Bigg Boss 12 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 67
The house wakes up to the song ‘Chhota Bacha Samaj Ke Humko’. They all dance and enjoy.

Sristy says to Rohit that you saw us in dream? Rohit says yes, KV was saving you.

Sree says to Jasleen that they keep talking about group. Jasleen says they dont know what is right and wrong.

Deepak says to Rohit that Somi have done mistakes so she will go to jail. Somi says I was sleeping one time only. Somi asks Deepak to not say cheap lines to her, you will go to jail. Romil says he said I love you. Megha says yes. Deepak throws pillows at him.

Deepak asks Megha to support him in captaincy task. Megha says you won main task by cheating. Deepak says we broke your team. Megha says I know he went to your team.

Deepak asks Dipika to support him captaincy task.
Sristy and Surbhi mimics Deepak and Dipika.
Dipika asks Deepak what he thinks about Somi? Deepak says I like her, its not just for show.

Karanvir reads out the captaincy task Breaking News. Surbhi and Deepak will turn into reporters and they have to find news in the house. News caster will tell news but both contenders will have to find breaking news from inmates, they have to give those news to anchor, contenders will be her reporter, at the end of task, whoever have more points will win the task.

Rohit is jumping on house walls. Romil asks can you jump? Deepak comes there as reporter and asks what are you doing?
Surbhi asks KV if he is hiding things from house? KV says I save them so we can use on time. Surbhi shows his stash which he has hidden.
Deepak shows Rohit looking outside house by jumping wall.
Surbhi says to KV that you have been stealing sugar and Simar cries for it. KV says all have been alleged here.
Deepak says Romil and Rohit stole Appy fizz.

Sweta Singh comes on TV and announces that Deepak and Surbhi have only created news and fake news is unacceptable, Deepak was close to tell breaking of rules but he created that too.

Surbhi says to Romil that happy club is not anymore? Romil says no comments.
Megha says to Deepak that I am not a contestant here, this is my breaking news.
Surbhi talks to Sree.
Megha says that what is happening with Somi with respect to teasing by Deepak is not right at all, I will go to women rights council after show.

Surbhi asks Somi is she chooses sides in Happy Club fights. Somi says she doesn’t like it when these fights happen and that others laugh at them.

Rohit talks about his girlfriend, he broke up with her 2 years back and she is a daughter of a film producer and famous actress now.

Sweta Singh comes and judges their reportage
She judges the breaking news reported by both. Surbhi gets a point. Sweta says Surbhi found out that happy club is broken, Deepak created many breaking news but he has to find one main news so Surbhi gets one point and Deepak doesnt.

Deepak goes to Megha and talks to her about her statement about approaching the Women’s Commission on leaving the house. Deepak says she is spreading fake news. Megha gets agitated and asks him to not create fake news.

Surbhi says to Dipika that you have lost kitchen?Dipika says yes.
Deepak talks to Jasleen about Megha lying and going to women commission. Megha threatens to slap him and says that will be news. Deepak says she is talking like this ti reporter. Megha says get lost, *******, Deepak says this is her real face, is she a winner? Megha says he is a loser. Deepak says I showed her real face and attitude. Megha says dont talk about my attitude and style, I will slap you. She says why he is talking about my chal chalan? Deepak says it means behaviour. Megha spits on his slipper. Megha says talk about your mother and sister, get lost with your news, stop your rubbish. She pushes him. Megha shouts at him to stop rubbish. Sristy tries to stop Megha. Megha sys we showed her face. Megha throws slipper on him and leaves. Deepak says it has hurt my foot. Megha comes there and says you are ****, shut up. KV says why are you talking about her chal chalan? its character targeting. Deepak says she spit on me and hurt me with slipper. Sree tries to stop Megha. Deepak throws his mic and says I am not doing task, Megha asks him to shut up. Deepak says you have double character, get lost. Megha says I will slap you. Deepak says your character is showing now, your face is clear now. Deepak says she used her character, she threw slipper on me and spit on .

Surbhi says to Dipika that Megha wants to take kitchen from you but you took it back as Simar.

Jasleen says that the word Deepak used may have a bad connotation. Somi asks him to calm down.

