then watch it on Tv later to catch up with all of you.

    Due to this Laal IB I found so many wonderful friends here on this Telly site and created such a wonderful family. All of became part of IB family. There were no divisions here at all. Everyone was equal to everyone’s pairing. Thanks so much for making me so welcome. I found so many younger siblings here in this site.

    Shivika has made me so special. Their romantic look and expressions have elevated many levels higher. No one on starplus has such chemistry and theirs is evergreen. Only Shivika can give such amazing closeness and affection for each other. Other couples who started off so well get waned off after about a year or so but not Shivika. Their chemistry is everlasting. The manner he looks at her and Shivaay’s eyes sums it all up. The way Anika looks at him and when Shivaay looks at her, anika’s hair gets blown in the wind and he brushes her hair backwards. When she falls he catches hold of her and then he gives that look to Anika that makes her shy away. A few times their eyes meet and Anika always shies away.

    The visual and cinematography of IB is always awesome. The set decor and all the lightings couldn’t be anybetter. It is always a treat to watch.

    I will definitely miss IB and I learnt the true value of what family means and how to handle any escalating problems in calm manner. Anika the khidkithod ha shown me that women are not weak. When you are alone you need to fight this world on your own. To be courageous and strong. So thank you Gul for giving us such a wonderful serial only to know that you have finally destroyed it with newbies.

    Thanks Lu for giving me this opportunity to write my thoughts about IB though it was difficult as you know why.

  14. Sindhudi

    Coming to today’s episode such a nice ending with the song Lafzon which is the famous family song.

    Finally stoop exposed and alls well that ends well. It is a pity that Anika is already sidelined in this episode. Usually the old episode Anika would be khidkithod and I thought she would tell Roop that because she is the Bua she is giving respect if not she would not spare anyone who tried to kill her Husband. This is typically Anika when she slapped Rudra with anger I expected her to do that to Roop. I can’t believe Gul how Low she has stooped. I am not sure whether to enjoy tomorrow’s episode but I suppose I will since I still have old IB to watch again.

  15. Sindhudi

    Jeevi dear I would like to thank you and Luthfa Arpu and banita for encouraging me to become a registered member. I am so grateful I became one. Can you imagine what is happening now? No one is going to come on after redux and that is the end of IB so I am Glad I became a registered member so I can still be your friends. It has been a great pleasure knowing all of you also NSK Agga Noushin Shiny Pushpa Kadhambari Shivya Shivika and I know there are many more of them who have stopped coming.

    1. NSK

      I Am trying to be here since its the last days😦

  16. Sindhudi

    I am actually hoping for a miracle. I am not sure whether this is all a fluke. Strangely Nakkul Leensh Kunal are not commenting about SC’s exit. Everyone is mum about it. Did Gul do this to increase Trp or what? I can’t fathom. I only hope it is just a temporary phase and then we will be in for a surprise. Then again when Gul sacks anyone she means business. So I really am not sure but I am just being hopeful.

    1. NSK

      It could be Gul’s plan to mislead the fandom
      To make them determined of not watching IB
      Which will resl*t in low TRP
      And she can shut the show blaming fans and degrading SHIVIKA
      i hate her 😠

  17. ShivikaSCNM

    I don’t know what to say I’m feeling sad only few episode is left days are passing soon.
    Yes sindhudi no one commented on SC’s exit except bhavya,Janavi and chachi that’s very bad.
    Why don’t they end ishqbaaz and start up a new story with their choice of female lead.
    I’m very much hurted not even able to think shivika’s role will be done.
    And coming to Lal ishq uff these guys where too much it was a epic no one can romance like them when ever I listen to this song I imagine only shivika.
    Miss u SC and NM love u guys all the best for u r future and god bless u both.

  18. Luthfa

    Ratings:Laal ishq was,is,will be remembered always as a pure art-art of Love.Love and it’s feelings are endless.Like RU Shivaay,I too believe that three words “I love you” can’t define the wholeness,depth,vastness of Love.Only one can feel it that’s it.For this reason I can’t rate Laal Ishq in mere number.To me,it was a portraiture of merging two souls who were in love and they went on completing each other in the most explicit yet subtle way in expressing love for each other.Countless words can be told to describe it but I will limit myself by not limiting Laal Ishq in numbers.

    1. ItsmePrabha

      this is what i wanted to say..i mean not this beautifully but i wanted to say that i can’t rate LI..

      1. Luthfa

        How sweet Sweetheart.Same pinch😊😊😊

  19. Luthfa

    When pics of upcoming Laal Ishq came,I was in the middle of my exam.Still I drooled over those pics like anything.I have not watched many serial that’s why I have little idea about consummation scene except Arshi.And I have been told that all are typical to watch.My excitement was sky touching and I was feeling a tingling sensation in waiting of Laal Ishq.More than myself,I was excited reading every other member’s excitement.Social Media was on fire totally.Everyone was ready to get burnt in Shivika’s love.To me,it was like a celebration of something really very,very special for which I was eagerly waiting like a little kid.Those moments,one year ago,I enjoyed like anything.My best moments in Shivika’s life.

