Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaay walks towards Anika and Anika hears bell ringing (in her heart). She turns away and says “No”. Shivaay asks are you okay? Do you have fever or something? Sahil comes and says “pyaar ka bukhaar” (love fever). Anika gets shocked. Sahil says he wants to see that film and Shivaay should watch it too. Anika says Shivaay doesn’t watch films like that, but Shivaay seems interested. He asks Anika what film is that. Anika says nothing, he’s talking rubbish. She stares at Sahil and tries to take him away. Sahil teases Anika more telling Shivaay that he should see the film.. heroine of that movie talks in weird language… and hero is ek number.. he shows attitude all the time. Anika finally manages to take Sahil away. Shivaay says both are mad.

Anika is trying to sleep. She gets up seeing Shivaay coming to her. She rubs her eyes and he’s still there. She asks him, you? He says, if you remember me so much, then I have to come. She says she doesn’t remember him. He asks why she’s avoiding him then? Whenever he comes closer to her.. bell starts ringing in her heart. She nods yes. She asks how he found out? He says he knows it all. Anika says there’s nothing like that. All this is dream right? He says that means she sees him in her dreams as well. Why? He goes closer. She closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and he is not there. She says herself to do something. He started coming in her dreams. If she doesn’t get rid off this love, then she is screwed. She asks herself what she can do. If she avoids him, then he comes to her. If she doesn’t look at him, then he thinks she’s sick. She will have to think something else. She decides she will just not go in front of him. Tia watches her from distance and says, sleep Anika.. who knows you might not get to sleep like this again.. who knows you will get such a sleep that you won’t be able to wake up from it. She will throw Anika out of Shivaay’s life and this time even Shivaay won’t be able to save her.

It’s morning. Anika wakes up and sees Shivaay sleeping. She recalls her confessing love for Shivaay and then reminds herself that she has to stay away from Shivaay. Shivaay wakes up and she hides. Shivaay wonders where ‘lady kumbhkaran’ went so early. Such a big surprise early in the morning. He goes from there. Anika then comes out and leaves from there.

Sahil and Rudra are praising themselves for almost catching Tia. They then talk about love. Sometimes you like someone more, you find that person special. They both think about Soumya.

Anika is in kitchen. Shivaay comes there. She hides and runs away when she gets a chance. Shivaay feels Anika was there, but doesn’t see her. He says such a strange day today. Anika wishes he gets an urgent meeting and he goes to office. She hears him talking on phone and coming towards her. She now hides in a cupboard. Shivaay opens the cupboard to find a file. Anika hands it over to him and he closes the cupboard. He then wonders how file came to his hand like someone gave it to him. He wonders where Anika is and calls her. He hears phone ringing from the cupboard. He opens and finds Anika sitting there. He gets shocked. He asks her what she’s doing there. She says she was taking out clothes and leaves. He wonders what’s wrong with her.

Tia tells her mum, today she will make sure Anika is out of the house. Once she’s out, they will tackle Shivaay easily.

Anika now hides under the sofa. Shivaay comes following her and says he will find her. She whispers such a big businessman and he has nothing to do except playing hide and seek with her? He sees her dress. He calls office and says he’s leaving now. He goes. Anika comes out and sits in relief. Shivaay comes and sits beside her. She turns her face. He asks why she is hiding from him since morning? What’s her problem? She says it’s nothing like that. He says it’s normal to sleep under the sofa? She says she was on the sofa and was feeling hot, so she went under it. Shivaay says, right.. there is AC in the cupboard too. She tells him that he questions a lot and she doesn’t have time to answer his pointless questions. He says you are not going anywhere and asks her to look at him. She slowly turns to him. He walks to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. Anika feels his touch and looks at his hand and then at him. She hugs him and cries. He pats her and tells her not to cry. Did anything happen? She says something that shouldn’t have happened. She’s very afraid. He tells her nothing will happen. He is there.. he will fix everything. He hugs her.

Precap: Anika tells Shivaay her life has been simple, nothing big happened. And now when something is happening, she doesn’t know what to do. He says same happened with him. Anika looks at him.
Later, Anika is making something in kitchen. Tia adds something in it when Anika goes away.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Jaya

    Really? 😀 . Wow…this is the effect of ib. Thanks a lot fr this gud news.

  2. wow…fantastic n full of fun epi..shivika scences n the way anika jumped down frm coupboard n her expression everythng n each n every shivika moment is just fabulous..arey yaaar shivaay understand her feelings ..itna acchi koobsurath understanding wife tumko kaha milega..precap is interesting n am waiting for shivaay expressing his feelings…n want annika wearing saree n shivaay reactions..hope it wl happen in lohri celebrations…definitely billuji crazy hojayega..

    1. Really ishq???anika will wear saree??

    2. I want Shivaay to say “Good morning Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi” and then take out that Malika bangles and make Anika wear it.

  3. where is shekhar …searching for his comments

  4. i am a new member how to register in telly updates

  5. Yaar this is not fair…pehle sab apni apni writing style se apna fan bana lete hain firr timely comment nhi karte 😛 ..very bad.
    Kabhi Mouni gayab, kabhi Archiya kabhi Lax ,shahabana kabhi koi kabhi koi …ab shekhar gayab. Not done… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Plz shekhar i cant afford this… waitinggggggggggggg…missing your detailed description/analysis….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Neha
      Maana main late joinee hoon, par ek bhi din chutti nahi li. Full attendance hain meri He He.??