Megha has locked herself in washroom. Deepak comes there too. Sree asks him to leave. Dipika, Srishty call Megha outside the toilet. Sreesanth comes too. Deepak goes and shows the pair of shoes that she threw at him. Deepak says this is character of a good person?
Megha said she would have beaten him up if he were outside the house. Surbhi also comes and consoles Megha. She asks him to not be angry, you are a winner for us. Megha smiles.

Sweta Singh judges the reportage so far
Deepak wins a point in this round. Surbhi and Deepak are 1-1. Sweta says Deepak broke the news that Megha faked her earlier news and he kept reporting.

Surbhi sees Rohit and Romil in jail and says this is breaking rules, they are doing it deliberately. Sree says Rohit is trying to make his partner win by breaking rules. Jasleen says Rohit is breaking rules, he calls girls losers, I will slap him someday. Somi says you cant talk about slapping him. Jasleen says you mind your language, you are calling *******. Somi says you have no manners, you keep saying bad stuff, I will break your face. Jasleen says come. Somi says talk with respect. Surbhi asks what you made you angry? Somi says she barks without any reason. Jasleen says I will say what I want.

Deepak asks KV if there are ghosts in house? KV says yes. Sristy says I see bad dreams, there are vibrations here, I feel some pressure, sometimes I am in a trans, there is something here. Depeak says two celebrities have agreed that they feel ghosts presence here.
Surbhi says to Somi that Jasleen gets involved in matters to get footage? Somi says yes, she doesnt do anything. Surbhi reports the open rivalry between the two women. Jasleen says she is brainless. Somi says you have nothing, go and ask Anup, you have no value to him too. Somi says you have no identity except Anup, you keep backbiting about people. Jasleen says what do you do here? Somi says be in limits. Jasleen says I have just talked about happy club, she talked about Anup, I have been here after Anup too.

Megha cries alone and criticises the others and says everything is a strategy for them, donkeys, dogs, *****, I will curse them.

Surbhi asks Rohit if the Somi-Jasleen fight happened due to him? Somi was defending you when Jasleen said she would slap you. Rohit says Jasleen is taking footage, she doesnt exist for me.

Deepak asks Megha to give him a bite, she asks him to leave and keep blanket up her face. Deepak says why are you miffed when you threw slipper on me. Megha says no comments. Deepak thanks her.

Sweta Singh jusges the reportage so far
Surbhi and Deepak each get a point. Surbhi for breaking news of Jasleen and Somi’s rivalry and Deepak breaking news of ghost in house. They stand at 2-2.

Deepak says next breaking news is that Sree is a traitor, Romil says okay.

Sreesanth talks about the slap. Surbhi thanks him for talking. Sree says we had a rivalry with Harbajan, we were in different teams in IPL, I took match seriously, I took his wicket and celebrated so he got angry.
Deepak asks Dipika what she thinks about Sree not performing in task yesterday? Dipika says no comments.
Sree says both people were at fault. He reveals the entire story. Sree says I put fire in that match, he didnt slap me, it was back slap kind of thing, I was so angry that I used to respect him so much, I want to clear that he is like a brother for me, he still is in contact with me, there was no issue, it was just a fight between brothers, I love you. Surbhi says it shows your character, thank you. Deepak comes there and says Rohit is saying that you have no value for relations, you are like Flipsanth. Rohit says no comments. They leave. Surbhi asks Sree why he didnt clarify before? Sree says there is a time for everything.

Sweta says on TV that this is first time Sree have opened up about slapgate scandal, its a breaking news for cricket world, Sree didnt let Deepak distract him, she gives one point to Surbhi. Deepak hugs Surbhi. Its Surbhi 3 and Depeak 2 points. Breaking news task ends and Surbhi becomes captain. Surbhi thanks Sree and says to inmates that the way Sree cleared the air about that matter is great, she tears up.

Sree says to Megha that Rohit was going low in task, I was so angry and he wanted footage at that time. Sree gets angry. Surbhi says we had a good talk, it was not just task. Dipika says he is most cheap person in house. Sree wishes his son and says my wife call Harbhajan and say sorry for anything wrong.