      1. Luthfa


  20. Nilash

    As you all were discussing about the Laal Ishq episode since yesterday, so I would love to share the link of one of the hot ShivIka VM I created few months back to refresh your memories. Hope you all would love that, and if you check the it then please do share your opinions. Love ♥️

    Link to the VM 👇


    1. Sindhudi

      It is so wonderful Anika’s. Very beautiful video. You sort of summarised Luthfa’s five points and brought me back wonderful memories of Shivika. Oh I am gonna miss then so much. From this video clip I can see how much they have grown and matured.

    2. ItsmePrabha

      yeh maine dekhi hai…yayyy

  21. #1 year of Laal ishq
    Laal ishq was shot without any dialogue.There was nothing to say to each other bcos they are one soul.The actors complimented each other so beautifully thats why they are considered one of the greatest couple of indian television.None can take their place.Narbhi made Shivika so romantic so beautiful and so natural.Can’t imagine any other girl with NM.It’s a emotional and painful week for all of us .Feeling empty and helpless😢

  22. JeevithaTK

    #1yr laal ishq
    Lu dear only for u nd pkj.
    Dear. I’m extremely Sry tht I can’t remember all ur questions. Just 2 I remember. Rest I will try to today episode.
    1. No dear I was nt commenting. Not yet joined here..
    2. No dear. It nt bad bt Ya can’t be watched in TV. Becoz while watching ib even my mom nd sisters will b so can’t. Bt Ya watched it in hotstar.

  23. Hello my family
    Luthu, banita,agga, appy, nsk, shivika and all. Though ib is ended for me but here i got unconditional love, another family whom i never thought that i will be part of any tu. Thankyou for welcoming me warmly and accepting me here.
    Now coming to episode if all these would have shown before gul drama i would have enjoyed thoroughly. Alas i did not enjoyed as before.
    Just just hoping for miracle and nothing else.
    Bye love you all keep smiling and chillax😊

  24. ItsmePrabha

    hola pagals…How are you??remember me?? arrey mein mrs.laila majnu singh awaara..aise kaise bhool sakthe ho yaar..galath baath bohoth galat baath..hehehe..okay ho gayi meri nautanki..
    toh sach sach bolun toh aaj kal ka epi mein ne abhi tak dekhi hi nahi..
    main yaha issliye aayi kyunki meri Lu darling ne ek initiative ki na #1yroflaalishq ..uske liye aayi hoon..aur aaj se hamari shivika ka ishqbaazi jab tak chalega tab tak aaneka koshish karoongi..
    to shuru kare meri experience with LI
    hmm,ek secret bol doon pehle..main ne uss waqt commet nahi kiya kyunki main sharma gayi.. ab thodi bohoth cheapdi ho gayi hoon. toh kar rahi hoon..
    1) toh pehle main apni pre-excitement ki baath karoongi..yaar main kabhi bhi gul bull ko follow nahi ki i mean like insta pe ya twitter pe..toh woh kuch bhi post karthi toh main sirf tag pe hi dekhthi thi..toh jaise har din tag pe jaati thi waise hi uss din bhi gayi aur tadan tag is filled with Laal ishq videos and captures..ek second ke liye woh captures dekhe meri saasein rukh gayi.. phir video dekhi toh i was like spell bound bas repeat mein dekhi hi jaa rahi thi.. i waited for it like a crazy girl..but phir meri saari armanon pe paani pher liya mummy ne, yeh kehkar ki kal tujhe jaldi utna hai toh aaj tujhe tv dekhne ko milega nahi..dil toot gayi..well no problem we do have our hotstar for the rescue..but main LI late dekhi thi..
    2)coming to the comment on that day..jaise maine kaha main nahi dekh paayi toh kuch comment nahi kiya..par aaj karoongi..well mere liye laal ishq was,is and will be aesthetically pleasing…baap re baap..matlab i felt like i was in a dreamland..ofcourse it’s my shivika dream land..i don’t know meri paas woh lafz nahi hai jisse main laal ishq ki tareef karoon…
    3)and coming to my visual experience..Oh My God!!!..Lalith sir and all the technical team need to be appreciated alongside narbhi..really if the output came such beautifully that’s becoz of all their hard work…
    4)well coming to my experience with laal ishq..hmm..okay i blushed like anything..okay koyi hasenge nahi..i mean i used to feel that tingling sensation in my stomach..this is the first time i felt like that watching a Consummation scene..ab koyi aise na socho ki iss ladki ne kitne dekhi hogi..main toh bas Arshi ki dekhi thi aur uss waqt i am a boli baali bachi..aur yeh meri dusri time hai..warna aise waise scenes main dekhthi nahi..haww..
    5) aur rahi baath rating ki toh jaise meri Lu darling ne kaha ..waise hi main iss LI ko koyi rating nahi desakhthi..
    Well sabke comments padke bohoth maza aaya..Will be meeting you all tomorrow..Till then take care..Me Lubs You all..Muaahh..
    Aur haa jin jinki exams chalu hai un sabko All the best of Good Luck..