      1. Really ??? :-O :**
        Uff argue karwa lo aajkal k students se…Well classes to timely start huyi thi baba…professor k saath no arguments ..okay?? 😉 :**
        Jokes apart..where is Shekhar yaar.. 🙁 🙁

    2. Also looking out for Shekhar. Love reading the in depth comments. Always putting things in perspective for me. Started reading from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SLAP. Not missing any comments after that.

    3. Plssd chill guyz….shekhar will be busy thats why he is not commented….but shekhar where are u man…girls are getting crazy on ur comments

      1. Yeah ..he must be traveling :'( but what to do yaar I’m lil ..very depressed…n singing inteha ho gyi intezaar ki 😀

    4. Archiya

      Neha dear,
      Maine bus ek hi din ki chutti li thi 🙂

      1. Sirf ek ? Den it’s okay :-)…but do nt bunk any other class …:-)

  6. Sumi.SS

    Hi dears..aftr pongal celbratn some issues arised in tamilnadu..lakhs of youngsters protesting for jallikattu(one of the game in tamil nadu,all mens r paly with Bull)against state and central govermnt..all ovr the wrld tamil ppl r suprtng jalli kattu and protestng peacefully in their town..evryone statyng at merina beach since Jan one went to their home..more no of grls also givng their best..pray fr us..thr is lot of conspiracy behind this issue by eve governor Mr.vidhyasagarrao arrivng TN..we r hopng fr the best..pray fr us guyz.
    All episode r too good..eagerly waitng fr upcmng epi..I wl join wth u all frm Monday girllzz..thanks fr remberng me..???

    1. Archiya

      Sumi dear,
      i was following the news, i heard they are partly removing the ban.. anyways all the best.. hope everything turns out for the best.. waitin fr u .. join us sooon

    2. Dntworry sumi….hope for best dr…there is a solution for every problems…it hurts when someone points fingur at our culture…fight for ur rights guyz….dnt loose it….all the best

  7. Guys..!!
    The news of spin off is true ?? They say that a new show by the name DilboleObros focusing on Om n Rudrs story ll b aired from 10.30 pm to 11.00. Oh God does that mean no more OmRu in IB ?? The TRPs ll b divided then right?? I really don’t get it. Will it b for better?? So confused..!!

    1. Nooooo! I don’t like this idea. Why don’t they rather make the episodes longer. But do not split.

    2. Dntworry guyz….nothing will happen to shiomru bond…its just shivika lovestory will continue to show on same time and omru love story will be air on 10.30 to 11pm
      So just wait and watch

    3. Mouni

      hi lax , l dont think omru will be out of IB but it will continue in the same mode and in the new show we will see more of their scenes , for me l think its better and bad at the same time
      better ; rumia and om fans will get to see them fully like they wiched
      bad ; it means the nafratbaaz will stay looonger now ughhhhhhh
      the show is about 3 bros and 20 min are not enough to cover them all , shivika right now are having a lot of issues together like nafratbaaz and their own feelings and it seems lots of drama are coming in their way so its better to add time for the 2 bros

    4. Archiya

      Actually i m happy that there is a spinoff.. its means 1 hr of IB.. a little differently bt tats ok.. also shivika will still b thr in 10.30 slot an so will Omru b there in 10 pm slot.. its just tat 10pm slot will focus on shivika love story n 10.30 on omru love stories…
      But guys the thing to b thgt is IB is so famous tat star plus is ready to given an hour slot for them

      1. U are right archu…ib got much popularity thats why starplus is giving double timings for a single show…how wonderful this news think guyz…some months before many are worried that starplus will shut ib bcz of poor trp….but look at now….starplus giving double timings for ishqbaaz….they have to give bcz ib got popularity in both online and tv trp

    5. Guys..!!
      Is it as simple as that ? My point is don’t you think the TRP ll b divided. There can b chances that OmRu fans won’t watch IB n Shivika fans won’t see DBO. Why are they splitting the show when they can extend the time. The show does not come in top 5 n a also new show is coming on Zee at the same slot. May b they can go for a finite series n once there is proper progress in OmRus story n things are streamlined they can make it one show. And I saw a website comparing the spin off to Friends n Joey and as far I know Joey was not a successful series when compared to the original Friends. anyway I somehow don’t want IB to end when a lot of below average shows are aired for atleat 500 episodes n IB is one of the best shows ever in tellywood.

      Mouni, you are right this means Nafratbaaz esp Tia is here to stay forever.

      1. Mouni

        maybe its not going to be like that forever , maybe its just temporary due to the pressure from the omru fans who were upset with the few weeks episodes and l blame it on the nafratbaaz , they are 3 so they take an impotant space in the ep especially tia and swetlana so maybe after the exposure they will take things back to normal ??

  8. ohhhh nice

  9. fabulous episode.shivika part was amazing.sahil rudy part too good.waiting for precap.

  10. no ridhi ..i said i wanted it to happen..when cheapdi tia is wearing saree why not our anika..lets we hope for the best

  11. cute romance between shivika i loved the romance superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb………………………………..

  12. Mouni

    so gyus there is pics of anika and om together maybe in temple ?? it seems there is some celebration ?? and anika is still with her outfit of yesterday so maybe its tia is the one celebrating and anika is staying with omru ??

  13. manisha malausia

    vg….episode.touching acting.but why anika looks fat….she must take care about her shivayee looks the same frm.starting…

  14. Ghanti you ab mere dil mein baj rahi hai…..??

  15. Hey archiya u don’t know me n so as I bt I like ur name indeed … Nyc name…oh! btw the epi was really amazing.. luved it..

    1. Archiya

      Hi Shreya,
      Thks dear.. its actually the combination of my name an sthe name of the person I love the most

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