PRECAP- Surbhi says I want to send Jasleen to jail. Jasleen says she is using her powers. Dipika says Surbhi shouldnt say that she stands with right anymore, she disappointed today.
Deepak says to Jasleen that Dipika said to Surbhi that we supported you in captaincy task so become partial in household chores. Dipika says say it on my face, Deepak says I dont want to give you footage. Dipika says you cant keep insulting people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. lol today’s show was to focus on low votes candidates in nominations # jasleen # rohit # megha# somi but we as fans know that TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL will be going to finale so keep voting for him !!!!! cheers for SUPERCOOL ROMIL # he is marvellous, intelligent, well mannered, he is super contestant this show could have ever had .GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL doing very nicely in the house he is GEM OF A PERSON # he always stands for the truth and he will win the show despite # SIMAR KA HALWA ROMIL WILL HAVE HIS JALWA # FLIPSHANTH is making fun of tasks always lol backs out like donor DINDA in cricket keep voting him guys, make 10-10 email accounts and do lots of voting for GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # A TRUE SOUL # KOHINOOR PERSONALITY in the house # cheers to all fans # love to OJA !!!!!# romil and somi are so honest on their bro-sis bond # cool

    1. mrs devinder.singh uk

      this season 12 is too much. they are always fighting and taking the piss. deepak is a rat , two faced as well as a rat. why is it they all pick on sree all the time , this is bullying . i was looking forward to big boss 12 but this time some of the commoners are to common.

    2. In short they are cheap not bcoz of their background but bcoz of their character.last year Jyoti was good

  2. to be frank today’s show was biased towards # KV# SRISHTY # SIMAR # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL as if they were giving special guest appearence in the show tonight , it was all a fish market chaoss in the show tonight and megha # DUKHI AATMA (SAD GHOST ) OF THE HOUSE was a fish seller tonight ,after a long time we have seen two girls fight like #NURSERY CLASS KIDS # just pulling up hair was left for the two stupid girls # jasleen is more of a TUBELIGHT AS COMPARED TO ALIA BHATT’S GK lol # SOMI was also shouting for nothing # megha has lost her cool # she was creating chaoss for free footage again lol this dumbo lady was just like FEMALE SIDDHU # the difference is just that he laughs unnecessarily and megha SHOUTS UNNECESSARILY LOL

  3. megha behaved irrationally today as if she was hallucinated by MONJULIKA’S GHOST just like in bhool bhulaiya movie of akshay kumar # megha behaved like KAMAL R KHAN tonight # rakhi sawant is leaving india coz she had seen better loudspeaker than her tonight # now parents willl tell to their kids # so jao bacche nhi to MEGHA aa jayegi lol lol lol # she really has shown her bargaining power tonight its confirmed MNC has requested biggboss to let megha in house to maintain MUMBAI’S PEACE MARCH # local malls issued special megha named coupans for bargaining over sarees sale :))-for more updates keep voting TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL #cheers to all :))-

    1. @Airplane totally agreed

  4. Ye bigg Boss ka Sabse ghatia season hai jise log dekhne ki bajaye padhna pasand krte hain…… except Shree,Deepika and janleen all are actually stupid and extremely stupid

    1. Agreed xyz

    2. @Xyz..

      even kabhi kabhi toh log read karna bhi pasand nhi karte..

      there are lot of ppl who even stopped to read n write comments as well…

  5. @Airplanes lolwaaa ?????? you’re superb ! Just amazzzzing. ???

  6. when trust and friendship has to be divided # weighing scale never have equal proportionate # same goes for SIMAR KV and SREE # KV thinks SIMAR is more towards sree # sree thinks kv has betrayed him # and for simar she has choosen sree on behalf of sacrifice of kv’s friendship and trust # the bond this TRIO share in first weeks is been missing these days just coz of flop script by writers of the show # better make kv and simar good friends again and have a pure bond of trust and friendship with sree adjusting in it if allowed:))-but indeed simar is missing a true friend in kv now # flipsanth may be a bro for her but he can never ever take a friend’s seat as kv was for simar # time will tell who double crossed whom but i hope for kv he just not become hiten of this season and simar must not vote out kv for saving sree # upcoming plot soon # stay tuned :))-keep voting for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL in abundance with love and pride !!!!!

    1. You brag so much about Romil. He is the most laziest person and extremely laid back. Never will you see him sit up straight, manly, always lolling around. Yes he manuliplates the show from the background.