  25. Luthfa

    My Visual Experience:
    Laal Ishq’s picturization was just perfect.Not less or excess in any way.From the moment it started with the spilling of paint through Shivaay followed by Anika’s laugh,was just surreal to believe.Did not feel like I was about to watch a consummation sequence.Lalit Mohan directed it like a maestro of direction and every other member,who was behind its making,gave their 100%.Not to mention,Narbhi aced it like anything.Laal Ishq’s every single second was beautiful,more beautiful,most beautiful.It lasted few minutes but told countless tales of love,Shivika’s love for each other.Every part of Laal Ishq was different.From Starting to ending it was just love.Felt like white snow is melting getting the heat of morning Sun,flowers are giving away fragnance touching by mild air,fireflies are glowing in the darkness,reflection of Moon in the water of pond dancing in the wave and scattering,dreaminess of night……Can go on and on.In short,Laal Ishq is unbeatable in every way possible.Be it in beauty,presentation,direction,cinematography,acting-all in all,a tribute to human sense to cherish forever.A never to forget visual experience.Many consummation sequence will come.But Laal Ishq was,is,will be one which no one will be able to surpass in visual and aesthetic quality.Bars are very high to pass and the only reason is Narbhi’s personal comfort level and acting calibre.

  26. Luthfa

    Overall Experience:
    To me,Laal Ishq was a story from starting to end.It was a story of love,longing,raw desire,sensuous union of body and soul.A beautifully told story which had everything.Like Robert Frost’s poem,it can be explained from many angle but every time it will turn out to be different.It has explanation but not too at the same time.This secret essence makes it most beautiful experience to cherish and ponder on it,always.I am thankful to my fate for giving the opportunity to witness Laal Ishq and have it stored in my memory.

  27. Luthfa

    Last and Final One:
    In LAAL ISHQ,NM was less expressive in few parts but SC was superb in giving accurate expression.This is a tiny thing which I have felt on my part.And thank you sooooooooooo….sooooooooooo..very much guys who has joined to participate in the celebration upon my words.Thank you once again.Love you all😊😊😊😊

    1. #1YearOfLaalIshq
      Hi meri pyaari Luthfa di, Sorry for not being the part of this campaign. I’m extremely sorry for it.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Shivya dearest,
        It’s absolutely okay.You are having exams so it’s completely fine.But I missed your write up on Laal Ishq.PKJ will celebrate Shivika’s 2nd anniversary on 30 November.If you want you can add your writings on that day.What say?See you soon.Lots of love😊😊😊

    2. #1yr of laalishq
      Sorry luthu for being late
      Shivika’s laal ishq what should i say i cannot express what i felt. Mummy kasham batai dete hai dil pe tha karke laga tha ekdam jhor se batai dete hai tumko bhauva…… haha
      Laal ishq it was full of heaven. Shivay and anika were in heaven on that time. Starting from shivay the man whose nkk was his believes fall in love with the girl who was totally different but she was pure from heart. On that moment his eyes were promising her that he will take care of her, he will be her strenght, he respects her. His moves were saying that i love you whole heartly, I will cherrish you all my life indirectly he was telling i got my soul my another half. The thrown of red paint on her just lighted the spark between them which was blown off somewhere.
      Anika she was suprised that she has got diamond who respects her, believe she is equal to him. Her eyes were showing eternal love to him promising to be with him everywhere, every situation. The moves showed she believes shivay is his friend, a perfect life patner.
      Coming to closseness ehmehm living that moment, enjoying that moment whole heartly. Moving towards next level. Next level doesnt means completing your lust its step of promising we are together we will be together we trust each other.
      And in the end anika’s kiss and their hug showed cutness and loyalty. Anika kiss was a proven that she believes him and her wish if you all remembered koi aisa aye jiski puri zindagi mere charo taraf ghume. Got fulfilled.
      Soooo for me these were the thoughts i know i am not good in writing but i tried my best and wrote down the feelings.
      I hope you liked it
      Bye keep smiling and take care

  28. Nati

    Hey #1year of Laal Ishq

    Shivika ishq was really laal so pure nd so divine. But with color of love, they also showered the rest 6 colors of rainbow too. And each color has it’s on speciality nd importance in love life of our Shivika.

    Orange. Is the color of equality nd both were equal in tadi and tashan that’ why their dadi said in dono ki ishqbaaz takar ki hai.

    Yellow.. the symbol of light. Anika was afarid of darkness and then Shivaay became her sun.

    Green color of growth. When it was spread on the floor it proved that with time Shivika love for eachother kept on growing it’s roots got more deepen.

    Blue color of sky nd sea water like both are unknown nd no limits same was their love that has no limits.

    Indigo the color of awarenes. That Anika pour of Shivaay nd made him aware about reality shown him the real world that’s beyond NKK ideologies

    Violet it’s the last color ifrom inspiration to artists. Both became inspiration for one another nd finally coated eachother in their color. Color of ishq their laal lshq nd became Shivika. From Anika to SSO.

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Good comments luthfa dear…. #nosurbhinoishqbaaz

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