  7. What Megha did was wrong but was it really an overreaction? IMO it wasn’t ! that guy has been after her night and day instigating her and now he commented on her character any woman would react that way maybe even more and if family is present they would dive into the brawl as well ,you can’t just say a girl/woman character is bad that goes in totally different sense however I know she shouldn’t have spat on him cause it diluted the mistake he just committed and has been committing and she has to suffer the consequences of doing it on national TV …besides I know they all chose best from the worst but I don’t think sree should’ve given that news to surbhi given their history in the house or a matter of fact not to deepak either and kept it as a secret as it was(but is it really that imp to cricket fans tho?did y’all really wanna know lol)deepika was looking really pretty in that white dress today, ethereal is the word defines her beauty in today’s episode…. Besides this rohit is thinking he did something game changing he doesn’t know the things he did along with his turncoat move has literally shattered his reputation outside the house and salman may even comment on it with his old aggression too seeing the backlash on twitter it garnered, can deepak calm down a little and stop hogging people for attention?I never liked him people used to say he is funny but to me he always come off as annoying but from Last few weeks todays epi and tomorrow promo he’s looking way more desperate, he is intentionally using words and behavior to provoke other contestants he doesn’t know how badly it all is affecting his image…and what wrong did jasleen say that somi came after her fuming with her takya kalam “badmeezi mat karo”?has she taken a pledge to fight on behalf of happy club and its followers?or was it just a desperation to be seen…why is a smile always fixed on srishtys face? She reminds me of joker(batman)

    1. Nothing can defend what Megha did because it is not 1st time she did it. 1st day she got angry she raised slipper that simply means that is way she reacts. Agar wo pehle din se wo harkat na karti I would understand ki wo build up hua spontaneous but that is bit planned.
      If Sree has been given benefit of doubt for Hindi to same benefit goes to Deepak as Bihar mein chal chalan is commonly used to talk about day to day behave.
      And Megha dikhne kly over react karti hai jabki ushe jarurat nai. She doesn’t want to wait to be seen gradually. Why I am saying this is Kal bhi jab worst 3 batane Thea she started with some extra background that was not needed.that is what makes her bit irritating.

    2. I agree wid ur point about megha…. bt nt on deepaks word…. i m also a bihari nd chaal chalan is the word used for describing character nt behaviour. In bihar people use the word swabhaav nt chaal chalan

    3. @Jagannath..

      i guess i always agreed to ur comments..

    4. @Hope..

      agreed what megha did was wrong..
      but as many of the ppl can see happy club bullied alot.. and it was not at all megha who started talking about her win..

      It was only happy club who was always bully everyone.. and i guess to bully someone is much more impactful than any physical attack..
      as we can’t ignore megha’s fault so as we can’t ignore happy club’s bullying fact…

      and jo harkatein megha abhi kar rahi h wo sab already happy club’s so called members bohot pehle kar chuke h..

    5. @XYZ Whom did you see spitting or using slipper before this winner. And yes she started on very 1st day that I am winner of the show and respect me.
      I liked the way she nominated people using her brain in her entry task but after 5 sentences of her interaction it was evident that she is considering BB Marathi winner tag too seriously and her arrogance was made fun of. Uski galli bhi thodi uncut video m sun lo even Surbhi ne aisi galli nai di aur arthi to nai uthayi.
      Cricket match mein bhi ek din ki Jeet udhar hi reh jati hai. New day new game. But ye baat iski samajh m nai aati.

    6. @Hope… as i have already said what megha did was wrong..

      but not only spitting comes in a mistake or crime.. but to bully almost everyone is pathetic too..

      and it was bb itself who introduce megha as bb marathi winner.. waise agar megha apne winner hone ka ghamand kar rahi h toh kya fark padta h jb happy club toh pra hi starting se hi kuch na hote hue bhi ghamand kar raha h..

      atleast megha achieve karne k baad ghamand dikha rahi h…which makes sense.. but finals m pohonche bina hi agar ye log itna ghamand karte h toh that is much more funnier than of megha’s winner ghamand…

      aur rahi baat uncut ki.. toh frankly speaking i am really not interested to watch n waste my time.. #kidding..

    7. @hope… i think u have nt follwed the other seasons …in last season puneesh threw his slipper on akash…. kishwer spat in rishabh’s glass… n above all swami om threw his pee…n in terms of foul language priyanga jagga is the winner. … i m nt defending megha at all… bt she was a winner (whether on regional or other ) …living inside big boss house is nt an easy task… wo pehle hi kaafi kuch jhel chuki hogi…den she came in this super mad house wid super duper mad contestants… so uska reaction isiliye high level ka aata h… she has reached her threshold level of tolerance… since day 1 happy club is criticising nd making jokes on her being a winner…so its wrong….jeet kisi bhi level ki ho jeet hoti ha…uska mazaak banana galat h….

    8. @Ankush…

    9. I agreed to you xyz and ankush,she said she is the winner,she was not supposed to tell bcoz happy club doesn’t have any achievement to tell.if they have any achievement they will not tell any people.there is a limit of bullying ,here Deepak is the real Priyanka jagga always trying to play victim card of his background or poverty.i like jasleen not too much but the way she reply back is awesome.who the hell are others to tell she is not deserving it.they have bb support it doesn’t mean that they are right.sristy was a unfair sanchalk but Salman will appreciate or won’t say anything.

      Every girl should behave like mega to people like Deepak.

      Last year aaksh also did lots of things but never a worst player like Deepak

    10. Deepak is the one who is playing victim card ,surabhi and somi also

  8. thank god india don’t have reporters like surbhi and deepak then tag line will be changed to # chain se sona hai to bigg boss mat dekhna # alert: seeing deepak’s reporting was like LAXMAN SHIV RAMA KRISHNAN doing commentry in hindi for world cup and deepak was asked like sarfaraz to speak in english # horrible nightmare for the viewers really # india is blessed to have doordarshan still active coz seeing surbhi and deepak’s reporting live star plus show is filing FIR on colors for using copyrights to make # surbhi deepak khan reporting live !!!! # have faith on reporters folks just forget the horrible reporting tonight or record it for your enemies to whatsapp them to give them a torturefull winter night !!! # just kidding # keep voting for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # as today is 550th birthday for gurunanak ji # ROMIL FANS wish you on behalf of pure soul to all the ppl who are celebrating across the globe # NRIs fans of #RABB KA BANDA ROMIL wish u the same # enjoy and cheers # all haters have # SIMAR KA HALWA with sugar free content in it # stay healthy # PATA NHI ANJALI GHEE SPONSORS REPORTS

  9. If a winner of same show who knows what happens there can’t handle happy club crap and is reacting this way then I guess its time I better take back things about sree cause his reaction was mild compared to meghas 😐 😐 again if a seasoned player can’t take the torture then it must be crossing all limits

    1. The winner tag has gotten over her head. If she is winner, I guess that is because of limited audience of regional bigg boss. What that lady did and has been doing can never be justified. Koi wahan uski maar khane nai aaya hai. Her reaction is different to celebs and non celeb. Even when she is angry she never says anything to established celeb. She won’t be sent back home as what she did, she did it to a non celeb. If BB is fair ever she should sit back home and enjoy her one time win. And she should check meaning of chal chalan in dictionary, the literal meaning is behavior. Dragging things more than required is her skill.
      Pathetic was all celebs and HMs went back to console her when she was wrong. These people don’t have backbone. Except Srishty I didn’t see anyone clearly saying her that she is wrong.

    2. I used to read the updates and the comments…but it is first time i’m commenting…and i completely agree with u hope…the behaviour megha is showing us continuously actually forcing to think that ‘is she a winner?’…she is behaving like a mad lady….

    3. @hope…
      chal chalan… doesn’t mean behavior

      gaon side m suna h kabhi ye word???? chal chalan ka matlab character hota h har jagah…

      megha ne jo kiya wo galt h but only usi pe bolna aur deepak ki har baat ko ignore karna is not right too..

    4. @Anon..

      i can bet on this thing.. jitne bhi log happy club ki side lete h.. wo actual m aise logo k sath 2 hours bhi spend kar k dikhaye…

      megha was the winner of a regional show.. but this bb is much more bigger than marathi one…
      and i guess megha ne khud bhi ane se pehle ye nhi socha hoga ki makers happy club ki side h..

      i think celebrities ko jo baat sabse zyada irritate kar rahi h wo h happy club ko har cheez m favour milna…

    5. And they can’t even say it aloud yesterday after task sree tried saying same thing but was shut by deepika they are that afraid to bring up the topic, I hope sree doesn’t keep quiet and speak about the elephant in the room aloud again and deepika doesn’t quiet him up like a child but just for discussion purposes is hina the only one from previous seasons who had the guts to question makers biasedness that too on wkw I don’t remember any contestant in any season that has spoken about it while being in the bb house like she did.

    6. Reh to koi Megha jaise k bhi saath nai sakta

  10. Surbhi ne Happy club banaya-50% credit but ushe intentionally break karke sympathy faltu m lena koi ishe se sikhe. She is playing at cost of her team. Megha women commission ki baat karke is saying Deepak characterless. If somi told her that, no. so Megha is one who is charging at character.

    1. @Hope..

      do u really think ye log jo itna bhai chara show krte h actual m true hoga…??

      ye toh starting se hi clear tha jab tak sath rehne e fayda h sath rahenge aur jab celebrities ki votes k liye need hogi toh group break kr denge..

      and ye bhi clear hi h that surbhi is the strongest player in happy club… toh wo romil k liye khatra h… somi/romil and dpk time ane pe sabse pehle surbhi ko nominate karte aur ye baat surbhi ko bhi samajh aa gayi…

  11. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL to wife and son : apne dil ki sunn, Afwahoon se kaam na le ,mujhe yaad rakh ,beshak naam na le ,tera vehamm hai ki,main bhula hoon tujhe ,meri aise koi saas nhi ,jo tera naam na le
    TO all SHOIKA fans : jine ke usne hume ek nayi adaa di hai ,khuss rehne ki usne dua di hai ,aye khuda usko saara jahan dena ,jisne hume apni dil mein jagah di hai # THOKO THALI :P#not the maharaj bhog wali :p

  12. Jasleen Sach mein bich m footage kly aati hai and I am sick about her aurat se baat karne ki tameez.
    I am also woman and I am against any woman using woman card. Stop it. If woman talks back in same language baat khatam.
    Deepak went back to talk to Megha that made him better than Megha.

    1. @Hope..

      yes u r correct… there should be equality btwn men and women..
      but equality tends in men n men and women n women too..

      jo girls apko pasand h unhe nazuk kali ki tarah treat karna.. aur jo girls apko pasand nhi unko stone ki tarah treat karna kahin se equality oh show nhi karta..

      yes.. jasleen iand megha is doing it for footage bcz they need it.. but deepak and sristy are also doing everything for footage too…

      au deepak toh jab nominations m nhi hota tab bhi footage k liye laga rehta h…

      ek k liye kuch bhi karan kisi bhi hadd tak jana sahi h but dusre k liye nhi… y??????

      and rahi baat women card ki toh it was somi and surbhi jo har task se pehle hi woman card play karna start kar dete h…chahe wo kv ho ya fir sree..

      megha and jasleen really did not play women card… task k time touch karna is allowed as per the need of task but kisi bandi ka hath pakad k faltu ka nachna n all drama karna kahan se sahi tha??????

      it was somi who was playing women card in ship task…tabhi women card wala sentence q nhi bola kisi ne?????and it was dpka who didn’t say anything even for a once …

      so as per the person toh values change nhi ho sakte na.. jo tab galat nhi tha toh ab kaise galat h????????

    2. @XYZ I have time and again mentioned it about all women in house that I don’t like them playing women card. And unlike you I am neither favoring HC or celebs. I have pointed out HC faults too.
      My problem with these women is 3 month k show kly don’t represent half population of country as weaker s*x. Agar ye strategy bhi hai to ghatiya hai. BB jaisa PR based show doesn’t deserve that.

    3. “Deepak went back to talk to Megha that made him better than Megha.”

      only this thing he did right…

    4. He went back to Megha only to get support from her. And get some breaking news. Because the only breaking news he got was from Megha. Noone else helped him to get the breaking news. It was his selfishness or greed but not being kind.

  13. some jagat ke nath mentioned SIMAR as ether real :
    procedure to make ether : C2H5OH + CH3COOH —–>CH3COOC2H5 +H20
    (di methyl ether )# itarr # perfumes
    as bigg boss have minimized luxury budget :as only HALWA is GST FREE in BB HOUSE this rule will help SIMAR to make ETHER as well as # KHUSHI KA HALWA #P.S: source of ingredients still to be known # stay tuned for more updates

    1. You’re funny….not she looked good accept it

    2. Airplanes, itna Sb pata h.formula of ether..but yeah nahi pata k heart ka colour Golden nahi hota..Lol… Don’t take it seriously..hehe

    3. Sulata …. nehle pe dehla?
      Its Better 2 read comments dan watching ths cheap show

  14. I will give credit where it’s due meghq entry and her attitude in task actually raised the game to some level it wasn’t on before , she added a little something that was missing AND she has been treated badly by happy club especially by deepak in yesterday’s task she was physically mentally harassed and even today the ruckus was started by deepak HOWEVER she shouldn’t have done what she did I just saw an unedited video and she said some really vulgar stuff to him in anger idk he definitely deserves it but she shouldn’t have done that on a show where people focus on reaction than action and the words inspite of being beeped out still make their way out through uncut videos so it made me a little uncomfortable listening to them and I regret watching that video I never imagined it was going to be this hard on my poor ears never will I ever watch a voot video of a fight ever again nope…..biggest regret she should’ve is that she reserved same kind of repercussion for herself as the perpetrator it was her golden chance to get her revenge on deepak on wkw(that’s little given the biasedness this season but still) but instead his side will be ignored now and she’ll get proper telling off

    1. @sana..

      i m in love with ur comments.. and i truly meant it..
      bada dil se likhte ho yaar…
      i read ur yesterday’s comment just now… and that was really wonderful.

      @jagannath and jap…
      i loved ur comments too..

    2. Really aww thankyou 😀

  15. If Megha is not sent back home for hitting than shivashish should be back in the show. I too wonder how is she the winner of any show. Dolly Bindra was better. You can’t beat anyone. Contestants will be bothered about their safety now.

    1. @hope..

      when saba pushed sristy and surbhi pulled her hair when surbhi pushed dka .. tab agar salman ne unhi logo ki side liya and may be apne bhi …toh abhi megha case hitting case kaise bn gaya?????

      sabke liye rules different h kya????

      if u r in favour of happy club or i am not in favour f happy club doesn’t affect the rules na??????

      jo cheez non happy club k liye worng h wo happy club k liye bhi wrong honi chaiye
      as u said everyone is equal…

  16. The laziest person on so far on all shows of big boss is Romil. I have never seen him do anything. He lolls wherever he is never sits up straight. And from this sleep position he watches and dictates to the happy club and they follow him blindly. I hate this aspect of him, he needs to smarten up and be on the move. Never does he shake a leg when the morning music plays. Just continues sleeping all the time it makes me doze off seeing him. This is like three months of complete rest for him.

  17. Bigg Boss show is something which should inspire audience to witness adaptability of contestants, their ability to thrive and survive amidst group of people from different backgrounds. During this journey ,the contestants should be able to entertain and make a place in the hearts of audience by light hearted comedy during tasks. Recently I have started hating this show. Everything seems fake. Credit goes to the makers. Clearly the makers want to increase the trps and go to an extent where in they make people to start digging other’s personal stuff, past, flaws, criticise them, make them show in bad light, and the most funny part is that the person who is successful in doing it is the winner. It was looking really ugly yesterday, the fight between Deepak and Megha. Why can’t they have a task which is not below the belt. Although these fights will keep the audience glued to TV, however will have an negative impact on them. There were many interesting tasks in the earlier seasons which I admired, but now the makers are really desperate. This season definitely brings out the worst in good. No favourites for me this year.

  18. If Sree and dipika were commoners, they might have got eliminated long before, not at all playing well
    Megha plays well among all, but when angry she goes crazy
    KV started playing silently, don’t know how long

    1. @Teddy…

      if they would be commoner then they will definitely behaves like happy club for sure…
      abhi ye logo ko pata h janta bacha hi legi… aur agar janta nhi bhi bachati toh makers 2 strong celebrities ko top 5 m le k hi jayenge

    2. I just want to see them(Sree and dipika) playing well, neha was better than dipika in doing task
      Sometimes I get irritated, when they just give up, without trying

  19. “Chal chalan” is character anywhere in India you go it’s what it means it’s an urdu linguistic word with proper definition you can’t just change it’s meaning from region to region as you can’t change meaning of other languages vocab, deepak questioned meghas charatcter and that’s a really big thing for a woman unless you want to be beaten by chappals and jotass you don’t bring that up and he did, later when everyone was getting all up on him he made up a meaning, he is really cunning and I must say Megha is really dumb she shouldn’t have indulged in what he was trying to do, she should’ve controlled after all she has live through same provocation once and came out on top of it. She booked her ticket to be mocked on wkw with this though if salman berates her then I hope he does it to deepak and rohit as well cause if he can conjure energy for one misbehavior than he certainly can for 100 of misconducts by these two as well

    1. @Anonymous….??

  20. Romil cannot be called a one man army. Without his followers (happy club) his mastermind skills are useless. He is the laziest member of the house who for no reason targets Dipika. I admit he does know how to survive in the house till the end.

  21. I have noticed one thing…
    when happy club member do anything wrong , they didn’t get as much negative comments as
    dpka,kv,sree and rests get..

    and the reason is shayad happy club se sabko expected h wo kya sab kar sakte h.. but remaining logo se expected nhi hota… tabhi ye logo ki har ek mistake talk of the town bn jati h..

  22. Bb lover Srity

    Jasleen in order to” dikhna hai nomination se bacchna hai “is becoming irritating now…i cn sense hw c dislikes gvng hr clothes n makeup n hw more thn that c dislikes going to the jail lk d last time c went c was refusing to budge .

    1. Anup jalota all here for his lota

      Jasleen may be trying hard for footage but she’s actually succeeding in it while tryhard srishty has all her 32 teeth out all the time looking like a Chihuahua with her kindergarten jokes and still nobody takes interest in her

  23. Hey I am new to this page. I always read the updates and comments. And after reading the comments i saw many people talking against or in favor of megha. Or some people talking against or in favour of deepak or happy club. I only want pit my point of view in front if all. It actually dumb to see people speaking against megha. I know that she did wrong. But why can’t people see that the way she was instigated to do that was also wrong. That dumb Deepak has no Mind. The way he was speaking continuously about her ‘chal chalan’ even before her spitting on him, was also wrong. He could have stopped right away there when she was asking him not to talk about her chal chalan. But no he didn’t stop and went on to speak rubbish things. Any girl could have reacted the same way like Megha, but in a polite manner maybe or in the same way as Megha. I don’t think she overreacted. Only the thing which she did wrong was spitting and throwing her shoes on him. Chal chalan is actually a bad word in any part of our country and if people don’t know about it, then they are really stupid. Chal chalan perfectly means characterless. Deepak could have said her behaviour, but no he said chal chalan. It is my point of view that any girl could have reacted in the same way, but there’s a limit which Megha crossed. And that Deepak is also not dudh ka dula.
    Do you remember when Megha gave a Galli to Rohit. She had a misunderstanding about the same Galli. But when the housemates told her the Galli has a bad meaning. She said sorry for it and said that she didn’t knew it. The same happened today, maybe Deepak also didn’t knew about the word chal chalan. The housemates also tried to tell him but he didn’t listen to them. And went on to say the same thing. He could have stopped saying it and say sorry to her. And maybe even Megha could have not done what she did.

    1. @Mitali..

      perfect comment…!!!!!!!

    2. I would like to correct you on one thing if you dont mind, “Chal chalan” means “character” it’s ” badchalan” that means characterless but it became the same thing more or less when he said “inka chal chalan theek nai hai”

  24. @Nandini….

    where are u?????
    i saw ur comment just now..
    so belated happy b’day..
    god bless u… 🙂

  25. @Ankush I followed seasons. Om was evicted, Aakash kind of saved his friend and Kishwer was humiliated for her action rightly. And I would never defend their action though I loved Kishwer as a player besides that action. But there are few stances you can never defend, Kishwer did worse there spitting in guest’s food. And Kishwer too was instigated there but can’t be defended for that

  26. @Ankush I am glad that this incidence reminds you of om and kishwer. At least you know the gravity of mistake that Megha committed.

  27. Well done Surbhi. Hope u will b with the happy group. Romil please accept Surbhis Apology. Ego does not take u a long way. Overall to live with strangers in total isolation n no connection with the outside world is frustrating as everyone gets niggled with others habits.

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